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Two best friends discover a new kind of love.

"Give it a try. You told me you'd love to dance naked in front of a lot of men. There's a lot here," he laughed.

Susie took a big breath. She REALLY wanted to do this, but she felt overwhelmed.

"You'll need to sign up soon. The deadline is in about ten minutes. The manager will have a meeting with all the girls in about fifteen minutes," Angel told her. "And baby, you don't HAVE to get naked. Every contest has a couple who don't get completely naked. It's how I got started. And, girl, it really IS fun! And YOU'LL make a lot of money in tips"

Susie sighed. She looked at her guys one more time and then told Angel, "OK, I'll do it...if you will help."

"Come on," Angel took her hand. "Let's get you signed up before you chicken out."

Jim smacked her on the ass as she went by. "Good luck. Make us proud."

Susie's head was spinning as she followed Angel. Could she get naked for a room of men? She was excited...and scared. I hope I don't fall on my ass, she thought.

Angel got her signed up and then took her to the dressing room. They looked through her costumes and talked about what to expect and how to act.

"Don't get naked too fast. Give them something to anticipate."

"But you got naked on the first song."

"Yeah, but I know how to work the room. You'll probably run out of things to do. Then your routine will drag and that's when you'll lose it. As you do more of these you'll get a routine down. I have about ten of routines. You just need one tonight. Emphasize your best assets." She looked her over. "I would think your ass would be an asset. Let me see your boobs."

Susie looked at her in surprise. "Honey, we're both women. And a bunch of guys are gonna see you naked tonight. Don't get embarrassed on me. If you can't strip for me, you don't need to go out there.

Susie pulled her shirt over her head and reached behind and undid her bra. When she took it off Angel looked at her boobs critically.

"Wow, your boobs are nice. No sag, not real big, but they are really nice. Natural. Let me put some rouge on them, and some dark lipstick on your nipples."

Angel reached for her rouge and lipstick and started working on Susie. At first Susie was uncomfortable with another woman touching her but she warmed up quickly.

"Will you get naked?"

"I hope so," Susie smiled.

"Well, let me see your pussy."

Susie stripped off her jeans and panties and stood before her stark naked. Angel walked around her, inspecting her body. "Yeah, your ass is your winning asset."

She took some more rouge and enhanced her ass. Angel turned her around. "Pussy hair. Very light and thin. That will work well. Guys love bald pussies but they also love blond pussies."

She got down on her knees in front of her. "Your clit is well hidden. You lips look great. Almost like a little girl. The guys will love that. Here, let me show you a trick."

She got some lubricant on her fingers and opened up her lips and rubbed them into her pussy. "Everyone will think you're excited. Before you go out there rub your pussy lips a bit to get them engorged."

"Is that what you do?"

"Of course, baby. It's all a show. Sometimes I get excited out there and it's real pussy juice, but six shows a night? I don't always get turned on. But this helps me always get the good tips."

"You get excited out there?"

"Sometimes. And when I get excited...well, that makes for the best shows. I have this one guy, Marty, who comes about once a month. He is SO hot. I'll do the legs over the shoulders thing with him." Then with a wink, she said "And I'll masturbate for him right there. Sometimes I'll fake an orgasm out there, but not for him. It's real for him."

"Wow...they let you masturbate out there?"

"Depends on who's in charge that night. When Harry's here, he lets things go. Harry's here tonight," she said with a wink.

Susie thought about that. She didn't think she could ever masturbate on stage in front of all those men. Her thoughts went back to the window at the hotel. She really liked giving that show.

"Does it ever get out of hand out t

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