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Talia and I "climax" our nude beach day.

For an instant, there was a look of pain across her face but it didn't last but a split second. Then she nodded again for me to continue. I began working into her bowels, little by little. After several minutes, it was gratifying when my balls slapped against her cheeks as her anus grasped my root.

Bending forward over her, I asked, "Are there any other restrictions?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is there anything else you don't want me to do?"

"No, I can't think of anything."


I lowered myself until I plastered my lips on her dark red lips. Amy's tongue met mine halfway and they charged back and forth from her mouth to mine and back. Her sweet perfume, although rather faint in the sea breeze, still added to my desire to fuck her.

When we broke the kiss to gulp in air, I twisted enough to kiss and suck her big breasts and Amelia seemed to like that. Since I have always been unusually attracted to breasts, so did I. As I extracted all of my cock except for the head from her ass, I sucked her tits like a baby nursing at its mother's breast. Before long, she was breathing hard and muttering about cumming. Then she was quaking under me and I felt good just watching her cum.

I resumed stroking my cock into her anus. After her orgasm, her tight sphincter was not quite as tight anymore but it felt magnificent to keep banging into her precious ass. She pulled me down for a series of kisses that seemed to last forever as she swabbed my tonsils and I tried to do the same for her. She had been forced to let go of her ankles but I had captured them within the confines of my arms so she was still bent nearly doubled as I methodically drove my cock as deep as it would go into her bowels.

Several minutes later, having begun to rub my pubes against her clit to help get her back up the mountaintop, she began talking.

"Oh, yes, honey, that feels so good, keep it up, honey, I love it, don't stop, please, don't stop, I'm going to ... I'm cummmmmmiiiinnnnggg!"

As her ring of muscle tightened around the base of my probe, I felt my balls contract and begin spitting my load of cum into her rectum. Her explosion seemed to be much stronger than the first one and my climax seemed to match hers, as jet after jet of sticky white sperm shot into her intestines. When the last drops had trickled out, I eased her legs out of my confining grasp and let them down on the mat, then lowered myself over her beautiful face, kissing her sweet lips until I could no longer support myself. Then, rolling to one side to lay beside her, she turned into my arms and we hugged each other for several minutes, basking in the afterglow of our joining.

I heard her stomach gurgle and she laughed.

"Come on," she said, getting up and tugging at my hand. "Let's go clean up and get something to eat. I want you to be strong enough to do it again later."

I chased her down the stairs, playfully smacking her rolling buttocks with every step, loving the laughter she left in her wake.

I was surprised that, after our quick shower, she chose cold sandwiches for lunch but, since I've always liked sandwiches, that certainly met with my approval. We sat at the galley table and talked while we ate, one of her feet playfully maneuvering my flaccid cock while we talked.

After we had put away the few dishes we used, we went back on deck. I sat in the pilot's seat to check the computer, which had us right on the money. Looking up at the filled canvas was hypnotizing for me, a sight that I never tire of. When Amelia squeezed in between my legs and sat back in my lap, I knew that was a feeling I would never tire of either. I held her big hooters for a long while as we watched the ocean floating by so calmly, the boat rocking gently on the low swells, the sails occasionally popping in pockets of light breeze.

Amy's long reddish-brown hair was blowing in the wind and I sometimes got a few strands in my mouth as I kept my head next to

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