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Bride discovers a secret family tradition.

"Make it good and wet, now mind yer, good and wet, or it'll make your cock sorely," said she. And I listened to her advice, for I was the novice here and not she. I spat in my palm and rubbed the saliva over my shaft with care, then repeated the process as it was drying as fast as I applied it.

"Now you'll be putting a finger up there to open it some," Dolly said and I did so.

"Oh fuck, that feels good. Try a little more spittle in there, gov'nor."

I spat several times ensuring I had plenty of lubrication and returned my finger to her arsehole. This time I felt with certainty a thick, strong muscular ring, which I presumed to be the anus itself. Once past this ring, I encountered what had to be the soft sides of her rectum. I quickly found that I had to keep my finger in this far or risk losing my lodging as her muscles would contract and expel my finger. At any rate, I pushed on and listened as Dolly grunted contentedly and wriggled her arse demonstrating her acceptance of my intrusion thus far.

I curled the finger and flicked it back and forth and she began to moan in matching rhythm to the flicks.

"You've done this before 'aven't you?" Dolly groaned as I flicked her once again.

"No," I replied honestly.

"You kin add more of 'em, yer want too," said she.

I pulled my finger out, spat on another finger and wormed that in as well. Then for some reason I pulled them out with another soft pop and commenced rubbing my fingertips over her tiny winking pucker.

"Put 'em back, please!" Dolly crowed.

"Don't you fancy this?" I asked.

"Tis nice, but I'd rather the fingers in there!" she all but gasped.

I complied, sending one slimy finger up into her until I felt her anal sphincter neatly sucking it in; felt it flex hard after the first knuckle slipped in; then I wiggled it in to the hilt.

"That's good . . . very good," she gasped and wriggled her arse. "Now another, add another . . . no, put two more in there, I can take 'em, don't worry none, love."

I added them as she requested, stretching her willing arse further and further until I had all three fingers well up her throbbing arsehole.

"Oh, gov'nor," she sighed, obviously enjoying this as much as I. "You'll get a great ass fuck from me, I can tell it already. Now, I think we're ready. Get your prick ready and put it in me." That said, Dolly reached behind her and pulled her cheeks open to provide me with an even better target as I removed my shit speckled fingers and wiped them on the sheets.

I spat in my palm once more, lubed up my rod, and placed the knob at the middle of her anus. "On three," says she.

"One -- two - THREE!"

We pushed together, me toward her and she back to me and I popped past her tight ring. Dolly having had God knows how many pricks up her rear before, opened immediately and I sank easily into her bowels.

Ever the strumpet, Dolly went to flattery, whether this was to make me spend quickly or not, I never learned, but her words certainly made me feel ten foot tall.

"Phileas," said she, one of the rare times she used my name sincerely, "Phileas, this feels so good. You've got a great cock yer know, and it fills my ass wonderfully."

I accepted this as true, for I could feel her ass quivering around my prick.

Trying a little flattery of my own, I said, "You're so tight, Dolly. My prick just loves your little arse."

"You mean your prick loves my big arse. Gov'nor, I've got a nice big arse for fucking, don't I?"

I made not reply but kept humping her rump.


"Yes love?"

"Take hold of me hips."

I did so.

"Good, now push in really hard."

I did so.

"YES!" Dolly moaned, "YES!"

Backing almost all the way out, I suddenly slammed into her deepest parts and elicited a loud moan of pure, unadulterated pleasure.


"Oh, oh I loves me arse fucked hard like that. Do again, do again, Please sir, please!"

Her hands left her rear and returned to her cunt. One hand frigged away, the other teased her clit, and she moaned continuously.


"What is

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