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Her husband helps her discover her slutty side.

When she turned and took the last four steps, she felt the floor change from carpet to wood. She stopped and placed her hands behind her back, one wrist in the opposite hand, waiting for further direction.

She felt Him walk into the room and heard Him sit down in a chair somewhere off to her right.

"Turn to your right, walk four steps and then turn around to face me," He said.

She complied, stopping and turning in the direction she'd heard His voice.

"Take off your skirt," He said.

She reached back, unzipped her skirt, letting it fall.

"Should I fold it, Sir?" she asked.

"Yes," He replied. "Fold it and give it to me."

She picked up the skirt, folded it neatly and held it out in front of her, where He took it from her hands.

"Step back and sit," He said.

She stepped back gingerly, and felt a bed behind her. She sat down, hands in her lap.

"Spread your legs," He said.

She spread her legs slowly, keeping one hand on each thigh.

"Wider," He said softly.

She forced her legs as wide as they would go, without losing her balance.

"Move back onto the bed so you can lie down," He instructed.

She followed suit, keeping her legs spread as He'd asked.

"Now," He said more forcefully, "Touch yourself for me. But you are not allowed to cum until I tell you to, do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," she said quietly.

"What?" He said in a deep, strong tone.

"Yes, Sir, I understand," she replied more loudly.

She reached down with both hands, stroking them across her thighs and over the lips of her pussy.

"Spread your pussy for me," He said.

She spread the lips of her pussy wide, feeling the wetness all over the lips and clit. She moaned and arched her back as much as she could in the confines of the tight corset.

Keeping the folds spread with one hand, she used her other hand to explore herself. Rubbing her clit gently, sliding one finger in and out of herself, she moaned as her excitement built. Knowing He was watching her turned her on completely. She felt herself close to an orgasm, so she stayed away from her clit and drove two fingers into her pussy, fucking herself slowly.

"Mmmmmm, ahhhhhh," were the only sounds she would allow to escape her lips.

"Slide a finger into your ass for me," He said.

Taking her slippery fingers out, she reached underneath her body and slipped her middle finger into her tight ass. 'God this feels good,' she thought.

"Fuck your ass for me, slut," he said.

She slipped her finger in and out of the tight opening, and felt her wetness drip from her pussy down onto her fingers. She breathed more slowly to keep herself from the orgasm that threatened to spill over her body.

"Reach to your right, and pick up the dildo there," He said.

Keeping her finger in her ass, she reached over with the other hand and felt around until she found a monstrous dildo on the bed next to her. It had to be at least 10 inches long, and nearly as thick as her wrist! She couldn't imagine what He wanted her to do with THIS!

"Get it wet and fuck yourself with that fat cock for me, my slut," He said.

"May I use both hands, Sir?" she requested, a small tremble in her voice.

"Does my slut need two hands to handle that big cock?" He asked.

"Yes, Sir, it's bigger than anything I've ever used," she replied.

"Then yes, you may use both hands," He said.

She could feel His excitement as she took the dick in both of her hands and licked the head. She held it up so He would have a good view of it sliding into her mouth. She could only get a couple of inches of it in, because it was so thick!

Once she'd gotten it good and wet, she spread her cunt wide with one hand and rubbed the head of the dildo up and down to get it slick with her juices. It took some work to get the head of the cock into her, and she cried out when the head slid into her.

"STOP," she heard Him say loudly.

She jumped, but held it there and didn't move.

"Take your hand off of it, and hold it inside of yourself, right there - just the head - using only your pussy."

She did as He asked, clamping onto the he

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