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Young lawyer has steamy interview with coed.

"That's the girls." Susan says.

I nod, "Kira's great at slamming doors."

Susan and I continue to lay in bed together, our legs tangling together under the sheets. I feel my semi-erect cock pressing against her thigh. Suddenly, our door, which was mostly closed, is pushed open by Isabella and Kira, who are standing there. "Ever heard of knocking?" Susan asks, looking between them. After seeing Kira and Isabella together earlier, I feel my cock grow hard at the sight of them once again.

Kira shrugs, "I figured if you two were having sex we would hear you."

Susan keeps a straight face, despite my now fully erect member starting to brush against her mound. "I guess you two have a point. You two in for the night?"

Isabella looks between us. Does she know? I ask myself. "Well if you two are going to have sex..." She starts.

I laugh, "Don't worry. We can be quiet when we want to be."

Kira shakes her head, "Whatever you say Dad." She and Isabella leave. Kira makes sure to close the door to Susan and I's room.

After a second Susan asks, "Did them walking in on us like this really turn you on?"

Rather than admit the truth I answer, "Honestly... it did."

Susan sighs, "You're like a 20-year-old when it comes to sex, you know that?" With that, she reaches under the blanket and begins to rub the head of my cock between her pussy lips, causing her to sigh. The head of my member is soon coated in her juices and I slowly sink inside her. Susan sighs with pleasure as I begin to pump in and out of her once again. I reach down and begin to rub her engorged clit with my fingers as we both try to be as quiet as possible.

Despite trying to focus on the sexy woman before me, I find my thoughts running back to my daughter and step daughter playing together. "Oh fuck... I'm going to cum..." Susan whispers to me, shaking me out of my perverted thoughts. As her pussy clenches down on my cock, I feel myself cum as well. Susan's pussy milks me for my cum and I shoot strand after strand into her.

Susan and I lay there for a little bit, just holding onto each other and enjoying the feeling of each other's warmth. As the cum begins to dribble out of her, Susan reaches between her legs and quickly scoops it up on her fingers, cleaning it up. After a little while, she says, "You seem distracted. Something bothering you?"

Mind as well come out and say it. Best to just be honest with these kinds of things I think. "When got home from work I heard something... well the sounds of sex coming from Kira and Isabella's bathroom. So I went to investigate to see what was going on. The door was open a crack and I peeked through and saw Kira getting her pussy eaten by Isabella. I guess seeing them again when we were lying here turned me on."

Susan sighs, "Well I figured this would happen at some point."

"What would happen? Our daughter's having sex?" I ask, struggling to keep my voice quiet.

Susan nods, "Before we were together, Kira would come over and... experiment with Isabella. I put it down to girls being girls, but I guess it's more than that."

"Well, shouldn't we say something? They are step sisters now." I reply.

Susan thinks for a second, "Remember how they set us up on our first date?" I nod and Susan continues, "Maybe we can do something to get back at them for it. Nothing bad, just something to get even."

"Like?" I ask, wondering where this plan is going, but finding the idea to be kind of a turn on.

"We could catch them in the act. The only problem is how." Susan says, slowly thinking of a plan.

"We could hide in a closet or something. Then what would we do when we catch them?" I ask.

Susan thinks for a second, "Well, either ruin the mood for them, but that doesn't seem like much fun. If your feeling adventurous..."

"Adventurous?" I ask. "I had sex with my daughter, my now step daughter and you. My whole sex life is a big adventure!" I joke.

Susan smiles, "We could do a daughter swap!"

"Like I have sex with Isabella and you hav

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