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Chpt 10: An unusual threesome story

.. Finally it passed... finally she subsided.

Julie sank to her knees in the shower. She was spent.

It seemed like an hour before she was able to rise. But it couldn't have been. She noticed that the water temperature was turning cooler. She was exhausted. But, the thoughts that had tortured her were distant. Julie could turn her mind elsewhere. She was weak and moved slowly as she dried herself. She could not look in the mirror. Her hair still wet, she absently donned her robe and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

"Morning mom."

His voice startled her so badly she nearly fell.

"Jeez, mom I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Are you okay?"

Daniel was such a thoughtful boy. His hands steadied her shoulders as he stood in front of her. She could not even look at him. Her mouth was parched. His grip on her shoulders pressed them apart. Her robe opened slightly. She could feel the flesh of her chest being exposed to him and instantly her mind went back to her lurid and wretched fantasy. She tried to speak but could not. She stared at the floor.

"Mom? Mom? What's the matter," he insisted, almost crying.

Her eyes welled in tears. She was too exhausted to fight. He immediately embraced his mother's surrendering body against his. She clung to him. A warm rush washed over him. He adored her. He felt a burning need and desire to take care of her. Inside his soul he knew that in that moment he had committed to always take care of her. Forever. She needed him. And he loved her.

"Oh Daniel, I'm so sorry," she said, "I try to be strong but sometimes... sometimes I just need to be held and taken care of." She couldn't believe she had just said this to her son.

His hands soothingly stroked the back of her wet hair as he held her cheek lovingly to his. Their warm cheeks pressed.

"It's okay, Mom. I am here. I will always take care of you Mom. Always."

"Oh Daniel- " He interrupted her. He turned his face to her. She lifted her face from his shoulder to face him. He was engulfing her in his embrace. She felt his love.

He spoke directly into her eyes, inches apart.

"I love you Mom. I love you." And then, without hesitation, he was swept up in his ardor. His lips opened and consumed hers. The soft flesh of his lips pressed hard on hers and she opened. Her surrender to his lips was complete. She felt her entire body open to him. She wanted his love. She felt protected, and loved.

Inside her the clamor of arguing voices rose and she felt more and more uncomfortable about this kiss.

At that instant Daniel pulled back from his kiss.

"There," he said to her, "now you know how much I love you. I will never let anything happen to you Mom. I want to take care of you forever. Forever, Mom."

His young arms cradled her. The ache in her throat was constant.

"Thank you, Daniel, but-" She began to pull away.

"Stay here. Don't go. Let me hold you Mom."

"Oh, Daniel I want-"

"It's okay. I love you. Whatever it is that's bothering you I'll take care of it."

"I know you want to, honey... and I really do want..." She stopped herself short. She felt him. The front of her robe had parted slightly. The bare flesh of her shaved pubic mound was pressing against his pants. She felt him. His erection. She felt it throb, directly against her pussy. She nearly fainted.

"Oh Daniel, I..."

Her wetness grew. She felt her pussy become more engorged and flush. Her thighs opened. She knew her wetness was now on his pants. She felt it. She felt Daniel shaking.

"Mom, what's wrong with me? What's happening?" he said with growing fear.

"I feel funny," he cried.

She pulled him to her. "Oh my sweet Daniel. There is nothing wrong my dear."

He pulled away from her in embarrassment and turned away so she would not see the long erection in his pants.

"Daniel, it's okay, really. It's normal."

"Mom? Could we have some breakfast? I'm really hungry."

"Sure, honey.

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