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Roger takes Hillary to dinner.

d it against my tight anus and said "You push too!"

He did and it went in a little.

I yelped because it stretched my anus beyond where it has ever been and it gave me a sharp spasm of discomfort. I don't know why I didn't realize it would feel that big. The porn actresses take it easily but they have been taking it in the ass all of their adult life. The only thing that has been in my asshole is my slender middle finger.

I said "Stop. Wait there for a minute." There were only a couple of inches in me but I had stop there to get used to it. I held still and forced myself to relax. And then I suddenly felt the tight ring of my anus stop resisting and just let go. Nothing snapped or broke, it just surrendered.

"OK, push a little more."

He did and a few more inches slid in. I had a small panic attack and said "Stop there. Wait." I guess I was afraid that there was not enough room in me to take any more. It was an unreasonable fear; I was not in pain. I just had the feeling of being filled and stretched to the limit.

He did as I asked although I am sure many men wouldn't. After a few moments he began to fuck me, but with slow, short strokes, barely moving. I reached back and touched his cock and discovered that there were several inches more to go. As I touched the bare skin of his stiff shaft I thought what a waste it was to not have it all in me.

My apprehension went away and I began to be aroused by the thought of taking the rest of it. I was just about to tell him to push further into me when he tensed up and grunted, and I felt his semen gush into me.

I expected this to happen but not so soon. I was disappointed but at least I got some of his large cock in me and received his precious semen, full of his DNA and billions of his living sperm. I have an almost reverent attitude towards semen. It is not just some messy by-product; it is the whole point of having sex. I loved having Bob's inside me, although it would not stay alive very long in me there.

He started to pull out but I said "No, please don't leave yet."

I reached down and began to masturbate with exactly the same technique I use when I am watching porn. But this time I didn't have to fantasize about having a stiff cock up my ass, I actually had one. In a very short time I had an intense orgasm.

We stayed joined together for a while, and then he pulled out. We embraced side-by-side. I felt some satisfaction from the quick orgasm I had, and he seemed to feel the same after his premature ejaculation. I wasn't going to say anything about that and bruise his ego.

He said "That was a first for me."

"Me too," I replied, "but it has been on my bucket list."

The endorphins that flood through a man after sex hit him hard, and he was very drowsy. That was OK, we weren't going to discuss sub-atomic particle physics or even baseball. I just watched him as he drifted into a light sleep.

I was alone with my thoughts, and there were many. There was a tingling, almost vibrating feeling in my asshole. I felt a small trickle of what I assumed was his cum ooze out of me. I felt a calm, peaceful satisfaction even though the episode hadn't gone perfectly. I have never thought that sex was a competitive activity like tennis anyway. It is not about winning or perfection, it is what it is to use that silly expression.

I was kind of dreamy too, but I didn't want to sleep. I just watched him and admired his half-hard penis lying on his pubic hair and up on his abdomen. Even in its current state it was impressive. I realized that even though I did not take it all, I probably had the equivalent length of the average guy's penis in me.

Since we both got off so quickly I began to think about another try. My fantasy was going through my head and I really wanted him up my ass again. After about a half-hour I thought maybe his cat-nap should be over. I started to play with his cock, and the sleeping giant stirred. I felt it grow and stiffen in my hand which always turns me on when I get to experience it. It stood up like a prehistoric creature struggling to its feet.

I d

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