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Hot Town, Summer in the City.

Irma stood, supreme in her triumph as she prepared to humiliate him, her cunt hot at the prospect at having her new male expose his willing submission for the first time.

"Tell them, tell them what you did in awe of my dominance!" He felt the eyes of each woman burn into him, ready to unleash their scorn, and baulked at the task for just a moment; Irma placed the cane under his chin, and gave him a superior sneer, and the sheer presence of her dominant form had him obey meekly without further hesitation

"I... I came... orgasmed... without masturbating." The sneers and laughter of the women was expressed with both sincerity and some exaggeration, humiliating him superbly; the feeling of having his ego reduced so thoroughly by spiteful women had his cock pulsing rock hard, and his anus tingling as though a naughty boy scolded by a strict teacher. He now found himself at some ease after blushing with embarrassment, and yearning for further humiliation, which was swift in coming. Irma stepped forward and nestled her womanly frontal bulge to his face.

"Sniff my cunt in preparation for what's to come... we all want to see you nice and horny, being as you come so easily." The comments from the other women continued as he slipped his nose to the now sopping camel-toe, and sniffed hard at the spicy scent, the lush aroma becoming an elixir to him; he hoped upon hope she'd have him sniff at her arsehole too. Eunice's contempt for him, and her desire to see him punished, grew inexorably as she watched him sniff at Irma's cunt like a suckling pup at its mother's teat.

"I'll bet he masturbates daily, he's so feeble. You'll need to keep his little cock locked up tight Irma, so's he performs adequately on the rare occasion he's allowed relief." The spiteful ginger bitch stood close, Drake seeing the gloriously milky white thighs through the corner of his eye, his cock boning as he imagined the soft brown pucker she'd have, tight and wondrously savoury on his tongue; he yearned to oblige her request. Her delectable and cutting spite had his cock oozing with her next comment as she stroked his hair.

"Ohhh!, I do hope we see him spunk spontaneously again... I'd so like to watch his disgrace, then punish him for it." Irma smiled in ironic fashion at the girl, pulling Drake's head away from her tingling cunt and then staring him in the eyes.

"Oh he's going to be punished for it, and he's going to come again, and you and everyone here is going to have satisfaction from him." She flicked her cane and licked her lips, Drake's anus squeezed at the plug.

"...and what is it you deserve for wasting your seed without permission?" Her whole body seemed to shimmer as she stood tall over him and flexed the cane between both hands. Drake gasped in trying to catch his breath and tell her what she wanted to hear... what he feared... and what his stiff cock told him he must endure; his fear being that he'd crave the pain.

"I...I deserve.. deserve to be caned." The women sneered and all moved closer, excited at the prospect of seeing him thrashed. Irma's cruel smile broadened, as she pointed her cane to the exposed and wide arm of the padded leather sofa.

"Over you go! I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this, and you'll spend before I'm done." Two of the women grabbed his arms, and led him stumbling to the arm, pulling him over as another caressed his legs, then bound his ankles with a silk ribbon. The sultry blonde had a gratuitous feel of his balls after doing so, the pressure making his stomach churn, but bolting his cock rock solid.

"We don't want your legs flailing about when the pain bites, and secured, you'll appreciate the sting of the cane so much more.

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