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In Chapter 4, Brooke and I have some more fun by ourselves.

It doesn't lose effectiveness or wear out, and the adult male is always ready to put one to the test no matter the age of the owner. She had little doubt Neal would have been equally happy in the real thing, and so of course one a little younger, say, like hers for instance, would not have been refused either.
The video was forgotten as she looked up at the long carton, lost in thought, before carefully taking it down and sat on the edge of the bed. The lid was delicately removed and the flyer read again, Gwen noticing this time that it was "dishwasher safe," and "for added pleasure, put it in the microwave on half power for about fifteen to thirty seconds." Never thought of that, she had to admit. A warm one would be nice...she lifted the massive length out of the packaging, remembering how heavy it had felt that night she had delivered another copy of the same magnificent tool to the winner of the party game. It was no lighter now and she held it with both hands, examining it, noting the level of detail right down to the bulging veins tinged blue that ran its length, just like the real thing.

Gwen gently laid it aside as if afraid of hurting it and undressed for bed. She took the instruction's advice and carried it to the kitchen, waiting there naked while the microwave worked. It was warm to the touch when she removed it, warm like Tim's was when his was engorged, and the dishtowel she had retrieved was wrapped around the length to keep the heat in while she made her way back to the bedroom.

Gwen luxuriated in the feel of bare skin sliding under a crisp cotton sheet-God, why had it taken so long to find out how good that felt?-then took a deep breath and willed her mind to some order. Watching Amber and Brigitte had lit a low flame under her libido; the Slut already had her imagination working to bring the heat up.

Growing up, Gwen's version of fantasy had centered around the horses she would own and ride someday. Her employment with Miss Ritter had added a few modest scenarios of a more carnal nature, but the Lady had always firmly tamped those out when they arose, and marriage, business ownership and motherhood had effectively made imagination a wasteful exercise-the here and now had been her focus all those years.

But then the dreams started, and unspeakable acts soon followed, acts which soon became not only accepted but the building blocks for a more perverted fantasy world. It had taken Gwen a while to feel comfortable that the even the most sick and twisted scenes and images she could conjure in her imagination could safely stay there, locked away from a reality where they would certainly have dire consequences. And tonight the Slut had already begun to further elaborate on one that had first started soon after that night at Mrs. Danning's.

The scene had become more explicitly enhanced each time it had been imagined since that night, and now she was there again, naked save for a pair of black high heels, their straps winding up her calves. You don't even like heels, the Lady sniffed, but Gwen thought they made a naked woman look slutty-in a good way, though, and the straps coiling around her legs only added to her wickedness. Neal, his confident smile and his mighty erection were there as well, restrained for the guests to play with.

But tonight another plastic tube was available for the guests to use on him, one meticulously modeled after Gwen's sex. She had no idea how that was even done in real life, but it wasn't important right now-what was important was that it was her pussy that he seemed to enjoy most, groaning whenever it slid down his massive length. In the end the contestants all insisted on using hers, and it was with great pride she watched him fill it with an impossibly large load of sperm.

The vibrator produced a very satisfactory orgasm shortly thereafter as the Slut began to suggest ways Neal might find his way inside her after she had used her mouth to help him recover, even as his reproduction found her open and waiting.

Afterwards, Gwen found herself mor

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