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More members of the family come together to feed the Masters.

"Lets get in the car before you end up on your knees" she whispered to me and I nodded.

I drove off and we ended up stopping at a village pub for lunch. It was a lovely spot and we were the only people seated outside on the lawn next to a river.

"You look amazing" I finally said.

"Thanks. This is a little treat for you" she told me grinning.

"Well, I think I could thank you for it" I said amourously.

"Dessert follows the main course, not before" she chided me jokingly.

"Karen, um, I'm just so, I mean jeez I always thought you were sex on legs but I feel like that cat that got the cream. I'm just glad you don't feel awkward about it all" I added.

"Well you're a young man, not a boy and we're not doing anything wrong. I don't think we'll be going out for meals in our hometown, certainly not this summer but there's always days away, weekends and of course we can eat in. But no, I don't feel at all awkward. I'm not that old I'm on the scrapheap. This is fun for us both, isn't it?" she added

"Absolutely. And I'm not some immature kid who's fumbling around life. I know what I like and I'm, well, you know how much I'm into you" I told her.

It was nice to kiss outdoors and I stroked her leg under the table as we finished our meal and had a tea to wash it down. Then we stood up to go and headed back to the car. Karen could feel my eyes on her legs and ass and looked over her shoulder at me.

"Okay, you can't stop staring so lets do something about it shall we?" she asked me.

I nodded and in a trance, got back in the car. I had a hard time not looking away from the road as she had deliberately let her skirt go even higher to distract me. We made it back to our hotel and went straight to our room. As soon as we were in, Karen leaned against the wall as I slipped to my knees. I felt incredibly excited and turned on as I slipped her knickers down her legs and held her short skirt up before leaning in to lick. Karen's hands came down and took hold of my head while my own hands held her thighs on each side, my tongue already far inside her wet slit. A mechanical arm wouldn't have been able to prise us apart; her juices filled my mouth and my head was intoxicated with the sight before me, her insistent hands pressing my head against her whenever I withdrew to breathe and of course her taste.

"Make me cum then we can be really dirty" she muttered as her sighs grew louder.

"Yes Karen" I acquised and sought her clitoris as her thighs shook against my face and I sucked and licked through her orgasm.

As it calmed down, I lapped lower and lower until she pushed me away. I grinned up at her and she walked past me, then glanced back.

"That was just for starters" she said and I followed her to the bed.

As soon as I lay out, she lowered her crotch to my face and as my tongue shot out, she moved forwards. Her scent was much stronger now as my nose slipped into her wet pussy and my tongue sought entry to her asshole, being welcomed after a few attempts.

Karen was really into it now and I felt her settle over my nose and mouth as she audibly sighed. Lifting just a little, she then pressed down again and began repeating this process. I kept my tongue ramrod straight and it let her asshole close over it and as she rose, my tongue withdrew almost fully, before being engulfed by it as she sat down again. It also meant her pussy did the same thing with my nose and being so enveloped in her taste and smell had my cock also standing to attention, although I guessed I would have to wait a bit before we got down to intercourse!

We continued like this; I was so involved in her aroma and taste, I just couldn't get enough of it and thrust into her ass as vigourously as I could. Karen seemed to be really enjoying it too, pausing on the downstroke and gyrating just ever so slightly, along with a lot of umming and ahhing. Eventually though, she looked down into my eyes intently.

"I want to fuck your face" she said her voice full of lust.

"Mmhhmm" I tried to say in agreement and nodded, which must have looked silly

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