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A feisty little bisexual has a sex and fetish perfect week.

Maria helped Brian take off her tank top and bra, and expose her tanned olive boobs: Maria was a nude sunbather.

Brian thought, "Her boobs are more beautiful than I imagined; large, soft, and resilient," and began to fondle them.

Maria purred with pleasure as Brian fondled her boobs and suckled her nipples. As Maria raised her hands and put them behind her head, her heaving moon-lit, pendulous, boobs jutted out proudly from her chest. Maria tilted her head back and continued to purr as Brian fondled her boobs, and gently pinched one nipple, while he suckled the other.

After several minutes of petting, Maria rubbed Brian's cock, and cooed shyly:

"I want to see your cock," and after getting off of Brian, Maria unzipped his shorts, lowered them and his underwear, and pulled out his stiff cock with her delicate hand. She squeezed it, ran her fingers on it, and kissed it, while mumbling:

"__ grande. __ grande. __ grande."

Brian asked, "What does it mean?"

"It means: it's biiiiig," and, with a firm grasp on it, giggled happily.

Maria scooped his leaking precum with her finger and licked it smacking her lips, and fondled his cum-filled balls.

Maria then whispered, "I'm all wet being with you," and stood up.

Looking in to Maria's eyes, Brian whispered, "I want to eat you, grandma," and, reaching out, unzipped her shorts.

As Maria demurely lowered her shorts and red-silk panties, she protested weakly:

"But I'm full of juices. I've been oozing all evening. You sure you don't want me to clean up?"

Brian said pleadingly, "I insist; I want to taste your love juices; you're lovely and voluptuous in the moonlight."

"It's been a long time since I had my pussy sucked," cooed Maria.

Brian stood and nudged a giggling Maria to sit on the sofa, and fell on his knees. Her toned thighs were smooth and tanned, and her pussy was hairless and smooth. Maria purred when Brian kissed her thighs from her knees to her crotch. Brian lifted her legs on to his shoulders exposing her crotch and flower-like, glistening, pussy. He rubbed her crotch area: in the moonlight, his white hands contrasted with Maria's dark crotch area. Brian gently inserted his index finger in to her glistening pussy, scooped her nectars, and licked them.

Brian whispered to Maria, "I love your hair-less pussy; it's beautiful," and leaned forward, and licked and sucked her juicy pussy, and juice slickened pussy lips and clit.

Maria mumbled, "Brazilian women remove pubes," and cooed:

"Ohhh. Goddddd. My cleet, my cleeeeeet," and held on to Brian's head as he clamped his lips on and sucked her engorged clit.

Soon, Maria reached her orgasm; Brian felt her quivering pussy on his lips and held on to her boobs as her body thrashed wildly in the sofa: "Meu Deus. Meu Deus. Meu Deuuuus. Ohhhhhhhh. Whooooooosh."

After her orgasm subsided, with a huge smile on her face, Maria cooed:

"That was a great orgasm. The best," and kissed Brian's mouth.

Several minutes later, Maria cooed shyly:

"I want to sit on your big cock and take it in slowly," and after Brian sat on the bench, Maria first licked his cock head and kissed along its length; deftly, she straddled his crotch, grasped his stiff cock, aimed it at her juicy pussy, and slowly pushed it in to her.

As his stiff cock slowly went in to Maria's well-lubricated, tight, pussy, she kept mumbling:

"__ grande. __ grande," until her pussy walls expanded to snugly grasp his throbbing cock. Maria gave a sigh, smiled, and cooed:

"Yours is only the second cock to go in to my pussy. __ grande," and kissed Brian's mouth.

Brian was content with his cock twitching in Maria's snug pussy, and fondling her pendulous boobs and ample buttocks. In a surprise move, Maria then held on to Brian's neck tightly with her hands and slowly shifted in to a squatting position, causing his cock to delve deeper in to her pussy; his pubic hair was pressed in to her smooth pussy.

With a huge grin on her face, she cooed, "You like it? I certainly like it.

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