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The Trouble with the Safety Angel.

"Wow Mike. How you've grown. I'm sure it didn't used to be that big!" I sat her up on the sofa and knelt over her legs so my cock was resting on her sexy bulge. She took my cock in both hands and started to rub it with a firm smooth motion sometimes cupping my balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other.

For a few minutes she put her hands flat of my cock so it was pressed against her sexy belly and masturbated me with her bump. That was so horny I had my orgasm right then, pouring my cum out onto her hands and her belly while pumping my cock against her smooth skin. It felt good to be unloading my cock over my sister. She squeezed me and stroked my cock so the last drop of cum dribbled out onto her. There was so much of it! She'd really excited me.

"Sorry I've made a bit of a mess."

"No, we made a mess and it's OK. It's good for my skin!" She was rubbing my semen into her belly and rolling my cock around at the same time. I was in heaven.

Afterwards I made her a drink and we sat touching and chatting. She asked me if I really had had wet dreams about her. I told her I still did and she squeezed my hand. My head rested on her lower belly, I kissed her bump and lovingly fondled her breasts while I told her in graphic detail what I dreamed about. She started to wriggle her bottom and squeeze her legs together.

"Stop it you're turning me on again!" she said. I stood up and offered her my hands. In for a penny...

"Come to bed with me. I want to fuck you." She hesitated a moment and my heart beat fast. Then she lifted her hands and let me pull her up. As she stood facing me she smiled then kissed me.

Pulling away a little she whispered in my ear, "And we won't have to use any protection. I'm already pregnant."

I took her hands and moved round so I was standing behind her with my hands on her belly and gently steered her towards the bedroom. Once there I lifted her smock off her arms and kissed her neck and shoulders as I released the small catch on her bra to let her beautiful breasts swing free. Cupping them, one in each hand I caressed her nipples with my finger while she leaned back against me and relaxed under my touch.

Then I reached round and undid the fastening of her trousers and let them fall to the floor. She was standing in her knickers with my naked cock pressing against her cheeks and while I rubbed her belly and stroked her pussy.

I turned her round and knelt before her, kissing her belly and then sitting back I placed my hands on her hips and slowly eased her white knickers down revealing her soft pubic hair and then her pussy lips before her knickers fell to the floor. I gently kissed down her belly until I was able to separate her legs a little and just taste her aromatic wetness with the tip of my tongue.

Then I was easing her backwards onto the bed, lifting her legs up and apart, exposing her beautiful pussy with its soft furry mound, its slightly parted lips not quite concealing a wet smooth vagina. My dreams came true as I lowered my mouth to kiss my sister's cunt. Her pregnant musk filled my senses and my cock rose thicker and harder. She moaned a little and whispered "Yes." Then I sat up and looked at her soft naked full-bellied body waiting with her closed eyes and an expectant smile on her face for me to penetrate her. I didn't need to ask again. I lowered my self onto her. My cock found a soft warm wetness that yielded to my firm pressure. She lifted her hips in invitation and I slid the full length of my cock into her tight cunt pressing slowly until the head of my cock was lodged deep against her womb. She sighed with pleasure and I groaned with delight as yet another wet dream became reality.

I slowly fucked her, feeling her respond with tightening and squeezes so my cock and balls were stroked by her pussy muscles.

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