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Dustin's back home enjoying his family and friends.

I then grabbed my son and wheeled him to safety. I was not sure that anyone bought my story, but while I was telling it, the royal security showed up ready to take us away.
Then it happened. The roar was more than my ears could take.

In the bay, a large gray form appeared in the water. The roar was deafening. As it rolled around in the water, arms and tentacles could be made out. A large head appeared. The morning sun had still not touched the water, but the long 30 meter form was defiantly a live creature. A bolt of electricity hurled itself over us and headed into the heavens. There was a second roar as the creature started coming straight at us.

The head became more apparent, and someone on the platform cried "It's a dragon!"

With that, a second lightning bolt burst into the skies.

I would like to tell you that the next two minutes of terror was my best acting job I ever did, but I would be lying. I turned into a blithering mother screaming, "Save my baby! Save my baby!" There were shouts of "Save the Royals", while others calmly simply pulled out their cell phones and took pictures of the dragon in the ocean. The businessmen and students who had gotten off the train grabbed us and covered us with their bodies. Royal Security emptied their firearms into the beast, as it turned away and dove back into sea. It didn't matter how weird my story sounded, it was now believed by all, and they had become heroes when the snow princess had turned into a dragon and came after my son.

We were hustled into the royal security vehicles. As we neared into the limousine, I saw Janice. I went near her and took her hand. We entered the limo together. We sat as security helped my sone in the car.

The lady had her cell phone to her face. "Yeah, your whale submarine just blew a gasket or something. You were lucky that it didn't beach itself. It served its purpose, and I think the Imperial House has a solid cover story now."

I looked back at her in relief, "That was a Submarine?"

"Yeah, with all your fascination with robots and tech devices, I figured the Japanese would be the first to build a Mech, but we beat you to it. It was supposed to look like a whale, but I have to admit that it made a pretty convincing dragon, don't you think?"

I nodded, and gave her a hug. "We will need to talk later. I still have some trust issues with you, but we need to talk. Can we set up an appointment in a week or so, when this calms down?"

I held out the doll. "I don't know about the violin, but this doll makes me trust you."

Janice presented me with her card, and left the violin with me. She got out of the limo, and disappeared into the crowd on the platform.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Simultaneously with the departure from the cave.

Bob stood a half Kilometer away from the Train station with the interpreter and the member of the Japanese Special Forces unit. Their instructions were clear; at the train station, only Janice could be dropped off, and they had to drive away. They had followed the instructions until the jackal who was sitting on the vehicle gave a thumb's up sign. They turned to a side road and parked at a curve in the road, and flashed their lights. Janice Williams waved back.

Bob pulled out a suitcase and started setting up the camera array, much to the dismay of the jackal.

"There was nothing said about recording the event."

When the jackal didn't respond, Bob had the interpreter repeat his response. The jackal nodded.

The cameras looked like modified brownie cameras, and were made to all take a ten second exposure at the same time.

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