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A girl from my past.

Since nothing was in my mouth now muffling my moans, I involuntarily let out a well audible groan when the next waves of electricity hit me. This prompted Mistress to quickly come back and shove the stockings into my mouth that were lying around my head.

Then she reached for the controls of the power box in order to turn the electricity down a notch, but the guest interrupted her mid-process. "Oh, there you are, my dear!" said the old lady entering the room. Mistress turned around to her. I could see in the corner of my eyes that the guest was already in the middle of the room with us, but the tone of her voice remained unimpressed by the strange spectacle that she had just walked into. "I know, I know" she said. "I should not have entered the studio like this. I should know the rules. After all it was only a few years ago that I handed the studio over to you, my dear. But I found these spare keys in my house yesterday and wanted to drop them off as soon as possible. You never know, at my age I might forget again!" and with those words the two women fell into each other's arms and laughed happily. Soon they began to chat enthusiastically just two steps away from my naked, bound, gagged and tormented body...

Their banal conversation went on for quite some time. It must have been one of my pain induced groans that finally caught the attention of the elderly woman who was apparently called Madame. Spontaneously she stepped around Mistress and towards the stretching rack. Madame appeared to be very interested and leaned in straight for the vulnerable center of my defenseless body. "And what do we have here?!" she said with a sweet and playful note in her voice "It seems to me that this brave young gentleman is looking forward to an electrifying afternoon... am I right? Oh my... just look at all these colorful wires attached to his body!!" she chuckled and reached down to gently pat my ball sack. I was startled that Madame apparently saw no boundaries touching the balls of a bound and tortured man that she had never met before.

Mistress didn't turn around to us but replied: "Oh that? That is today's slaveboy, Madame. This one loves to caress and pamper my feet with his hungry little mouth. But you know how they are... He hopes that in return, one day, my feet might touch his crooked penis. But as you can see, we have stored it away for today and we keep it under constant tension, just to make sure that no one forgets their place."

"Right, right,... and good by you! I know exactly what you are talking about!" replied Madame "You cannot allow any preciousness... I myself had a slave for many years who always dreamed about bedding me." Madame said and shook her head theatrically before she continued: "...but instead I periodically whipped the skin off his back and afterwards I fucked his bloody ass really hard..." and with those last words her hand slipped further down between my wide spread legs and she started rocking the big metal cock - that dealt out painful electric blows inside me - back and forth... The sadistic and at the same time innocent tone in her voice combined with her direct and unerring drive for my biggest humiliation and insecurity made me shudder uncontrollably.

For the two ladies this appeared to have been a funny anecdote, because Madame suddenly let go of me and turned around to Mistress in loud laughter. They fell into each other's arms again and kissed each other goodbye. "I will let you two go on, now. I am so happy that my studio found a worthy successor. I am very proud of you, my dear!" Madame told Mistress. "Hmmm... a foot slave... that wakes some happy memories! But those times are long gone, I guess..." said Madame while turning around and slowly heading towards the entrance door.


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