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Wife lets loose and swallows my cum.

I now was looking down at the sweet outline of her panty covered pussy lips and notice that there was a wet spot developing.

This was incredibly erotic to me and as my hand continued to work up her legs, my fingertips accidentally brushed her panties right over her soaking wet pussy. I noticed that her whole body tensed and she seemed to look directly forward in shock, so I quickly moved to her back again. She seemed to just relax a little and allowed me to finish the massage.

I was so scared that Allison was going to be pissed at me, but it seemed as nothing happened. I told my wife what happened and she said that Allison probably thinks it was an accident and to just let it go. Later that night, while fucking my wife, I describe the events in detail, but added that I indeed entered Allison and started to finger fuck her until she scream and came. My wife had orgasm after organism while I was whispering in her ear how Allison sucked my cock and as she came on my fingers.

This began a whole new thing for me and my wife as I told her stories about fucking her friends over and over. She really enjoyed the fantasies and our sex life was great.

Allison and I seemed to be doing fine. I never gave her a full massage again but the flirting continued. Then out of blue I was over at her house and she grabbed my ass. She was being very playful and I didn't mind at all. A few days later I returned the favor and grabbed a handful of her ass. She left it alone and we continued on. At this time Allison was single and I would kid her that if she wanted to relieve some of her sexual tension that I would be at her service. She would respond "Promises, promises". All of this was done in front of my wife in all good fun.

Then one day she grabbed my ass again and I turned around and quickly grabbed hers while she was trying to run away. I got a couple fingers up her crotch this occasion. I could tell that she was damp and it turned me on. She smiled and told me that she would get her revenge, and I just responded like she always does. "Promises, promises". I think this day she was feeling daring and came right up to me slowly slip her hand down my body and stopped just above my pants. I told her she wouldn't dare, and at that she continued down and squeezed my cock, which on contact snapped to attention. She released my cock and just smiled at me.

Well she started it, and I was going to prove that she wouldn't let me get away with the same thing. So I stood behind her and reached around placed my hand at her neck and slowly slipped my hand down between her breasts, over her stomach and stopped just under the waistband of her shorts. Then she said uttered those three little words, "You wouldn't dare". At that I slipped my hand into her shorts and into her panties. My fingers slipped between her legs into her soaking wet pussy, and she let out a little moan in shock and pleasure. I froze and didn't move my hand, after a minute she started to slowly push her ass back into me and I started to circle her clit with my thumb.

She reached back and somehow got her hand in my pants and around my cock. She worked it up and down slowly while rubbing her ass back into me, it was almost like she was trying to press my cock into her. We continue like that until I felt her clamp down around my hand, and began to shake. I knew she was cumming and her tempo increased while stroking my cock. I felt the pressure build up and the sudden release of ecstasy as I came in her hand. She released her grip, turned around, and softly kissed me on the lips and said 'Thank You". She smiled and walked away, as she walked away I could see that she was licking her hand clean.

A few weeks went by and I didn't see Allison, but had amazing sex when I told my wife want had happened.

Then my wife invited Allison over for a movie night, because they both wanted to see the new Twilight movie, I read the book so I decided to watch it with them.

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