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She fulfills his fantasy of a nasty Asian slut girl.

She reached her hand under his skirt to touch him. She felt him react and heard him moan softly as her hand found his now neatly tucked away cock. She used her hand for a few minutes the pulled it away and looked him straight in the eyes. "Tell me the truth Cameron"

"I don't know what you want to hear Jess...I...I did tell you the truth ...I...I just wanted to protect the senator. I...I wanted to look realistic so I could make it home...I...I swear. His hand slipped to the keyboard and a webpage pops's a MySpace account for tiffany slave...and another for fictionmania... "Please Jessica. Please help me get home safe... please can't you drive me home... I will do whatever you ask if you help me save our boss...I mean that IS why I am doing this. I SWEAR."

Jess looked at him again, she still didn't believe him but she was going to play along for a little bit see how much he could take. "Alright Cameron if you say that is what you are doing then I believe you. Now where was I?" Cameron looked at her as if he wasn't sure he could trust her but after a second decided that he could. Still sitting on the desk Jess standing between his fishnet clad legs, Cameron reached up and placed his hand behind her head his thumb brushing against her cheek. Her hands went around his neck as they leaned in to kiss. Cameron's other hand reached to take one of her hands from around his neck he placed it back on his tucked cock. Jess began to rub through the silky red thong, working her way under the material to take a hold of the erection. Moving her hand up and down and in small circles she brought him almost to the edge of his orgasm. He managed to gasp out the words "I'm so close" and as soon as he did Jess removed her hand.

"You wanted a ride home didn't you? Let's go, I have to get home." Jess stepped away from him and adjusted her hair and the clothes that had had been pushed out of place in the moment. Cameron still sat on the desk unable to move as Jess walked away. She walked out of the office door, paused and leaned her head back in. " Are you coming or not?"

"Yea yea I am" Cameron jumped off the desk and went around to close down his computer. His MySpace page was still up on the screen, split screen with fictionmania. He closed down the computer and looked up towards the door. Jess was standing there, still wet from being caught in the rain watching him.

"Hurry up boss I have to get home. My roommate is waiting up for me I'm sure she is worried about me being this late" He closed down the laptop and placed it in the case. He slung it and his purse with his wallet and keys in it over his shoulder. His heart was pounding, so nervous to being caught and thinking that he may have pulled one over on the silly wide eyed girl that he forgot that it is odd that he has a purse and worse that he walked effortlessly in the 5 inch heels towards you...his hips and ass swaying slightly as he played up the tarty outfit he had on.. Cameron struts out the door and out through the office walking next to Jess. They get to the elevator and as they stand there waiting for it to rise to them Cameron looks over at Jess overly confident that his secret is still safe, she feels him watching her and smiles to herself. As the elevator doors open and they step inside they make eye contact. When the door closes Jess found herself up against the door Cameron's hands on either side of her as he kisses her. His lips move to her neck and his hands stray down and begin to hike up her skirt. His hand drifts up her thigh and just before it can reach its destination Jess breaks the kiss and grabs his hand.

"No not yet, wait please. I'm not ready" He takes his hand away and leans away from her as the elevator doors open.

"Alright alright, I'm stopping.

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