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The large switchboard that was affixed to the wall literally blazed with light, marking the many phone calls that were plaguing the small station.

On the other side of the chaotic room, Williams found Captain Taylor, who notified him of the situation.

"All hell has broken loose in this town, Shawn. The daughter of one of our city's most wealthy contributors was kidnapped last night, we have absolutely no leads concerning the condition of the girl or the identity of her assailant, and there is an extremely long line of reporters outside of the station's door."

The captain pulled Williams to the side and whispered, "I don't think that I need to tell you that the pressure to put an end to this thing is closing around the whole department. The girl's family has hired their own private detective to try and outdo us. If we don't find something to tell them about this soon, all of our badges will be hung in their mansion as trophies!"

Captain Taylor let go of Williams and strode a short distance and looked out of a nearby window. Williams waited patiently until the captain continued.

"I know that there is more than one night's mess to clean up, Williams. More than one girl. I haven't forgotten that, but unfortunately that's how our system works. As soon as something happens to either a rich or famous person - or someone who has ties to someone rich or famous - then the police goes into overdrive to catch the criminal."

The captain watched the frenzied mob of reporters outside of the station's third story window. "Look at them. They're scrambling around like ants at a picnic. Trying to get something, anything to put on their broadcasts or write in their papers. They won't get a damn thing; not if I have anything to say about it!"

His face was tightly drawn with annoyance. "That doesn't mean that they will give up, though. They've already gotten to a hell of a start this morning. Phone calls from tabloids, newspapers and crank calls! Look at this wall, for Christ's sake! It's lit up worse than a Fourth of July celebration in Vegas!"

The Captain was obviously distressed.

"I've noticed," said Williams. He followed the captain into his office. "How does this crime fit with the others?"

At his desk, the captain leaned forward in his chair. "All seven of these crimes, including the one last night, were all committed in some wooded area."

Williams let out a long sigh of frustration. "That doesn't help much. Jesus, what the hell do you think Grosse Arbre, or 'Big Tree' for people who don't know French, is full of? Forests and woods! What are we going to do now?"

Williams couldn't disguise his sarcasm as he bolted out of his chair. "Close down all of our city's parks? Tell those reporters that these young women were being abducted and murdered by Bigfoot? Warn females to beware of the Big Bad Wolf?"

The captain got up and stood face-to-face with Williams. "Don't patronize me, dammit! I'm doing all that I can for now! All of these grieving parents, the reporters, and the big-shot rich guy who's demanding justice because his daughter is missing, and now you! I'm counting on you to handle this situation, and possibly catch this maniac before he does this again!"

The captain took a deep breath before continuing, "A friend of the victim's discovered the crime scene when she saw an item that belonged to the missing girl. I want you to check the scene for clues that we may have missed. I'm sorry if my ideas on handling this case seem a bit off, but I thought that you of all people would understand the need to protect others from this fate."

Williams knew exactly what the captain was referring to. Too well. He remembered a crime, exactly like this one, a year before. That case involved a young woman that Williams knew. Intimately.

Mentally shaking himself out of his reverie, Williams realized that the captain was still talking to him. "I'm sorry. What did you say, Sir?"

The Captain shook his head.

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