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A leaky faucet, and a lovely wife.

His lust unleashed in this round of three-way sex, Tim unmercifully thrust into the juicy sex hole between the Latina's woman's big thighs, the sexy hyna screaming his name out, begging him not to fuck her so hard, which just made him fuck her even harder. Cumming in a few minutes, he was replaced by Fidel who showed his lust filled bitch no mercy as he, too, fucked her hard.

"How good was Tim's cock, Baby?" snarled the old stud. "Bitch, let him know how good his big dick was?" asked Fidel again, thrusting wildly into Louise's hot gaping sex hole!

"Fidel . . . Tim's . . . cock . . . is . . . good!" groaned the hot-assed woman breathlessly.

"Tell him you want to fuck him," commanded Fidel, "Tell him you want to fuck him until you can't walk! Say it!"

"Ohhhh . . .," moaned the out of control middle-aged Mamacita. "Ohhhh . . . I want . . . to fuck him . . . until I can't . . . Eeeyyyyeee . . walk . . . Ohhhh . . . . and then . . . I . . .I. . . suck his balls. . . bone dry!"

"Tell Fidel 'Thank You' for letting you fuck me," said Tim perversely, stroking his lust-filled penis while he watched the live sex show. "Tell him how much you love your two big beefy burritos!"

"Ohhhhh . . . Ohhhh . . . Thank you,. . . Fidel!" moaned the now sex-crazed mature woman, "Thank you, . . . for letting me . . . Ohhhhh . . . fuck Tim's . . . big . . .dick. Now I have . . . two dicks. . . two BIG BURRITOS . . . that I call . . . Ohhhhh . . . 'Jef__.'"

It was an erotic sight as the videocam captured yet another massive orgasm with Louisa screaming, her big brown eyes rolling back in her head while her well-stretched, well-fucked sex yielded to the large purplish bulbous head of Fidel's cock as it slipped deep into her well-fucked cunt. The old stud vigorously fucked his woman's wet pussy, the thick slab of meat sometimes slipping from her fat swollen cunt lips with a loud "Pop," and slapping against her soft brown thighs before he thrust back into the thick Mamacita's cunt!

As the girl struggled, Tim got up, still stroking his cock, and walked over to the side of the bed where Fidel was thrusting into a moaning Louisa relentlessly. Grabbing a corner of the moaning slut's hot, sweet mouth, he stretched it sideways and saying, "Don't choke, Baby," forced his swollen cock deep inside, groaning as he enjoyed the warm wetness of her oral cavity..

"Urrrggghhh!" groaned the poor helpless Mamacita, as two studs fucked her mouth and cunt with their huge members. Louisa felt the two tube steaks swelling, her lips and cunt barely able to surround them.

Forcing her soft face to his manhood, Tim roughly forced his cock between Louisa's brownish-red lips while Fidel enjoyed his slut's dripping cunt. The horny Mamacita heard the studs grunting their passion as their swollen cocks slipped in and out of her wet hungry sex holes. Saliva dripping from the corners of her full lips and down the sides of Tim's cock, the stud's balls gently slapped against her soft facial cheeks.

Fidel pulled his penis from Louisa's well-stretched cunt with a sucking 'pop' as the bitch moaned her disapproval that her cunt was empty. Grinning, the older stud said, "Es__, handle your business."

"You know I will!," Tim assured him, jamming his cock into Louisa's wet oral cavity, moaning with passion and lust while he reached down and massaged her wet, swollen clit. The stud could feel Louisa snorting and almost choking as she tried to keep the swollen cockhead from winding up in her throat while moaning with pleasure at the same time of his manual stimulation of her clit and cunt.

"Videocam getting all of this, Fidel?" Looking up, Tim answered his own question as he saw Fidel looking through the viewfinder, zooming in on Louisa's cock-bloated face. "Yo, man, let's show the camera that your bitch can take two dicks in her fucking mouth at the same time!"
"I'm down with him," smiled Fidel as he walked back to the bed.

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