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An old thief gathers allies, old and new.

As Eighty-Eight leads me through town, eyes follow us. I can feel the critical stares of the village women, every inch of me on display for them to compare and reject. Some men glance and return to work, some stare long and hard. A hoot from an alley startles me. A drunk mocks masturbating as I pass. He doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the children in the schoolyard -- pointing, laughing and occasionally barking at this naked girl on a leash.

At length, we reach what looks like a storefront with a large window. Eighty-Eight leads me in and commands me to climb onto an oak table before the window and then kneel in the salutation position, cupping my breasts in my hands.

"In case not everyone got a good look at you," he says with a wink. He tethers my leash to a heavy iron rod that protrudes from the wall, takes a heavy padlock from atop the table, and locks the leash into place. "I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

He chuckles as he leaves the building, locking the door behind him. As I am secured to the wall by a chain, I assume that this is not to keep me in, but to keep others out. It isn't long before my suspicions are confirmed by the small crowd gathering outside the window. Within minutes, a sea of faces stares in at me--faces of both sexes and of all ages.

One old crone squints through the window and cracks a toothless smile. "They lower the harvest age again? My son has bigger tits than that!"

The crowd roars with laughter.

"It's true," says a dirty, bearded, giant of a man as he lifts his shirt. "See?"

"Put those away before you make me throw up," says a foppish young gentleman dressed from head to toe in the finest sky blue silk I've ever seen.

"What's the matter, Jaryll?" The giant scowls. "Got a problem with my tits, you little cocksucker?"

"Oh no," the younger man says with a smirk. "I love a big chest on a man. I was talking to the mousey little thing in the window!"

The giant roars with laughter. "I bet she squeaks when she takes it up the ass just like you do!"

To my surprise, the giant claps the young man, Jaryll, on the shoulder and they laugh together, then turn back to me.

"Eek! Eek!" the old crone says, pointing at me.

My lip begins to tremble. All eyes are on me. I can't stand their stares and their condescending laughter. My face burns with shame. I try to hide myself, covering my breasts with my hands and the crowd cheers.

The bearded giant shouts. "She's a contestant!"

I don't understand what he means, but his tone one of sadistic delight. I curl in on myself, trying to hide as much of my nakedness as I can as the crowd begins to chant. "Hide and shriek! Hide and shriek!"

Shriek is exactly what I want to do. I want to scream at them to shut up. I squeeze my eyes closed and try to shut out their mindless chanting, so loud that I don't hear the lock on the door rattle. The booming voice that follows is unmistakable.

"Now... I know you didn't give her permission for this."

Kennelmaster lumbers into the stone room and sets a large wooden tub of water on the floor, then turns to my groomer who has come in with him. He smiles wickedly. "You tell her she could hide herself like that?"

My groomer lowers his eyes and shakes his head. He sighs. "No sir, I didn't."

Kennelmaster's smile widens. He walks to the window and faces the crowd. "Everyone get a good, long look?"

A few excited voices reply. "No!"

Kennelmaster folds his arms and his back muscles ripple. "So she's been bad, has she?"

The crowd laughs and the chant begins again. "Hide and shriek! Hide and shriek!"

Kennelmaster motions for silence and gets it. "Well, the hide part's over with."

The crowd cheers as Kennelmaster turns to me.

"Time for the shriek," he says as he leers at me. "Unlock her leash, Eighty-Eight."

"Yes, sir," my groomer says. He unlocks my leash from the bar and hands it to Kennelmaster.

"Time for walkies," Kennelmaster says with a leering grin.

He turns to head out the door and the leash pulls taught, choking me.

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