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James influences the other guy's wife.

" His ebony lover ordered.

The man placed his hands on either side of Tami's ass, mentally braced himself, and slammed into her. He did this hard enough to shove her head and big, hanging breasts forward. He did it again, and again.

Pablo tore into Tami as if he were that runaway locomotive he'd imagined earlier, reckless and rough. Eagerly, his eyes took in the great ripples of brown flesh his barrage was causing. Her hanging pendulums were rocking about so wildly, Tami had to reach under herself and corral them close to her. Even then they still threatened to come loose and run amok. Her mouth emitted screams loud enough to shake the walls.

Seduced by the wanton expression on Tami's face, reflecting on the mirror, Pablo's resolve faltered. This was enough that he could no longer keep himself intact. With little warming, he burst a hot and heavy load into the deepest recesses of her thick ebony body.

Tami went through her own climax, squealing affectionately at the wilting length of cock still within her. She exuded a strange, but not unpleasant odor into the air. Pablo wondered if this was what black women smelled like after sex, when the woman pulled away and broke their union.

Tami turned around and set her wide hips against the counter. "You ain't bad, for a dumb Mexican that can't find a shower when there's one standing right next to him."

Again with the slurs, Pablo thought in irritation. He imagined rushing forward at Tami, keeping her pinned against the counter, and raising her legs high in the air until he had her in the right angle to penetrate her. Maybe that would keep her from teasing him the way she'd been.

"You mad, Jose?" She smiled that wicked little smile of hers.

Pablo took a step forward to carry out his threat.

"Uh-uh." Tami might have read his intentions. She pushed away from the counter and started walking around him. She also reached out and snagged his wrist. Their two naked forms exited the bathroom and entered the main space of the suite. "We all gonna get some first."

"All?" Pablo asked.

"Well, I know Lady K ain't gonna pass you up." Tami replied. "Baby Q, she's too little for your junk."

She motioned for Pablo to go to the bed. Glancing around the suite, Tami saw her youngest sister standing by the suite's secondary glass door, with a digital camera pointing at the balcony outside. The black woman's eyes went back to his. "Why don't you just lie there on the mattress, Jose, until you're ready to go again? How long does it take you to recover? Two days? Three days?"

"Five minutes." Pablo answered.

"You got yourself a Super Dick or something? Because my pussy's got some Kryptonite in it, and I will put you down with it."

Pablo chuckled, suddenly feeling more brash than usual. "I've got a Macho Dick."

She joked back, "I don't know what I'd be using to take down a Macho Dick. Maybe a hammer or something. Anyhow, let me go see what my two girls are up to. I'll be back in exactly five minutes to see if you're playing with me or not."

Pablo watched her meaty buttocks sway off. He tossed himself onto the bed with a flourish. The man had to admit; he hadn't had this much fun in ages.

"Girl, what you up to?" Tami asked, causing Baby Q to turn slightly.

"K is dancing out on the balcony." Q answered. "We're going to show the video to Jimmy when he comes back. So we can make him jealous."

Tami peeked out past the younger woman. "Lady K, Jose Cuervo got a big-ass, carney asada burrito supreme waiting for you in here."

The middle sister said something Pablo couldn't hear.

"He calls it the Macho Dick." Tami snickered. "Why don't you come and do your dance inside. Then you'll really have something for Jimmy and his friends to be jealous about."

That was when it dawned on Pablo, that Lady K was coming inside to fuck him, to fuck him in front of her two sisters.

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