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Classes were cancelled, so she signed up for Sex Lessons.

With both her feet planted firmly in Paul and Roger's laps Dees legs were parted quite widely and as her gown fell open her pussy was very visible to both of them. Jim and Mrs Wyles, too had a good look as Mrs Wyles zoomed in with one of the cameras. On the wide screen TV in front of them was now a very clear image of a very damp pussy and this was having a stimulating effect on both Jim and Mrs Wyles.

Paul and Roger too were getting aroused as they both felt Dee's feet pressing against their ever hardening cocks. Dee's moist pussy was now very clear to the boys and they were having trouble concentrating on their task with such a wonderful view only inches from their faces. The first thing for the boys to do was to massage Dee's feet, as soon she was going to be parading round in abnormally high heels. They both lifted her feet and rubbed massaging cream into her toes and gave her feet a wonderful relaxing massage. This was having a wonderful effect on Dee who parted her legs even wider and unwrapped the red satin gown exposing herself even more.

Dee had always had an exhibitionist streak and although it was only her husband Jim who was allowed to see her voluptuous body close up Dee was so aroused and relaxed that she had no hesitation in letting her two admirers see what she normally kept hidden.

As Paul and Roger massaged Dee's feet neither of them could keep their eyes of Dee's ever moistening pussy. The look in her eyes and on her face indicated to them both that she was certainly getting aroused. She started moving her hands towards her pussy, she desperately wanted to touch herself as just as she was about to Paul said, 'Mrs Ford, there is no need to do that yourself, Roger will be more than happy to help you out. May I suggest just a little stimulation?'

Dee said, 'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, it's just that I'm getting very horny.'

While Paul continued massaging her feet, Roger stood beside her and slowly ran a finger up and down her moist slit. With his other hand he tweaked and pinched a nipple which was soon getting quite large and hard.

Dee closed her eyes and just sat and enjoyed the feeling she was getting. In the office Jim was getting hard as he watched his beautiful wife enjoying the attention of two young men. Mrs Wyles, too was getting aroused. Her bisexual feelings were beginning to take over and she would have loved to join her two sons in the other room.

Roger, although quite inexperienced was very careful in not getting Dee too aroused, he knew that to allow her an orgasm at this early part of the appointment was not wise.

After a few more minutes Paul stopped massaging her feet and said, 'I think it's time to start getting you dressed.'

They walked over to the boots and clothing and Paul picked up the red quarter cup pvc bra and he and Roger helped Dee put it on. Roger did the clip up at the back while Paul made sure that her magnificent tits fitted into the 44dd size cup. Next came the red pvc suspender belt and as Paul knelt down in front of her do it up he got very close to Dee's pussy and could clearly smell her juices.

Then he reached for the red pvc dress which they both helped her put on and as Paul zipped her up he stopped the zip short of her tits. Paul, Roger and Jim were all very hard now as they looked at the sexual dressing of Dee. Mrs Wyles too was very damp and realised that she was now stroking Jim's thighs. Jim was aware of this and thought that if his wife was being aroused by two men then there was nothing wrong with him being aroused by Mrs Wyles.

Paul then led Dee to the sofa and slowly slid the fully fashioned stockings up her leg and fastened the suspender clips. He then got Roger to pass the red pvc shoes and he lifted her feet and slid them into the shoes and fastened the ankle straps.

They helped her to her feet and Dee stood and admired her sexy body in the full length mirror.

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