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Boss uses sexual blackmail to defeat the law.

It felt surreal to stand behind this boy I only knew through school and remove his shirt. While this was happening Roxanne continued to dance, which included a lot of rubbing herself up and down the front of our two victims.

Roxanne wasn't intending to go so far with the rest of the boys as she had done with Robert. Once their shirts were removed and she could see the front of their kilts bulging out, she sent them back into the audience and told Peggy and I to get two fresh victims. The pattern was repeated, with Peggy now removing Craig's shirt while I removed David's shirt. Then Peggy removed Hamish's shirt while I did Andrew. In each case Roxanne had us leave the boys' ties in place as we removed their shirts, and over time I think I began to understand why - it made them look silly! As incongruous as it may seem, considering she was being paid to strip in front of them, little by little Roxanne was exerting more power over the boys.

Things happened quite differently with Hamish. There was no tell-tale bulge in his kilt as Roxanne focussed her attention on him. She rubbed herself against his crotch, and then crouched down in front of him. Hamish seeming to be gazing into the distance with glazed eyes, so Roxanne took advantage of this by reaching up under his kilt until her hands were near his hips. In one smooth movement she gave a firm yank, and a pair of blue briefs came down in her hands all the way to his ankles. Hamish doubled over in surprise and ended up almost falling over, resulting in Roxanne managing to get his briefs all the way off and she added them to the pile of shirts. She wagged her finger at him in a scolding manner for wearing underwear under his kilt and she sent him back into the audience.

The final two boy victims were Tasi and Alasdair. Tasi came from quite a traditional Samoan family. I could tell he was trying not to make a scene, although he looked very uncomfortable as Peggy removed his shirt. Out of all the boys I would have presumed that Tasi was the most likely to be wearing underwear, and Roxanne clearly suspected this was the case. However, as soon as she crouched down in front of him he yelled out "lifeboat!" He had clearly reached the extent of his comfort level. Since Tasi was very popular with the entire band there was no negative reaction to this, and he was given some warm applause as we let him escape from the stage.
This left me on stage with Alasdair. One of the reason's I had left Alasdair to last was because I didn't like him (I don't think anyone did) and I was hoping that Peggy would end up with him. Alasdair was an arrogant and selfish bully. He didn't bully anyone on purpose - it just happened through his sheer thoughtlessness. If anyone tried to argue or reason with him they found he was just so obstinate that they learned just to avoid him in future. Alasdair had been one of the most vocal earlier in the day, loudly proclaiming to anyone who would listen that he was looking forward to "giving one" to the stripper.

As I unbuttoned Alasdair's shirt, I could sense that his heart was racing and his breathing was ragged. His normal composure was completely gone, and I was convinced that he was feeling afraid. This discovery made me feel powerful and bold. Since Tasi had left the stage Roxanne was directing all her attention on him, including backing into him and spending some time rubbing her bottom up and down his front. When she moved away I saw that his kilt was sticking out a bit in the front, but not quite as much as some of the other boys. I'm not saying he was small. All I'm saying is that he was slightly less endowed than average. Still, this seemed enough of an advantage to make use of, and I took action. I reached my hand around to his groin and I grasped his erection through the fabric of his kilt.

"You're not wearing underpants, are you Alasdair?" I asked.

"No," he replied nervously.

"That's good," I cooed.

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