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Costume causes a girl's life to really change.

"But you can get naked?" My cheeks flushed at the strange conversation we were having.

Marie laughed, "Honey you can strip down to your birthday suit, but the guys can't."

Doug and Marie introduced us to some friends as we made the rounds. We talked about how long they were married and their two kids. It was evident that our time to discuss our relationship had come; I couldn't have been more relieved when Hal began to speak.

Without much detail he said we had known each other a long time and we were kindred spirits not bound by societal norms or age.

Doug put his arm around me, "You are one lucky S.O.B. Hal! Laura here is a beautiful young woman."

Hal just smiled as our eyes met across the table.

Doug and I danced often as did Marie and Hal. I watched as Marie ground herself on Hal's thigh occasionally kissing his neck. When we caught each other's gaze, Hal would wink and smile at me.

Straining my neck I looked up in to Doug's gentle blue eyes. A finely trimmed goatee slowly lowered to me until his lips were against mine.

I held my breath as our lips met and we kissed. My heart beat against my chest as he pulled me closer. When our kiss broke, I searched approvingly for Hal only to find him locking lips with Marie.

When my eye aimed to the heavens again Doug smiled, "You okay?"

"Absolutely." I closed my eyes and Doug's lips returned to mine.

Slowly his kisses worked my lips open and his tongue danced its way in to my mouth. He was an amazing kisser but his height made it awkward. "Let's go grab a seat."

At our table he sat me on his lap and his tongue continued to probe the depths of my mouth as his hands danced over my body finally settling on my ass. At some point Hal and Marie returned and sat watching us. I remained on Doug's lap as we all talked like old friends.

As if reading Doug's mind, Hal smiled at me as Doug parted my legs and slowly slid his hand under the hem of my dress. When his fingers touched my magic bean I threw my head back in to his shoulder; my pussy was soaked. It didn't take a minute and his long thick fingers were dancing at my slippery opening.

Slowly his fingers would probe me before going back to torment my swollen button; over and over again he tormented me, making me ache for relief.

"Kiss me and I'll make you cum." Doug pulled my face to his with his free hand holding it there as his fingers plunged in and out my pussy. When his tongue began to fuck my mouth I could feel the familiar quiver of my building orgasm.

Doug coaxed, "Give it to me."

I bit my bottom lip as the first wave shattered through my body. The relentless finger pounding brought wave after wave of ecstasy until I begged for a break and he pulled his fingers from me. The room was a blur as I rested my head on his shoulder trying to focus my attention again on my surroundings.

As my orgasmic fog began to lift, I could make out Marie sitting alone watching us. I smiled and noted that she didn't acknowledge me. Lifting my head it all became clear; Marie was leaned back with her eyes closed breathing heavily. I watched her chest rise and fall with deep breaths as one hand squeezed at her exposed breast while the other touched her lover.

Doug's big hand squeezed at my breast through the fabric of my dress until he wanted more. As I watched Marie, Doug slid the straps off my shoulders exposing both my breasts for his hands to enjoy.

Marie was close and I watched with anticipation. Distracted momentarily I stared up at Doug before glancing down at the thick cock I was holding. I squeezed it firmly and felt it pulse in appreciation. Doug didn't have to speak; I slid myself down on the chair beside him feeling my naked cheeks expose as my dress slid over them. With my face pressed against his stomach I slowly lowered myself to the rock hard cock in my hand.

Stroking his hard cock I felt like I was jerking off a tall beer can; to say Doug was thick would be an understatement.

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