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College girl learns by doing.

She always loved fucking married men; they gave it to her with anger and passion, hating themselves even as they enjoyed her body. Kim loved that feeling, knwoing she had corrupted yet another 'model husband.' She loved it just as much as she loved the idea of the eventual turmoil her lover would suffer from the tryst.

Karl was fucking her hard and fast, his cock slick from Kim's pussy and mouth, revived by the tight, hot wetness of her responsive cunt. After taking his second cum load in her mouth, Kim hadn't bothered to wipe her lips, and they glistened with his jizz. Some of it had even leaked from the corners of her mouth and along her cheeks and chin. The sight was dirty and erotic to Karl as he pounded the girl's quivering cunt.

"Fuck me!" she yelled, gripping his hips with her claw-like nails. Her legs, spread wide, kicked on either side of Karl. "Fuck my little slut cunt! Come on, bastard, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck - yeahhhhhh!!!!!"

Kim wailed and screamed as she came, her pussy clenching down hard on Karl's thrusting cock. Frothy cum leaked from her cunt and was smeared across his balls as they slapped against her. Karl shook with ecstacy, not thinking about his wife, his job, or anything other than the tight sucking wetness of his lover's spasmodic pussy.

"Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum! Gonna cum so hard!" he grunted, burying his tool inside her over and over.

Kim's eyes flashed open, her face glistening with blush and sweat. "Cum in my pussy, baby! Come on, shoot your fucking load in my cunt! I want it!"

Karl gasped, moaned, then sighed as his balls deflated, driving another hot load of semen up through his shaft and into Kim's tight little tunnel. He jerked and thrashed with each spurt of cum, and Kim cooed and sighed at the feel of his steamy deposit in her womb. She squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles to get it all.

"Ohh, baby, yeah . . . ." she moaned.

Karl sighed heavily, his dick buried to the hilt in Kim's swollen, hairless twat. He shuddered with aftershocks, feeling the last trickle of sperm leave his body to be soaked up within Kim's sweet walls. Then slowly, carefully, he pulled out, his cock shiny, wet, and half-hard.

"Oh, baby, let me clean that thing," urged Kim, her head half hanging off the edge of the bed. Karl complied, slipping to the end of the bed, and moaned as Kim took his slick prick between her lips, sucking off their mingled fluid and swallowing it down.

So fucking hot, Karl thought. Showanna would never suck my dick after I came inside her . . . .

He was startled by a hard pounding at the hotel room door.

"What the fuck?"

Kim sat up, wiping her mouth, turning on the bed and giving Karl a fearful look. "Is that your wife?" she asked.

Karl swallowed nervously, his heart thumping with anxiety. "N-no, can't be," he said. "She thinks I'm with a client."

"Mr. Grant! It's hotel security. Please open up."

Karl sighed at the sound of the man's voice through the door. Whoever it was, it wasn't his wife, and that was cause for some amount of relief. "Hold on!" he said, stepping from the bed. He went to the bathroom, grabbed one of the hotel robes as Kim slid her sexy body under the covers. Tying the robe about his waist, he motioned for Kim to stay put as he headed to the door.

"Mr. Grant-"

He jerked open the door, looking up the face of a tall, strong-looking black man wearing a white button-down shirt and black slacks. He had a shaved head and a thin goatee.

"What's this about?" asked Karl.

The black man sneered. "We've gotten complaints about noise," he said. "May I come in?"

Without waiting for a response, the black man stepped into the room, right up to the foot of the bed. The smell of sex was thick in the air. Kim clutched the sheets to her chest, staring in apprehension at the intruder.

Karl frowned, turning to face the man. "Now, wait a sec-" he began, but he was interrupted as another man, this one short, stocky, and obviously Hispanic, breezed past him. He was dressed the same as the black man. "Wh-what's going on?"

The Hispanic man did not answer, neith

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