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Calisto dances for Phorenus, hypnotizes him with own amulet.

..I didn't want to nick anything.

When I rinsed off, the water that was beating down on my tits caused my nipples to become as hard as possible. I pinched and pulled on them a few seconds, then knew I better stop! I wanted to make this feeling last. After I dried off, I snapped a picture of my freshly trimmed pussy and sent it to Brad. I wanted him to see just what Eric would be getting very soon. When I finished getting ready, I looked in the mirror. I had to admit, I did look pretty hot. Sure, I had put on a few pounds over the years, but I knew that my legs, ass and tits still drew attention. Yes, I was really going to go through with this. I was incredibly hot for Eric and decided then and there, I would hold nothing back.

As I moved down the hallway to Eric's room, I could not believe how wet I felt. I hoped my panties would not be totally soaked by the time I met him. Eric opened the door and I had to catch my breath. As sexy as he looked down in the bar, it was nothing to the way he looked now. He had a fairly tight shirt with long sleeves, dark slacks that really did a great job of highlighting his firm ass and legs. He immediately took me in his arms and planted a long, deep, wet kiss on me.

As our tongues explored each others mouths, I knew he was every bit as hot for me as I was for him. After we broke our passionate kiss, Eric laid me back on his king sized bed. We continued to kiss and explore each others bodies with our hands. As I ran my hands all over his chest, Eric slid his hand under my dress and up the inside of my legs, taking his time to enjoy the feel of my silky hose. I undid the straps of my dress to allow him access to my 36C breasts. When he ran his other hand lightly across my tits I let out a sigh. My nipples were so hard and begging for attention. Eric did not disappoint. He began pinching one nipple while kissing and licking the other. He was driving me nuts, teasing me with his mouth and hands. He started to suck my nipples more vigorously. My pussy was throbbing from all the nipple stimulation.

Eric then moved a hand back under my skirt and slid a finger inside my wet panties. He teased the lips of my pussy and would occasionally drag a finger across my throbbing clit. When he slipped a finger in my hole it felt like electricity. While still keeping his lips locked on my nipple, he began a rhythmic finger fucking of my cunt. I felt like a total slut! I was so hot that it didn't take long for me to cum. My body first tensed, then went into orgasmic convulsions as my pussy clenched tightly on his probing finger.

A few minutes after I came back to earth from my first orgasm of the night, Eric began to remove my dress and panties, leaving me in just hose and heels. I asked him if he'd like me to remove the rest. He just smiled and said no...he loves the stockings and heels look. Before we continued, I grabbed my cell phone to text Brad and tell him what had just happened. After getting back a big approval, I asked him what he was up to. I kind of knew, but I wanted him to tell me. He was at his computer, masturbating, while reading stories of the kind I was acting out. Hope you have fun honey, I said. I know I will!

Eric stood before me and began to remove his shirt.

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