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Megan's surprise birthday party

Her head pounded and her body shook as he undid her bathrobe. It fell to the floor; she was wearing heels, stockings, lacy black knickers and a black corset. He took a step back to take in the view of her body in such clothing. He could feel his cock grow hard. She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest as she pulled it past his shoulders and down his arms. Upon reaching his nipples she sucked and licked them, finally nibbling the erect nipples. Sometimes biting so hard that he let out and involuntary gasp. She slowly kissed his chest down to his belly button, and then undid his belt and trousers, letting them fall to the floor. She stroked his large cock through his pants and with the other hand stroked his bum. Then standing up she ran her hands across his chest and stood behind him. She ran her nails down his back, causing his body to shiver with excitement.

She walked over to the large 4-poster bed and sat on the edge, as she did this he kicked off his shoes and wriggled out of his trousers, socks had to go too! He moved towards her, as he did she slid further up the bed. With her legs spread, heels digging into the duvet he could see the wetness already forming on her knickers. He leant forward and kissed her thighs making his way up to her knicker clad pussy. She could feel him biting her lips through the knickers, the waves of hot passion flowing through her body. He stopped and stroked her legs with his thick, warm but soft hands. He took off her shoes, undid the stockings and slowly rolled them off her legs. Her legs were bare and he was kissing her feet, slowly moving up. The feeling was sending her wild and she was getting wetter and wetter. She wanted his cock out, tugging at his pants; he stood and pulled them off. Releasing his cock, it was the most perfect cock to her. She wanted it inside her as soon as possible, filling her with its hardness.

He carried on kissing her legs and making his way up to her pussy. Nuzzling and kissing eventually he grabbed her knickers on both sides and pulled them off. He stood and stared at her warm, wet pussy for a moment and then down he went. It was as truly amazing as he had said it would be. He was teasing her clit with his tongue, taking the whole of her pussy in his mouth, sucking, licking and biting her clit. The pain was a washed with pleasure, she screamed out and he bit her again, only this time thrusting 3 fingers into her at the same time. Her back arched and she was close to cumming. With her legs over his shoulders she let out a great moan and he could feel her pussy convulse as she came. He slowed down, pulling away and kissing her thighs, allowing her time to control her breathing. He kneels on the bed and looks at the body spread out in front of his, wet and warm it looks delicious.

She sits up and moves across the bed, she stands and walks towards him.

"My turn" she says.

And she pushes him down onto the bed. Straddling him she sits her wet pussy on his chest, rubbing it up and down until his chest is covered in her juices. Holding his hands she pulls them above his head and kissing his face and down his neck, biting and licking his ears as she goes. She makes her way down his chest, eventually letting go of his arms as she can no longer reach. He keeps them raised above his head though. She kisses his thighs, his whole body shivers with excitement as she licks his thighs and blows cool air on them. Her hands are now cupping his balls and rubbing down to his bum. He can now feel her tongue on his cock, flicking around the head and licking down the shaft. Just as he wants to be engulfed she backs away and reaches passed him and grabs something off the table next to the bed. He opens his eyes to see what she is doing but he can feel more with them closed so he closes them again. She's back on his cock now licking and blowing. Her hands pulling his balls softly and gently away from his body and soon they are engulfed in her warm, wet mouth.

He moans loudly as her free hand is moving up and down his

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