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The one night they spend together.

I hadn't had anything better to do that day and didn't mind earning $500 for an afternoon of fucking lonely rich women. The party started with nude bathing in the pool. All the guys had been given keys to various bedrooms in the villa that sprawled around the pool, and Marian had walked around with a basket collecting them. She and her friends then dipped into the basket and went off to the rooms with whatever well-hung prize had been assigned that color key.

Marian drew me, although she admitted to me later that she had palmed my key while collecting them, so it wasn't really chance that we first met.

I pride myself in being able to gauge women-men are a little harder for me to read-and I was right about Marian. I sensed that she wanted to control, at least at first, but that she also was looking for something different-for something more than she had been getting. I recognized her from the papers and knew that she was one of the richest women in the world. It helped that she was also beautiful-and well preserved for a woman in her late forties-but primarily I was tired of scraping out a living from modeling and knew I only had a few more good years of that. So I had an incentive to please Marian.

She was delighted that I was content to lay on my back on the bed and let her drive initially-and then she was both surprised and pleased that I was able to sit up and get my knees under her butt and push her back, all without disengaging my cock, and piston her through an orgasm. Then she gasped and signaled reluctance but eventually surprised ecstasy when I turned her on her stomach and, after getting her thighs between my knees, pulled her butt cheeks apart with the palm of my hands and slowly entered her ass, first with my tongue and then, ever so slowly, with my cock ring-crowned dick.

Marian had never been ass fucked before-probably no man had dared think of even trying that with her before. But I had watched her closely all afternoon, and I decided-correctly, as it proved-that she really wanted to push the edges.

I was gentle with her that first time. After I'd worked my whole way in, I raised us both and sat back on my heels. She was arched back against my chest. I worked the fingers on one hand into her cunt and found her clit while the fingers on the other hand were working her tits. She writhed against me, in increasing waves of ecstasy, while I brought her to two orgasms before filling the bulb of my condom.

After dinner and drinks by the pool-still in the nude-the key basket went around again.

I watched Marian scramble around in the basket-in disappointment-and my hopes were confirmed when she gave me a quizzical, half-amused look when I lifted my key and dangled it in the air. I had kept it hoping there would be another session. Now that I knew she had wanted me to fuck her again, I put a quickly devised scheme in motion.

I walked over to her. "Is this what you were looking for?" I asked.

"Yes," she said almost breathless. But when she reached out to take it, I closed my fist over the key.

"Why just one? I think you want more. Take another key as well. I suggest the green one."

I would see and hear the effect of Marian's intake of breath. She was trembling. This was the dangerous edge of my plan. I couldn't be sure how she would react. It would have been better if I could have prepared her more slowly for the possibility. But she didn't give me an indignant "no" and walk away. She stood there, trembling and considering how to react. At length, though, her hand closed over the green key.

"Room 16," she muttered.

"Yes, I know. He's over there. The Hispanic hunk. I'm sure he'll please you. I've already told him what you like."

"You know what I like? After only one time?" she said. She was smiling, but in a challenging way.

"Yes, probably better than you do. I will always know better than you what you like." There, I had planted the seed.

I sat in a lounge chair near the bed and watched Marian ride the Hispanic hunk's dick for a w

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