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Young artist realises fantasy about famous statue.

But the way she shivered when he kissed her hard up against the door... She wasn't as experienced and cool as she seemed. Maybe she wasn't the one he was looking for. Or maybe this was all part of an act, inflaming men only to laugh at them afterwards...

He found her waiting for him at the staircase. She was strangely peaceful, and God, she was even more beautiful than ever. She looked at him, trying to hide the admiration she felt. He was even more handsome than before. Tall, powerful, forbidding... Someone she had better not trifle with, as he had shown her. The shirt was perfect for him. Good thing she hadn't given it to Alex...

"Shall we go?" he smiled breaking the silence.

They descended the stairs and she guided him to the garden, crowded with people trying to find their sits.

Damon stopped at the door and touched lightly her arm. "About before... I'm sorry, " he began to say.

"Well, since we both are sorry, then we may as well put it behind," she smiled.

The hell Damon wanted that! All he could think of was crushing her against the wall, kissing her fucking her hard until she fainted in his arms, even though she might be the one who destroyed his brother. "I didn't mean that. I wanted you the moment I saw you, only I didn't let you find out the way you should," he said.

"If I had let you, you would have fucked me just for foreplay," Catherine admitted to herself silently. This thought made her knees go weak and she lost her balance.

Damon grabbed her by the waist. "Are you all right? You almost fainted," he said finding out he genuinely cared and at the same time wondering how could this be possible.

"You're such a stud, all you have to do is kiss me and I get pregnant," she mocked him, yet holding on to him for support. Damon felt he could slap her hard across her beautiful face without any remorse.

"Catherine, are you okay?" Alex said approaching them. He froze when he saw how she was holding on to Damon. "What happened?" he demanded.

"No, I was feeling a little dizzy from the heat, that's all," she lied. "I was escorting Mr. Bradley to his table and he was kind enough no to let me fall and humiliate myself in front of all your guests," she said, reluctantly freeing herself from Damon.

"I see you two have already met," said Alex. "Damon and I studied together at university, you know. We were rather close friends, sharing almost everything," he said looking sharply at Damon.

"That's true," Damon smiled. He saw Alex putting his hand around Catherine's waist, dragging her closer to him and jealousy coursed though him. He fixed his eyes on her and smiled broader when he saw her full lips, slightly swollen by the onslaught of his mouth. And then he realized how reluctant she was to be touched by Alex. Alex must have noticed this things too because he could hardly stay calm.

"So, she is your special one you've been looking for," Damon continued. "Is it formal?" he said never taking his eyes off her.

"It will be soon," Alex said pulling her even closer to him. "Won't it my love?" he addressed Catherine.

Catherine forced herself to smile at him. "I think we should show Mr. Bradley to his table," she said trying to change the unwelcome subject.

"Damon will be sitting with us. After all, he is a close friend," said Alex looking intensely at Damon.

"I am honored," Damon smiled back at him. It bothered him that Alex was his rival, he had been a close friend. But she was truly something else...

Damon took a sit next to Cynthia who welcomed him immediately, watching Catherine sit next to Alex.

After a while Alex asked her to the dance floor. Catherine not wanting to turn him down in front of her uncle and aunt accepted. Damon watched her all the while. She was a sensational dancer.

He tried desperately not to think of her turning his attention to Cynthia, realizing she might be the one responsible for his brother's suffering.

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