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Streeks' evil clone is not happy.

The geeks stare so hard they almost lose their calculators.

At her class with Chet and Brian on two separate occasions she finds a reason to go toward the back of the room, drop her pen, and bend over with her ass almost in their gap-mouthed faces. At lunch she sits spread-legged and sucks her fingers provocatively while giving her "fuck me" stare to every lesbian, bi, or jock that catches her eye, including a long stretch where she licks her lips while staring at Madison, Judy, and Claudia.

After school on Tuesday she is approached by a number of jocks but ignores them and once she gets to the parking lot is whisked away by Madison and her friends. In the car on the short drive to Madison's house she sits in the back seat between Judy and Claudia and is finger fucked and felt up the entire way as she spreads her legs, grins, and lays her head back on the seat with her eyes closed.

Once they get to Madison's house Madison virtually drags Beth upstairs to Madison's bedroom, and the three girls strip down and almost tear Beth's clothes off. Judy and Claudia marvel at Beth's unmatched ass, tiny crack with prominent lips and clit, and shapely legs. Madison virtually smashes Beth's face into her pussy. Beth enthusiastically licks, sucks and fingers all of Madison's parts, so voraciously that it makes Madison weak in the knees and she falls back on her bed. That does not retard Beth's assault in the least. In the meantime Judy and Claudia are sucking Beth's tits, fingering her cunt, and moving various toys over and between her pussy lips.

After Madison's second orgasm Judy and Claudia demand their turns and Beth starts in on them with the same alacrity she exhibited with Madison. After each of Judy and Claudia are satisfied, Madison produces an 18 inch double dildo with cork screw ends, kneels ass-to-ass with Beth, and after Judy sticks the ends in their waiting cunts Madison and Beth buck, writhe, and squirm to a double orgasm.

After at least a dozen total orgasms, the lesbian fuck session ends. Madison grabs Beth by the hair and tells her she is Madison's bitch now and will only do as Madison says, and to get herself home and clean herself up; and to show up tomorrow after school again. Beth has one of the biggest smiles of satisfaction of her life.

Wednesday goes much the same as Tuesday at school with Beth essentially the center of attention of virtually the entire senior class. The fact that her outfit is "over the top" isn't enough for Beth, and during the day she makes it a point to expose various bare "assets" to selected people, with the desired effect. When she flashes her bare sweet ass in the lunchroom, dozens of senior bis, geeks, and jocks, are drooling.

By the last period it seems that The Rats are already so excited they are about to explode. They have all tented their pants and were more stupid then normal during the school day with even less blood in their brains and more in their cocks than usual. Beth makes it a point to walk toward the wrestling gym with Jen, a bisexual friend of Madison's who is sure to report to Madison, and unsubtly leaves Jen at the gym door as a virtually panting Chet opens the door to let Beth in.

Once Beth is in the wrestling gym she wastes no time in walking over to a mat, taking off her clothes, and then turning to the four stunned Rats saying "Oh I see you do want a piece of my ass. What do you think of it?" as she pivots and slaps it. The Rats lustfully slobber out the only superlative adjectives in their vocabulary as their eyes continue to widen and their dicks start popping their zippers. Satisfied with their responses, Beth smiles and says, "Who's first, or should I do you all together?" The Rats set the world record for quick disrobing.

Though not as experienced as they want their friends to believe, The Rats know enough to warm Beth up on the wrestling mat as one fingers her cunt, another licks her rosebud, and

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