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The smell of her arousal filled the air. Sliding his finger between her lips and across her clit, elicited a soft moan from her. Sliding two fingers into her, he felt her warm nectar coating his fingers. He began to finger fuck her, randomly massaging her clit as he did so. Soon his hand was soaked from her, he pulled them out of her, and a wet slurp audible as his fingers broke free from her pussy. He brought his fingers to her tits and wiped them on her nipples, and cleaned the sticky mess with his tongue and lips.

He knelt down at her feet and slowly pulled her lace panties down. Her most intimate parts now exposed to his eyes. She loved that he looked up her as a desirable creature. He didn't care about anything else right now, only her pleasure mattered to him. He kissed her pussy, inhaling her heady scent. His tongue flickered across her lips, clit and the surrounding area. His tongue slid into her cunt and explored her pussy. Then he added a finger pushing it into her. Licking and sucking her clit, he wanted to driver her to release.

Suddenly he stopped and stood in front of her. He kissed her hard and she could taste herself on his lips. That kiss was even more powerful than the others he had shared with her. While unbuckling his pants, she stopped him and did it for him. She pulled his cock out of his underwear and began to massage it, slowly jacking him off. Without warning he reached down and grabbed her around the waist, but he had crossed his arms before he had grabbed hold of her.

Then suddenly she was lifted into the air and as he uncrossed his arms she found herself upside down. He was holding her that way and it brought her pussy to his mouth once again. Now she was upside down but looking at his cock as it hung there in front of her face. Lifting it to her mouth she sucked it in, capturing the head and half the shaft. She started sucking him. He was feasting on her. She thought she could hear a ravenous growl as he ate her out like it was his last meal on earth. She worked harder taking him into her throat and even licking his balls as she had taken him all the way in. she wanted to make him cum, to give him the same pleasure that he was giving her.

Now she realized that he really was growling as he ate her. The growling added a vibration to his oral teasing. He knew she was close and wanted to taste her as she came. He held her upside down as he pleasured her. He seemed to have a hundred tongues. Not an inch of her pussy was left untouched. She was almost there. She grabbed hold of him, frozen in the motion of sucking him, as her first orgasm was almost ripped from her body. He savored her taste and licked until her until her body stopped shaking.

She went limp in his arms but he was still able to right her and lay her back on the blanket. He lay down next to her and kissed her lips. His blue eyes smiled at her. His look one of intense lust. Their tongues battled, she explored his mouth tasting her own cum that coated his face and tongue. His hands were once again roaming her body. He massaged her tits, teasing her nipples. Still kissing her, he slid his hand down to the nexus of her legs. Reflexively she opened her legs to allow him easier access.

He slid his middle two fingers into her and pressed his palm against her clit. His fingers pressed against the inside front of her cunt. He was speeding up is movements and she could feel the pressure building in herself again. He continued to kiss her but his hand was bringing her sensations that distracted her from his lips on hers. The flat of his hand continued brushing her clitoris and his fingers were hooked inside her. She worried as she felt like she was going to pee herself. He sensed this and told her, to just relax, it was not what she thought it was. Relax and go with the feelings. Caught totally off guard another orgasm hit her and this was a hard cum. Her inner muscles grabbed his invading fingers and it felt like she was gushing.

He removed his hand from her and brought it up.

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