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A university house with cameras.

"..So long since the last time."

Richard didn't have much experience, but he did want to be a good lover, considerate, caring, not like the jocks at college, the 'fuck 'em and forget 'em' guys. Richard wanted to be a generous lover, but right then all he could think of was her heat, her hot tight wet juicy heat, and the way his cock jerked as she dropped down upon him. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." His chant grew louder, faster, matching her moves as she rode him hard and fast.

Richard dug his fingers into the firm smoothness of her tits, felt her nipples pressing into his palms, felt her hot cunt squeezing his cock, he cried out as he came, lost in the pleasure of his cum filling her hot deep cunt. Eve groaned as she felt him cum, ground her hips down hard and rocked rapidly back and forth, grinding her clit against the root of his cock, using friction to complete what his cock had almost achieved. Her scream filled the barn.

He body tingling with delicious aftershocks, Eve leaned forward to lay upon Richard's chest, careful to keep her hips pressed down, not wanting his cock to leave her still pulsing cunt. It had been a long time, Eve wanted more, a lot more, sex was not all she wanted, but it was a good start, maybe even a way to get the other thing...?

For a long time they lay still, hugging, kissing, Richard too tired, too astonished, too confused to do much more than hug and kiss this wonderful girl who seemed content to lay there with him.

Hunger woke him, hunger and the urgent need to pee. Richard groaned as he realised his cock was once again stiff, stiff and still buried inside Eve... He turned his head and kissed her neck, waking her. "I.. umm.. need.. bathroom." Cursing himself for being so shy, Richard started to frown, her kisses stopped him. "Me too, I gotta pee." Eve kissed him once more then tucked her legs and stood up, momentarily standing astride him, looking down, smiling, even as he looked up, seeing her nakedness, seeing everything. Even as he blushed he realised she had made no move to cover herself, showed no annoyance at him looking, she just smiled. "Fuck.!"

Eve giggled as she helped him dress, then took his hand, seemingly unconcerned at her own nakedness as they opened the barn door and hurried across to the house, the night was cold and even that short dash had her shivering, in the bathroom Richard got another shock. Eve beat him to the toilet, sitting down as he struggled to undo his jeans. He turned away, embarrassed, for her? For himself? He wasn't sure.

"It's just pee," Eve smiled, "Why get embarrassed by what is natural?" Before he could answer she stood, grinning, "all yours." her words hanging as she darted into the shower, yelping at the cold water, then "Yay," as the hot water kicked in and steam began to rise.

No sooner had Richard flushed the toilet when Eve's voice sang out, "come on in, the water's lovely." He didn't need a second invitation, holding Eve in his arms was better than he ever imagined holding a girl could be, much better than his few experiences to date, adding shower gel and soapy bubbles just made it better still.

Thoroughly washed and pleasantly aroused they towelled each other dry, their hunger for each other put aside whilst they dealt with their other hunger, food. It felt a little weird to be naked in the kitchen, Richard still felt self conscious, even though Eve seemed perfectly at home with her nudity. He had started to get out the makings for sandwiches before Eve had gently elbowed him aside, "you make us coffee, I'll make us dinner, ok?"

Now Richard sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee cradled in his hands as he watched Eve move around the kitchen, graceful and confident as she conjured a meal, seemingly without effort or recipe.

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