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An exploration of all the moon's mysteries.

"Where's the Lecter device?" James asked relishing her Chanel 5 perfume.

She eased from his shoulder and faced him a head away. "James, forget about our dialogue. I only have my licker here," she slightly giggled and showed the tip of her tongue lolling across between her even teeth, not dentist even teeth, but human even teeth.

"What? Where's the movie crew, the director?" James arch eyed around realizing that it wasn't like before when he and Honey Rider saw them like stiffs or wax figures.

Her green eyes infringed with long lashes open wide. "Is that what's upsetting you? We're supposed to rehearse here for the bed scene tomorrow. Didn't Terence tell us to make out and practice today so we could do this naturally like we knew what we're really doing?"

"Gee, I simply forgot. I'm sorry." A frown knotted on his brow. This is the game, he thought.

"Is that a sorry face or a horny face?" Her cute smile unfaltering.

"Make it both."

She giggled and lay back on the pillow, hands above her head, palms up framing her glowing, beautiful face. A provocative sight. He studied her smooth, perfect skin, the short rise and fall of her twin globes flimsily hidden by the covers. Arching her back a little bit caused the sheet to ride up precariously to the crest of her full, rounded breasts stopping in the nick of time to flaunt the nipples.

"Hey, we're just alone here, like a couple of honeymooners."

"That explains the bridal suite," James said and leaned in to reclaim her lips, feeding himself with her sweetness while he reached over her hands and clasped each with his, fingers interlacing against each other. Soft and warm caressing of lips followed, gentle stabbing of tongue, every cell of his skin absorbing her fragrance as they wound up to a long, sensual kissing.

Finding it too irresistible to ignore her tits, James broke his kiss and nibbled his way lightly from her well-chiseled chin down to the column of her throat and to her valley of cleavage. His chin hooked down the hem of the covers unveiling out in the open her creamy latte nipples. Greeted by the sight of her bared tits, his hands swept down along the course of her arms toward her twin soft globes long protracted to be cupped and fondled. Having established the frontline of romance, James licked lightly around the dollar size areolas watching how her nipples grew spectacularly. His mouth closed over one and sucked it like a baby, the other one got rolled gently between his fingers. Tanya gasped slightly, her eyes falling into dreamlike state as James slathered the hardened nipples one after the other with his expert tongue. When his teeth rubbed over the stubby nipple and bit it lightly, Tanya squirmed and moaned vehemently.

"Was I rough on that one?" James asked long enough to see her grimacing face.

"No, James. If you keep on doing that I'll peak sooner than you know. Go back to them James, I'll just have to hold on to your growing arousal here," she said drifting down his hand to shuck off the towel wrapped around his hips. The towel was tossed nonchalantly and his hardening member slapped over her thigh. Unabashedly, she grabbed a hold of it.

"Go on James, play my nipples and I'll jerk you off, I am about to come," she cooed and jacked him off they way she knew from experienced from the backseat of her date's car. James resumed his suction at her nipples.

"Oooooh, that's very good, oh, ohhh, here I come, ohhh I'm coming..." she prattled then James paused. Her face took a look of desperate need and then disappointment.

"No. don't come yet, we're not even half-way through. Save your energy."

"James, believe me I've got all the energy to last me all this night."

Her nipples looked as they're about to burst.

"I believe you, that's why I'm taking my time...the longer time you wait the more satisfying your orgasm will be. Calm down we're getting there."

"Gosh, this is so big and hard," she groaned as her hand ran the full length of his manhood squeezing it.

"I hope you're not disappointed," he said appraising her react

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