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She submits again to her swinger party lover.

The coach's right hand releases Lou's wrist and moves down to her waist. Her fingers glide along the waistband of her panties before dipping underneath.

Lou holds her breath as she feels the woman's fingers move down and touch her pubic hair. Is this more bluff? How far will this go? The fingers are now sliding down through her hair and come into contact with her pussy lips.

The fingers feel cool on her hot vulva and Lou can't help herself open her legs a bit more to let them in. She can't be thinking of having sex here, with this woman, in front of, how many, fifteen or twenty men. But her senses are reeling. She is more aroused than she can remember. But she can't. There are too many. 'Fuck it' she thinks, you only live once, why the hell not.

Two fingers slide into Lou's hot wet cunt. She gasps and clasps her free hand around the woman in front of her. They are kissing again as the woman finger fucks Lou with a steady rhythm. Lou opens her eyes as they break apart again. She stares into the woman's dark eyes. She finds herself thinking how beautiful she looks now. Flushed with sexual arousal. Then Lou hears her self say, 'So where are all these dicks you promised me?'

Suddenly the coach lets go of Lou's other wrist. She spins her round and is now holding her by the hair. Her head bent back. Her chest heaving as she breathes deeply. Lou feels her panties being yanked halfway down her thighs. Then she hears the coach's voice saying 'Who wants to fuck this little tramp? The little bitch is hot for it. She says she wants every dick here.

There is a loud roar from the crowd and Lou's head is spinning as she feels herself being thrust forward in to the arms of the advancing men. She is man-handled and spun around and around. Her head is giddy. There are hands everywhere. On her tits. Grabbing her ass. Clutching her pussy. Hands and fingers are pressing on her face and she can't see properly. She feels herself being lifted up and carried a short distance. She feels a cold surface on her ass as she is laid down again. She feels her panties tear and split as they are pulled from her legs. There are hands on her ankles and her legs are being spread wide. Then she feels something prodding between her wide open legs. A large man is leaning over her and she feels his cock sliding into her cunt. She is so wet it goes in effortlessly and he is soon fucking her in fast hard strokes.

Lou is suddenly aware of being surrounded by naked men. Big muscular men with rock hard dicks. A sudden burst of orgasmic pleasure surges through her cunt as she thinks 'They are all fucking hard for me. They all want to fuck me'

The man in her cunt is pumping furiously now. Lou is grunting with every thrust. She is also calling abuse at them. Telling them they are all fucking bastards. That they are raping her. And that they'd better fucking do it right!

Her legs are stretched wide apart. She can feel the big cock sliding in and out of her. She can feel her own pleasure building. She knows she will cum soon. Ordinarily Lou would try to time her orgasm to happen with her partner, but not tonight. She thinks 'Fuck it. They can all fuck me. I'll cum loads of times. I am just going to enjoy it.

Just then the man fucking her groans and slams his dick in harder than ever. He holds it in place deep inside her and Lou feels it erupt. Spewing spunk deep into her womb. The cock has hardly stopped twitching when the man steps aside and is immediately replaced by another. His cock slips straight into her sopping wet, spunky cunt and he begins to fuck her frantically. This one isn't going to last long. Lou can see it in his face. He is too hurried. She wriggles her leg free and put it behind his ass and presses him to her with her ankle. She tries to control his pace. To slow him down. But the men misunderstand.

'Look at the little slut. She fucking loves it,' one remarks.

'Give it to her Chris,' calls another.

All too soon the man cums.

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