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A married couple with a mildly surprising friend.

Judy had several hours to kill before her lunch shift started. She started in the shower. She was still smooth from the night before, but he had said she would shave every morning from now on. So when she lathered her pussy along with her pits and then carefully scraped her razor across them all, it seemed routine, like she had been doing it since puberty. The subsequent clam digging session was anything but routine. She got off twice quickly, and didn't waste too much hot water.

That wasn't really enough though, so after drying off, she grabbed Roy's latest issue of Playboy and lay down on the couch. She tried petting her kitty while paging through the pictorials. But the paper bimbos did nothing for her. She wanted to see pictures of men: handsome men posing, virile men sporting erections, muscle-bound men fucking women, horny old men fucking underage girls, hirsute men getting blow jobs from other men, anything but naked chicks. After a bit, she threw the magazine across the room in frustration. She wished she had a picture of Him. She squeezed her eyes shut and called up her fantasy image of Him. That did it. She had a crashing orgasm that left her satisfied enough to dress and scoot off to work.

The lunch rush at work kept Judy too busy to think of sex. She gave an inviting smile to all the male customers. She chatted easily with everyone, and gave an occasional wink to some guy. It brightened up the whole place, and even her coworkers cheered up. Louis, her manager, took note of her positive attitude. He made several innocent comments in front of the others, hoping to encourage them all, which made Judy blush. After the rush cooled down, Louis asked her into his office to thank her for the good work. In under a minute, she was under the desk, sucking his cock. Louis was too flabbergasted to stop it. He was a short, round, balding man whose crotch smelled vaguely of fast food. His dick was like the rest of him, short, fat, and bald on top. She sucked him with genuine gusto, and he rewarded her with a shot of thin watery come. Judy beamed with pleasure and gratitude, and when she thanked him for his seed, he knew it was for real.

Judy went right back to work without skipping a beat. Louis however, took fifteen minutes to regain his composure enough to face his crew. They had been fast, and if anyone suspected what had happened, they didn't let on.

That night Judy had dinner waiting and met Roy at the door the way he had left her, naked and kneeling. First she serviced him, and then she served him. Over dinner she asked him to take her to a movie that night. He agreed, but wanted to get out of his work clothes and shower first. Half way through his shower she attacked him. He sat on the closed toilet, still wet with soapy water. She mounted him, facing away. After a bit, she stood up enough for him to slip out. She reached back and guided his cock up her ass. It was his first time for anal sex, and he rather assumed it was her first also. He enjoyed it immensely and marveled at how tight her sphincter was. They came at the same time. She made a mental note to get a full length mirror mounted opposite the toilet so she could watch him fuck her in the future.

They dressed and went out. He let her choose the movie. They ended up at a triple-X theater. Roy was a little embarrassed, but Judy led him in fearlessly. They sat near the front and Judy kept her hands busy the whole time; sometimes in Roy's pants, sometimes up her own skirt. The theater had a sex novelty store off the lobby, and Judy bought several items, including some fuzzy pink wrist and ankle cuffs, a blindfold, a ball gag, a boy/girl fuck magazine, and a dildo. Roy was mortified, but Judy was calm. She winked at the salesman, and led Roy out.

At home, Judy put on the cuffs and the ball gag herself and had Roy fuck her in them.

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