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Jenny finds her brother's "secret folder".

"Chatting, doing each other's makeup. Just girl stuff, you know."


He probably read right through that lie like it was made of cheap tissue paper.

Laura returned with a second drink for Mike. This time he did not chug the entire thing, but took a modest sip and held it between his knees. Laura then offered me a shot; I was going to refuse when she gave me a look that said it'd be best if I just inhaled it, so I did. It burned all the way down, and I spluttered while she sank hers back like a pro.

Laura took a seat by the couch and we all fell silent once again. Mike sipped at his drink and politely observed the room; I could practically see the cogs working behind his eyes, trying to think of something to say.

"So, Mike," Laura began, "are you seeing anybody?"

He nearly choked mid-sip and looked around at her almost wildly. "No, no, nobody. Not now."

"Oh," she said, a coy smile curling her lips.

After about another minute of silence, Mike said: "What do you guys want to do?"

"Get rip-roaring," Laura said with an air of carefree girl.

Eventually Laura served up a pitcher of grog. Four drinks later, I could feel the drunk rush aching my thighs and burning my cheeks again. I still hadn't flushed out the eight or so shots I had taken earlier with Laura, so getting intoxicated a second time was easy.

We had turned on the television for background noise, just so it wasn't so awkwardly quiet. Us girls were still in bathrobes, and I started to wonder whether or not that made Mike uncomfortable or if it was exciting him and he was trying not to think about it too much.

As Laura poured herself another drink, she sat down next to Mike rather than her own seat. He shuffled over to make room for her, and she nonchalantly leaned in to his shoulder, as if this was normal order of business and no one should think twice about it. Mike most obviously thought about it more than twice; his body visibly stiffened and he watched Laura from the corner of his eye. I did too.

We all stopped paying attention to the TV, I'm sure; I was concentrating on what Laura was doing, as was Mike, and Laura was slowly sneaking her hand across his thigh. His nostrils flared and his grip on his cup tightened.

"What's the hottest thing you've ever done, Mike?" Laura asked, her fingers creeping higher up his leg.

"Sorry?" he asked, his voice strained.

Laura pried her eyes off the television, turning her head towards him. She was only inches from his face. I was watching shamelessly now. "Tell me about the best erotic moment of your life," she reiterated. "We were sharing stories earlier; it's only fair you share one too."

Mike didn't say anything. He swallowed, watching Laura's hand slide to his inner thigh. He shifted on the couch, appearing torn between wanting to pull away and let Laura do what she wanted. "Want to hear mine?" she said softly, her lips now brushing up against his jaw. "Audrey and I were on this couch a couple of hours ago, sliding on top of each other, getting off.... I was riding her hard, and I liked it."

I stayed frozen on my end of the couch, watching as Laura slid her hand right between his legs. His eyes fluttered closed and he worked his jaw. A muscle stuck out of his neck. I felt my pulse quicken.

After rubbing his pants exuberantly, Laura slid off the couch and got on her knees in front of him. Although sufficiently sauced, she still was able to unbuckle Mike's jeans with deft fingers. As she unzipped his fly, he lifted himself off the couch slightly and helped her slide down his pants, shooting the most demure of glances in my direction before apparently opting to pretend I wasn't there.

I had never seen a penis before.

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