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Man finds out that absolutes in his life aren't

His eyes glitter as he looks at me, showing his own desire and lust as he takes in the telltale flush that has spread across my body and disappears underneath the collar of my shirt, the uncomfortable shifting of my hips and the light sheen of sweat. I look down at my feet, not able to match the intensity of his gaze. Sometimes he's the shy boy who showed up at my door with a dozen roses. And sometimes-like now-he's the man of charisma and iron control, the one who can me scream with ecstasy and whimper with desire. He looks at me questioningly, and I give him a small nod of assent, slipping instantly into the role he wants.

"Shirt," he commands softly, licking his lips. I oblige, caressing my own body as I do so, teasing him with my hips as I shimmy out of my top and bra. In a moment I'm completely topless in front of him, and I blush as his eyes drink in my body, resisting the urge to cover myself with my hands.

"Hands to yourself," he murmurs in my ear, stepping into me and pinching my hard nipples, nibbling at my skin. I gasp when his mouth finds the sensitive hollow of my collarbone. It takes all the self control I have to stay still. His hands move up and down my body, gently massaging and stroking my skin. It's too much. I reach for his belt buckle, but he slaps my hands reproachfully.

"You disobey me?" I let out a small whimper of frustration, reaching for him again, and his eyes darken in response. He grabs both my hands and spins me around, pinning my hands behind my back.

"You're a bad girl," he growls in my ear, "Do I have to teach you a lesson for you to obey me? Do I need to give you need a spanking?"

"No," I whisper, desperately trying to grind against him. "No, no..." He gives my ass a stinging slap in response, and I yelp.

"I think I do," he says. "Go. Upstairs. Wait for me." When I hesitate, he hits me again. "Are you going to make this worse for yourself?" I turn and run up the stairs.


I sit on the bed and hug my knees to my chest, shaking a little with anticipation. I don't get spanked very often, but when Charles is in the mood to give one, they HURT. This is the worst part, though. The waiting. Sitting here alone and cold, wanting the warmth of my man against me, wanting to run my hands through his tumble of dark hair, thinking about stroking his thick cock, feeling his girth stretch my pussy...suddenly I am aware of the incredible wetness between my legs, my panties sticking to me. Charles will be furious if I touch myself, though. I already have a feeling he's going to do more than warm my ass a little with his hand. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to think about something other than the pressure of the thin cotton I can feel, clinging between my legs and rubbing against me, teasing me. Rocking back and forth on the bed helps. A little.

The door opens, and I give a sigh of relief as my husband walks through. He didn't make me wait long this time. He isn't holding anything, which means either his hand or his belt. I hope it's his hand. He sits on the bed next to me, then scoops me up and places me in his lap again.

"Dana," he murmurs, gently rubbing his warm hands on my back. "Dana, Dana."

I shiver slightly, knowing not to say anything. He turns and places me face up on the bed, running his hands up and down my body, massaging my breasts, pushing my hands away as they involuntarily move to cover my body. I relax under his gentle touch, and he pulls off my jeans, tracing a line down my legs with kisses that make me ache with desire. Eventually I am spread out face up on the bed, arms open and legs slightly apart as he touches everywhere but between my legs.

"Please," I whisper, bending my knees and thrusting toward him. "Please."

He crawls on top of me, keeping his weight on his knees and elbows. His body is so close to mine, it hurts to not be allowed to touch him.

"Please what?"

"Please touch m

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