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An anal exploration.

I look up at your face, your piercing eyes watch my every move, you groan as I bite a little harder, your head lolls back to take in the sensations, your heels dig into the mattress and your hips lift slightly, forcing your cock tighter against my wet slit.

Growling at you, I move my whole body lower, taking little bites of your abs, paying special attention to that little spot just over your hipbone, my fingernails trailing just behind my mouth making your muscles twitch. I enjoy your little cries of pleasure, as I swirl my tongue down lower and lower until your moans and movements still and your eyes lock on me again.....my mouth now poised over the head of your cock.

I lean in, flicking my tongue just over the tip, circling the head slowly, thoroughly. I drag my tongue down your length. I run it over your balls, watching your reaction as my hand comes up and wraps around the base of your cock. I grip you tight and move up, bringing the head of your slightly wet cock against my lips.

I open my mouth slowly, moaning as I get my first taste, then I slide you all the way into my mouth. Your hand comes up automatically to the back of my head and your fingers tangle in my hair. Guiding me...holding me to you.

I slide your cock all the way into my mouth until I feel you at the back of my throat. I can't help but groan as I watch your face change, your look turn to hunger as you see my mouth moving down your cock. Slowly I bring my lips back up, my bottom teeth brush lightly along the underside of your shaft and pressing gently against the head. Your hips lift with me as I do it again and again. Getting gradually faster each time, I run my tongue over the tip of your cock, one long lick, and then I take you hard and fast.

My head bobs up and down with my lips locked tightly around your shaft, my hand holds you following behind my mouth as it moves. The other teases your balls, rolling them between my fingers as my hips start to shift, mimicking the actions of my mouth. I feel my juices seeping from my pussy, it makes me so wet...so very wet, to know I'm giving you pleasure.

I know you're getting close; your balls tighten and your cock twitches between my lips as I start to slow the pace, eventually coming to a stop and scampering quickly up your body.

I need you inside me... NOW.

Leaning down, I kiss you as your hands explore my back; I reach down and grip your cock snugly, rubbing the head against my throbbing and engorged clit, coating you with my juices as I slide your length through the lips of my sex. My hips rock against yours as I arch my body and tilt back. I tease myself with your cock, rubbing it against my sex until I can't take it anymore.

I lift up, guiding you to my opening and little by little sink down along your shaft, moaning loudly as your whole eight inches starts to fill me. I sit down oh so slowly, letting myself feel every single delicious inch of you as you enter me. I roll my hips slightly when you are buried completely, making the head of your cock rub deliciously against my g-spot.

I lift and then fall...then again...and again. Your hands move to my hips, you raise yourself to meet my movements, thrusting harder and deeper into me each time we join. You pull me flush against you, flattening my breasts against your strong chest as your arms band across my back. You take my mouth savagely. Your tongue duels with mine, your teeth nip at my lips as your cock creates a luscious friction, making my entire body quake and spasm. I cry out into your mouth as I stiffen and my pussy grips you tight, my orgasm hits me hard as I slam my hips down against yours, trying to keep your momentum.

You're unforgiving with me, driving into me harder and harder.

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