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A tough 2 questions, life changing.

"Did you want me in the water or out?"

"Let's start over by the jacuzzi," I said, "Posing on the edge and then maybe some wet shots."

Jill sat on the edge of the tub as I turned it on, when I turned to face her, she parted the bottom of her suit, flashing me a shot of her pink pussy lips. I grinned and took the lens cap off. She was covered again as I focused, leaning back into a dapple of sunlight while trailing her hand in the water.

I shot pictures from the opposite side of the tub, walking around to Jill as she opened her legs, or pulled the swimsuit straps down her arms. As I got closer, she leaned forward to press her apple-shaped breasts out.

"Wow, you are very relaxed at this," I said. "Have you modeled before?"

"Just pictures I shot myself," Jill said with a wink. "They were well received though."

She laid back on the edge of the tub, legs lifting as I took a level shot looking over her trim body.

"What do you think about more 'revealing' photos?" I asked, running two fingers up her left thigh. I trailed them over her skin, then over her suit as I stepped around her to get a head to toes picture.

"I am keeping a very open mind," Jill said, rolling over to face me. She was about a foot away from my stiff prick, and reached out to rub my balls through my shorts. "Mmmm, it appears you enjoy your work."

"It has its perks," I said stepping from her grip. I knelt in front of her, snapping pictures of her partially exposed breasts. "Do you want to try some wet shots?"

"Sure, the water looks great," said Jill.

I walked backwards as she approached the pool, capturing her sleek, slinky look. I stopped, took off my shirt, and then stepped down to the water in the shallow end. Jill followed, dipping her toes into the water as I took pictures from below. Slowly, she stepped lower into the water, then swam across my line of vision.

After swimming a slow lap, Jill swam back to me, then walked over to the side of the pool. Reaching past my camera, she caressed my nipple with her wet fingers.

"No fair taking your shirt off, like that," she said, leaning up and kissing my ear. "You make me want to fuck the photographer."

I caressed her nipples again, restraining myself from lifting her out of the pool to kiss her thighs and higher.

"The photographer wants to fuck you, too," I moaned. "But we still have your portfolio to consider."

I stepped away from Jill, climbing for the pool with one hand on my camera. She followed my cue, walking up the pool steps slowly as I focused on droplets of water on her skin.

"The one piece looks sensational on you. Are there others you would like to show me as well?" I asked as Jill emerged on to the patio.

"There are a lot of things I want to show you," Jill cooed. She pulled the elastic bottoms of her suit tighter to her hips as she walked away. "You wait right here."

I set the camera down and reviewed the pictures. My hand was in my shorts in no time, stroking, pulling, then slowing down as I got excited.

Jill came back outside in a floral bikini, orange, yellow and red that clung high on her hips. In front, the bottoms dipped low enough to tease the top of her muff.

"Oh my my," she said, stepping in front of me and grinning as she looked at my hands. "It looks like Mr. Photographer can't stand the pressures of his job."

I pulled my hand from my shorts and caressed her hips, letting them fill my palms. I pulled her closer, reaching up to cup her ass. That was when I saw the wet spot forming on her bottoms, leaned forward and licked it.

Jill giggled and wriggled from my grasp, leaving a whiff of her hot wet pussy in my nose. She looked over her shoulder as she walked to the jacuzzi, her left hand on her hip. "Bring the camera," she said, "but leave your shorts behind if you want."

That was how I ended up stripping naked in my back yard and following her to the tub, cock waving a path in front of me.

"Ohhh, looks like Mr.

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