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I brought my horse to a stop so that I could take my shirt off, then lift my undershirt over my head. The undershirt got caught in my hair, and by the time I had lifted it over my head, the entire squad had come to a halt, watching me. I enjoyed the look in their eye's - they wanted me. I shook my chest for effect. It really pleased me to see that they all couldn't take their eye's off me.

"OK, soldiers, you'll get plenty of time to look, get moving", the captain called out. He smiled at me as the squad started moving again. "Make sure they all get a good look."

I stayed like that for several hours, and the soldiers took it in turn to ride next to me. The captain changed both the point and rearguard riders so that they could ride next to me too. It was another opportunity to talk with them all. Or at least, for them to talk to my chest.

Our pleasant ride through the woods came to a sudden halt midway towards the end of the afternoon. I felt that I had heard a scream of pure terror. I looked around, but I didn't see anything, and none of the soldiers had heard anything. I heard it again, clearly the voice of a girl. This time I knew where it was coming from, just over the hill, though why I could only hear it in my mind, I didn't know. I called to the captain, and galloped over to his horse.

"What is it?", he asked

"Please, Captain, I hear screaming from over the hill". As I said this, I heard another voice, a cry of fear, that was cut off during the middle of cry. Death. I felt death for the first time. Ashes in my mouth.

Gong, who was riding next to the captain, said "I don't hear anything". I looked at the captain, his eyes were out of focus and he seemed to be thinking.

"Halt" he called. "There is a problem over the hill. It looks like an enemy attack on a small village. We will ride to the rescue". He began to bark out orders to the squad. Two of them were to wait with me and the dogs and horses. The others were divided into 3 groups, and the captain led them over the hill.

While I waited, I dressed again, and prepared a small bag of the things I'd likely need if there was anyone wounded. I was afraid. Why had I been able to sense this from over the hill? Nothing like that had ever happened before. I was no longer hearing voices, but I could strongly feel fear, filling me up, and adding to fear of my new sense.

It wasn't long before Ferret appeared over the hill and summoned me. I followed him into a small village with six houses. The dead lay all around, and some of the houses were burning. I couldn't see any of my squad. Ferret spoke to me. "They are around us looking for the enemy. We caught one alive but we think there is more. There is only 2 survivors, a mother and her daughter. They were raping the mother when we got here." Ferret's voice was low and tight. When I looked at him, I could see the anger in his face. "They were going to start on the daughter when they finished with her". He led me into the middle of the village, where there was a small open area.

In the middle of the open area was a woman laying on the ground sobbing, and a young girl, maybe 13 years old, was sitting next her crying. They were both covered in old ragged blankets. One of the soldiers, Digger, was standing over them. He looked at me. "These are the only living ones. The captain wants you to look at them. Anyone else living will be brought here too, and I am to help you".

Oh, no.

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