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ven asking for it)

I was about to pay her but again sheetal said: Baby buy 1 more packet as you do it lot of times in night (The sales girl just looked at us and was smiling, while I was feeling embarrassed)

Sales girl: kept 1 more packet of condom on counter,

I was about to pay then again sheetal said: also buy oil bottle (I saw at her in a bit angry way but sheetal just smiled innocently)

Me: I asked the counter sales girl to give some good almond oil for massage.

Sheetal continued saying that she is too tired today, (that too in front of that sales girl) baby you have to give me a full body massage so that I will better (Again felt embarrassed)

Me: I said okay to sheetal (and just gave small smile to counter sales girl with shyness)

I paid for condoms & oil and was about to leave but

Sales girl: Sir, this is our number, we do give home delivery of medicines free of cost in a radius of around 3 km.

Sheetal: oh that sounds nice, why don't you give your personal number to sir (that's me) so that I can order it directly from next time.

Sales Girl: (blushing with shyness) okay madam. (Then she wrote her mobile number on the back of card.

Me: (while taking the card from her hand) Thanks dear, I just gave her a smile and walked away. (She too smiled back to me a naughty way)

Then we took an auto and started towards or hotel. Now Sheetal saw at me and started laughing loudly.

Me: Dear you're laughing, do you know how embarrassed I was feeling there

Sheetal: I know, I saw your reaction and that why I purposely did it.

I (just trying to hit her in a seductive way) pulled her close to me.

Sheetal: This was my kinky idea I felt good. But by the why were you so shy

Me: I feel shy asking for such thing to a girl and you never told me about this kinky idea of yours earlier.

Sheetal: yap I know but it was unplanned. And also giving condoms is part of that sales girl's job. And I think even she enjoyed it, you should have seen her face, she was blushing, especially when I said don't buy a thin one.

Me: I know, it was a good incident, won't forget it for life long.

Sheetal: me too Mr. Shy.

Then we reached our hotel and straight away went to our room, once inside she just kept her carry bag aside and straight away went to Washroom. While she was in the bathroom I ordered for 2 pegs in hotel's restaurant. As soon as she came out I went in to get fresh. When I came out I saw she had changed to 3/4th with pink t-shirt which we purchased today. She was sitting on the chair while speaking on the phone (with her family) I just lighted the cigarette and sat on the corner of bed in front of her. In meanwhile the waiter came with drinks and starters. In sometime she finished with her call and said

Sheetal: did you locked the room

Me: yes baby, don't worry

Sheetal: hey I don't want to drink, I already had 2peg

Me: I have already ordered for you too, so please have it?

Sheetal: no please, don't force me or else I will feel sleepy whereas I want to enjoy the time with you.

Me: okay at least take 1 sip from my glass.

Sheetal: (came and sat on my lap) okay just 1 sip for you honey (after taking sip she switched on the TV and started a music channel)

Me: (she was sitting on my lap) so I asked her to give me the cig packet from there the table.

Sheetal: (giving me the packet) she said come get up

Me- why, let me sit and drink.

Sheetal - (with angry look) someone wanted to dance, so I have started the music channel

Me- oh, my so baby wants to dance, come-on then

I got up from my place and started dancing, my hand was around Sheetals waist .

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