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Dad gets a crack at Mom's friend in the RV.

She decided she'd go with the short black dress with matching thong, see through bra, fishnet stockings and high heeled shoes she had bought for Rick for their anniversary dinner, and after. "No since letting go to waste," she said to herself as she got dressed.

She arrived at the apartment at almost five, as she parked and got out of her car, she noticed the dress had moved up quite high on her legs. Suddenly wondering if her outfit was too much, she decided it wasn't. After all the restaurant they were going to was very fancy, and she wouldn't stand out, other than being with someone as large as Harry.

Nervously, she knocked and was surprised to see Harry wearing sweat pants and a big t-shirt.

"I'm sorry ... am I too early?"

"Nah, no prob."

"Thanks," she hesitatingly said as she removed her coat. " Umm, you should know that the restaurant requires a jacket and tie."

"Sorry, the only jacket I have was when I was a hundred pounds smaller and I'm not sure where my tie is."

"You only have one tie?"

"Yup, don't really need one at a bowling alley."

"Well ... I guess we could go somewhere else?"

"I do have some left over pizza and beer."

For a second, Rachel considered just going home, but she realized that she felt a bit of a charge run through her. She felt a little naughty being at a strange man's home, dressed sexily on her six month wedding anniversary. Also, she liked that he wasn't fawning all over her. He hadn't even complimented her on her outfit yet. To be honest, she felt somewhat disappointed.

"Ok," she said as she walked over to the couch. Sitting down, she sank deep into the couch. Obviously Harry had had it for a long time. Moving to the other side wasn't much better because she still ended up in an awkward V position, and since she had a rather short dress on, it provided a better view of her than she really was comfortable with.

Scooting up to the edge so she was at a more comfortable angle, she watched Harry as he grabbed a pizza box out of the fridge and a couple of beers. Remembering similar scenes from when she was in college, she immediately felt awkward and nervous as if going to her latest boy friend's place for the first time. As she watched him looking around for a bottle opener, then open them and bring them to her, she felt a moistness in her panties, and after glancing down saw that her nipples were standing at full attention. Luckily, she had a dark dress and the lights were fairly low in the apartment, so Harry probably wouldn't notice. Trying to clear her mind, she wondered if it was the situation and memories that were affecting her. Surely it wasn't Harry?

When Harry sat beside her on the couch, Rachel fell back into the seat. Before she could push herself back to her former position, he handed her a slice and her beer. Giving up, she sat there, ate her pizza and sipped her beer.

After they finished, he picked up the plate and empty bottles, and took them back into the kitchen. Watching him move around, then bend over the sink she realized that she was so nervous that she was almost shaking. Also, the tingling between her legs was becoming more intense as she watched Harry. She could not recall a time she had felt like this before. She had never felt this nervous around a man before, even on her first dates or the first time she and Rick were intimate.

She was also starting to feel warm. Sure she wasn't a big drinker, but one beer didn't usually affect her like this, besides, she still had half a bottle left.

Hearing something fall on the floor in the kitchen, Rachel turned just in time to see his bulk bend down to pick whatever it was up. Transfixed, she couldn't help but stare at his huge ass snugly wrapped in grey sweats.

Glancing around, Harry caught her looking and a big smile appeared on his face. Blushing, she turned her head, looking towards the stereo cabinet hoping he wouldn't think she was in any way interested.

Walking towards her, he sat down and put his hand on her knee, sending a spark directly to the moist area between her legs.

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