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Her first sucking of black cock; intro to girl on girl.

"Yes, I have given my finance hand jobs before. I told him that I'm a virgin and wanted to wait until we were married. It was the only way to stop him from any further interactions before our wedding vows."

A bead of clear pre-cum formed from my piss hole.

"No, I can't. Please don't make me!" Shannon lapped my knob with her tongue. She placed her hands on my hips. "No, I've never done this before. No man has put their cock in my mouth."

Even in my stunned state, her seductive, straight-laced performance had me rock hard. She opened her mouth and enveloped the head. She let out a small stifled scream as if to say it was too much but she pulled me into her until her nose pressed against me. She held me tight against her face as I felt the back of her throat suck at my cock.

"Oh my gawd, Shannon!" I managed to groan out.

Shannon let me slide out. My shaft streaked red from her lipstick. "No! Please! I can't!" She took me back into her mouth. Her head was bobbing back and forth. I watched my entire length disappear each time.

Shannon pushed me backwards a bit. I almost lost my balance since my pants were around my ankles. She rose from the floor. There was terror in her eyes as she glanced towards the bed. "No! No please. I'm promised to my husband to be. Please! Please!"

I kicked off my jeans and underwear as Shannon took my hand. She laid down face first. I didn't need any more guidance. I lifted the back of her wedding gown and flipped it over her back. The white satin garter straps were taut against the backs of her thighs and held up her white opaque stockings. The thin string of her thong ran between her naked butt cheeks would offer no protection. I hooked a finger under and pulled it aside.

" Please! I'm a virgin! You can't! please!" Shannon cried out. "It for my husband. No...!"

I pushed her bum apart. Her slit was dark pink and wet. Her lips parted and begged for my cock. I was so hard it hurt and had to point it downward towards her hole. I felt her heat as I place my tip against her.

"No... You're too big! It won't fit! Please!" Shannon pushed her bum back to me. My knob easily popped through. I pulled back slightly. "Oh god! Please!"

Slowly but firmly, I penetrated Shannon's cunt. Amazingly she was really tight even after two kids. I pushed in all the way. Shannon cried out. "Nooo...!"

I slapped her buttocks firmly but no too hard. Her cheek immediately blushed red.

"Yes, you are right." She sobbed. "I am not a virgin. My future husband will not be the first to break my hymen. Please, you cannot tell him. Please I'm begging you."

I pulled out slowly then shoved it back in forcefully. She was so hot, it felt like my cock was on fire.

"Oh gawd! You feel so big! I've never had a cock so huge inside of me." Shannon tried to turn her head to look at me. Her lipstick smeared. Her eyes full of lust. I pushed it in harder. "Five... I've had five other men fuck me but none ever filled me up like you. None had ever fucked me bareback!"

I was pounding her so hard, the bed was moving across the floor.

"Oh, yes! It feel so good. Fuck me! I don't care about him anymore." Shannon shouted out. "Fuck me... Keep fucking me. Make me your slut! I'm!"

My hips slapped against her ass cheeks. I felt a gush of hot liquid against my thighs.

"Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh god! Oh... fuck, YES!" Shannon screamed out. Another gush. And another.

I pulled out and stared at her gaped cunt still begging to be fucked some more. Her body was like a rag doll as I tried to lift her onto the mattress. I raised her ass so she would be on her knees. Her face was buried downwards. I flipped her soiled white gown over her head. As tiny as they were, her g-string was getting in the way. I ripped it off and moved between her legs. My erection pressed along her slit.

"No... Please... No..." Shannon pleaded. "Not again! I can't take it again!"

Shannon moved forward a bit.

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