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Katie begins her erotic road trip.

Your skin is a perfect color ... like dark chocolate." I grin as I take her hand in mine and kiss it.

She leans closer. "I'd rather my lips be kissed than my hand. Other parts too."

Without a response, her lips touch mine and I feel the tip of her tongue stroke them. The pressure increases and I let it slip between them. Her left hand holds my cheek and moves my head as she continues to explore my mouth. We trade tongues a few times and I can hear her soft moans.

I drag a fingertip along the bare strip of her chest and let it slip under the fold of breast. She watches with interest.

"There're not perky like some white girls," she whispers.

"I love the way they lay against your chest, particularly this little fold."

My fingertip pushes against a roll in the side of the breast then I let my lips peck the same place as the fingers push the fabric away. I can sense her head lying back against the couch and her hand pulling the strap from the shoulder giving me full access.

"Ah-h," she moans as my lips drink the dark nipple into my mouth. Her hand musses with my hair. "You're good."

I pull at her hips until she lies on her back then I nibble the entire breast letting my hand guide it against my lips.

"Love your taste."

"My nipples thank you."

My hand explores lower as my mouth trails. Soon it discovers one hip and for a long moment, hold where the thigh had been. My wrist feels the wetness of her mound and soon my palm covers it, lightly massaging all beneath it.

"Oh-h yeah-h," she drawls slowly, letting her hips rise slightly from the cushion and pressing her self more firmly against my hand. My hand moves back to the hip and rubs. "Love it ... them gone." I watch her face. "Does that shock you?"

I kiss her lips for a while without responding, hoping the kiss answers. I roll her onto her stomach and kiss the small of her back and over the firm rounded cheeks of her ass. My lips dive into the crevasse and I lick the valley floor.

"Everywhere tastes good," I tell her.

She wiggles her hips as my hand follows the smooth curve of her ass around the place where the thigh had been to the front of her pelvis. She moans wantonly as my hand retraces the path. I resist taking her from behind with her legless hips lovingly against my stomach.

"May I carry you to the bed?"

"I hope so." She chuckles and sits. Her fingers push the other strap from the shoulder and the dress falls along her perfect body revealing all the secret treasures.

I cradle her in one arm and she rests against me, her face in the crook of my neck. I feel her wetness grow against my forearm as my hand cups a hip. For a long moment, we swirl as if doing a slow waltz. I feel her lips kiss my neck then my earlobe.

"Darling, I love the way you are making me feel," she whispers in my ear, sending delicious waves though me.

I love her near weightless feel in my arms and consider holding her forever. I do not know if she belongs to anyone, or if she wishes to be. The thought lingers as I feel her breasts rub against my chest. Visions of carrying her in public flood my mind.

"It feels good to be held like this."

Her brown eyes melt me. She leans forward enough to suck my mouth and fuck my lips with her tongue. I feel her mound grind against the bones of my wrist and she moans sweetly.

"I want to see your cock."

"And I want to taste your pussy."

I lay her gently on her back and watch her as I undress while standing by the bed. The mushroom head is large as my erection appears. I sit and cup her hips. Her mound is unhidden by thighs. Its aroma begs. I lean down and suck. The fragrant wetness coats my lips, my tongue, and enters my throat.

"You like?" she quizzes, as I lap through the folds of skin.

I do not answer as she moves the legless hips, rubbing the mound over my mouth. I suck more, listening to her sounds of pleasure. My eyes explore her body as I suckle. She rolls the breasts that remind me of chocolate kisses and finger the darker brown nipples.

"Delicious," I tell her pussy, my mouth

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