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I saw you in the store. You are so pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?" Again she gave him that direct, but slightly vacant look.

"No." His heart leapt, but then she added, "I have husband." His disappointment must have been obvious because she added, "He old like you, maybe not so nice. He work now."

"I'm glad you think I'm nice," he said, leaning towards her and smiling. "I want to be nice to you." Again she looked into his eyes, now with a slight smile, and turned towards him. He found himself leaning to her and putting his hands on her shoulders, pulling her closer and looking into her eyes.

"You are so pretty," he said, "So pretty."

Their lips brushed and his hands slipped down her arms. He could feel the swell of her breasts against them. She lay back in the seat with a small sigh. His heart was thumping as he lay his head against her chest and held it there quietly. Jack could hear her heart beating as fast as his. She smelled of an exotic scent he could not identify. His head was spinning. Turning to her, he pressed his lips against the curve of her breast and breathed against her warmth. Her hands rose to his head and pressed it against her firmly, her fingers curving through his hair. The large raindrops falling from the trees overhead beat an increasing tempo.

There is a point in the meeting of two people when they realize that resistance is overcome and the inevitable is to follow. The chase is over and there is a relaxing into the moment that is golden. Both parties know what is to come and can concentrate on the enjoyment of it. Jack had been given permission as clearly as if she had said, "Fuck me, please." Now he was in no hurry. He had made my decision and he was going to make the most of it. This was the most excited he had been in years.

Moving his hands to the sides of her breasts, he pressed them upwards into his face. Her hands slid down his arms to cover his. He moved his face back and forth from one lovely breast to the other, placing kisses and blowing his warm breath on them. His fingers moved to the buttons of her dress and undid several, caressing the curving skin that was exposed.

"You are so nice," he whispered, "So nice."

She moaned softly as he stroked the creamy skin, stretched tautly over her breasts, but their exposure was frustrated by the laced bodice. Laughing, she leaned forward, allowing him to reach behind to untie the laces. As she leaned towards him, her hands moved to his lap, stroking his erect cock through the fabric with a deft touch. He moved his mouth to her ear and murmured, "You're so nice," and pressed his tongue gently into her ear. Her grip on his shaft tightened as he loosened her bodice.

Seeing how he fumbled with the laces, she sat up and pulled the bodice around to unlace it in front. Now Jack could see her real shape, softer and rounder, breasts heavier without the restraint. She lifted them to him again, obviously proud of her best assets. He finished the buttons and pulled the fabric to the side, lifting back a little to look at her. She was incredible. Her breasts were soft and pendulous but had a lovely shape, with the large smooth nipples set high. His hands moved of their own accord to cup and lift them.

Looking her in the eyes again, he spoke clearly: "You are so beautiful. You feel so good. I want you."

Her eyes became dreamier as she lay back, moving her chest back and forth slightly, encouraging his hands. He lifted her breasts to his mouth one at a time, sucking in the large nipples and licking them softly. Then he held back again to view their wet, shining beauty. Her areolas were a light brown, only slightly darker than her skin, and their surface was smooth and slightly puffy, with just the tips inverted.

"Must make it easier to go without a bra," he couldn't help thinking.

Then his only thoughts were how lucky he was as he rubbed his face over both of her lovely breasts again and again.

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