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Part Three of Perfect Day - Sharing the day of a D/s couple.

When she finished paying for the book, I asked if she would care to have a soda or some coffee with me over at the cafe that I had in the store. I was pleased that she said yes. This was the start of something different Kim and I would meet like this two or three times a week, by the third week she actually touched my hand.

I didn't see Kim for several days after our last meeting, I knew I had no right to feel anything for her after all I was older than she was and we joked about it a few times she told me she liked my gray hair, "It looks great on you Sean." I buried my head in my work, Then one night just as I was ready to close the store I heard the door bang open and it was Kim calling out my name. "Sean are you here? Please be here, I need help." I moved quickly to the front of the store and saw Kim was in a very disheveled state. "What's wrong Kim?" I asked. Kim let out a short sob, "My boyfriend, Mark just tried to rape me."

"Is he still outside?" I demanded. Kim nodded her head yes. I brought her to the back where there is a couch and I told her to sit tight and call the police. I gave her my cell phone, remembering my old military training I went out the back of the store, it didn't take me long to find this Mark, he was calling for Kim without let up. I gave him one quick punch to the kidney and he was down for the count. I whispered in his ear, "The police are on their way asshole, and this is my only warning, you ever try to hurt that girl or any other girl in this town I will find you, do you understand?" Mark nodded his head yes. I pulled him off the ground and told him to get out. He whined about his car and I told him he should be glad he's only loosing a car. When the police arrived I told them the story and they towed the car. Mark would be in jail by 10:00 pm.

I went back into the store and found Kim still on the couch reading and I told her what went on outside and this made her laugh. I could see that Kim's T-shirt was ripped at the shoulder and I also noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, I could see her smallish breasts jiggle about as she moved. I went to get her some water and a fresh store T-shirt. "Your's is ripped." I pointed out as I sat next to her. Kim told me what happened, I found myself stroking her hair. Kim didn't move, she turned to face me and said, "Thank you, Sean for all of your help." I told her it was no problem at all. Then I got up the nerve to kiss her on the lips. I was very surprised when she didn't jump off the couch. We started tentatively pecking at each other's lips, then our kissing became more intense with Kim putting her arms around my neck.

I swallowed my surprise and I heard Kim repeat between kisses, "Thank you, Sean." Kim kept her eyes closed. I got a little bolder and I started to move my hand up and down her side each time moving closer to her breasts and then contact! I felt her try to brush my hand away but not with a lot of effort, she then took my hand and put it under her shirt so I could feel her naked breasts. My hand started kneading her breast and Kim let out a sigh of relief? Happiness? Kim was thrusting her breasts towards me as I rolled a nipple between my fingers. My next move was even bolder, I started to remove her T-shirt exposing her small but beautiful breasts, her nipples were erect and hard. Kim let out a soft "Oh!" As I kissed each breast circulating my tongue around each nipple. "Sean! Ahh!" Kim moaned as my hand stole down to her crotch and started to rub against it gently but firmly, she started to lift her whole body towards me as she became more aroused.

Kim's undulating body was driving me wild, I undid her shorts and pushed them down off of her hips, I noticed that she had very small tan lines and that her pussy was nearly hairless.

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