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Trip by taxi leads to forced sex.

" Julie straddled my lap and brought her sweet lips close to mine. My cum was dripping from her cheek and chin, so I licked it off before kissing her tenderly.

"Do you like my titties?" Julie raised her shirt, revealing the choicest pair of hard tits I had seen in a long, long time. Her nipples jutted proudly from them like strawberries peering from a bowl of cream. The cognac was definitely paying off.

"I like titties better when the nipples are hard. Mind if I suck them a little?"

"Oh, please do! It feels so good to me when someone sucks on them, but Jimmy never wants to take the time to help me feel good."

"Well it sounds to meeeee like little Jimmeeee is historeeeeee."

"Oh, Gramps! You're so corny."

"All the beautiful, sexy young girls who jack me off say that."

"Oh? How many would that be, Gramps?"

"Counting you?"

"Counting me."

"It's hard to say."

"Well, just guess."

"Well, I guess about one."

"Counting me?"

"Counting you."

"Oh, Gramps! You mean I got your cherry?"

"In the beautiful sexy young girls jacking me off category, yeah."

"That's fantastic! Would you like to have mine?"

"Darling! You're still a virgin?"

"Yep. The only 23-year old virgin in Riverdale."

"And you want your tired old fat ugly grandpa to pop your cherry?"

"I didn't know you were tired."

"Not too tired to appreciate what you're doing with your hand. See?"

"Ooh! It's getting bigger again. Does that mean you want to fuck me, Gramps?"

"Keep talking like that and you won't have to ask the question much longer. See how much it grew when you said 'fuck'?"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Wow! Look! It does jump every time I say it. How about this? Would you like to slide that big old fat cock up my tight little virgin pussy all the way until your hairy balls tickle my ass?"

"You've done it now, you sexy cunt. Lie back and spread your legs. I'm going to do what I can to get your tiny little virgin pussy ready to take this big fat cock."

My beautiful granddaughter laid back in the pillows in front of the roaring fire and lifted her legs high over her head for me to remove her panties. I took a long time because I wanted that vision to last. The one where her cunt is shining between her legs and beginning to moisten. Little golden drops of dew sparkled in the firelight.

I drug my finger through them and smeared love's lubricant generously around her pussy lips. I couldn't help sticking a finger in my mouth to enjoy her honeydew.

"Let me taste it, too, Gramps."

I wet my finger again and offered it to her to suck. Somehow, the sensation of her lips and tongue on my finger translated to my already rigid prick. I nearly came again. Only the shortness of time since she had pulled my first load from my balls prevented me from losing the second at that moment.

Next time she didn't wait for me to dip my fingers in her honey pot. She dipped her own and smeared the juice around her nipples after taking another taste.

"Hey! I taste good, Gramps!"

"You sure do, Honey. I'm about to get a bigger taste."

Julie spread her legs even wider and pulled me by the ears as I dove on her.

"Ooooh! That feels soooo gooood, Gramps. Nobody ever did that for me before."

"Does that mean I get a double cherry?" I raised my dripping chin from her crotch long enough to ask.

"Sure does. If you're man enough to fuck me up the ass, later, you can have all three."

"Where does a young virgin get all this knowledge of words and deeds", I wondered.

"Simple, Gramps. That's all anybody I know talks about. We see stuff on TV. The movies are full of it. We had sex education at school and somebody always has magazines and videos that we get together to watch."

"My, how things have changed", I mused.

"You should see Susie Walker's dad's porno collection sometime, Gramps."

"Always glad to view somebody else's collection."

"Does that mean you have a collection, too?"

"Of course, but it may be too perverted for you."

"Perverted? You mean like getting my own grandpa to lick my pussy for me?"

"That and more."

"Ooooh! I can't wait an

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