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Nicole Evans loses her anal virginity to Jamie King.

The wildest part is that while he has taught me, and taken ownership of me, he has always empowered me like that. He has built me up to know how strong I am and to control myself even as he has stripped away my desire to be controlled by anyone but him.

He went to the bar and brought back a glass of ice. Without asking he filled my wine glass with the ice and said, "Now just sip. Let the ice melt. As it melts, drink it. Keep your glass topped off with ice and add another splash of wine here and there. This way you can drink all night while your girlfriends are getting shit-faced, but you'll be able to drink right along with them all night without losing control."

Pretty good stuff, right? I still do that all the time and truth be told I also do have control of my life because I have the choice to leave this life at any time, but baby believe me, I wouldn't leave this life for anything. I feel like a sex goddess slave to a king of the world.

Right now, I was hoping for some of that sex. Those memories had me fired up for this amazing man, Master, and dominating influence over me.

He didn't know it but he was dominating my pussy right that moment because it's all I could think about. I wanted to get fucked really, really hard.

I dipped under the water, swimming up to him. I could see the dark outline of his cock as he floated with his feet dragging on the bottom of the shallow end of the pool. I swam right along his body, up toward him and startled him as I made contact. My head popped out of the water right in front of his face and I wrapped my body around him. I put my lips close to his ear and whispered, "Master, please fuck your slave. She needs your cock inside her. She wants your hot cum to fill her soul." I lifted my tits up into his face. "These girls miss you too."

That kind of talk always gets him. Who's in control now?

Believe me, if I had any control, Master took it right back. No sooner than I had spoken, I felt his cock pressing against my thigh as it hardened and straightened and started to lay against the crack of my ass.

"Well, since you ask so nicely." He lifted me up and and tried to push his cock in, but he missed and I reached down and grabbed it, guiding into me. It slid in, and within a few strokes he was buried deep inside of me. My insides felt full. I filled his head with more syrupy, seductive murmurings.

"Oh Master, your cock is so big." I said in my most playful seductress voice. "I feel it in my throat."

"Oh, you'll feel it in your throat girl." He chuckled, then thrust into me so hard I thought my hips would break.

"Please Master." I continued my game. "Your slave loves her Masters cock in her throat, but right now her pussy is begging to be filled with you."

He didn't waste any time. He gripped my hips and the water began to splash as he started slamming me down on his cock and thrusting up into me at the same time. Oh my god, I thought I was going to die it felt so good.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good" i said, not playfully, but as sincerely as I think I could ever sound. He truly did feel huge in me. I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my cervix, or whatever it is that he hits in there that makes me feel like I've been impaled to the hilt. The angle was perfect.

I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around him, enjoying the feeling of my wet nipples sliding over his wet chest. The thrusts kept coming but not as hard or penetrating so I leaned back again and the next thrust brought back that thumping cock inside me. It made me think I was going to cum already. I ground my hips against him, matching his rhythm.

We fucked like that for a long while, the pressure building up inside me toward a massive orgasm. Each time his cock hit my depths, I ground my clit against his pubic bone. It made his dick shift deep inside me. Whatever that big cock was doing in there, it felt amazing.

I was so ready to cum.

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