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Alan meets Beth's Master.

"Damn, darling, don't tease me!" Terri hissed. "I want your cock, not your fingers! Fuck me!" Shoving her full ass seductively against his hard cock.

"Your wish is my command," Mike murmured. Stepping back, he stripped away the bottom half of her bikini, exposing her fine ass. Terri stepped out of the white material at her feet and braced herself against the counter, pointing her luscious ass at him. He could see the pink lips of her pussy peeking out at him from the jungle of dark hair covering her mound. Moving closer he began rubbing the blood-gorged head of his cock in the deep cleft of her ass.

"Oh, baby!" Terri gasped feeling his member against her ass. "Hurry up and stick that thing inside I need to cum bad!"

Her feverish love tunnel felt like a water soaked sponge. Shivering and moaning Mike rubbed her pussy, with his fingers. Her pussy was dripping then he slowly pressed the head of his cock inside her opening. Terri moaned pushing her squishy, hot pussy back as Mike slide inside her with his hefty lance.

"Fuck me, Mike, shove that hard cock inside my pussy and fuck me!" Terri sighed.

Take hold of her hip, Mike's impaled her, sliding into her depths as her ass pushed back to met him. The crown of his cock banged against her womb with each thrust and her juices gushed down her channel and soaking her pussy. "Ohhhhhh, yessssssssss!" Terri hissed, caught up in fucking herself on his cock. With her passion soaring higher she shouted loud enough for anyone close by to hear, "Fuck me. Ram your cock in my hot cunt! Come on, Mike, fuck me and make me come!"

Giving his wife the full length of his cock, Mike stretched her love tunnel to the limit, and then gave her an extra nudge just to be sure. "Damn, your wonderful!" He moaned. "Your cunt is hotter than an oven."

"God, yes!" Terri groaned. "Fuck me, darling! Give it to me good and hard!"

Watching the puffy lips of his wife's pussy cling to his shaft as he pulled back, leaving only the knobby head of his cock inside her. Terri shook her ass impatiently. "Don't tease me!" she begged. "I'm not far off from Cumming. Now ram your cock back in and fuck me hard!"

Reaching around, caressing her full, swinging tits Mike thrust into her deep and hard, lifting her onto her toes with each furious barrage of plundering plunges. "Oh. Mike!" Terri yelped. She loved it when her and Mike fucked this way. Getting dicked from behind was always one of their favorite positions and also increased the depth of Mike's penetration.

A florid flush covered Mike's face and his chest heaved as the tension in his belly warned him that he was about to deposit his load into his wife's horny snatch. With one last heave, he slammed into Terri's cunt and hunched against her smooth ass like a male dog. Then his cock erupted pouring his load hot sperm into her pussy.

Terri grunted from the force of his final thrust and shoved her ass back eager for every drop of his love juice he could squirt into her. She really didn't think he had much left after she spied him blasting a load on deck ten minutes earlier while that sexy redhead watch him, but he surprised her.

"You really gave it to me, Mike!" Terri muttered pushing herself upright. "I didn't think you had any left after last night and this morning?"

Mike's cock slid out of her pussy and hung limp and red, covered with semen and pussy juice. Looking down, he saw a few drops fall from his spent cock and land on the floor between them. "I didn't either," he said moving over to the small kitchen table.

"Let me go to the bathroom and clean up then we'll have breakfast and talk about last night," she said as she retrieved her bikini and walked to the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Not understanding what she meant by her last statement Mike sat down at the small kitchen table sipped his coffee and waited for her to return. Little did he know she was about to surprise him with what she catch sight of this morning.

"I noticed you watching them this morning," Terr

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