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Emma tricks Kate into supergluing one inch Brad to her thigh.


She spun her head around and bumped her cheek into a very warm and firm masculine face. Carrie's eyeballs couldn't swivel as much as she needed them to, though she tried as she gasped softly.

He sensed it and moved his head further around, looking at her. "We are not here for you," he whispered in that incredibly deep voice, "We have no wish to disturb anyone. But you came here."

She stared, not believing this, not wanting to be here any longer, not any of it.

But fuck, he was good-looking.

"Please," she said, feeling a little irritated at the way that her own whisper sounded tremulous and frightened, "Please let me leave. I - I promise not to tell a-anyone th-that you're here."

To her absolute disbelief, she watched as he smiled just a little for her, all while still looking serious, "I promise no hurt to you, no harm by my hand or theirs. Let them finish in peace and we can talk for a time."

But somewhere deep inside her, for all of her modern sophistication as a human being living in the twenty-first century, Carrie Willis was still a creature of this world. As such, she still had the same animal instincts which even a mouse possesses. Her mind, as powerful as it was by comparison to that small creature, still shared the same basic things. Logically, she knew that there was no escape. Not now, not like this.

And yet, for all of that, she still found the need to struggle, trying to get free.

She fought, straining hard.

Darett'h knew that she would. He held her, but he knew that she also had to breathe. She tried again even harder, but it only caused her to try to look down at the large arm which held her fast now and she looked up, her face was against his.

She wanted to bang her head into his, but she felt his horn against her head, touching her lightly, just behind her ear. What hope did she have of shocking him to let her go - a great big thing like him who had horns?

She'd probably need a baseball bat to even get him to blink.

She thought about biting him until she saw his teeth for a split-second.

Whoa ... and she wondered for just an instant why she liked that view so much.

She resolved to give it everything that she had and it only brought their faces together again. Carrie looked up into those goat's eyes. As the insane moment carried on, Carrie didn't plan it at all, but ... she just somehow completed her insanity.

She kissed him.

She remembered it often later. She decided somewhere inside of herself that if these were the last moments of her life and if she was this close to something which looked so fucking good to her before he got down to the killing, then she deserved one last moment to feel her lips on his.

It changed everything.

He didn't let her go in shock.

Darett'h repositioned his strong arms to hold her gently. Carrie felt the power ease off, and she took this madness to the next level.

She sighed very softly and reached up to touch his face, tilting her head as she did. When their next kiss began, her thumb slid softly over his skin and she reached further because she needed to. Her fingers slipped into his long silky hair and when they stopped, her thumb began to caress his ear very gently. Somewhere in it, they both relaxed their grip and the shotgun fell on Carrie's thigh to slide forgotten to the floor with a quiet clatter.

His other arm, now free, moved to hold her as well, and for that, Carrie slipped her tongue in between his lips and it grew stronger between them, whatever this attraction was. Carrie had never felt anything like this and she had a hope in her that he hadn't either. She didn't want this to stop now for anything.

The others had finished by the time that the weapon slid to the floor, and they looked up to see what was going on. Now, the pair squatted just a little way off, both of them staring in wonder.

"She is so beautiful," Temma said very quietly.

B'Naht only nodded her agreement.

When the awkward, half-turned around kiss ended, Carrie looked up at a pair of smiling faces.

"Sister," the greenish o

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