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Was it too real to be but a dream?

The outhouse was old and smelled very bad. As Tara opened the door, the chain was pulled and Tara fell to her knees.

"Leave the door open," he said holding the whip and chain.

Samantha was the first to go.She pulled her panties down just a little as he watched her through the door. Samantha had small 34B breasts with puffy nipples. The cold weather mad them firm as she no longer tried to cover them.

Samantha stood up pulling her panties back up with one hand when he told her to remove her panties and throw them down the hole.

Sam stood there with her feet together unable to move. He smacked Tara across the ass and told Samantha to do what she was told or her friend would get another one.

Samantha slowly pulled down her panties with her free hand. A little at a time until they dropped to the wood floor. She stepped out of them, picked them off the floor and discarded them. Her brunette bush was well trimmed showing off her perfect labia,

Samantha stood there naked, handcuffed to her friend miles from nowhere. Even if they could escape. Where would they go? They would surely freeze to death in this weather.

Tara took her place and wrestled with her panties.

"Take them off," he said.

She pulled them down and stepped out of her one foot, but the other had the ankle restraint and chain. She stepped out and slid her panties on the chain.

He grabbed her panties and slid them the length of the chain to the end and off. Tara wiped and stood up exposing her clean shaven pussy. Her breasts were larger than Sam's and her nipples too were very conscious of the cold air.

He pulled on Tara's chain and led them back in the cabin. Tara and Samantha felt good to be back in where it was warm, but were afraid of what was to happen next.

He ordered them to kneel on the mattress before him. With another set of cuffs, he secured Tara's and Sam's free hands.

He walked behind them, stood there, then asked, "Who is the slutty one?"

"Who has the most sex?"

"Me Sir", Tara cried.

"Is this one a virgin," he asked as he ran the whip across Samantha's bare ass.

"No Sir," Samantha said softly.

"So, you like to fuck?" He cracked the whip hard across Sam's firm bare ass.

"I bet you masturbate every chance you get too, don't you?"

"Yes Sir."

"We are going to have a competition. Which one of you give the better blow job, huh?" "Huh," he said firmly as he smacked one ass, then the other.

He took off his shoes, then removed his leather pants. His cock was semi hard and throbbed for their touch. He stood in front of them, just inches away and explained, "Whoever sucks his cock the best, would be rewarded, the other, punished. If I feel any teeth at all, both of you will get ten lashings!"

He grabbed Samantha by the hair and guided his cock to her waiting mouth. "Let's see what you can do little girl."

He forced his seven inch cock deep down her throat.

Samantha gagged but could do nothing to resist his forcefulness. He pulled away letting Sam catch her breath.

"How about you, slut?" as he grabbed Tara's hair.

Tara took what she could, but also was inexperienced.

Samantha watched Tara suck his cock, taking it deeper and deeper. "That's it," he said. "Your a good little slut, aren't you?"

She tried to mumble "Yes Sir," but was unable to as he fucked her face.

He moaned and pulled out quickly. "I think we all know who won that round, huh?"

"You," he said slapping Tara on the ass.

"Lay down on your back and spread your legs."

"And you, on your hands and knees between her legs."

Still handcuffed together, they struggled to get in the determined positions.

"This dark haired one needs training, don't you?" tapping Samantha on her ass.

He told Samantha to spread her legs wide, then ordered her to eat her friends bald pussy. Samantha had never done anything like this before. Although she was bi-curious, she had never acted on her feelings.

"Eat that pussy," he yelled as he slapped Sam across the ass with the whip.


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