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Clara is played with; Henry and Jack fight temptation.

I looked at her while my hand rest on my lap. I wondered if she saw I was turned on by her comments. We made eye contact and I suddenly felt as though her magnetism was stronger than my resistance. She leaned toward me and put her arms around my neck and we kissed. Her lips opened and her tongue slowly invaded my mouth as she pulled us closer together. Her kiss was magnificent. Provocative and passionate and I felt that maybe this time I would succeed at maintaining an erection long enough to give her the satisfaction she desired.

One of her hands remained at the back of my head while the other moved slowly down my face, neck, chest, stomach and then onto my lap. She felt my excitement rising through my jeans and I could feel her lips smile as she recognized my condition. When we broke our kiss, I wiped her saliva off my cheeks as she moved onto my lap and straddled me. Her arms went around my neck again and she French-kissed me more forcibly. As her tongue dove into my mouth, she ground herself downward onto my lap and wedged my hard cock between us. I thrust upward and she ground back, each of us getting into the rhythm of dry humping the other.

I was so hard at the thought of her being fucked like a street corner whore by multiple strangers that I forgot about all my hang-ups. She broke from our kiss and rocked herself harder over my lap. I placed my elbows on her thighs and my hands on her hips and as Donna continued rocking and grinding herself on my lap, she pulled open her top and freed her braless tits. She cupped her breasts in her hands and leaned forward to offer her hard nipples to my lips. I was so turned on by the spontaneity that it suddenly felt comfortable pretending I was a black man having sex with my white wife.

From that point on, I reached a staff like hardness and decided it was time to act on our combined lust. I used all my core strength to slide closer the edge of the couch and then I used my strong legs to lift us both off the couch. Once standing, Donna wrapped her legs around my waist and I walked us upstairs and into the bedroom. So far so good and it only got better.

As we crossed the threshold of our bedroom, Donna threw her top to the floor and began to pull my shirt tails up out of my pants. I continued dry humping against her.

"I'm so fucking horny," she began with a voice of lust and urgency. "put me down honey, let me rip your shirt off." I put her down and immediately she ripped my shirt open and yanked it off in pieces. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and told me to strip off with her. Once naked, my hard cock poked straight out in her direction. She simply smiled at what she saw and stepped toward me. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist again and my cock found the wet opening between her legs and I slid right in. We fucked standing up for several minutes, during which Donna moaned her delight and I pretended to be her black stud fuck partner.

"Oh darling, this is so wonderful. You feel so good inside me. OMG, I'm going to cum. Keep fucking me. Oh yeah, right there honey, don't stop," she yelled.

I continued thrusting into my beautiful wife and she slid up and down my cock with ease. Her breathing grew shallow with each passing moment. She put her hands on my shoulders for leverage and as she came her fingers clenched firmly onto my skin. Just as she came, her walls closed tighter on my shaft and I pumped my own cum into her.

The experience lasted less than five minutes, yet I felt triumphant. It was the first time in a year I maintained an erection long enough for my wife and I to reach sexual bliss together.

We fell on the bed together and I remained hard inside her. She relaxed underneath me as I lifted her legs into the air and grasped onto her ankles. In this position I slowly began another round of in and out full penetration. I felt invincible as I continued pretending to be her hung black lover.

"Oh Bob, oh my god, my sweet man, you're fucking me so well. You feel so good inside me."

We looked into each oth

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