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An Australian Werecat.

I pulled my hand out of my pants and rolled off the bed. Jess was going to be here soon and I really needed to get changed. I decided that I would play with myself in the bath as soon as I got back from the concert.

I pulled open the door to my wardrobe and began the grueling task of deciding what to wear.

Ten minutes later I had narrowed it down to a few things. I had a good body and most things looked good on me. Not in a skinny model way but in a wet dream way for most red blooded males.

I had a big chest, tiny waist and a tight ass. Guys loved checking out my tits. They were obsessed by them and I liked it. I liked to know they wanted to see them and would often dress to show a lot of cleavage.

I picked an incredibly tight black tank top with a split down the front. It was tiny and showed my toned stomach. A denim skirt that was so short it left nothing to the imagination, bright red nickers and knee high boots.

I heard a car honk and knew that was Jess out front. I grabbed a handbag and jumped in the passenger seat of her car. She smiled, as she looked me up and down.

"I like!" she said. As I went to put on the seatbelt my denim skirt rode up revealing my red nickers to her. She placed a hand on my exposed thigh and rubbed it. "I like a lot." She added with a twinkle in her eye.

Thirty minutes later we were parked and walking into the arena. It was all ready growing with people. Jess had brought ground level ticket, standing room only. She wanted to be in the thick of the action and feel the crowd.

It was as good as I hoped. U2 were on fine form and the crowd was getting whipped up into a frenzy. Jess and I were dancing to everything. It was sold out and people were packing in tight. It was so hot with people so close. I was getting off on bumping into all the people around me. I was imagining they were all looking at me and wanting me and not the band.

I didn't notice the hands on my hips at first. When I did I was so turned on I wanted to play. I slowly inched backward swinging my hips to the music. My butt soon touched the crouch of whoever was holding me. I grinded up against it and I felt their cock grow. It felt good to have this reaction, this guy was getting so turned on. His hands gripped tighter around my waist and I could feel his cock go even harder as I slowed my grind against it.

I was going to turn around and see who it was but not seeing was a bigger turn on. So I just kept my back to this mystery man. His hands worked their way up my torso to just under my breasts. My nipples were hard and I wanted him to play with them. I placed my hands on his and moved them up to cup my breasts. He took the invitation and slowly squeezed them. Not wearing a bra meant he was able to brush his hands against my nipples. Each time he did, it turned me on that bit more. He leaned in and kissed the back of my neck. I place a hand behind his head and rubbed my butt harder against his rock hard cock.

I moved my free hand in-between us and played with his bulge. Each time I touched it, his breathing got heavier and his cock would twinge wanting to break free from his jeans.

He slowly moved his right hand down my body and stopped at the top of my denim skirt. I sucked in my stomach so it created a gap for him to keep going. He took the opening and went down further. Using his whole hand, he massaged my pussy through my nickers. He was able to feel I was completely shaven and already quite wet.

His hand dived into my nickers and his two middle fingers slid into me. My head leaned back against his chest and let out a moan. It felt fantastic. My senses were heighten and the idea I was surrounded by so many people made me start to orgasim very quickly. I'm not sure if anyone was looking at us at that moment, I didn't care. I pushed against his hand and he started to finger fuck me harder. I moved both my hands behind his head and let him go as deep within me as possible. Our bodies moving back and forward to the beat of the song.

I felt his free hand behind me undo his zip.

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