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They earn their wings in the famous "Club".

We arrived and were seated looking over the harbour. My wife ordered a cocktail and I ordered a wine as we sat and reflected on our year, we held each others hands, laughed and gazed lovingly into each others eyes as we talked.

Occasionally my wife would brush her foot against the inside of my leg, she knew it drove me wild and tonight it did more than usual as I felt her soft foot brush against me. I could already feel myself hardening with anticipation of what would come later, I wanted her badly, as we talked my eyes were undressing her. Imagining her beautiful naked body before mine and how it would feel to hold her against me locked in a passionate embrace as our hands urgently caressed and touched every inch of each other.

My wife was a little tipsy as I went to pay, she was teasing me and she knew it. Her eyes flirted with me as I announced it was time to go home as we finished desert. I payed and we walked to the car giggling like young lovers on the way. When we arrived home we both sat down together and had a drink, she was brushing her hands along my thigh when I brought her in close for a kiss. Deeply and passionately we kissed each other on the lounge as we held each other close. I wanted her badly, I wanted her since the moment she was dressed. I told her to "lets go to the bedroom, I want to enjoy you". We made our way into the bedroom and under the soft light we kissed deeply as our tongues met. I moved behind her and pressed up against her, my now hard cock grinding against her as I kissed the back of her neck softly. I slowly unzipped her dress and unhooked her bra leaving me with my arms around her holding her breast. I caressed and held them, feeling her nipples harden in my hands as I kissed her ear and bit it softly whispering in her ear hoe much I loved her. She stepped over her dress on the floor and leaving her stockings and heels on got down in front of me in all fours on the bed.

The sight of my beautiful wife on the bed wearing nothing but stockings and heels was erotic and inviting. I traced my fingers across her back as I undressed slowly. The air hitting my naked body was stimulating as I started gyrating against her, massaging and caressing her back as I pushed in closer and closer. The feeling of nothing but her stockings against my cock was something new and so sensual. The air was quickly filling with the scent of her beautiful aroused pussy and she moaned as we pressed against each other. The thought that there was just a thin layer of fabric separating me from plunging my hard cock in her inviting pussy was a agonising tease and while I was rubbing she ran her heels first up the inside of my thighs and then over my cock. I flipped her over and kissed her through the stocking breathing in her musk and feeling my cock pulse as I did. We lay together and kissed deeply.

"I want you to take control" my wife said, "I want you to spank me". I loved it when my wife asks to be a dirty girl.

"bend over again" I said as I walked over and grabbed my belt, I lightly tapped her beautiful behind with it then did a quick hard whip, as she moaned.

"Again" she moaned as I gave her 3 good slaps with my belt, "I want to be your dirty girl". "what does my dirty girl want?" I asked her.

"to please you" she moaned back seductively.

"Rub my cock with your feet!" I demanded. She ran her gorgeous toes all over my cock. I was quickly developing a love of her feet, I don't know when it started but I wanted more, the feeling of her soft feet playing with my cock as my eyes hungrily followed her legs all the way up to her pussy.

I took her foot in my hand then kissed the top softly, she moaned as I licked the top of her foot then underneath then slowly took her big toe in my mouth and sucked it as I applied pressure with my tongue, not enough men know how wild this can send a woman, and my wife was no acceptation, she loved it as she moaned fore more.

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