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Teammates work up a lather.

I let her withstand the intrusion a few more minutes, seeing her struggle. Her hands were in clenched fists at her side.

"Scream for me." I suggested and was rewarded by a shake of her head, getting more fierce as it continued. I reached down and upped the vibration on the toy in her cunt. Her mouth opened in denial. Her legs came together trying to stop the sensation, but only worked to make it more intense.


"No, no, no, no." came her barely audible whisper as I laid two more stripes on her legs. I smiled. One more and I had her.


My blows were fast and hard. Three over her breasts, and three on her cunt.

Her scream echoed in the dungeon as she succumbed to her climax. Soon after her first scream started, it changed pitch as her collar activated and ran a massive shock through her. She continued to wail, loud and long, as both the shock and her pleasure continued.

"Damn." a voice caused me to turn. Chase was standing there, arms crossed over his chest. "You even got to her."

He walked outside the cage and pushed a button. Moments later the girl quieted. Her breath was still coming in pants. She struggled to get back to her knees, trying to retain some of the 'training' Chase had given her.

"Damn, Useless." Chase circled the naked girl sitting with the clamps still on her nipples, vibrator still humming loudly in her cunt. "I thought you were better than that."

The girl hung her head, trying to show her owner remorse. Chase put a hand on her back, having her bend over to remove the vibrator from her cunt. He grabbed her hair, pulling her back to her feet.

"You know what this means, don't you." Chase released her hair. She straightened, her hands going behind her head. "Your collar is off, Useless. I expect you to answer."

"Yes, Lord and Master. Your Useless whore understands what this means." Even after her assurance, her voice was low.

Chase motioned to me. "Tell him what that means, Useless."

"Your Useless whore will undergo the most severe training possible for failure to follow her Lord and Master's laws."

"I should let my friend watch. Maybe even participate." he snapped at her. "Go back to your cell, get ready and pray I forget you for awhile."

She knelt at Chase's feet, kissing them furiously. "Yes, Lord and Master."

The girl scrambled to her feet, taking off at nearly a sprint. Chase strolled to the control panel, flipping a switch. She was nearly to her ten foot by ten foot space when she collapsed to the floor her hands on her collar, sobbing. I watched as she tried to crawl the short distance, but also saw Chase turning a dial up slowly. The higher he turned, the slower she moved until her neck was over the threshold.

Seeing her there Chase turned the dial back off and she scooted fully into her cell. Once there she curled up and silently sobbed.

He turned to me nonchalant. "You have to come test my last one. The males are barely coming along. Even the girls are getting frustrated. Perhaps you could beat some sense into one of them. All of my technique involves varying degrees of pain."

"Pain is a good motivator." I agreed. "If you need someone to make the life of the rapist hell, I would help."

"I was hoping you would say that. Now I don't have to ask."

"No rules here, right?" I asked.

His smile gave me more pleasure than his words. "Only if I want them. Usually, no. None of them touch me, and I will only stop with them when I decide. If I have to strangle one again and again to make my point? Or if someone comes down that wants to see a little blood..."

"They are fed from?"

"Only in extreme emergencies.

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