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A space wizard does some experimentation on a female.

Cindy and Roger seemed to be lost in conversation up ahead, with her cute little ass bouncing back & forth as she walked, so all was good. The warmth of the sun had certainly managed to warm things up with the women, and I'm sure Roger was enjoying that as much as I was.

We came to their cabin first, and stopped.

"well, I'm going to go grab a quick shower, then maybe a nap, so hopefully we'll see you guys later this evening?" Linda asked, as she brushed against me, nipples barely grazing my arm.

"I hope we will. It's been really nice getting to know you guys. See you later."

When we got to our cabin, we unlocked the door, and went in. Cindy immediately dropped to her knees, and started sucking my cock for all she was worth. I was hard as steel in a flash, and damn this felt good, her mouth fucking my cock, her tongue going crazy around the head, and her warm hand cupping my balls. It didn't take long until we both knew I was ready to shoot.

"I don't want to cum in your mouth, I want to fuck your sweet ass and shoot my load deep in your ass." We went straight to the bed, lubed my dick real good, and slid it in her really tight asshole. Only 3 or 4 gentle thrusts, and I was in to my balls. On a few more pumps, and cum spewed like crazy. My whole cock was in her ass, and it felt like it was up to her belly, as it jerked and kept filling her with my cream. It was warm inside her chute, and moist now with my cum. I didn't want to pull out, even with my cock softening. Slowly, I did remove my flacid man meat, and my creamy cum began leaking out, down to her pussy. Damn that was hot to see.
"let's invite Linda and Roger for dinner tonight, ok? We can grill some burgers, I'll fry up some homemade fries. It'll be fun. can we, please?" Cindy looked up like a little girl begging her daddy for a new dolly.

Chuckling, "I think it would be a lot of fun. They seem to be really nice people, fun-loving like we are. And you were a little fascinated with Roger's long dick, I could tell, huh?"

Blushing a little, "yeah, I was. You've got to remember, I've only been with 3 guys sexually, and none of their dicks were big at all, nothing like the dicks I saw today. Roger's was long, and I wondered how that would feel, to suck it, and maybe even feel it that deep in my pussy, you know? I wondered if I could even take it all in my pussy. I wanted to have them over for 2 reasons -- one, because I really like them a lot and since they even live close to us, we could be good friends so easily. Secondly, because I wanted to see if the opportunity presented itself for me to explore Roger's cock some, as long as Linda's ok with me playing with her husband of course."

"I kinda figure she'll be good with it. When we were looking for the deer today, she did see you handle Roger's dick about the same time I did, and she kinda helped herself to my cock, too. So, I think they're both pretty cool, and open-minded about things. But we can see, as the evening goes on. Even if nothing happens, with you and I already hot for sex, you and I can have one helluva fuck session when they're gone. Sound good to you?"

"super! I'll run over to their place and ask them right now." and she dashed out the door and disappeared down the path. Their cabin was maybe 100 yards from ours, but trees and underbrush kept each cabin somewhat secluded from each other.

15 minutes later and almost out of breath, Cindy came busting thru the door.

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