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Who was that sleeping man? Did she care?


Jerry slipped his arm under my head and I snuggled up closer to him and put my head on his upper arm and shoulder. I couldn't get what Julie and Betty had said out of my mind, and lying there next to Jerry, feeling the warmth of his body against mine, was making it even worse. My cunt felt like it was melting, aching to be touched. I had never felt this aroused before, except when Jimmy and I parked by the river and engaged in some pretty heavy petting. I wanted to take Jerry's hand and place it on me, to feel him stroke me, to hold him even closer, but I was afraid, afraid he'd reject me. I hesitated and then told him about what I had overheard in the restroom - Betty and Julie speculating that he and Gary were screwing me.

"Those bitches," he muttered. "Don't let it bother you, Mel. No one pays any attention to those two."

I propped myself up on my right elbow so I could see his face more clearly. "I'm not bothered by it, but it did make me wonder." I placed my left hand on his chest, toying with his chest hair. "Have you....Well, you know, have you ever thought about me like that? About having sex with me?"

"Geezzus, Mel. You're my sister."

"I know that silly." I chuckled softly, "But you just saw me in my panties and bra, and just a couple of months ago, you were naked and walked in on me when I was getting out of the shower. I just wondered if you ever thought about me like that - if I ever turned you on."

"Mel.......well, yeah, sometimes," he fidgeted some and then continued, "a guy really can't help it. If I see a pretty girl, and you're certainly pretty, it just happens."

"Did seeing me in the shower like that give you a hard-on? You got out of there so fast I didn't get a chance see. I just wondered if you liked what you saw." I moved my hand up from his chest to his neck and chuckled. His neck was hot; he was blushing.

In a shocked voice, Jerry said, "Mel..."

"Oh, don't act so shocked," I said interrupting him. "I know what a erection is and what one looks like."

"You and Jimmy have had sex?"

"No, we've just fooled around some - I'm still a virgin. That's more than you and Gary can say." Laughing softly I poked him in his ribs. "You still haven't answered my questions. Did you like what you saw.....did it give you hard-on?"

"Yeah, I did like you," he said with short embarrassed laugh. "Your tits were a lot prettier and bigger than I realized."

When he paused, I pressed my body against him. I could feel my right breast against the side of his chest, its nipple, hard and erect, pressing into him. "Hmmm, that's good....but you still haven't answered the other question."

"Yeah.....yeah, I got an erection."

While we were talking and I was teasing Jerry, I had made up my mind. I wanted Jerry to make love to me now....tonight. I was apprehensive and a little afraid - not of having sex with him, but that he might say no, that he might reject me. I glanced down his body. The sheet had slipped down, and in the faint light from the bathroom, I could see a pronounced bulge in the front of his briefs.

"Like this one here," I whispered as I slid my hand down his body into the top of his briefs and wrapped my fingers around his rigid prick.

Jerry's body jerked as though I had used a cattle prod on him. "Geezus Mel....What are you doing?"

"Sssh....not so loud. You want Mom to come up and find us like this." He had grabbed my wrist but had made no effort to pull my hand away from his prick. When I began to fondle his prick with my fingers, stroking it, feeling the veins standing out on its shaft, he loosened his grip on my wrist. I moved my hand lower, to the base of his prick and then lower still, cupping his balls in my hand and gently massaging them. As I brought my hand back up underneath his rigid prick, pulling it up against his body and out the top of his briefs, I heard Jerry take a deep breath.

"My God Mel, we shouldn't be doing this.....really we shouldn't."

"Jerry, I want to.

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