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He would never let himself fail her. He'd do everything in his power to make every dream she ever had come true. She kissed him again flaming every desire he'd ever had.

Luke pulled his t-shirt up and over his head revealing the cut of his muscled chest and abdomen. Emma's fingers slid up into the hair between his nipples. Her fingers curled around it, pulling it up and through her fingers tugging, jerking, and twisting his chest hair, claiming it as her own. She traced her fingers down the lines of his muscles, down, down, down to the erection straining, bulging the front of his jeans. They were tented so hard he'd nearly split the material.

Her hand palmed the hardened rod through his jeans as his deep timbered groan filled the room. It seemed to have a direct line to her passion and moisture flowed between her thighs. His tongue licked across her lips causing another sudden flush of slick warmth making her so wet for him. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth greedily, gently, biting and pulling, until it snapped from his mouth returning to hers tingling. The blood flowed where his bite had briefly, and deliciously, cut off the circulation, making her pout glow red.

His lips parted against her skin, dragging slowly down her soft skin, breathing hot breaths across her flesh, igniting fires with each scrape of the stubble poking from his rugged jaw. The rough surface dragging behind his open mouth scratched and reddened the skin in its wake. Emma's wrists tingled feeling sensations creep across her flesh until every cell was pulled into a state of excitement and she could hardly breathe. She remembered him holding her down and she wanted that again.

Her chest rose and fell under his tender touch, but she didn't want his gentle touch. She wanted him demanding, controlling her body as he'd done weeks ago. She wanted to struggle with him as he had his way with her. Emma slid her wrists toward his palms placing them in his grasp and she pushed against his body in a hard shove. She then pulled away, hoping to signal him to capture her wrists and take control. She had thought of nothing else practically and she lived for the way Luke had worked her body into a fevered pitch. She wanted more. She wanted him dominating her in bedroom games for the rest of their lives.

Luke's chest rose and fell rapidly watching Emma, trying to interpret her signals. He was worried about assuming what she wanted but, he went with his gut reactions praying he was right. He jerked her wrists up above her head walking forward, forcing her back against the wall, pinning her to it. He believed in his mind for the first time that he'd been right, Emma had enjoyed what they'd done. Somehow, she had wanted him to control her and he would do whatever she wanted. He trapped her wrists tightly in one large steel grip as she squirmed, panting against him. His other hand roamed her breasts cupping and pinching her nipples until they were erect and tingling. Luke crouched down eye to eye with Emma. His dark hair fell across his forehead dipping down covering one eye. He raked one hand through his hair pulling it back and then scrubbed his jaw. The intensity of the gaze staring back at her from his gorgeous face rocked her.

"S..ss Stay!" he commanded in a deep husky voice, thick with desire.

The squint of his eyes seemed like a glare. He pointed his finger easing the look to a cautionary stare. That look, dangerously mixed with his rakishly handsome grin, turned into something between them. Their eyes danced in the heated gaze. He let go of her wrists to use both his hands on her body. She believed he would not let her move her arms, but she tested him dipping them slightly. Luke slammed his palm against the wall next to her head with a loud crack.

He pointed again and demanded, "Ss..stay!" capturing her wrists, pulling up, pinning her to the wall, then letting go to place his hands at her hips.

He bega

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