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Tracey and Buttercup work in Gomorrah.

Her eyes bulged at his girth as she leaned forward to plant her 34D's directly into his face. She crushed her breasts around his cheeks tensing up at his volcanic exhales on her flesh. As she pulled back he followed her forward and took the chance of sucking on her nipples. Candi froze up and wanted to leap away but she knew that reaction might get caught on film and upset Damian.

Sensually dangling her head back she allowed his mouth to playfully feed on her. Her sighs built up as it felt more and more erotic. With a deep breath she broke away offering a kiss to Jesse's lips.

She crawled over Jesse to greet Andy next to him as she stretched out over his lap laying on her tummy. He roamed his hands up her spine and across her white shorts lightly patting her ass.

While allowing Andy to pamper her she peered up at Roger licking her lips and blowing a kiss. Mischievous eyes led astray toward Brent beside Andy as her hands slid along his erection. She marveled at its definition surmising it to be an easy 7 inches. At that point she questioned how far she should go. Damian wanted Bold, but the question was, Bold as in her own nudity or as in others?

Instead she chose to roll over in Andy's lap facing up to look him in the eye. She pouts as she uses her finger to reel in Roger for a close-up. Eying the camera she softly speaks, "Hi, Baby! I'm going to get bolder. I'm not certain your definition of bolder so blame yourself if I go too far on my own. I love you, Damian. Andy here is going to take my shorts off now. Be with you in a moment." She then palms Andys face with a tender caress and whispers, "Help me, Andy. I need you to feel my bare ass."

Andy in turn reaches down and unbuttons her shorts. Unzipped he assists pulling them off of her hips and thighs. Within seconds he tosses them on the floor. She was not wearing panties. Both Brent beside him and Andy admired her freshly shaved pussy. Only a very fine golden strip of peach fuzz bordered her sweet smelling snatch. She runs her fingers through it then dips across her hole to moisten her fingertips. She then raises that hand behind her head to Brent's mouth. He in turn licks her fingers. This released a moan out of Candi. She was becoming intensely aroused.

Roger was zooming in on her face for emotion. She discovered him and lifted her fingers toward the camera. Shifting focus Roger licked her fingers and uttered, "Damn Damian! Your ole lady's pussy is sweet tasting."

Hearing that made her leap up in Andy's lap, turning to face him. She gyrated her thighs over his erection and once again kissed him with a lingering open mouth. Tongues swirling. Roger panned in on their sweltering kiss.

Seconds pass before she eases away from his lap to rest on her knees in the carpet at Andy and Brent's feet. She sits on her heels and admires the erections of Andy and Brent. Leaning in she rolls her palms over their hard-ons. They groaned at her attentiveness. Five more tender hand rolls over them she turns her profile to Roger, "I think they like me, Damian. I wonder? Can I let them jack off for me later? I take that as a Yes."

She crawls away from them reaching Jesse again extending a hand to pinch his jeans. "My Jesse. You must be a big boy. Do you want to jack off for me beside Andy and Brent?" She eyes Victor and wags her tongue at him, "How about you Victor? You're saluting me. Jack off for me?"

No reply as she eyes Kevin. In turn she reverts her eyes to the camera, "Should I let little Brother jack off for me too? You created this monster, Damian. I'm going to allow him too. Bold enough for you?"

Kevin sneers at the camcorder then leans over her while she talks to the camera. He clutches her hair and yanks her up until she crawls into his lap. His aggression scares her some but she resists any panic. Kevin pulls her up to him and wraps his arms around her waist and buries his face into her tits. Her nipples are bitten and sucked on intensely forcing dangerous moans of pleasure through her body.

He then runs his right hand u

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