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I wondered what he may be thinking as my leg did not move. Not speaking a word a few more minutes went by in silence only the hum of the hot tub could be heard. I started to move my foot up to his thigh feeling the smoothness of his skin. But when I did this he abruptly told me that it was time for him to go.

As he stood up and wrapped a towel around himself I could not help from noticing the large bulge from his cock showing through his swimming trunks. I told him that I would be here again tomorrow evening opening up an invitation to possibly come back.

Soon after he left the pool area I went back to my room turned on and hard from the daring move I just made on this guy. I removed my swim trunks and lay down on the bed and immediately started to stroke my cock imagining what I would do to him if he would let me. I wanted to experience the feel of a hard cock in my mouth again, to relive the same first time experience I had with Kevin. I couldn't really understand what turned me on so much because I was not gay or bisexual. But the pure pleasure it gave me was very powerful and I wanted the touch of another body against mine. I knew being with another male wasn't right but that didn't help deflect my loneliness and lust at the time.

The next day after work I ate a healthy dinner and headed to the pool. After about 30 minutes of reading the hotel newspaper I got up and sat in the hot tub, just as I did Steve (the guy I met the day before) walked in and said hello. This took me by surprise, he took off the towel that was wrapped around him and quickly got into the hot tub. Again it was clear that he had an erection because you could not hide that big cock with those tight swimming trunks. Needless to say I started to get hard and wasted no time in moving my leg to touch his just like the evening before. He did not move away from my touch and this gave me the OK sign to move forward.

Extremely nervous and excited I told Steve that I was glad he came back, he did not say anything at first, and then he turned to look at me and said, "I knew that you would be here." I told him that his swim trunks didn't hide much as I stood up to sit next to him. With our bodies half way under the water I lifted my hand and reached over touching his inner thigh letting my hand go slowly down to feel his hard cock. Boldly but nervously I asked if he would like to join me in my room for some mutual fellowship. He shook his head yes and said softly, "I guess so." We both got up wrapped our towels around us and started for my room on the 3rd floor.

I was very anxious about what was about to take place but knew he was feeling the same way too. trying to break the tension I told Steve that I was new to this and not sure where to start, he said nothing as we got off the elevator. Arriving at my door still dripping with water from the hot tub, I fumbled with my key and opened the door which seemed to take forever. We both walked in as I quickly closed the door getting another towel from the bathroom to dry off with. Steve just stood in side the door next to the recliner chair with his towel trying to dry off.

I walked slowly over to him and asked if I could help, I was shaking and fearful not sure of what I was doing only knowing that I was very turned on. Slowly I started to press the towel to his chest and as I did he let his towel fall to the floor. I continued to dab at his chest, stomach and shoulders stepping slightly closer to him with each dab of the towel until finally we were inches apart. Looking into each others eyes for a few seconds I leaned in to kiss him gently but fully on the lips. He opened his mouth to meet mine and I felt his cock on my stomach as I pushed him against me. We stood there kissing each other for sever seconds.

My lust was uncontrollable; as we kissed and shared our tongues.

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