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A family gathering gets hot for cousins and an aunt.

I didn't know how she was able to hold me in her throat so long without breathing. It seemed like an eternity before she pushed me back, revealing the shiny shaft of my cock as it emerged little by little from her mouth. She grasped it by the base as she removed it completely. She looked up at me with a smile, once more. "Now, Bill. When I take you in this time, stroke your cock in and out of my throat just like you would if you were fucking my pussy. I'm going to be playing with my clit and we'll both come. I can usually reach my orgasm right about the time you shoot in me. Don't worry about how I'm doing, just concentrate on shooting your load in my throat, ok?" Without waiting for a response from me, she pulled my twitching cock back into her waiting, wet mouth and swallowed it once more. True to her word, I noted that one of her hands had buried itself in her crotch, her fingers working her pussy in time to the gentle stroking I was giving her mouth.

I took her head in my hands and started a slow, in and out fucking motion, enjoying the sensation of having my entire length engulfed on each pass in and out of her sexy mouth. I began to stroke faster. Now she was groaning, as was I, and her groans caused vibrations to move up and down my cock, adding to the exquisite feel of her mouth and throat. Saliva was running from both corners of her mouth and dripping down her face, leaving a shiny trail. I felt my balls start to tighten and I knew that my orgasm was close at hand. Even though I had cum not too long ago, I knew that this was going to be a real blast when it came. She sensed my closeness to climax as well and she did something else. Using the ample lubricant provided by the provided saliva leaking from her tightly stretched lips, she thoroughly coated the index finger of her hand and proceeded to push that finger past the sphincter of my ass, gradually working it inside me until she found what she was seeking.

My pleasure had increased as I felt her slide that wet finger into my ass and I have no idea how I stayed in control until she found the pleasure button inside my ass. At the first pressure of her finger on my prostate, I screamed, heaved my cock deep into her throat and began to come; great spurts of hot, thick sperm gushing down her throat. I could see her throat muscles working to swallow it. She pushed me back to breathe as her mouth continued to work me over. She was coming too; her left hand a blur as she stroked her clit. She had pulled her finger from my ass and was using her right hand to stroke more sperm from my cock as her mouth continued to receive my squirting seed. As our orgasms began to subside, I slid my still erect cock into her throat one last time, letting her swallowing action milk the last drops of semen from my cock. Her mouth and throat still contracting, I gushed another surge into her, feeling the warm wetness as she sucked me gently. She squeezed. I spurted. She swallowed me.

"That was incredible, Janine," was all I could manage as my cock slipped from her mouth. I flopped back on the bed, temporarily spent by my powerful climax. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," she said as she wiped up my cum from her face and neck, licked her fingers and crawled up to join me. "I loved feeling you cum and your semen is so hot. Your cock is really wonderful and just right for me. Do you want to fuck me, or did I wear you out?" I recognized a playful, teasing tone in her voice and responded in kind.

I spread her legs as far as they would go; pushing her knees back a little, and placed myself between them.

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