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Their story continues.

The cool Fall air rushed over Julie's naked body. Her nipples ached with desire. Goosebumps rose from her skin.

Julie spread her legs as Lisa placed her hands under the other woman's thighs. Lisa took a second to admire the long, lean body under her. Then, as if in slow motion, she lowered her head.

She licked the inside of Julie's thighs, purposely avoiding the cleanly shaven pussy. Julie felt like she would burst if Lisa didn't find her clit soon. She didn't have to wait long.

Lisa put her tongue at the entrance to Julie's cunt. Unhurriedly, she moved her tongue upwards, between the folds of skin, until contacting the younger woman's clit. Julie arched her back, raising her hips. But, Lisa continued to apply teasing, light pressure on the engorged clit.

Using tantalizing nips, Lisa played with the clit. Then she moved her tongue down again. This time, she found the area to be much wetter. By the time she got back up to the clit, Julie's hands were on the back of her head, pulling it closer.

Lisa put her lips around the clit and stabbed at it with her tongue.

"Oh, God. Lisa. Yes. Right there," Julie was directing her.

But Lisa didn't need help. Years of experience had taught her how to please a woman.

A couple minutes later, Julie was bucking her hips wildly. Lisa applied more pressure.

Julie moaned that she was about to cum, clutching two handfuls of leaves in tightly closed fists. A final gasp and her orgasm began.

Lisa tried desperately to keep up with Julie's contortions. The younger woman's body thrashed back and forth, up and down. Julie attempted to fuck Lisa's tongue; very much wishing it was inside her. But the pleasure she felt now was undeniable. She came several times, panting loudly at the end.

"Oh, fuck. God, Lisa. Stop. Please," Julie said, gasping for air.

Lisa gave one final, long lick of the clit and raised her head. She watched Julie's body shake for a few more seconds, then stood over the woman. Lisa's feet straddled Julie's waist as she unzipped her jeans and pushed them down.

Julie watched as Lisa took off the jeans, followed by the small white panties. Lisa's naked body was magnificent, and it was about to be hers.

Without hesitation, Lisa moved forward and onto her knees. Her pussy hovered just inches above Julie's face. She felt Julie's hands grab her ass. Then, an instant later, a tongue flicked across her cunt. A familiar flutter flowed through her body. The arousal attained by making Julie cum had already put Lisa on the edge of her own orgasm. Now, the woman below her was intent on putting her over the edge.

Julie's tongue probed Lisa's entire pussy before finding the clit. If the younger woman was uncertain about what to do in her first encounter with another female, it wasn't evident. Instinctively, she massaged the clit with her tongue and lips. It took only seconds for the orgasm boiling up inside Lisa to begin.

Lisa threw back her head, reaching for one of her nipples.

"Yes, Julie. Lick me. Harder."

Lisa drove her pussy into Julie's face. Julie savored the wetness between Lisa's legs and frantically tried to please her the same way she had been pleased. It must have worked, as Lisa continued to cum for over a minute.

Lisa's moans echoed through the thick trees. She thought a couple times she was done, but then Julie's tongue touched her clit and another wave shot through her. Finally, she moved down and collapsed on top of Julie's breasts, totally spent.

They both stretched out their bodies to relieve the tension. Together, they rolled until Julie lay on top of Lisa.

"Thank you, Lisa. That was magnificent," Julie whispered.

"I've wanted you for so long. I'm glad you enjoyed it," Lisa said.

They kissed and got dressed. Walking back to the cabin, few words were said. Julie's head spun with new feelings about the sensations she had felt. Lisa debated whether a new lover had been found or if, after given time to think about it, she would lose Julie's friendship.

Within sight of their cabin, the two women met a pretty young girl walking in the oppos

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