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She felt so good his head was spinning and it as all he could do to keep from pulling her up and burying his dick deep inside her. But first, he wanted her to be as close to her peak as possible.

He reached down and pulled her to her feet, kissing her and pulling her against him. Her bare chest touched his and their deep breaths sent their chests heaving together.

His cock pressed against the thin fabric of her dress and she stood on her toes to grind her hips against his.

As he kissed her, he turned her around and lifted her so she sat on the hood of the car. He stood between her legs as they kissed and caressed each other hungrily.

The rain started to pick up and was no longer the light mist it had been. Intermittent drops fell all around them. The lake came alive with ripples from the falling rain and the trees created a growing rushing sound as the storm grew closer.

The wind was picking up and could no longer be called a breeze. Her hair was being gently blown around and he was again struck by her beauty. He couldn't hold back any more as the sexual hunger inside him was ready to boil over.

He dove into her tits again... licking, kissing, nibbling, even biting them while his hands kneaded the soft flesh like dough. The tenderness was gone, his desire taking over.

She didn't seem to mind and in fact, she seemed to welcome the change. She seemed just as desperate to lose control and feel that wild passion that was their trademark.

He had her nipples swollen and pink and she was breathing heavily. He knew it was time... he wanted to taste her!

He dropped quickly to his knees and lifted her dress to reveal that she also hadn't worn any panties tonight! He licked his lips and began devouring her inner thighs. He could see she was already glistening with wet anticipation and he longed to taste her sweet juices again. H e moved closer and let his warm breath fall on her sweet pussy. She grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him hard against her.

His tongue dove as deep as he could reach and he licked her like he would never get the chance again. She moaned loudly. He loved how vocal she became when he gave her what she wanted!

"Oh, God... lick me!", she screamed.

The sun was shining its last rays as clouds took over the entire sky. The trees were whipped into a frenzy by the wind and as she lay on her back and looked up at them, his tongue bathed her pussy in licks and nibbles that drove her wild.

He moved up to her clit and pulled it between his lips, coaxing it out, preparing it for the attention he was about to give it. She grunted again as he slipped a finger into her. He could feel her heat as she wet his finger.

His tongue circled her clit and then flicked it lightly as his finger found her g-spot. She bucked wildly and arched her back as he stroked her most sensitive places.

His other hand worked her breast and pinched and twisted her nipple lightly. She placed her hand on his and helped him massage her tit.

"Aaah, God, Yes! Don't stop!"

He was giving her what she came for!

She threw her legs over his shoulders and squeezed his head between her thighs. She arched her back and lifted her ass off the hood of the car as she felt the tension build inside her.

He held her ass up and continued licking her lips and clit while his finger worked her into a frenzy. She was gasping for breath and moaning... then he felt her clamp down and she screamed.

"Oh, shit! I'm cumming!"

She squealed and bucked against his mouth as he continued to licke her, helping her orgasm last.

"Aaah, fuck! Aaah, fuck!", she gasped over and over. Her screamed echoed across the water as she tensed one last time and then lowered herself panting onto the car.

Most women would need a break at this point before they could move any further.

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