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I'm not a cheater, like him!"

Ray's hand slowly stroked up the inside of her thigh. He could smell her need from a few feet away. "I never cheated on you. I never even slept with Tiffany. I've told you that dozens of times. I just couldn't stand your nagging and attitude. I put up with it for more than 10 years, but enough was enough."

"Don't make me a cheater," Margaret sobbed.

Ray continued the touching, rubbing his finger along the edge of her pussy. "If you're engaged, it stops," Ray told her.

Barbara dropped to her knees and started sucking her brother's cock, keeping him hard.

Fay spoke up, laughing at Margaret's surprised look. "He won't fuck us, so you have to do it. Once a month, until you're engaged or the checks stop. You want to stop coming over, all you have to do is send his check back."

Margaret nodded. "Don't make me come to the door naked. Please?"

"The first time, naked as the day you were born," Ray said. "I want little blue bows tied around each tit, too. That's for what you did to me. After that, you can wear a trench coat, but nothing else." His hand slid across her pussy, and she pressed her hips up, seeking his touch.

"You...you won't hurt me, will you?" she asked.

"No hurting," Barbara said, pulling her mouth off Ray's cock.

Fay had the camera out, taking more pictures of Margaret's helplessness. "We need to shave her hairy puss first."

The girls laughed and started the trimming. Ray knelt over Margaret's head. "Do we have a deal?"
Margaret nodded, squirming under the sisters' teasing touch. "One time naked. Once a month I show up in just a trench coat. It stops if I get engaged, or the checks stop."

Ray nodded, rubbing his hard cock against her face.

"I...I'm going back to school. Are you still willing to pay me after the three years is up, while I finish school and get a better job?"

After her stunt, ha had decided he wasn't going to give her a penny more than legally required. He'd tried to be fair, and look where it got him. Still, he had offered, and a regular fuck-toy wouldn't be bad. "I'll keep paying you until you stop showing up once a month, or are married." He slid his cock between her lips, and she sucked softly.

She pulled away. "You're not going to hurt me, right?"

Ray pushed his cock back in her mouth, a little more firmly. "Nothing serious. You might earn a spanking or two. Nothing that will leave marks or injure you. I promise."

She tried to speak with his cock in her mouth, and he pulled back. "How long each time?" she asked.

Ray turned to the sisters. "She wants to know how long?"

Fay spoke up. "She has to be here before 8:00 at night. She can leave the next day no earlier than eight in the morning. She can stay longer if she wants, but only one night."

Margaret nodded. "It's a deal."

"Stick it back in her mouth, Ray," Barbara said.

Margaret sucked his cock, as the flash went off a few times. "Perfect. Forty year old slut, with the tits of a fifty year old, and the pussy of a 12 year old."

Ray looked down at his ex-wife's shaven pussy. Damn that looked good. The blowjobs and butt-fucking were great, but he hadn't had any pussy in almost a year.

He climbed down the bed, and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. "Gentle, please?" Margaret pleaded. "It's been a long time."

"I thought you were dating. You were so worried about getting engaged, and cheating."

She shook her head, and he saw the tears in her eyes. "Who's going to want a 40 year old, broken down bitch?"

Ray pushed his cock home, feeling the tight warmth. She whimpered as he pushed his cock deeper. "So stop being such a bitch, and give them a taste of this. You were always great in bed."

She gasped as he took her forcefully. "Really? You thought I was great in bed?"

"Always. That's what made what you did so especially vicious. Making fun of my size was cruel. You didn't have any complaints for ten years. We were done, there was no need for that kind of revenge."

Her body shook as she fucked her hard.

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