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Nude photo session evolves into lesbian love fest.

I just liked it. All the attention. . ." Her voice trailed off.

Amber was coming down the stairs.

"Thanks, Megan," she said, sitting down next to me.

"That's all your summer clothes and stuff, Amber. I didn't bother with your fall clothes or your school things."

"Still, it was a lot of trouble. Packing everything." Amber smiled at Megan.

"Don't get emotional Amber. If you start to cry, I'm leaving."

"I'm not going to cry."

"You have that look, Amber. . . whatever. Anyway, you guys are living together now? What the fuck? How come I'm the last to know?"

"It did happen kind of fast," I piped in.

Amber and Megan just ignored me.

"We're together now and nothing's going to break us apart, Megan. Don't even try."

"I get it. I've learned my lesson, Amber. I'm tired of fighting with you. I realized it last night when you were fighting with mom. Then you ask me to help pack your things and now you're already gone. Already moved out. I knew I'm going to miss you, okay? The way we use to be. You're still my sister. I'm sorry, okay Amber? I'm sorry about everything."

"It's okay, Megan. I'm sorry too."

They stood up, Amber walking to meet her, and hugged each other. Then Megan turned around and left. I could see that she was the one crying. Her cheeks were flushed and tears were streaming down her face as she walked out.

Amber watched her go, her eyes were moist, but she didn't cry. Then she sat down next to me, her arms around my neck. She rubbed her nose against my cheek, then she bit my chin, looking up at me.

"That's a love bite, David. That's all I meant to do. Just a little nibble, okay? I'll be more careful from now on."

I held her close and put my face into her hair. It smelled fresh like the ocean and felt a little crunchy with hair spray against my swollen lip.

"Your hair smells nice. What is it?"

"It's sea salt texturizing spray. It gives me beach hair. Like I went surfing or something. It adds volume and kind of a mussed up natural look. You like it?"

"It's sexy."

"That's why I use it, honey. Let's go upstairs now."

She held my hand as we walked to the stairs.

"What time is it?" Amber said.

"You really need a watch."

"David, I just want to know what time it is."

"Not even eight o'clock."

"What time do we go to the hospital?"

"Probably about ten."

"Good. We have two hours for your surprise. Start taking your clothes off honey, I want you naked on the bed."

Amber placed a large plush white bath towel out toward the middle of the bed to protect the blue and white comforter I had bought just last week. The pattern is an abstract blue sky and white cloud graphic. She undressed, slowly, smiling at me, peeling off all her clothes, and laid down naked on the towel, her head propped up by two sky blue pillows. She scooted another pillow under her tight little bottom, helping to tilt her pelvis up, and spread her legs wide and told me to kneel on the towel between them.

"This will be our own private spa treatment, David. You're going to shave me clean and massage my pussy, you're going to finger fuck me too, but most important you're going to get up close and see all of me with your eyes wide open, inside and out. I want to imprint my pussy on your brain."

"I think I can do that, Amber."

"I know you can, honey. Then I'll do the same for you. When we're done with me you'll be the one to lie back and I'll groom you any way you want. Then I'll play with you. I'll finger you and stroke you and suck on you too. I want you to show me just how you like your cock sucked. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it David. The is our quiet time to really get to know each other. One hour for me and one hour for you."

"So, this is your surprise?"

"Yes, David! This is my surprise. Are you telling me you have spa days with all your girlfriends? I thought this would be special!"

"I don't have any girlfriends, Amber. You're the only one. And it is special. I'm sorry for teasing you."

"Look at me. Don't tease me about this."

"I won't. I'm sorry."

She said she had a new razor by the bathroom

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