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Jamie's Mum wants him to teach her a thing or two.

Watching her lick her lips after tasting her wine was making him hard as a rock he thought. Eve dipped her hand under the table again to rub his leg and she noticed his dress pants were a little tight.

She felt for the crotch and realized the problem so being the professional that she was she unzipped his zipper much to his surprise and started to rub his cock through his boxers. He leaned over to whisper in her ear telling her that he was getting really excited and she told him kissing his neck that she was hoping so. She leaned into him relaxing against his broad shoulder and started to play with his cock under the table. No one could see due to the tablecloth, it reached all the way to the floor.

Looking around, licking the palm of her hand she reached under the table, into his boxers and started to give Stefan a hand job. He couldn't believe this was happening and had never had someone do something so daring. As the waiter came over to take their order she let go, putting her hand back into her lap. By this point Stefan was a little more than turned on and decided to order the roast duck for the two of them with scotch on the rocks to drink. The waiter left giving them a funny look and Eve licking her lips told Stefan that she wanted to suck his cock.

Stefan looked at Eve like she had lost her mind. Eve took a quick look around the restaurant, realized no one was watching and went under the table. She found his cock with no problem, there was just enough light for her to see. She took his cock and ran her tongue around the head. She felt him tense up and ran her hands up and down his legs. She squeezed his balls just enough to hear him gasp and began to blow him under the table.

Looking around the restaurant Stefan was worried someone would notice the way he was arching and moving around. The other patrons were far too busy filling their stomachs with their rich food and tasty drinks. He began to pump his cock into Eve's mouth. "God she is so good." he said and reached under the table to feel her hair. He realized he was going to cum and leaned forward to tell her. Stefan realized she knew the minute her mouth tightened on his cock and she began to suck like a vacuum.

Tasting his precum Eve sucked him even harder, she knew that when they finished dinner they would fuck in the car on the way to her place so she would get her turn. Grabbing his balls she felt them constrict and knew that he was ready. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock she started pumping faster and sucked the head of his cock harder. POW he blew his load right down her throat and she swallowed every bit of cum she could get out of him.

Up above Stefan grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He could feel his cock sliding down the back of her throat and knew that she could take it. He could see the waiter getting their order ready and knew it was going to be any minute and the waiter would be at their table. As he blew his load into her awaiting luscious lips he began to slow down his thrusts and told her that the waiter was coming now. She giggled there under the table but held onto his cock.

The waiter set their food on the table with a curious look on his face and asked Stefan if there was anything else. Stefan looked at the man and asked for a wet clothe that he could use. The waiter walked away to retrieve the clothe with no questions asked and Eve had returned Stefan's cock to his boxers and zipped his dress pants. She returned to her seat just as the waiter came out of the kitchen and she began to laugh.

Stefan gave her an incredulous look that she knew was letting her know he loved what she had done.

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