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He gets his daugher-in-law pregnant.

You are so hard. Your cock has mastered me. You feel my teeth touch your sensitive skin lightly. You ram it in and out as I suck with all my might. I know you are about ready ... suddenly you pull away, and I feel your hot cum hit my face. You pump more and yet more onto my face and neck. You smile, and lie down beside me with your arm across my breasts. You rub your sticky cum all over my face, my neck, and my breasts.

"You have pleased me, my sweet sub."

"it is a joy to do so, Master."

After several minutes, you get up and release my bounds. "Put on that purple T-shirt dress. The low-cut one. We are going out."

"Yes, Master. Anything else, Master?"

"Yes, get two rubber bands and your buttplug." I present the rubber bands and plug to you. You kiss and lick each nipple and apply a rubber band tightly around each one. "Now, bend over and grab your ankles." I do, and you slowly insert the buttplug into my bum. "Now put on the dress and sandals. Nothing else."

"Yes, Master, as it pleases you." You permit me to tidy my hair and makeup. "Where are we going, Master."

"We are going to a restaurant and then a movie, my sub. Get me your collar and leash." You buckle the collar around my neck, and we step out onto the sidewalk.

'Thank you, Master" I am happy to be by your side. We walk to the restaurant, because it is only 3 blocks away. The buttplug fills my bottom just enough to bring me to the edge. My nipples are standing nicely and strain against the thin fabric. You are pleased with the way my breasts and nipples look, and the dried cum on my neck and chest also pleases you. We are both smiling.

We arrive at the restaurant and are seated. You remind me I am not permitted to cross my legs or ankles in any way, and you look around the room to see who may profit from the view. You wave. It is a friend of yours who has not yet met me. He comes over to greet you, and you introduce me as yours. My face flushes, and I have to concentrate to not cum, but I do not have your permission. We finish eating and you take my hands across the table. You can see in my face, that I am hanging on the edge, and you smile.

"Movie time," you announce with a smile. You take my hand to help me up and lead me out of the restaurant. It is another 2 blocks to the theater, we walk slowly. The "tools" are doing their job. We take our seats at the theater, and you immediately put my hand on your crotch. I look into your eyes and you smile. I gently knead your hidden cock and feel it harden quickly. "As soon as the lights go out, my sub, you will suck it again.

"Yes, Master." The lights go out, and I am quickly on my knees between your legs. I am glad there are not a lot of people in the theater tonight, but I am eager to please my Master and will do whatever you command. I enjoy ministering to your hardness and sucking and licking your precious member.

"Drink it," you order.

"Yes, Master." I say as I feel you prepare to shoot. Suddenly, my mouth is filled with spurt after spurt of your hot, milky cum. I drink it as fast as I can, but some drips down my chin. When I have finished, you gently lift me up to the seat, and we watch the rest of the movie. You put your arm around me and pull me close to you. You tenderly fondle my breast, tweaking the sore, swollen nipple once. I wince and kiss you.

"You have pleased me, my dear sub." You flick my nipple thru the dress. "I shall reward you later."

"Thank you, Master."

The movie finishes, and we stand to leave. You notice how hard it is for me to walk with the plug in my bottom. "On our way home, you must find a way to show yourself to me. Otherwise, your former obedience this evening will go un-rewarded."

"Thank you, Master." Tenderly, in the theater's darkness, you stroke my pussy, quickly dipping a finger into the dark wetness.

"You're welcome, my pet.

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