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A couple having sex after work. From the man's perspective.

The night continued on and another bottle of wine was emptied. I was pretty hammered by the time Kristen suggested that we play a good ol' game of truth or dare. I thought it was kind of lame with just us three girls but we didn't have much else to do.

At first we all took truths. They were, indeed, lame. "Have you ever given a blow job?", "Has someone gone down on you?", and so on. Kate was the first one to accept a dare. I think she was bored and was in the mood for something less benign.

Kristen dared her to kiss her butt. It was nothing exciting; Kristen didn't even pull down her pants. So I decided to accept a dare on the next turn.

"I dare you to streak down the hallway outside, Miss naked girl," Kate said to me.

I should have seen that coming. The thought terrified me. There was a good chance I would run into someone I knew. Kristen and Kate started giving me a hard time when I didn't get up. Finally, when I couldn't take their rousing anymore, I stood up having decided I would do it. I had a difficult time standing as I began to unbutton my jeans. Even though I was pretty buzzed from the wine, I was still nervous. My knees were shaking and my palms were sweaty. My head was spinning but I couldn't tell if that was from the alcohol or from being nervous.

Time seemed to stand still and rush forward all at the same time. It had felt like hours had crawled by when I finally had my clothes off and I found myself standing naked front of the door. At this point I could feel my excitement begin to build even I though my fear was almost paralyzing. Just being naked in front of Kate and Kristen was enough to get me going. I could tell they were checking me out.

Kate opened the door and pointed the way for me. I took a tentative step outside and glanced up and down the hallway to see if anyone was around. I could hear Kristen and Kate giggling hysterically behind me as I set off down the hall. My heart was thumping so loud I thought my chest would explode.

I ran to the end of the hall, turned around, and headed back towards Kate and Kristen, who were watching me and laughing the whole time. I got a tingling sensation in the back of my neck and felt it spread throughout my body. Being in the familiar dorm hallway naked, where I walked to and from class everyday and practically everyone knew who I was, was really getting to me. The excitement was going straight down to between my legs.

When I finally made it back to Kate and Kristen they told me I had to walk to the other end of the hall and back. With my confidence returning I didn't object. My knees no longer felt like rubber and my heart wasn't pounding like a jackhammer anymore. I leisurely strolled down the other end of the hall and then began to turn back around.

Just as I was done turning around and heading back I yelped when the stairwell door burst open right in front of me. My heart began trying to leap out of my chest again. A Chinese guy walked out and stopped dead in his tracks. He looked older and I figured he was probably a grad student. I actually saw his eyes get wide as he looked at me. Then his eyes stayed glued to my body.

The fright rattled me so bad I almost peed right there in front of him. I wanted to turn and run but my legs wouldn't move. I watched his eyes roam over every part of my naked body. He just stood there, still staring at me, like I was a cow at a cattle market. My legs finally started to work just as he got behind me and I started back toward the dorm room. He seemed kind of scared too and I saw him walking quickly toward the other hall.

I couldn't see Kate or Kristen in the hallway anymore and when I arrived at their door I found it locked. I knocked but they wouldn't open it. I could hear them laughing behind the door. At this point I was beyond caring about anything.

I hated the fact that I had been paralyzed while that guy just stood there staring at me.

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