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Sgt. Bertram plans to acquire his own servants.

But, before Stephanie could come up with a response, Nikiko said, "Now, it is I who fears I have offended you." Nikiko bowed her head in deference to her offense. "Please forgive me, Stephanie, for coming straight to the point of reason with my question. It was very rude of me to hasten our relationship. But, we are friends, and we would have spoke of this eventually. This would be one of the major contradictions in your life, as I fear our Mister Jason has been unable, or perhaps, incapable, of penetrating the walls of protection which surround you. I doubt anyone has and it saddens me to see my new friend so alone."

"I'm not alone," Stephanie immediately protested.

Nikiko smiled sadly. She grasped Stephanie's hands in her own. "I feel the sadness inside you. You have not been held, touched or caressed in such a long time, nor have you extended this love to another. But, I feel something inside you will not accept this for very much longer, and....eventually.... you will seek to repair this imbalance. As your new friend, I feel I must say this."

"I....I don't know what you mean." Stephanie felt the truth in Nikiko's words and she began to seek out the wound to her self-constructed mantle "I mean you're totally wrong. I'm sorry, Nikiko, but I do not know what you're talking about. I have many friends, and Jason and I are quite satisfied in all ways."

"Yes, of course." Nikiko bowed, lowering her eyes. "How foolish of me. I must beg your forgiveness for speaking of this. Will you forgive me?"

"Of course," Stephanie said, choosing to ignore any truth in Nikiko's words. And besides, she felt too good to self-analyze herself just now. But a thought occurred to her.

"Tell me, Nikiko, what do you mean you feel sadness in me? What made you say I haven't been touched? Are you a psychic, or something?"
"I feel it. I see it in the way you walk, the way you smile. It is just something I know." Nikiko smiled. "It is but one of the skills I mentioned earlier. But we will speak no more of such things now. Please finish you drink."

Stephanie tilted her glass up and drained the last drops of alcohol. To her memory she had not finished a whole drink since she had been in college. Nikiko relieved Stephanie of the empty glass.

"Are we to have another?" Stephanie asked.

"I do not think that would be wise, Stephanie. The recipe is quite old and the potent blends can be quite intoxicating. May I suggest we walk on the beach and enjoy the fresh air. It is such a warm and pleasant evening."

Nikiko led Stephanie out into the night. And then, suddenly, Nikiko dropped to her knees in from of the older woman. "Place your hands on my shoulder," Nikiko instructed as she reached down to Stephanie's feet. One by one, Stephanie lifted her feet so Nikiko could remove her shoes. Even without the heels, Stephanie was four or five inches taller than the young girl. Still, Stephanie felt Nikiko's arm wrapped in her own was much stronger than herself as she led her out into the sand.

Stephanie could feel the intoxicating effects of the martini. Yet, beyond that, she felt a new, undefined freedom in the arm of this young girl. A warm breeze caressed her bare neck as they strolled across the sand toward the water. The moon and stars were brilliant and the beach was bathed in that defused light. Stephanie was but a small girl the last time she had felt so free; free of thoughts, free of plans, free to be herself. She had little understanding of the reason for this renewed revelation, and the very concept unlocked a cascading barrage of conflicting ideas and impressions. Fore, if she was free to be herself, who, indeed, had she been before this.

Stephanie hugged onto Nikiko's arm as they slowly strolled to the water's edge.

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