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First night at an adult theater is not pleasant.

The dialogue was in English but when granddaughter and grandmother tore into each other with hilarious results, they lapsed into 'gutter Italian' and their expressions and gestures had even the non-Italian speakers in the audience screaming in laughter.

An Italian-language newspaper review of the show next morning claimed the great and robust performance of newcomer Roxy Reeves signaled a new star in theatre was emerging.

Roxy was knocked awake by Severina at 9:30 (who in fact was aged only 42), and yelling 'leave your phone switched on your stupid bitch'.

Bleary-eyed after the opening night party, Roxy kissed Caroline who said, "TV wants us at the theatre all made up to film the slanging match between you and me over my decision that the family hides Stephan from the cops after he stole a police car and took two of his girlfriends for a joyride and left it parked in front of the courthouse was lights flashing and siren wailing."


"Because our local community newspaper has raved about the show and its theatre critic described that scene as one of the funniest with the most disgusting language she'd ever witnessed in thirty-three years as a theatre critic."

"But why should that interest TV?"

"Its entertainment editor is married into a New York Italian family and I guess she wishes to please her mother-in-law."

The two women hugged and laughed until some guy across the hall yelled at them to shut up.

A clip of the haranguing, filmed with the two actors dressed for the stage, was shown on network TV news that evening, complete with lots of bleeps over segments of bad language. And then with the two actors dressed normally, they were interviewed by the entertainment editor in a light-hearted manner and the result produced very entertaining television. Two hours later the woman at a theatre agency hiring bureau who'd rejected Roxy almost four months early, but Roxy recalled the name, invited Roxy in to be placed on their books.

"Go bury your head. You rejected me four months ago you stupid cow," Roxy thundered and cut the call.

Offers for other work flowed in and Roxy decided to stay in New York and moved into a studio apartment.

The PA of prominent theatre producer Michael J. Bower called Roxy and invited her to lunch with Mr Bower. A date was arranged and when Roxy, devoid of makeup but looking tidy dressed in tight jeans and an even tighter sweater entered the restaurant she thought, perhaps this was it.

Two men stood to greet her, the brothers Bower. She recognized Michael by his photo that often was in newspapers and magazines. Until then she was unaware of the existence of his younger brother Paul.

The men were too polite to suggest she'd forgotten to make herself up.

"Is this about a part?"

"Yes," said Paul. "I'm an independent filmmaker for TV and Michael is helping me to become established in New York. I've been working in London and Rome gaining experience and now it's time to come home. Michael has purchased the rights for me of a movie script of the story of Sophia Giordano."


Michael looked startled and said, "You know of her?"

"Yes she was a novice nun but left Italy in the 1930s during the persecutions and also left the church for a few years. She became a leading female in the Resistance Movement in a dangerous part of France during World War 2 and lived to die of old age. I spent many summers when I was young in Lucca, Tuscany and in that area there's a memorial to her that I've seen several times. It's in the village where she was born. Are you interested in me being in the movie?"

"I'm considering you as director. I heard you on TV recently say you'd been assistant director."

"Oh but that was only at high school.

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