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Wife gets fucked by husband's well hung friend.

The weight and fullness of her breasts was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and she was surprised that she wasn't revulsed by what she was doing.

The ache between Wreford's thighs was becoming unbearable so she sought out one of Petra's hands from between their hot bodies. Using both hands she straightened out Petra's fingers on her left hand and then drew it between her thighs. Wreford's warm thighs acted as a funnel to guide their hands toward her pussy. As they reached the damp mound Wreford peeled her own hands back to grip Petra's wrist as she drove Petra's fingertips into her pussy. Wreford groaned out loud as two fingers entered her and a third rode up under her hood to rub against her now erect clit.

Petra nearly bit into Wreford's nipple in horror as she realised she was fingering her cellmate. She had never done this to another woman or ever dreamt that she would.

Wreford firmly gripped Petra's wrist and then started to drive her hand forward and back like a warm human dildo that started to relieve the ache in her pussy and clit.

"Keep sucking those nipples hard girl," Wreford instructed as she felt herself starting to edge toward her first orgasm.

Using her free hand Petra reached down to stroke her own pussy because of the itch between her lips.

"Leave it alone girl, that pussy is mine alone... do you understand?" Wreford almost barked, shocking Petra. But Wreford continued to ram Petra's fingers deep into her now saturated pussy.

"I'm nearly ready to cum girl... Bunch your fingertips together so three fingers fill my cunt and then use your thumb on my clit once I hold you deep inside of me."

Wreford forcibly rammed Petra's fingers into her slick hole and thrust her hips forward at the same time to maximize the penetration.

"Now frig my clit girl... hard... And suck down on my nipples girl," Wreford almost shouted at Petra in her need for release.

"Bring me off girl," Wreford cried almost in ecstasy as she neared orgasm.

Petra bit onto the engorged nipple as her thumb cruelly rubbed at speed across Wreford's clit.

"YES... YES GIRL... GOD YYYEESSS," Wreford screamed out loud as she came apart under the most intense orgasm she had had all week. Petra felt her own pussy twitch as Wreford's body shook in front of her, she just couldn't believe how turned on she felt and how intimate this seemed when she was being used as a sex toy for Wreford. But she had to admit that Wreford's tits and pussy did feel good. Petra was suddenly wrenched from these thoughts as Wreford grabbed her by the hair, pulling her off her nipple and pushing Petra's head down south towards her pussy as Wreford adjusted her position on the bed to lie down full length trapping Petra between her and the cell wall.

"Eat me out girl," Wreford simply instructed as she opened her thighs wide and continued to push Petra's head down between them. Petra could smell the musky aroma of Wreford's juices that seemed to fill the entire cell. She knew she should be objecting to this but she knew there was no help available and secretly she knew that she was getting turned on by this forbidden sex, as much as she had being fucked by a well hung black car valet in New York the previous month after some charity function. Enjoying what she shouldn't really have had always been a feature of Petra's spoilt life to date.
Suddenly, right in front of her eyes she saw Wreford's fingers peel her pussy lips wide apart exposing her clit and sodden hole to Petra's saucer sized eyes. She had never seen another woman's pussy in such intimate and close up detail. She was fascinated. As a girl Petra had licked her own juices off her fingers after frigging herself off at night in bed, but she had never imagined tasting another woman's pussy. Well in about 10 seconds that was about to change.

"Stick that tongue of yours deep inside my cunt girl, and lick me good," was the last thing Petra heard as her face was rammed tight into Wreford's mound and her strong thighs closed over Pet

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