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We are defined by our choices.

I wonder if he intended to and just got too drunk or if he was intentionally saving his energy for Kathy.

His friend left rather unceremoniously, and I went to check on Mark. His friend had taken off his shoes and belt but that was about it. I thought for a while about whether or not I should help him get a little more comfortable so he could sleep better. Initially, I thought there would be no purpose but then again, maybe he will sleep better if I do. There may have been some other thoughts in my head subconsciously telling me to do it. I entered his room and removed his shirt first. It's not easy removing clothing from someone who is absolutely not helping in any way.

I then unbuttoned his pants and began to pull them down. I had not done this in years since his father was almost always ready to go when the mood was right so me helping to remove clothing felt new. I had also forgotten that when pants come down, boxers tend to follow. It was hard to prevent that from happening, so I simply gave up trying. What WAS hard was this boy's cock. Does he take Viagra before passing out? It stood straight up, pointing at my face which had precariously stationary over that part of his body. The devil in me marveled at the shape, the color, and the size and I swear my mouth started watering. Was it the person who was turning me on, or the fact that a naughty switch had been turned on inside me and it didn't matter who the dick was attached to.

Before I could make the conscious decision to open my mouth and lower it over his cock, he apparently woke up and placed a hand on top of my head.

"Go ahead, baby... I won't tell your manager." He whispered clearly with mostly closed eyes.

Great. Apparently, I was a stripper now. How was this going to work in my favor? I was not going to be taking off my robe for him. Does that make me selfish? I have had his dick inside me a few times now, but he has yet to remember. I've never had it in my mouth, though. He was probably not coherent enough to tell me if he is going to cum or not. I didn't want his cum in my mouth.

I recall thinking "I doubt he will cum if I do it just for a little while." With that thought, my tongue traveled the length of his rod from balls to head before slowly guiding him into my mouth.

Slowly I took him in and out of my mouth, ensuring not to use my hand as I did. I'm no amateur cocksucker. I know how to make a man cum and most will not if you're simply bobbing your head up and down. At this point, I straddled him below his crotch with a hand planted on either side. He gathered up my hair and held me still while he fucked my mouth. I started wondering if he was able to tell me if he was going to cum. A part of me wanted to straddle him and ride this horse back to the stable but another wanted to just get the cum out of him and let him sleep.

Wow... having written that part, I do wonder why the part 'where I shouldn't be sucking my son's dick' was. Too late for that, I suppose. Anyway.

"Are you going to cum for be, baby?" I asked staring at his cock still.

"That depends, did my friends pay you enough to fuck me?" He uttered.

This was the chance I had to change directions, but the question remained the same. Was he going to be able to tell me if he was going to cum? I didn't want him cumming in my mouth, nor did I want him inside me again. Last time he did that, I got a sideways look from the cashier at the pharmacy when I went to buy Plan B. I explained that my daughter was not able to come down that morning, laughing that I could only wish I was young enough for this to be something I would have a purpose for. We both laughed at that and I was relieved that the density of that situation lessened.

I paused after retrieving my receipt and thought "If only she knew what her brother and I were up to." Back to the story...

I had an idea. I looked at him to see if his eyes were still closed and sure enough, they were.

"They sure did darling, hang on.

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