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A need to tell secrets leads to night that changes them both.

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As if he were going anywhere, Tom thought to himself. The anxiety was swept away with relief. He replied briefly; no short message could translate his emotions.

TOM: Ok. See you soon.

She made it in the time she proposed. Tom watched her through the apartment window park her vehicle in his spot (usually free since he didn't own a car), and he waited patiently for her to walk up to his apartment door. He was waiting behind it but he let her knock. Taking in a deep breath, Tom allowed himself to fully recover from his tension.

Dana was smiling behind the door; she quickly tucked her glasses away as it came open. Tom smiled at her, relieved to see her standing there. She sported a white blouse and form-fitting dark pants.

"Hi," she said.

"Hello," he replied.

He let her in. They exchanged a brief embrace with a peck on the cheek, and then she walked in. He closed the door as she spoke.

"I am so sorry, Tom. My babysitter never showed."

"Babysitter? You had David."

"Yeah. I mean, I wasn't supposed to, but Randy didn't want him tonight, and I had already made plans. So I tried to call my mom this morning, but she had something with her friends. I called Lily, my usual sitter, and she said she'd come, so I was all set, but then she called again to let me know she couldn't because - I forget why... anyway, I was left high and dry, and with no one to take care of David, and I really wanted to come so I had to find someone in my block who could take care of him, and I found Mrs. Guertek, the widow one floor above, and she's watched him once or twice, and she said yes, so.... I'm here."

Tom watched her deliver her explanation at alarming speed, smiling all the while. When she paused, she giggled. Tom moved in closer and kissed her, then pulled back, afraid he had acted too quickly. She was still smiling.

"Yeah, that too. I really wanted to be here," she emphasized.

She bit her lower lip.

"Food is ready," he told her.

She bowed her head to the floor, then lifted her gaze towards his.

"Can we reheat it?"

"Sure," he mumbled, unclear as to what the question meant.

She jumped him without warning, pressing him into the door of his apartment, locking lips with a passion he didn't know she had. She pushed her tongue inside his mouth, forcing his lips open, trading saliva with ferocity. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders first as she pressed her entire frame against his. When she pulled her lips away, her eyes were ablaze with desire, and Tom wasn't far from it either.
Quickly, she stripped him, pulling off the fancy shirt he had worn for just the occasion, desperately struggling with the buttons, revealing the white camisole underneath. The shirt and camisole were tossed into the corner of the room, behind the black television screen that had fallen asleep. She ran her hands across his chest as they resumed kissing. Tom trembled from the intensity of her grasp.

She pulled herself away for a moment, and popped the snaps of her blouse, revealing her cleavage hidden under a seductive light blue bra, obviously designed to emphasize her curves. Tall and lanky, Dana didn't have much to show despite her pregnancy, so she had learned to make it work. She was still biting her lower lip when Tom moved in, helped the blouse come off, tossing it in the same corner as his own clothing, then running his hands on Dana's sides.

"Fuck," she mumbled, shivering under his light touch.

She reached behind her back in the way only women can, unclasping her bra; it fell off her chest as she moved her arms forward, revealing perky nipples as hard as could be in the middle gorgeous small round breasts. Tom's hand immediately jumped to them. Dana giggled as she leaned in for further kisses.

Her hands wandered to his pants, unsnapping the button, pulling down on the zipper and then dragging it all - underwear included - to the ground.

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