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He fulfills CFNM fantasy with middle-aged women.

'I'll be very good,' I say my lip trembling. 'I'm so sorry I couldn't help it.'

'I'm just not sure,' she said stroking her cheek thoughtfully, 'the girls have a party this afternoon and I can't risk you going off like some sex starved volatile cannon.'

I stare at my feet depressed as my tiny cock twitched.

'Let me think and in the meantime let's clean you up. Stand in the bath,' she said sternly.

I did as instructed and as I stood before them I felt their eyes peering into me as Carmilla washed me down with the shower attachment. I dare not move and stood stock still as she rubbed my stiffing cock with soap. She cleaned me thoroughly rubbing my shaft, cleaning my foreskin and ball sack. Soon I was sparkling clean and very aroused. She again rubbed me down like an infant and couldn't avoid seeing my stiffening cock. Tina came into the bathroom and handed Carmilla some talc which she sprinkled on my cock like salt on a dinner.

The dusty white powder had a transforming effect on my swollen member defusing its active look making it look more subdued, almost feminine. This gave Carmilla an idea.

'Perhaps you could still stay with us,' she smiles as she bends me over and talc's my bottom like a baby.

I wasn't sure what she meant but pleaded with her not to tell my mum.

I felt my relationship with mum was already under pressure as she tried to get her life back into gear. The last thing she wanted was a wayward son causing problems.

'Have you another clean pair of boxers,' she asked. She knew I hadn't.

I shook my head sadly and wanted the world to swallow me up. But this had a surprising effect on Carmilla and instead of being cross she smiled understandably. Opening the airing cupboard door she rummaged amongst the fresh laundry. She quickly found a pair of pretty panties and held them out for me invitingly.

'Hey they're mine,' Tina screams as she watched me handle the skimpy lingerie and slowly her scream becomes a giggle.

'You'll have to wear these,' Carmilla said crossly. 'Now hurry up I haven't all day.'

Scared and humiliated I meekly held up a trembling foot so that she could slip them up my leg. They felt gorgeous. I immediately noticed how soft and comfy they felt as I placed a hand on Carmilla's shoulder for balance.

I looked up to see Tina and Amy smiling.

Carmilla left the pretty panties at half mast just above my shaking knees the lace tickling my thighs. 'For safety,' she said, 'you better wear one of these,' and from out the bathroom cabinet she pulled a cotton pad similar to the brand that I'd seen in Mums bedroom.

I stood transfixed as she expertly slipped the cotton pad into my gusset and yanked the panties further up my leg. Now my filled, padded panties had a transforming effect on my groin completely masking my tiny cock . I had a feminine mound and as if to make maters worse my cock stiffened with excitement but this time under all the cotton pads my pleasure went unnoticed.

Tina pushed her way forward for a better view. She had an evil grin on her face and she waved something soft and plasticy in her hands. 'We don't want her leaking do we, mum.'

Carmilla looked at the plastic pants and nodded her head in agreement. 'Good idea. We can't be too careful he looks as if might blow.'

They all laughed heatedly

I wanted to object but all I was capable of was a tiny stamp of my foot as once again she held them open for me to step into. They weren't as bad as predicted, they only rustled slightly as I moved and where quite comfortable.

'Well done,' Carmilla said standing back slightly to admire her handiwork.

'I was right,' she said turning to the girls, 'he has got lovely, shapely legs.'

Both girls nod excitedly and I cower backwards worried what they might do next.

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