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David's sexual education; Lucy's journey to love.

He pinched and twisted her nipples with alternate tenderness and ferocity.

"Do they?" she gasped. I brushed the side of her face with one hand and took over one of her tits with the other, cupping it firmly. "So they do. What do they look like?"

"It's a girl."

"Is she pretty?"

"Not bad. You'll like her, my sweet." He nodded to me, indicating that it was time to get in or get out. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Her moans echoed in my mouth as our tongues entwined together. He reached over and unzipped my dress and I slid out of it and down under her to suck on her tits. With my dress off I was naked except for my garters, stockings and panties. I licked and sucked her nipples one at a time for a few minutes; when I nibbled and bit and she yelped. She started going wild and he matched his pace to hers as she climaxed.

She collapsed next to me as she recovered, leaving me with his erect dick, sticky from her pussy. It was a fine thing, so I rolled over and took it in my mouth, beginning with long strokes to the back of my throat. She undid her own dress and got naked, and then started feeling my legs and ass; she peeled off my thong, which I always wore over my stockings for easy access. She rubbed my tummy, my ass, between my cheeks and through my bush. Her fingers played over my pussy lips, spreading them open and testing inside. Her tongue began on my asshole, her fingers on my clit: short and exciting movements that inflamed me. I forgot about everything else. I had a small orgasm when she stuck her finger in my virgin ass.

"Oh, she's a tender one down here," commented the woman, "let me loosen her up for you."

We switched to a sixty-nine position with me on top. She licked at my cunt while working my ass with two and then three fingers. It felt so weird and good that I kept having these little pop orgasms, small rushes of ecstasy that went through me like firecrackers. While she did this, he was fucking my face and her pussy, alternating between the two with every few strokes. He stopped in my mouth for a while and grabbed my nipples. He gave me a cruel pinch that came just when another shiver of ecstasy hit, making me groan and gurgle around the dick in my mouth.

"How's she doing back there?"

"Oh, she's ready for a ride. Aren't you, dear?" She gave my clit a lick. I nodded with a dick-muffled moan. He pulled out of my throat and went around behind me.

"Is this your first time to take the back door?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"See, darling," she gloated, "I told you it was going to be a good party."

He put his cock in my pussy, wet and swollen and pumped it two or three times; I cried out and fell on her. When I regained my position, he pulled out, freshly lubed and then fixed himself at my asshole. He pushed in slowly but inexorably, leaving me gasping. Sweat broke out all over my body as inch after inch of him penetrated my passage. It didn't hurt, per se, but it was intense beyond anything else. After what felt like an hour, he was in me to the hilt. My anus was so sensitive that I could feel every little movement, every pulse of blood in his cock.

Somebody opened the door to the room at that moment; I heard a woman's voice gasp, and then a quickly mumbled apology. The door closed again after a minute of unknown people staring at us. My sweaty hair was in my face; no one could have recognized me; I wouldn't have cared if they had, at that point. I was too intent on what was to come.

"Suck my cunt," the woman commanded beneath me. I put my head down at once and obeyed. Her tongue went to work on my clit again and she dipped her fingers in my hole with one hand and caressed her lover's balls with the other. He just waited, enjoying the contractions of my butt for a moment, and then he began to move.
My voice came out of its own volition, at first in cries and moans, and then in grunts and hisses.

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