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While under the knife.

The soles of my feet were a bit wet with sweat and tanning lotion. Veronica seemed to almost be admiring my feet, running her hands across my arches and up my toes.

"Madi, you have such cute feet, just like you are," she said with a laugh. "But they are so small too!" She giggled again, and then started gently tickling my feet.

When I was little, my siblings and I would have tickle fights. Being the youngest and the most ticklish, I was always the target. They torture my cute little self whenever they could. The fact that I developed a fetish most likely stems from that. Although it was torture, I secretly loved it, and I still love having my feet tickled.

I immediately started giggling, trying my best not to kick her in the face. "You like this?" she asked with a devious grin on her face. Before I could answer, she started tickling harder, and I started to laugh. This girl was an absolute pro, tickling in all the right spots. I was starting to cry again, cry from laughter that is. This was seriously becoming too much for poor me to handle.

This went on for about two minutes or so, until she took my other shoe off and gave the insole a sniff. She laughed and sniff again. "Ohhhh, smells so goood!" Veronica said, then she started tickling that foot. Unfortunately, my left foot is noticeably more ticklish than the other foot. I was flipping out and my body was making involuntary spasms all over. I tried to ask her to stop, but the words turned into high pitched laughs each time. My sense were overwhelmed, and I resigned my fate to my new friend.

What Veronica did next was even more insane than her tickling. She brought both of my feet together, and started sniffing my toes. Shocked at this turn of events, I just sat on the bench, watching her every move. Veronica's nose dove right into my sensitive toes, sniffing away at the odor that was clinging to the air. I could smell them from my position: sweaty, cheesy and with a nose wrinkling effect. How could Veronica stand this terrible scent?

"I used to play games with my brother," she said as if to answer my question. "One of them was we would see whose feet smell ze worst. Usually, he von, but I began to like the smell."

"Eww, you smelled a boy's foot?" I said with a laugh. I found boy's feet to be extremely disgusting, let alone smellable. Veronica laughed, then resumed sniffing away at my feet, now moving down the arches. I noticed that I was starting to feel warm, almost turned on by this. I had never had my feet smelled before, let alone by their own choice. Slowly, I closed my eyes and leaned back a little. My hand started found its way to my crotch, and I started caressing it through my shorts. I thought this was the best feeling ever.

Well, I thought that until I felt something on the sole of my foot. I opened my eyes and looked down. Veronica was licking my soles.

"Veronica!" I said, surprised once again at my new friend's actions.

She looked up at me with her innocent blue eyes. "Do you vant me to stop Madi? I am only trying to make you feel better." She looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer.

I was a bit torn to be quite honest. On one hand, I was deeply in love with this feeling, and maybe even Veronica herself. On the other hand. I felt like she was doing this as repayment for almost making me cry. Yet, something in her eyes told me she was happy with this situation.

"Go....go ahead," I said nervously.

Veronica wasted little time, and started stroking her long, beautiful tongue across my stinky arches.

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