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The party continues. Tonni and William's movie date.

"Well?" he said.

"Well what?" I wanted to say to his face. "Well fucking what?" "Put your goddamn clothes back on and..." I looked down to his cock and said nothing as I exhaled.

As if I'd done this before, I dropped to my knees between his legs. His greyish black pubic hair was neatly trimmed. His dick was hanging there, directly in front of me. I'd never been so close to one before. I took an involuntary deep breath and shook my head at what I knew I was going to do - at what I was going to be.

I studied this penis and realized I was fascinated by it. Soft as it hung there, it was only slightly smaller than my cock was when fully hard. His balls were good sized. Maybe they were the same size as mine or slightly bigger. But his scrotum was long and loose and this made his balls seem huge. Again, I licked my lips and swallowed.

For my first cock, I was pleased.

Jesus! I couldn't believe I was already calling it "my first cock".

But I was. It was true, I knew.

I knew this was for me. I knew there'd be others. Jesus!

I was suddenly glad Ben's cock was still soft. I knew that, at this point, I wanted to feel a soft cock in my hand. I knew that I wanted to feel it harden in my mouth. I wished I could watch myself; view this moment when I suck a cock for the first time. Watch this moment when I became a cocksucker just like I watched porn on my phone.

A thought came to me and I looked up to Ben.

His eyes widened slightly. "Well?", he repeated.

"Ben? Can you film me?" I asked as I pulled my phone out of my pocket, unlocked it, and opened the camera.

Putting it in Ben's hand I told him "Film me sucking your cock! I want to see what I look like."

Ben hunched his shoulders slightly, aimed the phone, and tapped the screen.

"Aaaand action!" He teased.

I reached down and lightly lifted his long soft cock with my fingers. It felt warm. Warm and soft. I looked back at Ben to make sure he was filming.

He was.

I grabbed the fleshy tube with my thumb and fingers and shook it. It flopped back and forth over my hand. I squeezed it tightly and felt it squish in my fist. I wiggled my thumb and finger again and his cock flopped against my hand. I was playing with a cock! I was playing with Ben Knight's cock! It felt so nice. Just like mine but different.

I looked up to him but only saw my phone staring back. I smiled and looked back down. I could feel the flesh slowly thickening in my hand. I squeezed it again. It was firmer. I wanted to say "harder" but that wasn't right.

It was thicker.

It was fleshier.

I wiggled it now but it no longer flopped. The head, which was growing in front of me, shook a bit. I let my hand pull the skin down and then back up; slowly down and then up. I was experimenting. It was all so new and yet, I knew that ithis was somethingI'd been wanting to do for so long.

I looked again at Ben. How had he known?

This was the moment. His cock was almost hard. It was about six inches long, I figured, and at least two inches thick.

I gently slid my hand down and lowered my head. I parted my lips slightly, put the hard head of his cock against them and rubbed it around. I closed my mouth and rubbed it against my cheeks as I considered the flavor in my mouth.

So this was cock. Actually, surprisingly, there was no real flavor outside of a very slight soapy smell I had picked up. I had expected some "cock flavor" as if it was a food, I guess.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my lips around it the head, licking and sucking. It was very warm. Strange - the head didn't feel hard at all.

The skin itself was smooth... but the head wasn't hard like I'd been expecting. It wasn't soft exactly either.

I swirled my tongue around it in my mouth, trying to understand what it felt like. I applied suction.

Ben moaned approvingly "Mmmmm".

The moan made me feel strangely proud. I was glad he was enjoying this. I did want to please him. I now knew that I was doing this for myself, though.

His cock had grown. The head was noticeably bigger. I kept working it in my mouth.


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