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She remembers their first encounter.

She was about to add something else when there was a quick succession of loud knock on the door. Greg immediately got up to get the door with Aida at his heels. It was Wendy. She charged in the room and went straight to the window.

"Hey guys, come look over here." Wendy's eyes never left the scene outside the window. Both Aida and Greg gave one look at each other and rushed over to look out. Across the street from their apartment there were about five or six what look like reporters with zoom lens cameras aiming at their direction, snapping away. Then Wendy points towards their building entrance. There, two extremely tall and huge burly black guys in black suits with equally black glasses like those in MIB standing or rather, guarding the entrance to their building.

"They sure got the news fast," said Greg shaking his head.

"I bet there are more behind the building," add Wendy.

Aida did not say anything but you could tell by her look she was disturbed. Just then Greg's phone rang. Greg went to pick up the phone,then looked at Aida and said, "It's for you. I think it's him."

Alex?! How does he know she was up here? She thought, feeling flabbergasted. Slowly she walked over and took the phone from Greg.


"Aida? Stay in the house and don't come down till the time comes. I have two bodyguards at your place to make sure you are not to be disturbed. By the way you are cleared of all suspicion on the drugs. They won't be any proceeding. They don't have enough evidence to charge you so the case has been dropped. Hello? Aida, are you there?" Alex called.

"I...I am here," she breathed a sigh of relief when she heard him said her case has been drop. "Thank you, Alex"

"You are welcome. So...I shall see you later," he said languidly.

She was still holding on to the phone when Wendy roused her from her reverie. Once Wendy got her attention, has suggested that they cooked some breakfast, as it's still some time before her 'wedding'. They all decided to go back down to Wendy's place to have their breakfast.


Meanwhile back to Alex. The day Aida signed the contract he has started giving orders that his mini office were to be converted to a very feminine bedroom and cupboards were filled with Aida's size clothing. With his wealth, the order of converting the mini office to a bedroom was done in less than one and a half day. His friend Ian's wife has agreed to help out even though both she and Ian was shocked with his sudden urgent need to wed. Although they have been good friends for years but it's an unwritten rule that none would delve into each other personal affairs if either one did not want to speak or discussed about it. He also made a few calls here and there to the right person and Aida was free from all charges on the drugs. Sometimes money can really do wonders. Money talks and bullshit walks. How true were those words. He has gone to see his grandfather at the hospital and has gently break the news to him. To his surprise his grandfather had taken it very calmly. He would have thought his grandfather would be giving him a piece of his mind but he did not.

"Do what you think is right my boy. I am old now. I can't be meddling with your life and I trust you will do the right thing. You have proved yourself to be a worthy Jefferson exceeding beyond my imagination," he patted Alex on his hands. "So, when do I get to meet the bride or my personal nurse?"

Alex smiled, "Soon, when you are better and I will take you home. I am not going to let you stay here any longer than necessary." He helped his grandfather to lie down and fluffed his pillow making sure he was comfortable. "Grandpa, I need to go now. I will see you later. NOW you be a good boy and sleep and don't give Miss. Kathy anymore troubles.

"Bah! she is a bully.

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