Fondling High Quality Sex Pics

It's the night of the Phi Sig party!

The pain is still there, in fact is increasing as the clamps slowly warm but it becomes remote, a fact of life, something to be accepted to please the one I serve.

You feel my surrender and cradle me gently to you. "Okay," you ask, for the first time since I arrived sounding like the man I know. I nod my head, my hair rubbing against your shirt as I lay my head back.

I slowly get control of myself and you release me and step back. "I'm glad you brought everything, kitten, I think we are going to need it." I feel my eyes bulge behind the blindfold. Everything, I think, we don't use everything ever or at least not in the same scene. He's just saying that, I think. I hope, anyway.

You run your hands over me proprietarily and I unwind under your firm familiar touch. I feel myself starting to melt and grow fluid, despite all the weirdness of today this was known and this felt good. I force myself to ignore the clover clamps swaying from my nipples as my body moves at your urging.

The first slap on my ass comes as a shock, breaking the trancelike state you had me eased into. You start slowly, a measured cadence that moves over the cheeks of my bottom, occasionally stopping in one place until I am wiggling. You pick up the pace and I marvel how your hands can bear the abuse when my ass is barely doing so. The rain of blows following has me squirming, the pain from the clamps a pale shadow to the growing ache in my bottom.

You stop and grab my ass with both hands massaging it and seemingly checking for something. My ass is hot and it feels like tenderized steak. I start at your touch but stand still. This is what I was here for, to please you and by pleasing you, please myself.

You grab me around my waist and move my ass into you. The roughness of your pants irritates my tender skin. I whine around the gag, my jaws aching from being open for so long. The darkness behind the blindfold has become comforting, allowing me to focus on my other senses.

"That was a good warm up, are you ready to get started," you ask, your breath a hot breeze in my ears. I nod my head, not sure at all but I know this is what you want. A question of what had brought all this on floats briefly through my mind and is gone. It doesn't matter, this is what you want today, and this is what we do today.

I hear you move to the table then the sharp slap of a wooden paddle on my tenderized ass. I groan around the gag. The next period of time is filled with slaps and grunts as you work your way through the collection of paddles. Wood gives way to rubber, which in turn gives way to metal. By the time you pause, my ass is a blaze of heat. The pain in my nipples a distant consideration.

I hear you breathing behind me, the work out more yours than mine. I shift from side to side, as much as the spreader bar will allow. The air has dried my inner thighs but a constant flow of moisture is attempting to rewet them. The spanking has done nothing but increase my arousal, and my mind has dropped into a long wail of 'I want, I want'.

Your hands reach around me to cup my breasts, I flinch as your fingers come close to my clamped nipples. I had managed to compartmentalize the pain from them in lieu of the pain from my butt, but your attention to them, brings them back to the forefront of my mind. I find myself on the horns of a dilemma, part of me wishes you would remove them and the other part knows just how bad it's going to hurt when you do.

You give the clamps a tiny wiggle. "Ready for these to come off," you ask. I nod reluctantly. You toy with them for a minute before with a flourish you remove them. I scream behind my gag, glad for the first time that it is there or everyone in that complex would have heard me. The returning sensation is awe-inspiring. The heartbeat my nipples had had before the clamps has become an aching throb.

I dance there for a minute, the returning blood flow an avalanche of sensation.

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