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Yasmine's life being taken over by her brother and his wife.

Cat then pulled the backpacks out from under her and leaned forward until collapsing onto her stomach and lying there gasping for air. I followed her keeping my cock deeply buried in her still leaking of cum ass. After catching my breath sufficiently I began to run my fingers through Cat's satiny hair as well as kissing across her shoulders tenderly and up the back of her neck and along her hairline, only hesitating long enough to nibble on her cute little earlobe.

"Oh sweetheart, that was wonderful. Oh baby, god I love you. You excite me and satisfy me like I have never known before; you give me a pure pleasure like I've never dreamed of. Thank you sweetheart, thank you"

I whispered in between tender kisses, nibbles and the running of her beautiful mane of long brown hair through my fingers.

Cat turned on her side causing my now semi hard cock to slide out of her cum filled ass causing a surge of my cum to bubble up and out of her satisfied little hole and spilling over her ass cheek and puddling on the sleeping bag we had been over throughout our love making. I started to sit up as I looked at Cat with total contentment in my eyes but she grabbed my arm stopping me as she turned over the rest of the way onto her back. Cat then spread her legs and began pulling me down between them so that I was now lying between her legs putting us face to face. Cat kissed me tenderly, looked deeply into my eyes and said,

" Burt that was incredible. I never imagined it would feel so good, I never imagined it would turn me on so much. Oh honey, I never ever dreamed I would experience such an intense orgasm from feeling you in my ass. God I cannot believe I came so intensely like I just did. Thank you honey, you are such a wonderful lover, my wonderful lover. Burt I love making love with you so very much, I have no doubt that you are the only man I could ever trust enough not to hurt me, for me to enjoy making love in this way. And I know you are the only man who could ever satisfy me the way you do, such a gentle, tender but passionate lover. I love you more than I would have ever thought possible to love anyone and shall through all of eternity and beyond. Yes, honey I love you so very much. Oh God I love you Burt"

Cat and I shared a very deep and passionate series of wonderful kisses before just laying there absorbing the warmth of the now noonday sunshine upon our now sweaty from making love flesh. Cat looking at the surrounding beauty then commenting,

"Honey, I cannot imagine experiencing more pleasure in a more beautiful place as we have just shared"

"Sweetheart this is just the beginning of the four days of exotic beauty and pleasures that I have planned for us to share on this part of our trip. Believe me baby, many more wonderful surprises lay ahead"

I teased cat by revealing.

"Baby, as wonderful as all of this was you haven't seen nothing yet"

I added with a cat like grin on my face.

Cat looked at me smiling from ear to ear and said,

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go I'm dying to see what you have planned for us that could beat this"

With that I began repacking our packs as Cat called Sierra who probably hadn't even noticed our wonderful love making as he was to much into investigating everything around us, marking the entire circumference of this ancient crater, chasing every little critter he spotted, along with sticking his wet little nose everywhere it probably shouldn't be. The only thing he did notice upon his return was the product of our love making, the result of Cat's intensely felt pleasure as he sniffed at the large puddle of Cat's sweet nectar she had unknowingly deposited upon the sleeping bag under us.

"Sierra, let's go! Come on let's go. Sierra come!"

I called out as we started the short hike up out of this small crater continuing on the trail around the main volcano's rim.

Once again as we crested the rim of this much smaller crater, my extending Cat a helping hand up its last very steep last few feet, Cat and I were both struck by the i

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