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Sam is betrayed! Can she still save the day!?

"Why don't you let me judge that too." Something ignited inside her, she wanted to hear what he had to say, so she parted her legs slightly and moved closer towards him.

"Ok, but you can't be mad at me?"

"I won't be."

"I keep...I keep thinking about you. I mean, you look so fucking hot tonight," he paused, casting a look at her slim figure. It was true, she did look hot. "I have this really kinky fantasy."

"Tell me."

"Ok, so. I love the idea of having someone completely and utterly at my mercy. The idea of them literally having to do whatever I tell them to do. Argh, it's even turning me on right now."

"That is kind of hot." Sarah leant back in to the seat, her legs still parted and her dress just kissing below her pussy. She noticed that Alex's eyes were staring at the area, he could see just enough but he clearly wanted to see more. "So, what would you have that person do right now?"

"Oh, I've already planned that out." He placed his beer on the table, threw his left arm across Sarah's shoulders and pulled her closer. He then started whispering in to her ear. "The first thing I would do, is make them go in to the bathroom, they'd take off their knickers and the come back out here to me. They'd have to give me their underwear of course, just so I control if they can have it back. I'd then have to check they weren't wearing anything underneath, so they'd straddle me and I would quickly check."

"What right here?"

"Yeah, of course," Alex whispered, his hand moving lower down Sarah's back. "I'd check right here."

"Then what would you have them do?" Sarah asked, her breathing getting heavier and heavier.

"Oh it would get more fun. I'd take them back to my place, with all of my friends and we would do anything and everything we wanted."

"All of your friends?"

"All of them. The poor girl would get fucked in every single hole, more than once."


"See, I told you that you wouldn't like -"replied Alex, moving slowly away from Sarah.

"I didn't say I didn't like it," she interrupted, she looked straight in to Alex's eyes and felt a need between her legs. "It's a really hot fantasy."

"Haha. Yeah. Shame I don't know anyone who would do it."

"Yeah, true. I'm going to pop to the bathroom a second. You ok here?" Sarah asked Alex. She was already standing up, when he nodded back, a look of disappointment on his face.

A few seconds later, Sarah returned from the bathroom and was surprised to find that Alex was still on his own in the room. He cast her a smile as she entered but she paused before returning to her seat. She took a deep breath, there was no going back after this point. Yet despite her reservation, she managed to get herself ready and confidently walked up towards Alex.

"I believe these are yours?" she asked him, her red lace thong hanging from her finger. He wasn't expecting it and a look of utter shock crossed his face.

"Ah fuck," he replied, rearranging his trousers and reaching forward to take the knickers from her. "You really..." It was too late for him finish what he was saying, as Sarah was already climbing on top of him. She placed a leg on either side of him and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Sir," she whispered, her hand caressing his neck. "I want you to check that I'm not wearing any underwear."

"Ah fuck, Sarah." Alex replied, running his hands up and down her body. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I want you to use me, and I want to be fucked in every single hole." Sarah looked in his eye with determination.

"Ah fuck," Alex wrapped a hand around the back of Sarah's neck and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

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