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Scott and Leslie continue the fun the next morning.

I am a little embarrassed, but I am pretty sure she knows I have these toys, and we have had the talk about sex and masturbation. I told her I did it-I wanted her to know it is normal. I have seen that she has some of her own by now, so I figure I really should not be embarrassed. Still, to have it just sitting there... Anyway, she seems oblivious. She places a towel over my rear and another cloth over my face. I feel her get up on the bed and straddle me on my upper thighs. I hear her put the oil on her hands, warming it up by rubbing her hands together. I guess she had also thought to put the heat up, as I notice the temperature in the room rising. She does think of everything, that sweet daughter of mine! Now I feel her hands first touch my bare back, those initial strokes a bit of a shock, yet so soothing. She is working her hands up and down my back, working into my sore spots. She does touch the sides of my breasts as she goes down my sides, yet acts very professional about it. Even though it feels a bit weird to have my daughter touch my breasts, even just the sides, I just give in to the wonderful feeling of her firm strokes caressing my sore tight muscles.

I am now starting to drift off somewhat. The smell of the rose scented oil, the soft music in the background, and these wonderful warm hands soothing my body. I am in heaven. She moves down to my buttocks, and removes the towel. Her hands firmly cup my cheeks, kneading them, which presses my crotch forcefully into the bed. This wakes me up a bit. Now I am feeling a bit more exposed, and I have to admit a little turned on, as her vigorous strokes cause my vulva to rub against the sheets as well as my breasts and nipples, which begin to harden. I am trying to think, this is my daughter, I cannot be reacting this way. And as I am thinking this, she moves down, massaging the insides of my thighs, touching just along the edges of my vagina, heightening these conflicting emotions.

She keeps moving on though, turning around on me, straddling my rear now, as she does my legs. This pushes my pelvis further into the bed, and I can feel myself getting turned on again. I think to myself, thank goodness for the scented candles or my own daughter would be able to detect the musky odor of my arousal! Every stroke of her hands of her now is the sensual touch my body has been deprived of all these years-awaking my skin to the pleasures of the flesh.

Eventually she reaches my feet and toes. All good things must eventually come to an end. Once done there, I feel her lift herself off me. I lie there in bliss, assuming the massage is over, grateful that she has not said a word and is just letting me absorb the feeing of both pure pleasure and relaxation, and yet paradoxically this heightened arousal. Once she leaves, I will slowly pleasure myself, maybe even use that dildo I left on that bed stand.

However, to my surprise, after about a minute, instead of leaving the room, she tells me it is now time to turn over. In part, I am a little disappointed that I will have to postpone satisfying my sexual arousal. I am also afraid she might be able to tell how stimulated her mother has become. My pussy lips are probably moist and slightly engorged, my nipples certainly are. The idea of being that exposed to my daughter is still weird. On the other hand, her caressing strokes have been so wonderful and I do not really want her to stop. Anyway, what reason would I give for not letting her continue-sorry you have gotten me too aroused and I need to pleasure myself? So I do as I am told, I turn over on my back, pretending that nothing is amiss.

She again drapes the cloth over my eyes and the towel over my pelvis.

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