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The Church holds its reopening to the Public.

There was also very likely some remaining magical tripwire or two, well hidden in the background and designed to be overlooked that could cause some bad things to happen, like a very strong earthquake... at least that's the way I'd program them. The wards looked good enough that I decided not to underestimate the wizard or very talented Adept that had set them. We certainly didn't need our evidence going up in flames!

Our rogue arms dealer was rather unfortunately resistant to my Trust charm, in fact quite disturbingly so. I also disliked the man at first sight, probably largely due more to his fashion sense that his squinty beady eyes and oily smile. For a moment I thought we had all disappeared back in time as Jesse, with his severe Neo-Victorian suit and gold buttoned waistcoat, and complete with a rather authentic gunslinger mustache, wouldn't have looked at all out of place in a late nineteenth century frontier gun shop. Well, except for the dandified ruffles on the collar and cuffs of his stiffly starched white shirt, and the earring. Not to mention the white pancake makeup all over his face too! Oh, and the lipstick and the heavy black eyeliner.

The current cutting edge of men's fashion this year was the 'rake' look, and to basically look as effeminate as possible. While no respectable American woman would be caught out in public without her corset, bustle, boned bodices, pelerines, fans, gloves, hats, and parasols, this season's gentleman of quality was in turn decked out with enough frills, flounces, lace, braid, fringe, ruche and ribbons to decorate an entire Christmas tree. While roguish earrings weren't uncommon adornment for GWA men, these northern dandies tended towards more feminine styling's, and combined with an unfortunate overlaying of make-up that would even embarrass a circus clown this gave the wearer a distinctively effeminate appearance. Frankly it was currently impossible to tell the heterosexual men from the gay men, and they both tended to fashionably flounce and deliberately lisp equally.

I had been amused by some of costumes that I'd seen so far while in Chicago, but our crooked gun dealer was quite at the very peak of current fashion!

I suppose the original intent of feminizing men, when the trend started during the civil rights era, was simply more social 'equalization' of the sexes. One GWA social-historian commented in a magazine article I had read recently that part of this was also cultural psychology, due to the fact that the USA had a weak social culture and had been defeated in war, repeatedly, by all of its neighbors... even by Cuba. Other editorialists less kindly also attributed the new growing style as 'Look how manly we are, the more feminine we look and act the more masculine we really are!' Others trace some trends that emerged from the gay and lesbian communities after the passage of the 29th Amendment to the US Constitution that guaranteed sexual freedom (for just about everyone except for the oppressive heterosexual majority). Since the homosexual community was largely immune from the avalanche of sex restriction laws passed in the last two decades, including the insanely misguided one that makes it a federal crime (albeit a misdemeanor) for a man and a woman to engage in premarital sex, or any other sort of 'deviate' sex not intended for procreation, gays seem to now enjoy more rights and privileges that their straight counterparts. This relatively free lifestyle is perhaps being emulated... and now even socially encouraged.

I guess it's quite understandable actually.

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