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By herself, but not alone.

It was as if she had come to some decision about her circumstances.

They stared at each other for long minutes and then she uncurled her body sitting up slowly and without taking her eyes from his she untied the belt around her waist letting the robe fall open. Patrick's heart beat faster as he sat back on his heels watching as she stood and let the robe fall from her body to pool on the floor around her feet. His breath caught in his throat and his blood flowed down to his groin engorging his cock, as his eyes swept down her body absorbing the curve of her breasts tipped by dark pointed nipples, the soft indent of her navel, the swell of her hips each side of the dark triangle of her pubic hair, the long length of her thighs.

His mouth went dry as he looked up at her, his need taking away any ability to think.

All he could do was just feel.

Just feel and want.

He watched as she walked away from him towards the bedroom, the two twin globes of her buttocks enticingly swaying with each leisurely step, and getting up he followed her.

No words had been spoken out loud between them, but the message was loud and clear in the silent flat, and he obeyed her instructions walking into the bedroom to watch as she lay down upon the bed, her body lying back invitingly.

Pulling his tee shirt over his head he revealed his body, the bruises now a deep mix of green and purple, and then his jeans down his long hair covered legs. Rachel lay looking up at him, her face expressionless, and her demeanour upon the bed accepting. His cock stood out rigid, his balls hanging down below heavy, and he climbed upon the bed and her body without a word said.

They rolled across the bed a tangle of legs, arms, and hands and her breasts rubbed against his chest, his belly against her belly. Sensations rocketed through his body, and the soft noises of skin touching skin, the rustling of sheets, the wet sounds of kisses and the gentle sound of sighs was the background noise as they made love.

Subtly the exchange of power had moved.

He had given himself to her and she had taken it.


The Policeman opened the back door of the small car and carefully opened the handbag on the back seat using a pen. Removing the black leather credit card folder using a handkerchief so as not to smudge any fingerprints he opened it up and saw the name.

"It's our missing woman all right." and looking around at the other policeman who stood looking into the drivers door, "any sign of a struggle?"

"Keys are still in the ignition." Pointing over to the door of the unit, "The glass is broken. Let's go and look inside the building."

Taking a deep breath to steady their nerves as to what they both thought they might find in the abandoned building the two coppers walked to the door and carefully opened it. Walking into the first room they saw the cardboard on the floor, a tangled and knotted bandage lying forlornly on the brown cardboard.

"Looks like this was used to tie her." Looking around the room he said, "No sign of her in here, you take the rest of the downstairs, I'll go up."

Carefully walking up the stairs the copper listened for any sign of life. Reaching the top he turned into the first room and stopped in front of the chair, the remains of the cut and knotted stockings laying on the floor and the shoes where Rachel had removed them sitting there forlornly.

"Dave...up here." He shouted.

The other policeman came up and stopped next to his colleague, "Looks like she was bound up here to the chair." Pointing at the discarded empty water bottle, "We should be able to get some DNA from that, and fingerprints."

Lifting the radio from his pocket he phoned in their find.


Darwin walked into his office in the rented house in Dulwich. He held the phone to his ear, "Three hundred grand in cash. Fifty pound notes. Packed split into two bags. Get it here for tomorrow."

Turning to his number two he smiled, "Forty grand for two desperate little tow rags is a little rich, they'll accept what I give them on the

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