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Two ladies meet a cowboy in a white hat.

When I still refused to say that her breasts were better, Raven began tickling my sensitive armpits with her fingertips. I was squirming around and my heart was racing, but she was relentless.

Then Carla said, "Just tell Raven that she has better breasts than you and she'll stop tickling you, at least for a while."

I took Carla's advice and Raven ceased the torturous touch of her fingertips under my arms. Raven proceeded to pull down her little white bikini panties exposing her fire red bush. She stood in front of me, grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me close. Raven then started rubbing her hairy triangle against mine. I think she was actually trying to rub our pussy lips together, but she could never get into the right position. It ended up felling a little scratchy, so when Raven asked who had the better pussy, I immediately answered that she did.

Raven picked up the feather, moved the chair behind me and took a seat right in front of my bare butt. She started rubbing the feather all over my butt cheeks and then she moved to the crack of my ass. Raven gently ran the stiff feather up and down my sensitive butt crack. It was an incredible sensation, but I couldn't stand it for very long and started begging her to stop. Raven ignored me for a while and continued running the feather up and down the crack of my ass, which almost caused me to go out of my mind. Finally, she moved in front of me and began tickling my inner thighs with the feather, which was equally unbearable.

Raven stopped tickling me for a while and placed one of my ankles up on the edge of the chair. She straddled my leg and began rubbing her snatch up and down my thigh. Raven would occasionally pause, place her love button on my kneecap and then rotate her hips around. Eventually, Raven would go back to rubbing her pussy up and down my leg. I could tell that she was getting excited because there was a big wet streak on my thigh from her pussy juices.

Then I heard moaning, but it wasn't coming from Raven. I looked over and noticed that Carla was lying on the bed with her dress open and her bra pushed up above her beautiful breasts. Her big melons were hanging out in the open and her panties were down around her ankles. Carla was fingering her own pussy, while her other hand touched and caressed her nipples. She was really having fun with herself.

As Raven continued rubbing her wet pussy up and down my leg, Carla also continued thrusting her finger into her own pretty brown bush. Soon Raven and Carla were moaning louder and I knew that the end was near for both of them. As Carla started thrashing around on the bed, Raven began pushing her snatch hard into my thigh. I recognized Carla's screams and I knew that she was having an orgasm, but Raven wasn't finished yet.

Raven was still straddling my leg and rubbing her pussy against my soft skin. She began to gyrate her hips around in a circle, allowing her pussy to rub against my leg in a circular motion. I tightened my thigh to try and enhance Raven's pleasure. Then with a big groan, Raven finally climaxed. When she climbed off of me, my leg was soaked from her pussy juices.

Raven and Carla put their uniforms back on and then they returned to finish me off. Raven began tickling my inner thighs again and then slowly moved up the front of my body until she'd reached my breasts again. Carla didn't want to wait any longer, so she decided to help out by kneeling down between my legs and sticking her tongue right into my pussy.

As Raven continued to tickle my tender pink nipples with the feather, Carla started massaging my clit with her tongue.

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