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The four meet.

He knelt right in front of me and pressed his cock back between my breasts and held my shoulders and fucked my tits from a kneeling position. It was really hot. Jim was getting close to cumming and I felt his cock start sliding a little smoother from a bigger squirt of precum. I pressed my breasts together hard and Jim slammed his cock hard into my boobs and I felt him spurting huge amounts of cum. I moaned along with him as he came."

"Jim had deposited a huge load on my chest and his abdomen. He slowed to a stop and arched his back with his cock still lodged between my tits. I felt one last squirt of semen and he leaned backwards. His cock slipped out of my breasts and he fell slowly to one side. There was cum all over both of us. I lay down next to him with my head on his chest and we lay there, panting for a few minutes. Finally, Jim said 'You like that?'."

"'Oh, yeah!' I said. 'That was great! I've never done that before. Where'd you hear about it?'"

"'I had a girlfriend my senior year of high school. She didn't want to risk getting pregnant, but she loved sex, so we came up with a lot of things that you couldn't get pregnant from. She loved getting eaten, too, so we did that a lot. And she liked me fucking her mouth. Half the time, she'd come lightly when I shot off in her mouth.'"

"'All that practice sure paid off, Jim. You're wonderful!'"

"'Thank you. I like the way pussy tastes.'"

"'You're hired.'"

"'I'd still like to fuck you, you know.'"

"Oh, God, yes, please!' I said. 'But you're not hard enough yet. I think I can help you out. Do you want to fuck my mouth for a while?'"

"'Yes, please!' I scooted down a little and sucked all of his cock into my mouth. There were bits of semen all over it and a big dollop of cum was at the tip. I sucked and licked all of this and swallowed. He tasted very nice. Even nicer was the fact that he was getting hard again rather quickly. Donna was right again. Jim's stamina was impressive."

"Jim was fully erect at this point. I got up on my hands and knees and knelt over him and sucked him up and down. Jim pumped his hips into my mouth slowly. There was an occasional bit of drool that ran down the side of his cock, which always made me feel really slutty, like I was doing a really good job."

"It's true, honey; it is a sign you're doing a good job," I said. "And it does prove you're really slutty."

"You say the suh-WEETest things," Kim said. She paused for a moment and poured tea for all of us. After handing cups around, she said "I sucked Jim for a while and then climbed on top of him. He slipped right into me and we started fucking right away. I found that the rails he'd set up in the futon were something I could hang on to and even use to push up and down on. Jim was playing with my tits while I rode him."

"Jim said 'Want to try one more thing?' I said 'Sure, what the hell?' Jim said 'Play with your clit. Rub your clit while I fuck you.' He spread my pussy lips with his fingers. I reached down and fingered my clit with the tip of my index finger. Wow, that felt good! I was getting fucked and at the same time I was able to touch myself and make my clit feel really good. What was hottest was that I was doing this in front of Jim, who was almost a stranger. Early exhibitionism."

"All of this just ripped through me in about 20 or 30 seconds and I came huge, bouncing up and down on Jim's cock. I shrieked but I kept rubbing my clit and bouncing on Jim, but I had to stop. I half-fell on top of Jim, who'd stopped pumping for a moment while he held me. I was shuddering and he held on to me."

"Jim gently rolled me off of him and said 'Lie down again.' I did and he got over me on his hands and knees so his cock was sticking down right above my mouth. I put my hand around the base of his cock so it wouldn't go too deep and slowly slipped his cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth slowly. I could taste both of us on his cock as it slid in and out."

"Jim was oozing precum on my tongue for several minutes and then h

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