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Sam is betrayed! Can she still save the day!?

With a chuckle she ushered me in and told me I looked really hot. "Yeah," I quipped, "And I smell like pizza, doesn't it just make ya wanta gobble me up?"

She blushed and grinned uncertainly at that, making me wonder if she wasn't straight as an arrow. She showed me around the place, it was nice and pretty roomy, too. With careful forethought, I laid my change of clothes on the sofa and sat the wine on the coffee table while praising her cool posters. Then she showed me her bedroom, which had a huge bed, and finally the bathroom, which was the only thing small about the apartment. She'd hung a clean towel on the rack by the shower for me. She told me to help myself, and turned to go. I was already unbuttoning my shirt, and I wanted to say something to keep her with me, so I spread my shirt and said, "Do you think I should consider breast enlargement?"

She didn't even turn around, she just said, "Hell, no! They're perfect!" over her shoulder and went on back to the living room. I took a quick, hot shower, dried myself off and combed my hair. I had been careful not to wash off my makeup - I don't use much, just a little bit of color to make my lashes and eyebrows visible. Now I was ready to do my casual nude walk in to the living room since I'd thoughtlessly left my clothes in there. Then, I was foiled.

There was a tapping at the bathroom door, and I heard Ann's voice, "I brought your clothes, Cheri, I'll leave them here on the dresser." Then I heard the bedroom door shut - she was giving me my privacy. Very thoughtful, if I'd wanted it, which I didn't! I went into the bedroom and put on my panties, and I put on my pink cotton blouse, but I didn't button it. I left the rest of my clothes on the dresser and padded bare foot into the living room.

"I hope you don't mind casual, but after a hot shower, if feels good to dress light," and I sat down next to her on the couch. She'd already put on a CD, poured the wine and lit a couple of scented candles. "In fact," I added, "If I weren't worried about offending you, I'd just go naked a while."

Lord, the sweet thing blushes easily, but her voice sounded calm enough, "I don't mind if you want to be naked. I think the human body is a work of art." She gave me a nervous smile, her soulful blue eyes locked on mine.

So I took a quick gulp of wine, set down the glass, stood up, tossed my shirt on the floor and peeled down my panties. She watched me, gulped some of her own wine and looked away, blushing again. I said, "I don't mind if you look at me," She was looking at me again. "In fact, I rather like being looked at."

Instead of a blush, she gave me a mildly surprised look and said, "Really? Me too! That's why I shaved." She could see she was losing me, so she explained while getting up and walking over to her desk where she turned on an iMac, "I posed for some nude pictures that are posted on the Internet." So there I stood naked as a jaybird by Ann, who was dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt and busily connecting to the Internet.

It was just another one of those surreal moments that I seemed to be having a lot of lately. And sure enough, on some amateur teenager page there were a dozen thumbnails of Ann posing nude. Ann turned and gave me a grin, "I got two hundred dollars for these, but I would have done it just for the fun." I was really starting to like Ann! Then she added, "Sometimes I just sit and look at them and imagine all the boys sitting at home at their computers at the same time as me, and they're all jacking off while staring at me naked. The thought turns me on."

I reached over her shoulder, carelessly letting one of my breasts touch her neck and tapped the mouse button on her one rather lewd pose. The thumbnail image quickly changed to a full screen shot of Ann showing her spread open, shaved pussy, a shameless dimpled grin on her face. "Wow, I really like this one, Ann." I straightened as she turned to give me a big smile.

"It's my favori

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