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Young woman flashes a teacher and gets taught.

I giggled as I held my arms out to my side so he could feast his eyes on my entire body, knowing full well that we were feeding on each other's needs.

"What are you looking at?" I taunted playfully.

"A fine wine. A sweet thought. I look at the sound of the wind in the treetops and one who is more beautiful than a moonlit night."

"But I still feel naked," I giggled.

"You are naked. Believe me, you are ever so naked." He laughed lightly.

Yes, I was naked, but I knew it was all naked thoughts coming together taking a new step towards a new me.

"What is in your mind?" His words came to me softly.

"I am free. I don't feel ugly; I don't feel ashamed for you to look at me. But I feel different."

He got up and walked to me, his eyes exploring my body. He silently walked around me, stopping before me as his eyes moved up to mine. "You wish to see the beauty I told you of?"

"Yes," I replied as my eyes looked around the cavern.

He reach behind me with his left hand, pulling back the most beautiful rose I had ever seen. It was perfect in all ways, its dark redness seemingly to have been cast from the inside out.

"If you were to start a journey into beauty, child, where better to start than with the rose? But, even the rose has a lesson to teach about its beauty." He held the rose to my lips. "Kiss it child and learn."

"Ouch!" I whimpered as my lips touched a thorn and not a beautiful petal. My tongue darted out over the tiny drop of blood.

"Beauty also has a price. You kiss it with your eyes closed and you find a thorn because you can only see the rose flower behind your closed eyes." He put the flower to his lips and looked at it for a long moment before kissing it with his eyes open. "Beauty is to be seen with open eyes for, when you close your eyes to the beauty you will find that beauty demands a painful price."

"Why are you doing this to me," I whispered out my question as he handed me the rose.

"You took the chance of what I might do to you. Most would fear death less than the chance to be alive. You did what very few have done."

"And am I done?"

A bewildered look swept over his face. "And who is that in your thoughts that you try to hide from me?"

She is my friend. My best friend."

He nodded his head then motioned behind me. "You mean Victoria?"

Victoria was there, dressed in a flowing white gown, her head bent down as her arms were pulled far above her head. She, like I was her prisoner. God, she looked so beautiful like this, her breasts heaving against the gown. "Why is she here?" I demanded, not wanting her, of all people, hurt because of me.

"You brought her here, Malissa, not I. It is you who keeps her sleeping in her bonds. It is you who keeps her hidden from you because you fear your own feelings."

I walked over to Victoria. She looked beautiful like this. I turned to him and smiled. "Freedom?" He only nodded his head and motioned to Victoria.

My hands touched her young body through the silky material. God, she felt so sweet to touch, not like the sin I had once thought. I wanted to touch her bareness, wanted to stroke her as I had in my most hidden dreams, but the material stood between the two of us. There could be but one way to solve this riddle of my mind.

My fingers ripped at the material as if it were my truest enemy. Shred by shred I exposed her breasts to me. I stood back and moaned at the sight of the bound girl, now naked to her waist. I wanted it all as my fingers again started ripping my fears away from her body until she was sleeping naked before me.

Slowly my lips drew closer to hers, my left hand cupping her warm breast as our lips touched and my eyes looked into her slumbering eye lids but an instant before she woke up, returning my kiss the instant she saw me.
"Am I making her do this?" I asked turning to Charon.

"She enjoys it not by your making it so.

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