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Woman seeks divine guidance.

Slowly breaking down defenses that weren't too stiff to begin with, he whispered into my ear, "You want me to fuck you baby? Then say it, say it or I'll stop."

He bit me softly and then ripped my shirt open. Pushing me backwards on to the blanket his heavy chest pressed against me and his weight lay over me. His face, so close, his eyes, his eyes burned into mine dominating me.

"No, no," I thought. I didn't want you to stop but I stared back at him with hate filled eyes.

I felt his cock against me, waiting as a wild beast... yet he paused... wanting me to beg.

He looked at me again and with lips close to mine he said it again, "You want me to fuck you hard, SAY IT!"

I turned my head away refusing, desperately clinging to the last vestiges of self-control, never before experiencing the feel of being so completely dominated, never before having my body betray me so utterly, as I fought with my mind to push my thoughts closer to hate and disgust.

He teasingly caressed my breasts, my nipples were hard and erect. "Why," my thoughts remotely drifted, "Why wasn't I fighting harder?" My lips tightened as a moan escaped me, betraying me, as waves of desire flowed from my breasts. He deftly rolled my nipples between his fingertips and I felt my hips slightly twist as the sensations from them slipped to the wet fullness of me that gently curved down between my thighs.

He put one hand on the ground and one hand against my neck and squeezed lightly, "You WANT me to FUCK you bitch, don't you?"

Still I looked away avoiding his eyes, his insistence.

I felt his cock pressing against me and I want to take it in so bad, to feel its length, the warm hardness inside me, yet I resist. I am a stubborn bitch but as he bit one nipple hard I screamed. He quickly began sucking on it and pushing his cock back and forth against my thigh, just enough to make an incredible confusion of my pain, my passion, my need. He grabbed my thighs, my hands still tied. Lightly biting my thighs inside and while teasing me with his tongue the pain of my nipple became a burning warmth. Breathing warmly on my hungry cunt he softly slid his tongue over my slit tormenting me. Yet, I refuse to beg. His tongue, his warm lips left a burning trail of need over the soft swells of me. My clit was stiff, erect, aching for his touch. My hips refused my futile demands to remain still. I gasped as his tongue slowly circled the little sensitive swell and then slid back down between the sloping soft mounds hiding what was becoming the entrance to my being.

With tears of need, of hate, of disgust and then of desperate need I watched as he backed up and just stroked his cock laughing, "I'm just going to spill my cum on this dirt bitch...your not good enough to get any of this, you ain't nothing but a fucking city bitch, a fucking spoiled city bitch, you don't get none of this hot country cum." He was stroking it faster and I began to panic with a hidden need. I wanted.... no, I needed that cum inside me, needed it almost frantically. It was mine; I had earned it suffering his abuse. Anger began to well up inside me.

Footsteps, the sudden fear in my eyes as I look to my captor and for a moment I seen a little compassion. But there was still a hard throbbing cock to care for and so went the madness of my actions, my thoughts, as I leaned to him wanting the hardness he was stroking so quickly, wanting what I feared was to spurt forth to the floor, for me to lose.

Three guys slipped into view moving close, thinking they were obvious friends of my tormenter, I ignored them. He stepped back to the corner telling them to have their fill. Yet ignoring his offer, my gaze drew back to my captor, watching almost hypnotized as he stroked himself slowly; not wanting to give up his juices yet, still the need inside me wanting.

The new hungry animals, as they were, not as smart and cool as my tormenter and decided quickly on their game plan, should you call it that.

Pushing me down and turning me, one thrust his

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