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The Big Memorial Day Race.

An orgasm was all that he needed, and when it came, Jonathan burst all over his hands and stomach and let his uncircumcised cock fall limp in his own hand.

All night and all of the next day he thought about her and the picture. He wanted another. He needed another. At ten a.m., two days after he first met her, Jonathan went out and down the block with his camera. He was hoping that he would see her, even though he did not know exactly where she lived. As he rounded the corner, his cock grew hard thinking of her, and the more he thought the harder it grew. His frustration had returned tenfold, and the only way it was going to go away was if he got another picture. Luckily, he saw her reading on her porch in pajama bottoms and a white t-shirt. He figured that she had yet to get ready for the day. The only way to do this was to be bold, he figured. The possibility of getting another shot of Natalie was worth the chance of rejection.

Jonathan walked up Natalie's driveway and reached the first porch step before she noticed him. "Oh, hi Jonathan. What are you doing here?"

He walked up the porch steps and asked nervously, "Um, I know this may sound a little strange, but may I take another picture of you?"

A large smile ran over Natalie's face and she set down her book. "Sure. A little strange, but sure. Just like this?" She sat up on the seat and pulled her shirt a little tighter, revealing the soft image of her modestly sized breasts through the white cotton.

"Yes, this is fine." Jonathan lifted the camera in front of his face and took two shots before putting it down. "Thanks a lot Natalie, I..."

"No, thank you," Natalie interrupted. It's really flattering to have a young man want to take my picture."

"Well, you are very attractive." Jonathan began to feel more comfortable and even a little confidant.

"Thank you." Natalie got up from her seat and went towards the door of her house. "Why don't you come inside. I'll get dressed and you can keep me company while my husband is at work." She opened the door and put her finger up to her mouth. "Be quiet though, my daughter is sleeping."

"Daughter?" Jonathan inquired as he followed her into the house.

"Yes, she's eighteen. Just finished her last year of high school." Natalie once again put her finger to her mouth and motioned for Jonathan to follow her up the stairs. He did so quietly and, as they approached her room on tiptoe, she pointed out a closed door. "That's her room," she whispered and opened another door, leading them into her bedroom. He was incredibly curious about what she looked like, especially if she looked like a younger version of her mom. He hoped that their first meeting would not be about the pictures of her mom.

Jonathan's cock was aching inside of his shorts, but he did not have thoughts of relieving it. All that he wanted to do was take more pictures of Natalie. He held the camera up to his face and began photographing her as she went through the closet and picked out clothes for the day. She bent over and slowly picked out a red pair of underwear, a tight pair of jeans, and a tight yellow top. She turned around to see Jonathan, his face behind the camera, and she could feel herself getting wet. She liked the thought of exposing herself to him, and she took her shirt off to reveal her firm breasts and hard, horny nipples. The bulge in Jonathan's shorts became extremely apparent to her and she wanted to see what was beneath it so badly, but she restrained herself and continued stripping.

Her pajama bottoms dropped to the floor and uncovered her dripping cunt to the lens of Jonathan's camera.

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