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Son gets the kinks out of mom.

She cried out excitedly when I eased my finger between her vagina lips.

"Ohhhhh! That's so good! Would you like to see me doing things like the girls in those magazines Mr Thompson? Would you like to take some pictures of me? I can stay late. My parents are out."

"I certainly would Emma. Shall we go upstairs?"

I live in a flat above the shop. We went upstairs into my lounge and I got my camera.

"What would you like to see me do Mr Thompson?"

I swallowed. All the filthy things I'd imagined this little whore doing while I masturbated thinking of her flooded into my mind.

"I'd like to watch you slowly taking your clothes off Emma. Start by crouching on the coffee table with your knees together."

She did just that, showing an appetising little peep of her white knickers.

"Now slowly swing your legs as wide as you can get them"

She spread her legs wide, treating me to full frontal upskirt of her white knickers.

"I'm sorry I'm not in exciting underwear like the girls in the pictures Mr Thompson. My mother always says good girls wear white underwear."

I could imagine her mother saying that.

"I think your knickers are very sexy just the way they are Emma"

She slowly unbuttoned her dress at the front and let it drop behind her off her shoulders. She was a big boobed girl, the straps of her good girl bra were thin, and the sheer lacy cups only just slung her breasts. I took some underwear shots, then off came her bra, and she knelt on the table with her big breasts swinging gently. Her panties matched her bra. They were taut over the bulge of her sex mound and see through enough to show the dark shadow of her bush.

"It's so exciting ... A man seeing my breasts. Do you like my breasts Mr Thompson? They're as big as the girls in the pictures."

They certainly were! I told her they were delicious, and ran my hands over them to express my admiration. Her red-brown young nipples were already erect, peaking from big pink areoles, and she gasped every time I brushed her nipples with my fingers the way that always turns girls on.

I snapped her in her panties from every angle, then as she slowly slipped them off with my camera folIowing the white cotton every inch down her long legs. She knelt on the table with her legs wide for me to snap her nude. Her young love slit was ringed by a neat bush of fresh dark brown pubic hair. Spreading her legs pulled her vagina open and I moved in for a close for a shot of her pink, juice soaked labia.

"My mother says only dirty girls have hair between their legs. I'm not a dirty girl Mr Thompson."

I grinned at her but didn't say anything. She looked at me as if she wanted to say something but her face went red with embarrassment before she spoke.

"Mr Thompson, will you show me your ... thing." She blushed as if good girls don't say words like cock, dick or penis. "I've never seen a naked man."

I didn't need much prompting. My "thing" felt like it was going to explode out through my pants. I unzipped, eased it out and stood with it pointing straight at her sweet young slit peeping through her neat brown bush, then I stripped naked. Though I'm twice her age I keep myself fit and muscular. I've got nothing to be ashamed of, especially not my eight inches of hard muscle. I nearly jerked my load when she ran her fingers over my balls and shaft, then held my shaft in her hand gently stroking it


"It's so big and stiff! Are those your ... balls?" She gave me a mischievous grin. "Is that what's called an erection ... because you want sex with me?"

Lust and excitement were replacing her shyness! Her eyes were wide and her sweet young face showed her amazement as her hands explored a man's erect penis and balls for her first ever time.

"What's the nicest place to touch it, Mr Thompson?"

I showed her my frenulum, that so sensitive spot just under my penis head, and how to smoothly run her finger tips round the ridge round its base, and how to gently stroke my balls.

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