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A young man's secret fetish is revealed.

I watch her fingers explore the size and shape of my cock through the material of my boxers. After a minute of examining my hard cock Debbie seems mesmerized with studying my cock.

I can feel a powerful orgasm building and I don't want to mess in my boxers so I say "I sure would like to see you wearing this silk panties. I have only seen you wearing your pink cotton panties."

Debbie seems to snap out of her trance although she definitely likes my cock. "You are not supposed to see a girls panties anyway."

"Why don't you put this thong on under your dress and I will imagine how great you look wearing them."

Again Debbie refuses and although she argues strongly, I can tell she was enjoys my admiration of her panties. Finally, she brakes down and says "Ok, but you leave the room while I put them on."

"I will just turn my back."

After a little resistance, "Ok, but don't you look."

I turn my back to her but by turning my head slightly I can clearly see her in the reflection of the mirror on her dresser. Debbie, lifts her dress, hooks her pink panties by the waist and in one quick easy motion slips them down and off her feet. She tosses the panties on her bed, takes the blue ones and slips them on, one leg at a time. Oh, what a great sight of leg as she carefully pulls them up and into position.

She smooths the dress and said, "Ok, you can look now."

"How do they feel?" I ask.

"They feel very nice."

"Do they make you feel sexy?"

"Yes, they are sexy panties so I feel sexy wearing them."

"That is good because you sure look sexy to me."

"How do you know? You can't see the panties."

"Then show me. I would sure love to see those sexy panties on you."

Yet another weak refusal and before long, "Ok, but just a quick look." With that Debbie slowly lifts her dress until all of her panties are exposed to my lustful eyes.

"Wow, you are gorgeous. Turn around for me."

Debbie turns around holding her dress up. I see the sexy curves of her firm bare ass. The flesh is flawlessly smooth and perfectly rounded. Just a pretty string coming up between the cheeks indicates she is wearing her thong.

"Can I touch them?"

Debbie drops her dress and says "No!"

I sit on the edge of her bed and look at her shapely figure. I see the pink panties beside me and pick them up. "Mmmm, these ones are still warm." I fondle the panties very gently as Debbie watches. I carefully kneaded the cotton material and notice a wet spot between the leg openings. "Feels a little wet." I lift the panties to my face and smell the dampness. "Debbie you smell beautiful. I sure would love to feel the blue panties you are wearing. What would I have to do to feel the panties you are wearing?"

I am sure Debbie likes the idea of me feeling her panties but she has an opportunity now and she is going to use it. "Put the cotton panties over your head and I might let you feel my panties."

I slip the panties over my head and position the damp spot at my nose. The fragrance is making my cock ache. I lick the panties and the taste is heavenly. Debbie likes to see me lick her panties and she sees a wet spot appear on my briefs at the cock head..

"Drop your underwear if you want to feel my panties."

I hesitantly slide my boxers to my ankles. My hard cock stands straight out. Debbie is mesmerized and I can tell she is having fun.

"Take your boxers right off, and your shirt too."

In an minute I am completely naked except for Debbie's panties over my head.

"Ok, now when do I get to feel the panties?" I ask.

Debbie is enjoying this. She takes both my hands and parades me around the bedroom. My cock is bouncing as she has me sit on the bed. She comes and stands close to me.

"I want you to play with your cock while you feel my panties."

She takes my one hand and puts it on her dress over her panties.

"Ok now play with your cock."

I start to rub my cock with one hand and feel her hips with the other.

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