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New dawn, new day, new friends.


"Why would anyone want that?" I gasped.

"Most do it, ma'am," the girl said, in a flat tone. She almost sounded offended that I might be offended.

I paused, not sure how to respond, "Really? Oh, I.. I see... uh..."

"Maybe I should explain exactly what it is," said the girl. It looked as if she held back the desire to roll her eyes, tired of explaining this to new customers. "You go into the tanning booth, and we'll send one of our male employees in to sit next to you. He is only allowed to watch. We ask that you do not talk, or engage with our employee in any other way, while in the tanning booth. This assures us that we are never at risk of a sexual harassment claim."


"Allowing an attractive man to admire your body is in no way a violation of anything, nor is it against the law. We allow it to take place discretely, consensually, while tanning. He'll be watching you until you finish, or when you ask him to leave."

"I guess it's legal and all, but... I mean, if there is consent from everybody... but what if the guys don't like what they see?"

"They are trained to respond positively to every woman who would wish to enjoy such an experience. To be... appreciated. So, shall I have one sent to your room? It's number four." The girl passed a card with a magnetic strip to me.

I took a deep breath in. "You know what? Why not? I think David might get a kick out of it when I tell him." David always egged me on to flash my tits every time we went to Mardi Gras, though it had been almost four years since we last went. He always seemed to enjoy watching other people fawn over me.

"Excellent, enjoy." The clerk waved her arm in the direction of the room.

I took the hint and took the short stroll over. After swiping the key card through the lock, I entered. It was larger than most tanning rooms I'd been in, with a side table and scented candles, a radio, flowers, and a full wall mirror. There was also a chair perched about ten feet away from the tanning booth. I quickly disrobed putting my clothes in a pile on the small table. In seconds, I was laying face up, fully naked inside the machine. I hadn't yet closed it, when the door opened.

A tall, shockingly handsome man nodded, smiling broadly when we saw me, before closing the door behind him. He made his way in, taking a seat in the chair provided. I dared not move. Instead, a short stint of panic raced through my mind. 'Why did I agree to this?' I asked myself.

I awkwardly turned my head and nodded to him with a forced grin. My heavy tits lay at my sides and I noticed he took special attention to them. I had a small strip of pubic hair, and he didn't seem mind that either when he paused to view it. I found myself watching my voyeur, and each brief moment that passed got me into it more. The stranger genuinely seemed to be enjoying this, so either he liked my hourglass figure, or he could win an Oscar. He even inched the chair a little closer and leaned in.

I inhaled, allowing my breasts to heave, then I gave them a little jiggle. My pussy was beginning to dampen. I reached down to feel, discovering I was more wet than expected. I quickly withdrew my hand, a bit embarrassed. The man's eye caught my discomfort, and he reassured me by giving me a quick wink. He then went back to gazing up and down my naked body.

I wanted to cover, but I also didn't want to. I felt my pussy beginning to throb as I stared at the young man. Far too quickly, a timer dinged to inform me to turn over. I did, but I shifted so that one breast could clearly be seen on the side of my voyeur. I arched my ass in the air just a bit, too, trying to make it not too obvious I was enjoying myself.

The man still gazed on.

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