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The maid punishes, Gordon succumbs.

Let's get you out of these right now! Her hands unbuckle your belt and slides your zipper down, your jeans fall to the floor she pulls your sweatshirt over your head. She pulls your mouth to hers and explores your mouth with her tongue. "It feels like you are glad to see me she teases as she grips your cock through your plain tightie-whities." She uses both hands to scratch your chest and pinch your nipples as she drops to her knees and pulls off your shoes and socks. Almost naked she leads you into her bedroom turns and embraces you. After a long passionate kiss the two of you fall to the bed, kissing and groping like two teenagers in the back seat of a car. Your hands search for the hooks on her bra but the silky material on her back offers no release, You roll on your back and pull her on top of you where she straddle your legs and grinds her pussy into your still trapped cock. She places her hands on your chest and pushes away kneading your tiny tits as she does.

"You are such an awesome lover, Louise, why don't we do this more often?" You pant as she works you over.

"Because Katy would start to figure it out, lover boy! Besides, I only really get into my slut mode once In a while and you're such a good learner. I wouldn't want to break in somebody new." Your hands were busy massaging her ribs and chest looking for the hooks that would free the mounds of pleasure half hidden in the cups of her bra. Suddenly you notice a ribbon between her breasts; instinctively you bite it and pull it half way down. Kissing the gap between the cups you find two firm breasts with swollen tits just begging to be adored. You work your magic from first one to the other and back.

"I told you that you learned fast! You know just what I like and you aren't in a hurry." She panted as the bra falls away. You roll her to the side and work your way down her belly as you stroked her thighs. Your cock was more that ready having had no use since you last saw Jerry. Did you save yourself on purpose? Was it a mistake? Could you control yourself? You pull her panties to one side and kiss the full beaver you find above her vulva. Louise was old school, natural, at least between her legs. She reminded you of the first pussy you ever saw. Before you learned just how sweet they were. Sweet Sally Mae, your prom date and your first fuck. A summer romance that lasted until you both left for different schools. You exchange a few letters, you knew it was over but you could never forget her.

"Get those panties off, lover. You can't eat pussy properly with those in the way. What are you thinking about, get to work." Louise knew what she wanted and wasn't bashful about keeping you on track. You slip her panties off and crawl between her wide open thighs kissing the tops of her stockings, licking her taint, nibbling on her pussy lips teasing her. Forcing her to beg for what she knew you knew she wanted. "What are you waiting for? You know what I like! Get that tongue busy a little lower. Kiss that sweet little rose bud. You know you want to."

It was almost always like this, you tease as she urges you on. You kiss all around her sensitive bud waiting for her to get impatient. "Get that tongue to work, buster, don't tease me any more, lick my ass right now get in there like you know you want to."

It was time, four or five long strokes over her hole and then a little tongue fucking. You savor the sweetness of her ass. She must put some honey in there you think again, no one else is as sweet or as clean; she even smells delicious! Your cock is still hard, wanting attention, could you control yourself. "Higher now lover, that was lovely but my pussy is getting jealous, get me ready, I want you in me!"

You gladly move up to her pussy, long slow licks from the lower reaches to her clit.

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