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We leave for Hawaii

I was very confused and looked at her inquisitively. "I know what you're thinking. You're wondering what the catch is."

"Oh, no..." I lied. She laughed.

"I'm kinda psychic, I have a feeling you're into some fun stuff," she said then winked at me. I wasn't sure how to feel. The entire evening suddenly got even more bizarre but I was horny and wanted to see what would happen. She moved over and sat onto my lap. I started to caress her thighs and those legs I had been admiring. She grinded her ass lightly against my crotch. I was getting so hard. She leaned closer to me. I loved the feeling of her warm, soft body against mine. The scent of her was arousing.

Soon enough, there was a knock on the door. I would not have guessed the person who walked in was ever male. She was wearing sexy heels with black stockings and a long overcoat. Her face was beautiful and her makeup, though heavy, was surely sexy. She then walked up to me and dropped the coat. I got even harder. Underneath was a garter with a black, satin thong and matching corset. Her breasts were around B cups and perky. Of course, there was a bulge in her panties. Oddly, that turned me on even more.

Jen, my new psychic friend, reprised her position on my lap and began to rub my cock through my pants. "I knew he'd like it," she giggled. "This is Pat," she smiled, nodding toward the lingerie-clad guest. I smiled nervously. Pat came to sit next to me. The two started kissing inches in front of my face. Jen continued to rub my crotch. I couldn't believe what was going on. Again, she was slowly grinding her ass against me. The last thing I wanted to do was cum in my pants and end the night there.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Pat suggested then stood up. Jen led me inside and pushed me onto the bed. She climbed in toward my one side and began to kiss my neck. Meanwhile, Pat was taking my pants off. She then moved up, crawling over me. She kissed my hard cock through my underwear then lay down on my other side, rubbing my chest. The girls wasted little time in taking the rest of my clothes off. Jen then took off everything except her panties. Tiny, white, cotton panties. At this point I was laying down while they kissed in front of me. I slipped downward to suck on Jen's bare nipples. We changed positions. Jen was now on her back, I was on one side and Pat was on top. Pat, who was still wearing her thong, was rubbing her hard cock against Jen's pussy through her panties. I could see Jen's panties getting wet.

Pat then rolled off to the other side and started sucking on Jen's nipple. I went for the other. Jen was moaning loudly at this point. Her hips were rotating slightly. I took this as a sign to move downward. I kissed my way to her hips then went to her knees, slowly working my way up her thighs teasing her.

"Mmmm, take them off!" she moaned. I teased her for a couple more seconds then took her panties off. They were soaked. Meanwhile, Pat was sucking on her neck and playing with her nipples. Her bush was neatly trimmed. I could smell her. It turned me on so much to know how horny she was. As I kissed her lips and felt her wetness, she started to push her crotch up against my mouth. I licked her pussy lips up and down, slowly. When her moans got louder, I moved up to her clit. It didn't take much licking and sucking for her to start bucking against me. Her moans got quieter as she tensed up. She gasped as she came. Meanwhile, Pat was matching my pace, sucking on her nipples. We continued the teamwork and brought Jen to a second orgasm. This time she shuddered as it seemed to move through her like a wave.

I went up next to her as she caught her breath.

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