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When dinner was finished Jim escorted Joanne to a local dance hall where they slow danced the night away. Throughout the dances Jim would lightly kiss her neck and rub her back until Joanne felt as if she couldn't take anymore. At that point Jim escorted her to their car and drove them home. As they arrived at home he took out a blindfold and asked Joanne to put it on. Joanne was a little apprehensive but trusted Jim completely so she put the blindfold on and allowed him to escort her to their house.

Upon entering the house Jim whispered into Joanne's ear "Here is the surprise I've planned for you, but you must leave the blindfold on for now and trust that I won't hurt you My Love."

Jim then proceeded to lightly kiss Joanne's neck and slowly undo her evening gown. He then led her to the bedroom and proceeded to finish undressing her and then laying her on the satin covered bed. Jim then took each of Joanne's arms and legs and toed them to the bed so that she was comfortable. He then took a feather and lightly moved it across her face and neck before kissing her lightly on the lips and moving down. Jim then glided the feather across Joanne's breasts and nipples watching her nipples harden to the light touch. Lightly circling each nipple with the feather Jim then lightly licked the tip of each nipple and then glided the feather across her stomach towards her leg.

Joanne began moaning and writhing her hips trying to get Jim to touch her shaven haven. She realized what all the planning was for and that one of her most secret fantasies was about to come true. Joanne had always dreamed that one of her lovers would tie her and make slow love to her until she had to beg him to stop.

Jim knew that Joanne had realized what he had in store for her as she started moaning and writhing her hips trying to get him closer but he was far from done. He slid the feather lightly down her legs and slid it slowly across the souls of her feet before moving up and gliding the feather across the lips of her haven. Joanne's hips writhed and tried to hump the feather even more as Jim slowly rolled her over and whispered into her ear that there was more to come. He then took some strawberry scented oil and poured some onto Joanne's back and slowly massaged the oil into her back and neck. Jim continued to massage down Joanne's back and then started to massage her legs with the hot oil. He massaged her legs and feet, paying attention to the soles of her feet and her toes.

Jim then proceeded to pour oil on Joanne's tight ass and rub the oil all over. Joanne's hips were writhing all over and her moan were getting loader the more Jim touched her. Jim could tell that she already had two orgasms just from the touch of the feather and the massage and he knew there was going to be plenty more this night. As he massaged her ass he poured some oil onto his finger and slowly slid his finger into her butt hole and wiggled it around while lightly touching her wet haven.

Jim then rolled Joanne back over onto her back and removed her blindfold and kissed her passionately.

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