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Milla and Corrine need Jimmy's help.

We got in the shower where she washed off my dick and ass and I did the same for her tits, pussy, and ass. We got on the bed with me on my back. She lay next to me with her leg draped over my dick. I played with her tits while we kissed and her nipples swelled. The kissing got hotter and our tongues played over each other. My tit rubbing got heavier while her leg caressed mine. I shifted on to my side facing her and she lay on her back. I licked her left nipple and kneaded the soft flesh of her firm globe. Her moans got into the audible range as I changed breasts and licked harder. My teeth scraped her nipple and she arched off the bed. I worked my tongue down her belly until I got to her crisp black bush.

Her belly was getting a little heavier than when we met and her ass globes weren't quite as tight. But she still kept in pretty good shape and I loved the feel of her. I rubbed my nose into her pubic hair and spread her legs with my hands. Working down to her pussy lips I spread them with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down the slit until the juice started to flow.

I swung my leg over her head and dangled my hardening dick over her face. She laughed between her moans of pleasure and reached up to take my prick in her hand. She started rubbing the shaft while licking the glans. She took the tip of her tongue and got it right into the hole at the end of my prick. Meanwhile I was scraping her clit with the tip of my tongue then going lower to cram it as far into her cunt as I could. I swirled it around in her juices and scraped at her cunt walls while she craned her neck to get my pecker in her mouth. I lowered my hips so that she could lay back and fucked my dick in and out of her hot mouth. She made a tight O with her lips as I slid past her tongue and down her throat.

One of the things that had kept me coming back to Alicia before we married was the way she would slide my stiff pole down her throat until her lips were buried in my cock hair. She grabbed my ass cheeks and held me deep in her throat. The sensation of her swallowing action around the head of my throbbing pole was unbelievable. With my tongue buried in her pussy and my dick rammed down her throat I started to rub lightly at her bunghole with my stiff middle finger. She jerked against my tongue and ran hers up and down the dick stuck down her throat.

The finger at her asshole was dry so I wetted it in pussy juice and slid it just inside her tight anal box. Raising my hips up and down, fucking her mouth and twisting my finger around in her ass, Alicia started to come. I tongued her clit as hard as I could and put two fingers up her snatch. I fucked her asshole and cunt with my fingers while she sucked like a demon at my hard hot dick and I knew I was about to soak her throat with that old salt spray.

I started to boil up from my nuts and she started to stream juice out of her pussy so I jammed my finger as far up her ass as it would reach and swirled it around like a mix master. Even as we rested I kept my hands moving all over her body, spreading her slick cunt juice down the crack of her ass and massaging it into her belly button. She played with my semi?hard dick, keeping it oiled with the lube from her box. I rolled over to my stomach and spread my legs. She lay between them and kissed the cheeks of my ass. My pole was stretched out on the bed between my legs. I shivered as her tongue ran up and down the tender skin of my pole. She tongued my nuts, taking the sack in her teeth. The skin between my nuts and asshole was given the same caress of tongue and lips. I knew what she was going to do and the anticipation was making me harder and hotter. Finally she spread my cheeks exposing the hairy crack and my own tight pucker. She stiffened her tongue and jabbed at the ring of my asshole, slipping just inside. The sharp pain quickly turned to ecstasy as she swirled her tongue in my ass, then poked it in and out.

I was ready to come again so I p

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