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Petite woman shows off and gets more than she expected.

"What is that?" asked Paige, a tone of terror in her voice because, basically, she'd already figured out what it was.

Craig turned on the TV. On it was a view of the back of Paige's head with a dingy room beyond. Private security consultant Lucas Burr was entering the room.


"Skip ahead Craig," said Athena calmly.

"I'll sue!"

"You really want this admitted as evidence in a court case?

"I... I..."

Craig let the recording go back to normal speed at the point where Paige was turned profile to the camera, her face running up and down Burr's cock. One could see the arc defining the rim of his glans rippling beneath the tightly stretched skin of her cheek as the girth of his shaft deformed her face. A thin trickle of saliva and precum hung from her chin.

"No," said Athena. "Go to the sexy part."

"This part is sexy," objected Craig.

Paige looked at Craig. His eyes remained stuck to the screen, his attention totally focused. His hand moved into his lap and plucked at his crotch, adjusting for sudden discomfort.

"Craig..." prompted Athena. He reluctantly hit fast forward.

Paige leaned her head on the back of the seat and stared up through the smoky glass of the limo's sun roof. The sky had now dimmed to a deep cobalt blue, starless over the city lights. They had already made it past the park and she watched buildings slip by as the limo turned onto Broadway at Columbus Circle to head downtown. Traffic was getting bad. She saw a double-decker sight-seeing bus drive by. A middle aged couple was looking down, trying to squint through the tinted glass without success. It was probably the worst possible route to get Paige back to her apartment, what with the theater traffic and the sightseeing buses. And apparently they were going to make Paige relive this morning's embarrassing lapse with Lucas Burr the entire way. Her face burned with anger and shame.

"Right there, that sexy part," said Athena.

Paige looked back at the screen. She didn't want to see herself getting fucked by Luke Burr but she was also curious what a woman like Athena Oreskos might consider so excessively sexy.

"Oh yeah..." said Craig. He turned to look at Paige. "This is really fucking hot." Paige noticed the heat behind his eyes as his gaze dropped from her face to survey her body barely concealed in her tight, borrowed dress. Paige shifted uncomfortably and looked at the screen.

There she was, nude but for her shoes, now entirely nude as she kicked them off and splayed her toes against the surface of the two-way mirror. Luke held her aloft with his huge hands cupped beneath her buttocks. She had her arms raised, clasped behind his neck as they both worked to raise and lower her along the impressive length of his thick shaft. She was making a sinuous motion as they worked him in and out of her body. Her muscles stood out beneath her dampening pink skin. Her breasts bounced and wiggled in a slight syncopation to the rhythm of her hips. Her face was enraptured. She opened her eyes and was staring directly into the camera without knowing it.

She looked... beautiful.

"How many..." Paige paused to swallow. "How many people were behind the mirror, watching?"

Athena answered distractedly. "Oh a dozen or so I suppose."

"When I sneezed I though you were going to freak out... but it kinda seemed to turn you on," said Craig with a chuckle, not looking away from the video.

Paige thought back. He was right, it had turned her on. But then, she'd thought she was only being watched by a few perverted rent-a-cops at the time. But as she thought of Athena and her friends ogling her she could feel the tell-tale welling of dampness between her thighs, the prickle of sensitivity blooming across her skin, a certain shortness of breath.

"Does the idea of being watched arouse you, Paige?" asked Athena.

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