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Mrs Wilcock, or Mrs Lovescock?

"Slut, pour them both a Singapore Sling." He ordered, with what could only be described as a slight sneer in his voice.

They watched as Lucy nodded, then bent provocatively (what else could she do in THAT catsuit?) and proceeded to mix two dashes of Angostura Bitters, 4 shots of Gin, one shot of Benedictine, two shots of cherry brandy, and one shot of lemon juice which she agitated in a cocktail shaker held between her delicate long fingers. She strained the mix into two ice-filled sling glasses that came from a cooler set into the table top. Then she topped it all off with soda water and handed the two women their drinks.

"Mmmm, excellent," they said in unison, showing their appreciation for David's wife.

"You really know how to serve cocktails," Alexa said, not admitting that in reality this was her first and would not be the last if they were all as delicious.

"She was a hostess in a slut bar when we were in college. She learned her craft there about a number of things, and made more money than any of us did in our boring jobs. She does have some amazing gifts that you might wish to know about later. Oh, and if you ever go to the Golden Pussy lesbian bar in town, look for the sexy dancer wearing the jewelled face mask."

Zinah smiled and, adjusting to the light, she spent more time taking in David and Lucy's appearance as well as what David had just said as if everyone talked about their wife's sexuality that way. However, there was little more to learn about the wife, physically at least, other than she had a figure to draw out envy from many people and adoration from others. She liked the tight crotch on the catsuit that left little to the imagination about the folds of her sex, it moulded so tightly to her pussy. However, David was another matter. He had on a light grey suit that could only be an Armani__. It was tailored and so well cut. The cloth clung to his slim frame, with the partial erection in his pants framed by the expensive cloth. His white shirt was open at the neck by a few buttons, revealing a hint of blonde chest hair. His shoulders were quite square and wide, suggesting a swimmer. There was not an ounce of excess fat she realised and his neck had that width seen in people who work out. This was someone who kept himself in peak condition without excessive muscular bulk. He was without the veined look of Arnold Schwarzenegger but her fantasies imagined the incredible stamina David might have.
Her fancies were disrupted by the sound of the old-fashioned bell, so incongruous now she had seen the 'Arabian Room'. There were voices, then laughter and Lucy who had greeted the guests re-entered with two more women; both wearing long fur coats. Their hostess left one standing waiting as she studiously unbuttoned the coat of the other. It was clear that Lucy was taking on her subservient role in a greater manner than with them. Alexa noticed it too, but then gasped when this taller of the two women was divested of her coat. She was almost naked! Her dress was a plain white, to her ankles but the material was diaphanous and underneath it was clear she had no panties or bra and her pussy was completely shaven. Only the crack of her cunt could be seen as a dark line, and her ample breasts offered large equally dark nipples stretched against the clinging fabric.

"Wow, you look stunning Yvette! Let me introduce you to Alexa and Zinah, our latest graduates to be invited to this exclusive group and of course to celebrate the launch of my new invention."

Yvette did not walk as much as glide across the room.

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