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Sara goes to Angelica.

I clutched her still and lifted the hem of her dress, gliding my fingers up her thighs. I clapped her hard on her naked ass cheeks.

"Ouch, fuck yes. Spank me, daddy. Spank your bad girl. Spank her good."

I kneaded her ass cheeks and she pulled me in tighter, smashing our bodies closer together. I pinched her rump over and over again.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she said, locking her hands behind my neck. "Fuck, that feels good." She flicked her tongue into my ear.

I fingered the top of her ass crack.

"Mmmmmm," she said. "Just like that."

She shivered, and collapsed her head onto my chest.

"My god," she said, as I probed her ass crack with my hand, tenderly sliding my fingers down the dark, moist crevice. She was a ball of raw nerves.

"Oh, god," she squealed. She fought the urge to turn her ass away and at the same time compelled herself to take the pleasurable abuse.

I stared at her face. Perspiration dripped from her red freckled face.

"Oh, hunny," she said. "You sure know what a girl needs."

"Yeah. Having her ass worked over." I gave her a quick kiss.

She passed a hand over her forehead. Wet copper curls clung to her. She shook her head.

"I want your fuck fingers inside of me." She licked her lips. "Please. I want to feel you fuck my asshole. Everything that I am, my heart and soul, this body, my tits, my ass, my cunt, everything. It belongs to you." Her eyes pleaded.

"Of course," I said.

We walked over to a wall, where she supported her back, while we kissed. She snapped her teeth teasingly but serious. She was an animal.

I thought back on some of the wonderful memories we'd had together. On our first night, she sucked my dick. and we fucked for hours all over her apartment from the carpeted living room floor to the cold vinyl of her bathroom. By the second night, she was licking my asshole and I was fucking hers and filling her with my seed, all without a condom. We were meant to be. Three months later, we were married.

I lifted her dress up above her ass and around her waist. I pressed my fingers into her yielding muscles, while she winced and begged me to go harder. I gave her a playful spank, and pinched her ass. I rolled her bottom between my hands. She urged me to work harder. Sweat ran down her crack. Her sweat and sex juices stung my nose.

"You're ready, aren't you? You're ready to be taken?" I asked.

I plowed through the moss hair of her cunt and found her honey dripping cunt.

"Ungh," she said. "Yes, my love. Oh, my god," she said, shutting her eyes. I fingered her wet pussy and rubbed her slick flow between my fingers. She was ready.

I curled two fingers into her and hooked her cunt, while I pressed into her clit with my palm. She panted and nodded in acceptance. She bit her lower lip and breathed on my face.

"Fuck me."

So I did. I finger fucked her and shoved my tongue deep into her mouth.

"I'm all yours," she said. "Fuck me. Take me. Do whatever you want with me."

"You don't mean that." I frigged her mercilessly.

"I do. Do it," she said, baring her white, small teeth. "Anything. Do it to me."

I popped my finger out and wiped my hands on her meaty thigh.

"You don't know what you're asking for."

I clutched her waist and sucked on her neck.

"Oh, yes, like that," she said. "Just like that. I want your tongue in me."

She undid my pants, and yanked them down, along with my underwear. I stepped out of them and took off my shirt.

"What a man I have."

"You deserve the best."

She licked her lips, and I lowered myself to my knees, all the while licking and sucking her body, leaving a trail of saliva down her soft skin. My hands caressed her pliant skin. Suddenly, there I was, face to face with her sex reeking cunt. The smell was sharp and intoxicating. My mouth watered and a line of spit dropped on the floor. I wiped my mouth and swallowed.

She stared down expectantly. I looked into her wide eyes and kissed the hairy mound of her cunt.

With my finger, I tickled her rump.

"You want to?" she asked nervously.

I smacked my lips.

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