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Joyce's own pussy was on fire and she was just about to turn over when Bridget spoke.

"Joyce, have you ever eaten pussy?" Bridget asked with a tremor in her voice.

Joyce decided to be honest, "Yes I have but just twice."

"Good I'm glad to hear that. Now come over here and eat my pussy," Bridget ordered rather than requested.

Bridget sat up and adjusted the lounge chair so she could watch Joyce eat her pussy. Joyce sheepishly knelt in front of Bridget and lowered her mouth to Bridget's pussy. Bridget was like the Queen of the Nile sitting on her throne while Joyce the servant girl was called to service her Queen. Joyce ran her tongue along Bridget's cum dripping slit and she could taste the combined juices of male and female orgasms. As Joyce ate Bridget's pussy she felt hand on her ass and then a male cock touched her vulva. Joyce moved her legs further apart and Julio moved his cock into her pussy.

Joyce couldn't believe how long and thick Julio's cock felt in her pussy. He was clearly bigger than any cock including Lenny's that had ever been in her pussy. She was stuffed with cock. Julio began fucking her slowly as Joyce continued to lap at Bridget's pussy.

"Get you tongue in there deep, there is plenty of cum to be sucked out of my cunt," Bridget directed.

Joyce did what she was told and plunged her tongue deeper into Bridget's pussy and sought out the three loads of cum. Julio slipped an oily finger into Joyce's ass and she responded by rotating her ass and humping back at his cock. Joyce secretly hoped that he wouldn't try to put his big cock in her ass as she was sure that she couldn't take him. She still had to get used to Lenny each time he fucked her ass.

"Julio where is your cock?" Bridget asked.

"It is in her pussy, signora," Julio replied.

"Put it in her ass. I want to see you fuck her in the ass," Bridget ordered.

"Si signora as you wish," Julio answered.

Julio then pulled his cock from Joyce's pussy and Joyce felt a huge void in her quim. Julio oiled up his cock liberally and then placed it at the entrance to Joyce's asshole. Then with one steady motion he plunged his cock into my asshole.

He was gigantic, long and wide and Joyce screamed as he began to work his way into her poor tight ass. Joyce could actually feel her stomach cramping around him as he stirred her insides and it burned when she clenched her ass muscles around his thickness. Shaking and sobbing with painful ecstasy, Joyce fell forward onto Bridget with Julio's hands keeping her ass high in the air for him to plunder.

Joyce screamed into Bridget's pussy as it felt like a hot thick poker had just been rammed into her ass. Tears filled her eyes as her violated asshole spread to accommodate Julio's thick cock. Joyce tried to get away but Bridget held her by her ears and pulled Joyce's face into her womb. Joyce thought back to when she first lost her anal virginity and remembered the pain was just as intense.

Joyce cried out loud only to have the sound muffled by Bridget's cunt as Julio's complete length filled her. She felt him flex his cock deep within her bowels as the searing pain continued. Julio reached one hand under Joyce and teased a nipple. Then he moved his other hand down and rubbed softly against her clit. Joyce's body responded to his stimulus and her stomach convulsed with mixed signals.
The intrusion in Joyce's ass didn't feel quite as bad now as Julio's fingers continued to tease her clit. She felt him move inside her ass now and she tried to relax her ass muscles. Joyce's body was working back and forth on Julio's cock now and she was amazed at the feeling of the cock in her ass. Joyce's clit was buzzing and the fullness in her ass just seemed to excite her pussy even more.

Julio started hammering into her ass now.

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