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He could see the beautiful blonde curls of the woman.

"It isn't over."

We kiss again, before exploring our room.

We glance into the bathroom. There is a large shower with glass doors and two heads and controls on either end. Above in the center is a large rain head.

With excited glee, your clothes burst off your body as you prance into the shower. I watch as drops of moisture on your naked flesh merge and dribble down your smooth naked. Tiny clear streams trace down your curves, making me want to follow them all over the paradise of your body.

You give me a tempting smile.

"Are you going to just stand there and watch?"

"I could."

"Is that what you really want to do?"

I step out of my clothes and join you. I reach for your waist as you step into my grasp, draping your arms around my neck. Tenderly we touch. Your skin is already warm from the gentle shower falling over our heads.

We kiss, our lips brushing, our tongues dancing outside each other's mouths. The water is a soft warm rain engulfing us like a blanket. Our tongues find each other. I feel your soft breasts in my chest. Our skin slides as we press our bodies together. The rising intimacy of our embrace warms us more than the water.

"Scrub my back," you ask softly. You turn your back to me.

I reach around you for the soap, intentionally brushing my arm against the smooth skin of your waist. I lather my hands thoroughly before slowly rubbing your back.

You moan softly.

I grab a washcloth and soak it well. I press my hands into your back with the soapy cloth and press my hips forward. My hungry loins are yearning for contact with your flesh. I press my rigid penis into your thighs, and then adjust it upward to rest in the crease between your buttocks. You wiggle your hips, allowing it to rest deeper inside. For several minutes we press together.

You turn around to face me. I step forward against your hips as I reach around you and continue to stroke your back. You caress my chest, and then work your hands under my arms, down my back to my soft cheeks. You tenderly knead my fleshy butt.

Your breasts press into my chest. I reach down your back, too. I slide my soapy hands over your luscious bottom. You giggle as a finger strays into your crease.

Your hands roam up to my waist and forward to my abdomen, then down. You fingers run through my pubic bush, churning the dew-like drops of water with the thick soapy lather. You cup my scrotum and gently fondle me, rubbing the bottom of my rigid penis. My shaft rubs gently against your warm wet thighs.

With a meandering hand, I press into your sternum and up over your collar bone to your neck. You are still wearing your pearls, even in the wet sensuous shower. Something about that seems sexy to me.

I stroke and rub around your upper chest in a wider and wider circle reaching out for the soft fleshy mounds of your naked breasts. I cup each one in m hands and lightly titillate your nipples in my fingers. You moan happily.

I lower my lips to your chest and softly kiss each nipple. Gently I shower tiny kisses around each areola brushing my lips over the sensitive tips in the middle. Your nipples stiffen in my mouth as my tongue laps them and softly bats them with swift flicking blows.

With longer strokes, you continue to stroke my erection, reaching the tip on each upstroke and my testicles and perineum on the down strokes. I gently bite down on your nipples with my lips over my teeth. You squeeze my shaft tighter.

I run my hand downward over your tummy toward the center of your pleasure. I brush your pubic hair, and then gently tug small wisps in my fingers. I explore further down over your vulva and press your outer lips.

Gently but firmly, I rub my hand in a lazy circle around your sex. Cupping you in my warm hand, I press upward rubbing in sync with my thrusting hips. You meet my thrusts.

With one finger I toy with your inner lips. Then, I invade your flesh and find you wet inside, too.

You place a hand on my shoulder and take a step back, still holding my warm wet hardness.

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