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She spoils him and he spoils her.

Sex is supposed to be fun, and the words that graphically describe it are part of the fun. And we are going to start the fun right now. Most of you are sexually experienced, but there are a few virgins in the group. For those of you who are experienced, consider this a review. For the rest, this will be Fucking 101."

At this point, Carolyn stepped back and sat on the edge of the raised platform. Her husband stood before her and she took his fat cock into her mouth and began to suck. As he received a wet blowjob from his wife, Ben continued to lecture. They had the complete attention of every couple.

"This is merely one of the many forms of sexual expression. Blowjob, hummer, smoothie, whatever you call it, oral sex is one of the most intimate ways that a man and women can express their sexual feeling for one another. It can be part of foreplay, a way of arousing one or both partners, or it can be the main event if you continue until the man cums. If you are worried ladies, don't be. Semen is mostly protein, and if the man is healthy it can be swallowed safely. That is very exciting to the male. I know that I enjoy cumming in a warm, wet mouth, and there is a feeling that the woman accepts me totally when she swallows my cum."

Carolyn let his now saliva soaked cock to pull from her moth as she continued, "I really enjoy the sensation of a hard cock in my mouth and even in my throat. I know that I have the power and I am in control when I give a blowjob. And I like the taste, too. The feeling of a smooth, firm cock, and the slightly salty taste of the skin are pleasurable to me. And I know that my man feels good, too. You can tell from their reaction that men love to have their cocks sucked.

"And, I love the feeling that I get when he cums in my mouth. I know that I have gotten him aroused to the point of release, and the taste of his cum is pleasant, although, some women find it otherwise. Just remember that it is a small amount of fluid, only a couple of teaspoons, and that you will really make his day if you swallow it. It is better for both of you if you do like it."

Carolyn sucked her husband's cock back into her mouth, demonstrating her ability to suck it deeply into throat, as she swallowed it down to the red fabric that encased his balls.

Ben took up the lecture. There was a noticeable tremble in his voice as he continued.

"Those of you who have experienced this know just what I am feeling now. Carolyn is holding the head of my cock in her throat as she runs her tongue over the shaft. As she swallows, I can feel the muscles of her throat massage the head of my cock. It is the most indescribable feeling of sexual pleasure imaginable.

"But, as great as it feels, We have other things to show you now."

Carolyn slowly released the erect cock from her mouth with an audible, sucking pop. After a few final licks, she again turned to her audience.

"You will be getting further instruction in technique from your triad coaches, but we need to move on. Ben now gets to return the favor".

Carolyn rolled onto her back on the padded mat. Her legs spread, and she raised her knees, giving the assembled couples a clear view of her wet, open cunt. The lips were swollen and dark with arousal, while the pink inner folds were dripping with her natural lubricant.

"You can she how aroused Carolyn has become from her sucking my cock, and the anticipation of what I will be doing to her. She also has a strong streak of exhibitionism, and being watched by all of you has contributed to her arousal.

"I want you to watch closely as we demonstrate how to give a woman the same kind of pleasure that I just received". Ben lowered his head to his wife's crotch and began to lick at the lips of her open pussy. After several seconds of attention to the lips, he looked back at the students.

"It is important to make sure that you go slowly and spend enough time to ensure complete arousal.

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