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Angel wakes, but is she ready to deal with the news.

just opened a third bottle of wine when Brad said, "Why don't I put on some music and we can dance a bit?"

He put on some soft music and took Amy's hand to dance. I did the same with Marsha and held her close as we danced. "How are you doing," I whispered in her ear?

She snuggled close and said, "Nervous, but okay."

The next dance, we switched partners. It felt very strange holding Amy. She was taller and fuller. Her large breasts were pushing into my chest. It did not feel like she had on a bra. Her scent was different too, exciting but different. My cock started to swell as she pushed her pelvis into me.

I got a twinge of jealousy as I watched Brad pull Marsha into his body and she snuggled close. Amy felt me tense and turned my face to hers and gave me a quick peck on my lips, "It's okay, just relax and be here with me."

I closed my eyes and let my mind relax and my other senses take over. I couldn't believe this gorgeous woman wanted to be with me. She rubbed my back allowing her hands to roam down to my ass, then back up,into my hair as she pulled me down to kiss me again. Not deep tongue kisses but something to hint at what was to come. I let my hands and lips wander over her body too, this woman was a walking wet dream!

I could not help glancing over at Marsha And Brad occasionally. They were occupied in a similar manner. He seemed to be fascinated with her tight ass because his hands were all over it.

As the last song ended, Amy suggested we grab some more wine and get in the hot tub. Brilliantly, I said, "We don't have suits."

Amy just smiled and said, "We won't need suits."

I blushed as I realized how lame I sounded. Marsha was very quiet as Brad poured us all some more wine. Then we all started to disrobe. Amy and Brad helped us as we were still quite nervous. Finally we were all naked and went over to the hot tub. There was some low romantic lighting around the tub and towels laying nearby.

I couldn't help checking out Amy and Brad's bodies as we got in. I noticed Marsha staring as well. Amy was more gorgeous than I thought possible. Her tits were large with just a hint of sag with long pink nipples. Her stomach was flat but soft, her hips flared out in a sensual manner. Her ass was firm but soft as well. Her pussy was clean shaven, and I thought I saw a hint of moisture on it already.

Brad was in even better shape than I thought, with about 2% body fat. His broad shoulders and chest sloped down to a narrow waist. I tried not to look but of course the son of a bitch had big dick! Marsha seemed to take great interest in it. Now I am not small at 7" with a slightly above average girth but this thing was in a whole other category.

I noticed Brad and Amy checking us out as well as we got in. Marsha's long nipples on her pert tits were rock hard and extended. Her sparse blonde muff also seemed to be a bit moist. I am in pretty good shape but still tried to suck in my belly so I did not look too bad next to Brad. Thankfully my dick was still a little clubbed up from dancing with Amy.

We relaxed for a while in the hot tub, talking and drinking wine. I felt a hand on my thigh and I looked at Amy who gave me a big smile and snuggled up to me. It looked like Brad was doing the same with Marsha. Amy started to stroke my cock under water and rain kisses down on my face and neck.

I was distracted when I heard Marsha whisper, "Oh my god."

Brad was kissing her and she had one hand around the back of his head, while the other was under water. From the motion of her arm I could tell she was stoking him. From her comment, he was obviously bigger than she was used to.

Amy then distracted me when she straddled my lap and stuck her big tits in my face. I proceeded to fondle and feast on them. Her nipples were not as long as Marsha's but much thicker. I was in boob heaven! She started to slide her moist pussy up and down my shaft. It did not penetrate her but I could feel her pussy lips cradling my rock hard shaft.

"Sit on the edge of the tub lover, I want to suck that hard cock," Amy instructed.

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