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The girls bond very closely indeed.

She grabs her big flannel shirt and puts it on. Crawls out of bed and looks out the window.

"Oh my god"

She sees about 4 feet of snow on the ground and it's still snowing very hard.

"It looks like I'm stuck here for a while."

She walks to the intercom and pushes the blue button. She sees a door and opens it to a spacious bathroom.

"Yuck, I need a shower."

She adjust the water temperature and hops in.

After a good shampoo and scrub, She drys off with a big fluffy towel.

She sees a vanity with a blow dryer, curling iron, brushes, all sorts of lotions and perfumes.

She blow drys and brushes her blond locks.

Mary walks in.

While she puts on a little makeup, Mary braids her hair into two pigtails.

Mary brings her a beautiful pale blue gown and helps her put it on.

She doesn't see any underwear. and asks Mary about it.

"We don't have any underwear here."

"Adam likes his lady guests without underwear."

"Adam, you devil you."

She stands in front of the full length mirror and is very pleased with how she looks. She can see a faint outline of her nipples.

Mary smiles and again tells her how beautiful she is.

She smiles and gives Mary a hug and a thanks her for her help.

Mary leads her to the kitchen.

Adam is sitting at the table that's loaded with bacon, ham, eggs, toast, pancakes and several fruit bowls.

Adam rises, walks to her and gives her a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek.

She inhales his scent and feels a little shiver run through her body. Her nipples come to attention and her pussy tingles and feels a little warm .

Then he pulls a chair out for her. Hmmmm, she thinks. A gentleman, too.

She gives him a big smile and sits.

"What would you like to drink. We have several kinds of juice and of course, coffee."

Sarah opts for OJ and some coffee.

She realizes she is starving and loads up her plate.

Mary brings in a glass of OJ and a large cup of coffee.

"Thank you Mary, I think everything is under control here"

Mary walks out.

"Is Mary your wife?"

"No, I'm not married, she is part of my staff, and I have a few other people here to help take care of the place."

"I guess you noticed, it snowed quite a bit last night. We won't be able to repair your car till we can get parts for it. It looks like you will be our guest till the roads open. You don't need to worry, we have everything we need to be very comfortable."

Sarah finishes eating and leans back with a big satisfied sigh.

"Wow, that was wonderful. Thank you."

Well, it looks like you are going to be a guest for a while, let me give you a tour.

He takes her and and escorts her from the kitchen.

"This is my office"

She see a large desk with three computer monitors, and various office machines. On another wall, she sees all kinds of electronics.

It looks like pictures she has seen of the inside of the space shuttle.

"Very impressive."

"This way please."

He takes her hand again.

Her little hand feels nice in his big strong hand.

"This is the library, for your reading pleasure."

She sees all the walls lined with hundreds of books, and book shelves spaced down the middle of the room.

Still holding her hand, he shows her the gym. Everything you would expect to see in a gym. Behind a glass wall, she sees a hot tub, and some showers.

"We also have a theater with an extensive music and movie collection and all TV channels are available."

He escorts her back to the living room and tells her he has some work to do.

"If you need anything, remember the blue button on the intercom.

He turns and leaves.

She goes into the theater and picks out a movie. She puts in in the CD player.

She sits, turns the TV on and kicks back.

Later, she wanders back to the library and pick out an interesting book.

She stops by the kitchen and gets a cup of coffee and returns to the living room.

She plops on the couch and starts reading.

She finishes her coffee and returns the cup to the kitchen.

She decides to read some more in her room. She stacks up some pillows and lays back with her book.

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