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Couple enjoys passionate getaway.

ve you been?"

"Not to bad Addie. How goes the search for orgasms?"

Before she could answer Mavis was there and Adelaide ordered a vodka tonic and Mavis looked at me and asked, "Your tab?"

"No. The lady is paying her own way."

Adelaide flinched at that and then said, "There is no search Rob and there hasn't been."

"Good old Kevin able to do the job first time out?"

"There was no Kevin Rob. I didn't go through with it. If you would have let me talk to you I would have been able to tell you that."

"I wouldn't have believed you so there was no point in talking to you."

"It is the truth Rob; nothing happened."

"Here is the way it was Adelaide. It took me a little over four hours to load up my truck and get ready to leave. According to Sally's message you were meeting her and your fuck toy at six. If you had walked back into the house by seven and said you were home because you just couldn't go through with it I might - just might - have believed you, but there was no way - no fucking way - that I would have believed you if you had been gone three or more hours and you had already been gone over four when I left.

"Even if I had believed you it wouldn't have changed anything. Our relationship had already died the night previous when you told me what you were going to do. You didn't even have to fuck Kevin to destroy our marriage because by the time you met him the marriage was over. You killed our marriage when you told me what you really thought of me."

"What are you saying Rob?"

"You know exactly what I'm saying Adelaide."

"No I don't."

"You showed me how little you thought of me when you told me what you were going to do and then expected me to just sit still for it. That told me what your real opinion of me was. A spineless wimp that you could fuck around on and have me accept it. No way in hell we could ever had any kind of meaningful relationship after that. No Adelaide, talking with you would have changed nothing."
"Oh my God Rob, I never thought any such thing. I thought I could talk you into letting me do that little something for myself. I thought we loved each other enough that I could show you that letting me do it wouldn't hurt us any. I wasn't talking long term affair or anything like that. Just one time to see what it was like, but you got up and stormed out before I could make my case."

"Get serious Adelaide. My reaction to what you told me told you everything you needed to know about how I felt about the idea and you went anyway. And what if Kevin hadn't given you an orgasm? Who would you try next? How many more would you have wanted to try out to get that orgasm?"

"It wouldn't have been that way Rob; I swear that it wouldn't have been that way."

"You say that now Adelaide, but it is after the fact and I'm not believing it. If you were willing to risk your marriage to try on Kevin and on the remote chance I would have gone along with it and he hadn't gotten it done you would have thought that I'd let you get away with it once so I'd probably let you try again. And even if I would have said no to a second try you would have done what you did with Kevin and just go. Another "Meat loaf in the oven, don't wait up" night."

"What can I do to convince you that you are wrong about that? How can I convince you that nothing happened between me and Kevin?"

"You can't Adelaide. What you could have done- what you should have done - is come to me with your concerns when you started having them so we could have worked together to see if we could have done something to solve the problem, but you didn't do that. You ambushed me. Let me ask you this Adelaide. Have any of the men you have been to bed with since I left given you an orgasm?"

"That's a rotten thing to say. I haven't slept with anyone since my last time with you."

"As much as you liked sex? Oh yeah, I'm believing that."

"God damn it Rob, its true! I came home and found you gone and it killed me.

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