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I was convinced she must be a prude to stay single more than a day in the lion's den that is college. This night proved me so very wrong.

She was a vixen and she knew it, rocking her tiny excuse for an outfit and not caring who saw. Her courage shook me off guard and her perfect figure and glinting eyes did the rest. I was ready to make my move. On the dance floor everyone is focused on their partner and though this tended to bring me the security to take a chance, I didn't care for a moment who saw. I stared her straight in the eyes, both still dancing, an obvious passion burning in our eyes and beneath our skirts. I saw her eyes almost ask what would happen next and that's the first time I ever kissed her or any girl. Even amongst everyone at the dance, I passionately planted my lips on her soft sweet ones and almost instantly our tongues collided. Our bodies intertwined and every drop of our passion grew hotter and hotter. It wasn't long before we knew what must happen; she was coming home with me no questions asked. Within minutes the eyes of the other dancers migrated to us, encapsulated by the passion that seemed to jump out of our fingers and toes in every direction. I didn't even blush as we stopped and noticed the commotion we had made; I just grabbed her hand and led her toward my room.

The walk seemed to take days because it was one more second without her body against mine. I fumbled with my keys and entered my room thankful that my roommate never stayed in the dorms on weekends. I locked the door and we just looked at each other. I could tell this was her first time doing this type of thing, I felt an even deeper connection because of the moment we were sharing. I finally realized, I had said nothing to her yet in the course of our encounter. I asked, "Do you want it slow or fast?" She looked into my eyes with a burning intensity, "Slow." As she bit her lip, I nearly melted and walked slowly toward her and began taking of her clothes. Every item came off only after feeling every inch of fabric on her body and tasting every inch of skin once it was off. Our kissing slowed significantly but lost no passion, the intensity of each moment warmed us both even in a room of crisp autumn air. Her body was even sexier nude.

Where her skirt had been there was now only a black lace thong that perfectly contrasted her milky complexion. Where her shirt had been there was a black lace bra, probably a C, that obviously matched the thong. Her dark hair settled lightly on her shoulders and her brown eyes sucked all the warmth out of the room and delivered it straight to my panties. She looked perfect in the light of my room. She was shy at first, hiding a little but when she realized I was drinking in her beauty not judging the "flaws" she thought she had she relaxed. She proceeded to undress me in a similar manner. I stood there in a white thong and white lace bra, slightly more confidently. My curly brown hair rested on my shoulders and my green eyes sparkled with the realization of true self. We looked at each other for some time, trying to figure out what had happened but also realizing how beautiful women were.

I finally made a move back in. I ran my fingers through her soft silken hair and soon moved one hand down to caress her plump breast. I undid the hook of her bra in one swift motion and watched as the fabric slid off her smooth skin. I loved the way her nipples puckered under the sudden wave of cool air. I could wait no longer and leaned to suck them into my mouth, first one then the other, savoring the taste and sensation of another woman. I slowly kissed and rubbed down her body until I found myself kneeling in front of her, her intoxicating scent rushing through my nose and giving me a high I hadn't known existed. I slowly sat her on the bed and removed her thong while she unhooked my bra. Both hit the floor at the same time. We shared one more kiss before I leaned her back, spread her thighs, and took in the wondrous sights and smells of a woman.

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