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Raven prepares to confront an old enemy.

I dropped the camera on the bed and went to answer it.

When I swung the door open, all I could do is stand there, stunned.

"Oh, thank god I counted the rooms right, " the blonde said as she breezed in, glancing at the not so subtle bulge in my shorts. "I'm married, so I can't let you fuck me, but I need to get myself off right now, or I'm going to scream." Two quick pulls had her bikini top laying on the floor, to be followed seconds later by her wrap and thong.

I now had a naked stranger in my room, as much as anyone of whom you have just taken hundreds of very sexual photographs can be considered a stranger. She had her left hand between her legs already, and she extended her right to me.

"I'm Valarie, by the way." I stood there like a moron, with my mouth hanging open, for far too long, before I managed to shake her hand and introduce myself.

Valarie looked at the tent in my shorts, and added "Nice to meet you. It looks like you could use a little relief, yourself." She licked her lips, unconsciously. "Why don't you give that thing some air. After all, you've certainly seen mine..." she gestured to her nude form, ".... So I think it's only fair I get to see yours."

Now that I was within mere feet of her, I could see that my earlier appraisal of her body had been incorrect. I had been far too lacking in my praise.

This woman was Aphrodite incarnate. Ice blue eyes peered up at me through her tousled blonde tresses. They were surrounded by impossibly long eyelashes, which made her eyes look almost cartoonishly large relative to her face. Her nose was predictably cute, and her lips.... Oh, god.... her lips, as kissable as any I had ever seen. So full, and soft looking, with just the perfect amount of pout. Those lips were smiling at me. She had a slightly pointed chin, and an elegant, almost swan-like neck, that flowed into muscular, yet surprisingly feminine shoulders.

My eyes continued down, grinding to a halt at the perfection that was her chest. Her breasts were very definitely natural, with minimal gravitational sag despite their considerable volume. The lower half of each breast was nearly hemispherical in its smooth, curved flawlessness. The top half of each was a cone of equally smooth skin, blending smoothly with her chest above and the fullness below. Each rounded, lusciously feminine orb was crowned by an areola of puckered skin, with a nipple that stood stiffly at attention, such that the tips pointed slightly up, and slightly out. The valley of her cleavage gave way to a flat, but delightfully womanly belly. A single, small mole, the only visible blemish, adorned her right breast, just above and outboard of her areola.

Her legs and ass had the muscle tone of someone who had spent years in athletics. I would guess swimmer, as the size of her breasts would likely make runner or gymnast uncomfortable, despite the best efforts of sports bra designers. Cyclist might have worked as well, but she didn't have the great, hulking quads so prevalent in that sport. No, her thighs were just firm and incredibly well shaped.

Valarie looked up at me again. "Well, are you going to gawk at my body all day, or are you going to get your dick out and join me?" She perched on the corner of the bed and began to circle her clit with two fingers.

I suddenly had an idea. I could look, but not touch, so I thought some documentation might be in order. Even for my very understanding wife, having a naked woman in the room and not having me touch her would border on incredulity. I grabbed the little waterproof video camera that I use on dives, and stuck it on its suction cup base. It turned it on and aimed it at her.

"I hope you don't mind," I said, and began to remove my shirt.

Valarie just laughed. "If I minded, I would have moved my towel away when I heard you take the first picture of my legs. And I certainly wouldn't have shown you my tits... " she paused slightly as my shorts hit the floor and my hard cock sprung free, "... or, um, ... uh, my pussy! "

I placed my

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