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Two maids wonder at the difference between men and women.

"Oh, Mark! Why didn't you..." she began but then bit her tongue and hustled me inside. I stood dripping in her foyer.

"Get those off and I'll get you a towel and a robe."

I wrestled with the wet denim and obstinate buttons until I was down to my boxers and shivering. I felt like I was getting sick.

She returned handing me a big towel. She held up a robe but it was far too small to fit me. I was far taller and bigger than either my mother or father, a source of perennial jokes around the Thanksgiving table about the tall mailman.

My body clenched up and I sneezed, hard, catching me off guard.

"Everything, little mister," she said with a grin. "Nothing I haven't seen a thousand times." I hesitated and then stripped off my boxers and continued to towel myself.

I heard the dryer start and wrapped the towel around my waist. My mother came back and gave me a hug and then felt my forehead.

"You're burning up! How long have you been sick?" she asked as she hustled me down the hall to her bedroom.

"I don't know. I guess I started feeling like shi.. uh, crap this afternoon. The rain just pushed it over the edge I think."

"Get in," she said in a no nonsense tone, pointing at her bed. I awkwardly obeyed, slipping under the covers up to my waist and using the towel to dry my hair off more.

When I finally settled down, I could feel the heat of my fever, but was glad for the comforter on the bed.

My mother went into nurturing mode bringing me a light meal, some aspirin, and ginger ale. I laughed. I hadn't had ginger ale since I was ten.

She settled into the chair in the room as I ate and then laid back. I told her about my business trip and what Lucy and the kids and I had been up to since our last visit with her.

Shifting in the bed, I groaned a little. Seeing her look of concern, I mumbled, "Aching."

She started talking about when I was kid, the times I'd get sick and she'd take care of me. She'd really been a very good Mom to have and I told her so.

"Well, do you think you need the 'special treatment' before you try to sleep?" There was a silence.

In some part of my brain, I guess I'd concluded that the 'special treatment' was some fantasy I'd had as a teenager in the heat of hormones. I was sure it had never actually happened, but here my Mom was asking me if I wanted it.

I was speechless.

She smiled and went to her bathroom. She came back with a warm damp washcloth and laid it on the bedside table. Then she went over to her dresser. Opening the middle drawer I saw a jumble of lace, satin, nylon, and cotton lingerie. She hummed lightly until she found just the right one. I knew what it was before she pulled it out.

Size 9 pink nylon full briefs with lace accents. They were three sizes too big for my mother but I knew they would fit... me.

My heart was pounding and my cock was starting to get hard when she pulled the covers off to expose me. I obediently drew my legs out from under the covers and let her slip the panties on over them. I shuddered in pleasure as she pulled them up my body, the silky nylon caressing my calves and thighs.

Then I lifted my bottom and she pulled them into place. They engulfed me, completely covering my rigid cock, my bottom and up above my navel. She helped me get my feet back under the covers and then brought the covers back up to my neck.

I swallowed hard as I watched her bring her chair to the side of the bed and slide her arm under the covers. I moaned as her hand found my cock.

She began almost playing with it, sliding it around in all the nylon, wrapping the nylon around it or pulling the panties different ways against my bottom or waist.

It was so wrong but it tapped into my deep-set desires. I felt her fingers expertly touching my cock, rubbing the edge of the head then stroking the hard shaft. She even cupped and caressed my full balls through the cotton gusset of the panties.

"I think you still like this," she said with a naughty smile. "I know it will relax you and help you to sleep. It always did."

I began to squirm a little, foggy in my head because o

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