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A rough start for young Vincent.

Amy reached for Shay's hands and took them in hers, taking her arms over her head and holding them there. This causing Shay's breast to be open for Amy to devour, and that she did. Shay's eyes closed as Amy begin to rub her breast against hers. Shays' legs spread more out of impulse. Amy placed her lips to Shay's and slowly kissed her mouth in little quick kisses over and over as she continued to pin her arms and rub their breast together. Shay's lips parted as she felt the tip of Amy's tongue touching them. Their wet mouths met and Shay could tell that the thong she was wearing was wet as well. Their tongues played together and then Shay began to suck gently on Amy's tongue causing another moan to escape her. Amy then began to lick Shay's collar bone then between her breast. Amy managed to take a few seconds underneath her breast kissing there. She then drug the tip of her tongue down the middle of Shay's tummy releasing her hands as she slid slowly down her body. When she reached the belly bo that had that little gold 'S' charm in it, she rested there. She licked and dipped her tongue in the sweetness of that belly bo for so long Shay's breathing had become racy. All Shay could think about was getting Amy to her pussy. Shay felt Amy slip her fingers inside the elastic of her thong, slowly peeling it down as Shay lifted her butt a little. Amy raised up as Shay lifted her legs straight up and allowed Amy to remove the thong. Amy stayed in an upright position between Shay's legs long enough to place the thong to her mouth and nose. She inhaled and without taking her eyes off of Shay's glazed eyes, she tossed the thong to Kyle. Amy continued to hold Shay's legs up in the air, kissing behind her knees, Shay could actually feel the wetness coming from her pussy. With such ease Amy got on her tummy and had her face between Shay's legs. She again formed a pout with her lips and blew a steady stream of warm air on her wet pussy. This time it was Shay that moaned softly as she took her nipples between her fingers. Amy stiffened her tongue into a point and touched Shay at the base of her pussy. Shay gasped. Amy then pushed her tongue into the wet slit and began slowly spreading Shay's legs as she drug her stiff tongue upward, stopping only when she reached the clit. The suction that Amy was applying to Shay's clit was sending wave after wave of pleasure through her. Shay knew that she was not going to be able to hold back on cumming. As she felts the expertise of Amy lapping at her and sucking on her she looked towards the men.

Kyle was slumped over trying to squeeze the load back to keep it from spraying all over himself. Jacob had a smile that was a compliment to the ladies as he stroked his hard cock in perfect timing to Shay's thrust into Amy's face.

Shay then reached down between her legs and took Amy's hair into her hands and held her close to her pussy as she felt a rush of pleasure go through her tiny body. The sounds of Amy sucking and kissing Shay's pussy were covered by Shay's shouts of "Oh God...yes...yes...ugh ugh" as she fucked the sweet mouth of Amy... As her legs wrapped around Amy's head, Amy managed to get her mouth in that little spot where the leg attach to the body. There she kissed and licked Shay until Shay regained her breathing and her composure.

Kyle looked over at Jacob and nodded to him knowing that he was enjoying the show. Kyle was about to make a comment about having taken the lead on the shares when he seen movement from the corner of his eye.

Shay had set up and adjusted on the pillows and was tapping Amy on the shoulder. As Amy looked up at Shay, Shay curled her finger to her, motioning for her to come to her. As Amy begin to slide up Shay's body, Shay turned to Kyle and told him..." I am not going to ask you to take part in anything just now Kyle, I seem to have things in hand..." Shay then looked at Jacob, gave him a wink and told him, " watch me give Amy a little pull to my side."

With that, Shay took Amy in her arms and rolled over so that she could

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