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Cathy asserts herself in unexpected ways.

She looked up distracted. "Who?"

Victor waved the WSJ at her. "The paper. I'm going to read the paper."

She tilted her head at him. "Oh... Sounds boring."

Victor leaned back so he didn't look like a perv. "Ya know the Chinese have an old curse 'May you live in interesting times', boring is good."

He watched her take a half second to consider it before dismissing what he said. "Huh, well when you're done why don't you come over? I need you help with something."

Victor sighed. Taris was a pretty girl who badly needed a boyfriend, and considered him the nice guy fill-in. His own morals kept him from charging that and converting it into a full relationship. So as usual, she taking advantage of the confusion and was roping him into volunteer work.

She noted his dubious expression. "Don't worry it'll only take a few minutes. We can drink wine and I'll order a pizza." She said standing.

"It's...Okay how about at four?"

She displayed what appeared to be perfectly fine nails to him. "No, I gotta go out for an appointment."

Victor missed the neurotic needs of women sometimes and Taris was always good for waking him up. "Okay, eight?"

She looked at him suspiciously. "Why so late?"

Victor shrugged. "What's a good time Taris?"

"Umm, around two. I guess I could make it a late lunch and order something."

Meredith, unlike Taris of the delivery diet, is an excellent cook.

"Okay Taris, sounds great." Victor said turning.

"You won't forget?" She called.

She couldn't see his smile. "No, don't worry."

"Great I'll order something good I promise."

By two, Victor had gotten through with everything and brought out his clothes for his Monday sales call. Reading the Sunday local and WSJ, he learned about the silly shit the people in government did to keep busy while the real problems grew.

Oddly, Simon alerted him to the time and he walked over to see what Taris needed done.

Taris answered the door on the first knock despite her blaring radio. Inside bags from carryout sat on the table.

"So we can eat first what do you think?"

"Sure..." Victor said walking in.

The burritos she got tried to be good despite being vegan. Victor wondered at why she got them at ten bucks a piece.

"Well that was great..." Victor said looking around for something else to eat.

Thinking he was ready to work she hopped up. "Right! Well I wanted you to check out the sink here." She led him over. "I cleared it out under there already. I changed the filter but nothing comes out now. See?" She said turning on the water.

"Okay give me a minute." Victor got in and took a look.

A minute turned into fifteen as he tried to unscrew and re-screw the filter someone with amazing flexibility jammed in.

During a commercial, Taris wandered into the kitchen. "So, Rorsiac is playing at the Metreon next weekend. Wanna go and hit the bar after?"

"Uh... I can't actually, and I can't really hang out anymore either." Victor said pausing to look at her.


"A girl I'm seeing decided she wants to be exclusive now so..." Victor trailed off.

Taris got serious and kinda scary as she moved to stand over him. "What? I mean what do you mean she decided?"

"Well she was someone I've known for a while and I guess it became should I leave, or make it more than what we had."

She paused guessing the hidden meaning. "So you just fucked her," She said with hands on hips. "...And wanted to leave, now SHE wants you...for herself."

"Ya, I guess..." Victor muttered surprised at her intuitive grasp on his life.

"So another woman...I'm glad you're not gay." She smiled wryly looking off unseeing. "I was wondering why you moved so slowly. It was like you only flirted when you were bored, or drunk."

"I prefer to take things as they come."

She walked up next to him and squatted down to get down to his level. "So do I. I can't say I'm too pleased." She stared at him. "Men usually cheat for a girl like me."


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