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Dee loves high heels and wins a visit to her favourite shop.

You start rubbing my ass and lower your head to my waist. We are still dancing and I push my pussy into your shoulder. You start to kiss my belly button that is exposed from the v shaped opening of my shirt. You stick your tongue in my belly button. I cry out oh. Forgetting there was people all around. You move lower and lick the outside of my pussy. My skintight black pants are still on but they are so thin I still felt your saliva. I move my hips back in forth in front of your face as you grip my waist then move your hands over my ass. You lick me again. You look up at me. I am stunned you are going so far, but I can't make you stop. I put my leg over your shoulder and you push my pussy in your face. You know I love to be teased so you begin to act like your are bringing my pants down as you go to town on my pussy. I move my head back in the sheer enjoyment of it all.

I notice a few people are looking at us. They are still dancing but you can tell we are the center of there attention. I start moving my pussy back and forth for you. Wishing your dick was inside me. You slowly moved back up my body, rubbing me everywhere giving me little kissing, everywhere you lips pass. I am trembling inside. I want you so bad. You make it to my lips and I push my tongue in your mouth. I kiss you like I never have before. I want you to know I love how you tease and pleasure me. So you will do it again!

I begin to rub your neck as we kiss some more. I move my hands down to your ass. I kiss your neck and then your chest, then your stomach; I lift your shirt and rub my finger along the top of your jeans. I unbutton your button, and then I look up at you. I smile and pull the zipper down with my teeth. I push up against your hard and move my hand in your pants. You are hard as a rock. I caress it; I pull it up to the top of you underwear. The head is barely peeking out the top. I lick the head and it swells. You put you hands on my head and I push your underwear down a little more, then a little more, suddenly I have your whole dick in my mouth. I can imagine what the people around us are thinking! I go right to work licking it up and down, pushing it in and out. I look up at you. Your eyes are closed and your head is pointed down towards me.

You be begin to rub my shoulders and gently pushing my head harder on your cock. I gag just a little. It's really hard to put in all the way in my mouth! I feel you staring at me. I look up and you blow me a kiss. I move back up your body, kissing everything I touch. My hands slide up the back of your shirt. Your hands are my ass, and your fingers are making there way in the back of my pants. The more I move up your body the more my pants come down. You make your way down my body. Kissing my hip, then my belly button, then and my inner thigh. My pants are down to the bottom of my ass. The whole club can see my white thong. It glows in the dark. You slide my panties over with your tongue. A flush of heat moves over my entire body. Your tongue enters my pussy. You push it hard and I shove my body as close to you as I can. Your hands are on my ass. My pants are falling off as I grind your face. They fall down to my white sandals. I step out of them. I am standing there with only my thongs and white shirt. I put my leg up on your shoulder. You move deeper inside me. I feel you finger on my hip, then my panty line. You slide your finger in the other side of my panties. I look around.

People are totally staring at us. There is a couple standing a few feet away from us. They are rubbing each other everywhere; he is kissing her and looking over her shoulder at us. There is a table of all guys about 5 feet away. One guy is holding a dollar for me and laughing with his buddies.

I blow him a kiss and pull you back up to my mouth and kiss you.

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