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Romance, adventure, accident, with a side of male domination.

When they accidentally grazed your ticklish spot you flinched, your arms snapped closed on my hands and your back arched further, pushing your butt sharply against my pussy. The sensation was electric and a moan escaped my throat as my hands firmly squeezed your waist and my body ground against you of its own accord. Surprised you looked back at me with wide eyes. Flustered, I turned my head down and rested it low on your back, cursing the involuntary reaction. I raised my arms to my sides and hoped you could feel my apology without me saying it.

You had turned your head back to the report but I squeezed my eyes shut when I heard the highlighter now faintly tapping on the paper, knowing it meant you were no longer concentrating on the task. I tried not to move so you could go back to work. I felt you turn your head and I thought you were looking at me but I didn't dare look up. Then suddenly I felt your hands around my wrists and you pulled them back to your sides, unsure of what to expect I stayed still. You slowly and gently started to roll your hips against me and at first I thought I was imagining it, but when my stomach muscles quivered I realised it was actually happening. I still stay quiet thinking you were only adjusting your position or stretching or something like that. You slid your arms inside mine then and pulled them up to the outsides of your shoulders, your hips still rolling. It quickly got harder to control my breathing.

Next, you did what was surely the most erotic thing you had ever done so far. You reached down and grabbed the sides of my shorts pulling firmly and moving my hips up as you stuck your ass out further. You began to buck your hips underneath me and grind hard into my pussy making me moan and shiver. I put my forehead on your shoulder as you continued to pull on my shorts. As I kissed your shoulder tentatively your right hand came up and tangled itself in my hair. I heard your breathing become shallow and quick and you rolled your hips slightly faster. Lifting myself a little and spreading my legs further apart over you I began to rub my pussy against your gyrating ass.

"Fuck!" I moaned as the first pre-orgasmic wave ripped through me. I sat up straight with my knees at your hips, you lifted your ass to me and I began to pound harshly against the delicious contour. The crevice where the two mouth-watering globes met caught and pulled the seam of my shorts directly over my throbbing clit. As I got closer, I picked up the pace, my juices now running down the insides of my thighs and smearing all over you. My thoughts became incoherent blurs as I squeezed your shoulders, rubbing against your ass so hard that the sofa was knocking against the coffee table. Your hands now pressed against the arm of the sofa to steady yourself, you lifted your ass just a little more, the fabric of your underwear now pulled into a thong and the flesh bouncing with each thrust of my sopping pussy.

"Oh fuck, Baby." Rang through the air as my muscles began to tighten. Your hands flew down to dig into my thighs and pull me harder into you.

"Cum for me, cum for me Babe," Whispered in your magnetic voice was all it took to send me plummeting over the edge into ecstasy. I practically screamed your name as my body shuddered and convulsed with the fierce waves of pleasure and I squirted all over the ass that had just given me one of the most intense orgasms I could remember. I fought to keep rubbing against you, prolonging the orgasm as long as I could. When my clit became so sensitive that I couldn't stand it any more I collapsed onto you, breathing heavily into your neck, feeling the last tremors rock my core. When I had calmed enough and our breathing had returned to an almost normal pace, your hand slid off the sofa to the floor and picked up the report, which I hadn't even noticed you'd moved, and put it back in front of you. I fell asleep on your back and only woke up later that night when you were carrying me to bed.

After rinsing your body you reach for the comb and brush your hair out, y

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