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The long awaited sequel to Dark Paths & Sunrise begins...

It was only a brief conversation and there were no introductions, just Frank telling them that we were planning an orgy and there was nothing wrong, the couple quickly left. As soon as we entered the room, Jeff pulled me to the bed and as I lay down spreading my legs he knelt on the floor between my spread legs and started eating my cunt. He was very rough, pulling my cunt lips apart and then rubbing his face between them, even biting me slightly and then I had another orgasm, this time it was more intense and I wrapped my legs around his head and was bucking upwards grinding my cunt on his face. When I released him he quickly pulled his pants down and I could see his hard and rigid cock pointing towards me, without saying anything he pulled my head closer and I opened my mouth so that he could shove his cock inside. He started pumping to and fro so that now his cock was going in and out of my mouth, I saw that both Frank and Joe had moved and were now sitting on the opposite bed watching Jeff fuck my face until he came, I swallowed as much as I could but some of Jeff's cum did escape and trickled down my chin, I lapped it all up with my tongue.

Then I stood up and finished undressing him, taking off his shirt and pants completely including his briefs and shoes and then keeping everything in the closet. Then I went back and sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard and invited Jeff to join me, I told him that while we waited for him to get hard again he could play with my body, putting on a show for the other two guys. He didn't need any more encouragement and jumped into bed with me and he pulled me so that we were now lying side by side on the bed, he now started kissing and licking me from my head and all over down to my toes, sucking each one of them.

This made me more aroused, and I became more and more aroused when he turned me over and started to lick my ass hole. When he did this, my husband came over and told him that I didn't enjoy getting butt fucked but would allow it as long as he didn't hurt me too much. Hearing this Jeff pulled me into the classic 69 position with me on top, I quickly took his semi hard cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. In the meantime I could feel Jeff between my legs, he started by kissing and licking my cunt and then his tongue was again at my ass hole, now as he licked it, his fingers started on my cunt but very soon he had a finger in my cunt and another in my ass, Joe got so excited seeing this that he started taking his pants off.

He pushed Jeff aside but since I was still sucking his cock, Jeff could only move away from my ass and Joe immediately took his place and very soon I felt him pushing his cock into my ass hole, when I felt his thighs slapping against my ass I knew that my husband had his cock fully inside my ass. Now he started to fuck me, slowly and Jeff had turned around so that he was lying on the bed while I sucked his cock with my husband fucking my ass from behind. I timed my sucking of Jeff's cock to the reaming I was receiving from my husband, as he pushed his cock into my ass, I would lift my head from Jeff's cock, then when he pulled his cock out, I would gobble up Jeff's cock, this was so that as one cock was entering me, the other was going. However all the timing went off as Joe started to cum, he held onto my waist with his cock shoved all the way up my ass to his balls, at the same time Jeff was also cumming and he held my head still and also shoved the full length of his cock into my mouth, in this position I felt my husband shooting his cum into me at the same time that I was trying to swallow Jeff's cum, some of it definitely trickled out of my mouth!

After the two of them finished I started complaining that I still hadn't cum and now Frank came over to the bed, he had stripped off his clothes and stood in front of me completely naked and with his cock pointing straight at me, hard and rigid, he didn't have to say anything as I knew that he wanted to fuck me.

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