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"So would I hurt you if I did something?"

"No," he spoke carefully, "although it depends on what it is."

With no word of warning, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against his. He felt such a warmth of pleasure go through him as they connected and he gently slid his lips onto the brunette's lower lip, drawing out a small surprised whimper.

They withdrew and the blond snaked an arm around the other's waist, allowing his index finger to slide up and down the small of his back. "I think I love you, Ri," he admitted, "and that I have done for a very long time."

"I'm taken," he dimly replied.

"But when have you had the smoothest of times lately?" Ryan intuitively stated.

Riley shuddered from the caressing, and he found that the touch was making him relax.

"I can tell you're not happy in your relationship," he went on, "and I know that I can make this so much better."


"We can leave this place once we've had a drink or two. Then we can either go on to another place or go back to my place. If you wanna have fun -- if you wanna have pleasure, then come back with me and I can make that happen."

He shifted about in the lush chair that they were sitting on together. He didn't dislike the kiss, but he didn't want the moment between them to be rushed -- a few kisses and touches here and there and they were done.

"If you're not sure we can stay here for a little bit longer," Ryan suggested. "After all there aren't many people on the floor down there." From where they were, they had a perfect view of the bar's floor and he was right. The night was at its peak time for party-goers, and there were a few couples but not enough for it to be swarmed.

They went down to the floor and the blond took his friend's hands with his. "Feel ok so far?" The brunette nodded. "Loosen up a little -- you're still tense."

"It's hard to do that," Riley admitted, "since we're holding hands."

He smirked in amusement at his reply. "The weirdness will go after a few minutes." He put his hands on his hips to pull him closer to him. The other let out a small gasp of surprise at feeling his desire through the tight denim, by then pressing into his.

Both of them started a slow, romantic dance to the music, joining the other couples' tempo. "I know what you really want, Ri," the shorter huskily told him, "and I can give it to you. Just give me the word and we can go back to mine where we can feel good together."


The limo drove the two males back to Ryan's place, and he let them in, taking him straight to his room. "Try and excuse the mess," he noted apologetically, "I'm going to get round to it at some point and sort it."

"So how do we do this?"

The blond smirked in amusement at Riley's question. "I can tell you're new to this," he sidled up to him and seductively unbuttoned his shirt, "but I don't mind. I find it cute."

He closed his eyes and relaxed against the bedroom wall when the other's lips attacked his neck, savouring the silky skin.

"Even the way you're reacting to it is cute," he added, allowing his index fingers to slide down the sides of his waist before reaching the waistband on his trousers. He dexterously moved his hands to the belt and once that was undone, unzipped the fly.

He felt his insides melt at the soft, fair flesh that lay underneath the fabric, and after sliding his boxers down and past his legs, he knelt down in front of him and buried his nose into the slightly musky hair between them. "You smell nice," he remarked, closing his eyes and sliding his tongue along the length of his excitement, "nice enough to eat."

They lay down together on the huge bed, with the shorter male gently moving his hand up and down the budding shaft and the brunette pressing his fingers into the other's crotch, which was still clothed.

The blond hadn't expected his friend to be so proficient in touching him and he didn't mind that he was pressing into his rigidity quite forcefully.

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