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A frolic in Times Square. Our heroine makes her choice.

Sensing her approach, Jeff reached his hands down to his ass and gently spread his cheeks apart. Holy fuck. His heart was pounding.

This was it, Rachel thought. She was now staring directly at an image she'd never dreamed she'd be seeing. She had to laugh as she wondered how she had even gotten here. It couldn't have been even 30 minutes ago that Rob had innocuously offered her a cigarette. Now she was seconds away from doing something she was hesitant to even say out loud, to a guy who had a girlfriend sleeping upstairs. A guy that had never treated her like much more than a slut. She was about to cross a line with him that she could not uncross. It was making her head swim with arousal.

She took a deep breath, positioned herself, and leaned in. She started her tongue up by his balls again but this time headed straight down. She crossed down past the base of his crack and finally touched her tongue to the hole.

Sparks flew in Jeff's head as his dick jerked violently. God, she was actually doing it. She was actually fucking doing it.

Rachel again gently probed around the rim before finally giving in and plunging forward. She forcefully shoved her tongue into his ass and flicked it back and forth violently. She pressed her face further and coated the entire area with full, generous licks. Her nose and most of her face was now firmly between his cheeks and she brought her hands up to the back of his thighs for balance. Jeff was spread open wide now and she was pleasuring him with all that she had. She began a series of quick, forceful vertical licks sweeping from the bottom of his ass clean across the hole. Like a cat cleaning its paw.

Jeff was losing his mind. His cock was thrashing around out of control with every lick and poke. He's never felt anything like this and he was sure if even the slightest breeze hit his dick that he would erupt like a volcano. He didn't believe he could get off without his dick even being touched but the ecstasy that Rachel was laying on him was out of this world.

He decided he would let her keep at it for as long as he could hold out. Getting his dick sucked had been incredible and having his balls licked, even better. But this current act was simply unreal. She was down there tonguing away and there was no way on earth he'd be stopping her.

Rachel, for her part, was getting into it. She couldn't believe she had agreed to this and further that she was now enjoying it. Here was this guy that she didn't even really like but she had agreed to everything he'd asked. She was completely naked and going at him full-bore. She was furiously licking and swirling places that few people had to stomach to go and she was doing it for him because his sweet girlfriend wouldn't. She felt dirty and used and it was making twist with arousal.

And Jeff's reactions were fueling her fire. She had glanced up once or twice to see his cock violently quaking. It was strained and purple and it thrashed like it was trying to break free from his body. Jeff was mumbling to no one in particular. Oh my God. Oh my GOD. Holy shit. Never been so fucking hard. Oh my- fuuuck. It was like he was in a trance. Rachel's chest quivered with excitement as she felt the power of bringing this boy to unimaginable ecstasy.

As Jeff had crudely pointed out, she had done this particular thing with a few guys before. But this was definitely the deepest she'd ever dived in, both literally and figuratively. She had been dutifully licking away for a few minutes when finally she plunged her tongue hard inward and curled it back up with force.

And that was the final straw. Jeff's body lurched as he felt it coming. He swung forward and suddenly his dick was pointing straight at Rachel's face. Alarmed, she looked at him in panic realizing what was next. She moved quickly to open her mouth and get it out in front of his head. But she was too late.

Jeff reached down and grabbed his shaft just as he lost control.

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