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I'll see you at home.

I was in the garage working on some shelving when Jan finally got home just before four that evening. Well, it was a good thing that the kids were not there to see what kind of a mess she was in. I got an instant hard on thinking about all the things she had been doing that got her in the mess she was in. She came up and gave me a long passionate kiss and asked what time I expected the kids back. I told her that I expected them to stay at the beach until sundown. And she said: "Grate, that gives us at least a couple of hours, come on, I have something for you."

I followed her to the bedroom and she turned to me and said, as she started to undress: "Just how far do you want to take this cuckolding thing? Do you want me to continue dating my black boyfriend? Do you want me to spend time with him instead of you when he is in town? Do you want me to give my pussy freely to him instead of you when he is in town? Do you want me to deny sex with you before I have sex with my black lover? Do you want me to bring you cream pies, and tell you all the naughty details of my black cock fucking?" Do you want me to demonstrate some of my experiences with you?"

I told her: "Yes, all of the above."

Then she told to strip and get on the bed. I did as I was told, stripped, laid on my back with my cock sticking straight up like a flagpole, she put one knee on each side of my head and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth. As I started licking her pussy, I realized that she was, not only playing with my cock, but also actually had it in her mouth. My thoughts were, "what is going on here, she has never, in the fifteen years of marriage, sucked my cock. Oh, wow, she is going to get a mouth full very shortly if she keeps this up." Well, I guess she could sense that I was getting close and stopped sucking me and started talking. She told me that George taught her how to suck cock and like it. And she asked me if I liked her sucking my cock. Well, with my head being between her lags and my mouth full of pussy, all I could do was make a feeble attempt to grunt a "yes." She told me that from now own, if I do a good job of eating her cream pies that she will see to it that I get taken care of properly now that she enjoys a nice cock in her mouth. Then she told me that I was doing a great job and she was really enjoying me licking her fresh fucked pussy.

Then she said: "Yea, baby, that is it, suck all that cum out of my pussy. That is George's cum, cum from a big black cock that you are sucking out of your wife's pussy. Yes, this very married white pussy has had a big black cock fuck it and cum in it at least a half dozen times over the past twenty-four hours. Oh, yes, baby lick it all out, I am going to cum all over your face. OMG, I am cuuummmming. Oh, baby, that is great. Lick it all that is so good."

That was when she resumed sucking my cock, and I continued to eat her pussy, and as I felt that I was about to cum again, she started tensing up and I knew that she was about to cum again. We both came at about the same time which was great for me, and the way she was bouncing around on my face, I assumed that it was, likewise as great for her.

When we both recovered, she said, as she was rolling off me: 'Wow, that really does give me something to look forward to when I come home from a hot date."

We then got up and showered together. When we were finished, I asked her if she was now a black cock only slut. She said: "Of course not, I still have a husband that needs some pussy once in a while even if it is a pussy that has been used by a big black cock." As I visualized all she was saying and thinking about all the black cock fucking that may be in her future, I started getting a hard on again. She saw that, and just patted my cock, saying: "Down boy, not tonight, I need a couple of days for my pussy to retract after being stretched to fit Georges big black cock."

Jan looked tired and I suggested that she take a nap before the kids got home, which she did.

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