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A married couple surrenders to a charming Swedish group.

Two brothers lived next door. More than once, she caught them enjoying her nude body, but instead of getting up, she would just lie there and ignore them.

When we played pool in the rec area, we were almost always alone. Nevertheless, since there were families who lived on the property, so took precautions so as not to encounter them when nude. I took tremendous delight, when we were alone, in letting her set up for a shot which required her to lean over and raise one leg. Then I would take my cue stick and lift the bottom of her coverup, exposing both her rear and her pussy. The fact that her pussy hair was the same blonde as the hair on her head was always a turnon.

I had a house built, and to help with the expenses, I rented a room out to a retired gentleman who had recently gone through a divorce. He was in his early 70's but was lively and active. One day after Gretchen and I had spent some time in the bedroom, she put her panties back on and stood there looking like every man's dream. She asked me, "Do you dare me to go fix a drink wearing just this?" Part of me knew that if she did, I'd be dialing my renter and telling him to come to the kitchen immediately. Part of me wanted her to and part of me wanted to protect her by not making him think less of her. He knew that we were having an affair and that she was married. Still, he seemed to have a lot of respect for her, and I didn't want that to end. I told her why it wouldn't have been a good idea, but I've often fantasized about what might have happened: of her being surprised, along with him. Of me having her fix him a drink and serve it. Of me talking about her cute little butt and giving her a wedgie. Of me asking her how much she was willing to show him to prove that she was a natural blonde. Of me giving her a front wedgie that would show everything but the clit. However, she slipped on a top and went in with panties and a top.

We often talked about how much I would enjoy having sex with her in front of other people. She agreed to it but never agreed that "now" was the appropriate time. Another fantasy was for her to put on a very lightweight skirt on a windy day and to wear no panties. When she had to be out of the office to go to the bank to transfer a CD or some other activity, she would get out into the wind and allow nature to give people a thrill. I would be in the car watching. However, that was one fantasy we never got around to.

On one occasion, she talked about quitting her job and working as a stripper. I asked her if she would be comfortable getting on stage and showing everything in that setting. She argued that a stripper didn't have to take everything off, just her top. After arguing back and forth we went (on her lunch break) to a strip club, and she watched several of the girls strip down to only one garter and shake their butts and pussies only two feet from our faces. After that, she decided to limit her full frontal nudity to the bedroom and the nudist resort.

One week, I had to attend a conference. It was local, but the organization provided a room, so I drove about 30 miles and attended the conference. Gretchen came over to my motel one afternoon to add a little spice to the conference since the location was between her office and her house.

Then, as the conference closed, another guy at the conference asked if I could give him a ride to the airport.

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