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A soft gasp of fright brought her out of her reverie and she rolled her eyes. "It is but an owl, Rebecca.," she whispered into her handmaiden's ear. "Sit still. Brilliant can sense your fear. The trip will go more smoothly if you but trust me." Rebecca swallowed the lump in her throat and shook her head, the only inclination she gave to her Queen that she would do her best to obey.

"Lady Rebecca is more than welcome to ride with one of my men or myself, if she is a hindrance to you, Your Highness," Drest offered.

Evelyn glanced back at the young Prince who was invading her space and glared. "Rebecca is fine where she is. You however are free to leave. I have traveled this path many times and need no one to guide me."

"It was but an offer sweet Evie; you do not need to show jealousy."

Evelyn's eyes grew wide. "Jealousy? Surely you jest."

Drest shrugged his shoulders. "What other reason would you have to not allow young Rebecca the comfort and strength of strong arms to keep her safe?"

"She is safe with me. I am a fine horsewoman and she does not need to be in your arms!" Evelyn turned her attentions to Brilliant and urged the beast onward. The soft chuckle of a cocky Prince filled the forest and made Evelyn's pulse race. She was getting tired of his chuckles and the way he always seemed to be near her. The only place she had sanctuary from him was in the gardenrobe or confessional. He had even insisted on walking her and Rebecca to her bedchamber, something she was sure the Chancellor would frown upon, but he had said it was an excellent idea and now it was a constant thing.

The group of five, a much larger group than Evelyn had wanted, entered the village. The sound of the nearby pub brought a smile to Evelyn's lips. She recalled the times she and Cedric would sneak away from their homes and watch the comings and goings. They knew who was bedding who, who played dice fair and who didn't. They knew when Old Slim watered down the ale and when he pulled out the finest he had to offer, which was not all that fine. Cedric and Evelyn had sampled both. She also knew that during all this time she was always safe, even now she was and a part of her balked at the idea. Just once she would like to truly be on her own.

Eventually they wove their way through the village and to the edge where Evelyn had grown up. She slid off her mare, ignoring the look of annoyance that Drest threw at her. She then bit back a quick retort when she watched him pluck Rebecca from Brilliant's back. Her lids slanted as she saw his hands rest easily on her handmaiden's hips. "Rebecca," she hissed, her gaze flashing toward Drest. "She's steady; now release her," she demanded. Drest laughed, bent his head and stepped away, rewarding Rebecca with a smile and Evelyn a salute.

Evelyn rolled her eyes and captured Rebecca's hand. "Come with me, before his head swells any more. The way you blush at him, one would think you would lay your life down for him. Think of that man from your dreams. He's certainly sounds more charming then this Prince." Drest's laughter rippled through the air as Evelyn plodded toward the door of her foster parents home. She knocked quickly on it, identified herself and eased the door open.

Immediately she sensed all was not well. She pushed Rebecca behind her and stepped in. One of her hands gripped the dirk at her waist, another item stolen from Rebecca's brother. She had planned on confessing her sins in the morning to the Bishop, but now she was thinking only of thanking the Lord for her weapon. "Quiet," she whispered to her handmaiden when she feared Rebecca was about to speak. "Mother," she called out, not too loud, but not quite soft either. "Papa?"

No sounds reached the two women.

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