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In which the writer is taken and enjoyed.

I felt the tip of his nose in the crack of my ass while he was licking my pussy, then into my wet petals when he licked my clit. The minor orgasm I'd had a moment before echoed once again, and I could feel the wave starting through the inside of my body. John's cock was throbbing as I sucked on him, too, and I was determined to make him cum before me.

I failed.

Mind you, trying as hard as I could to make him cum in my mouth, my concentration obviously diverted, my orgasm was yet again a mild puff. It felt nice and I knew I was in a sexy situation, and I kept fucking him with my mouth, my tongue peppering and circling the head of his cock with every turn of my head. I got what I was after, though, when I felt the first splash of his sperm all over my tongue. I cranked my head up on him and sealed over his shooting cock tightly with my lips, tasting, savoring, and swallowing all of his cum.

I heard the playful words, "Don't hog the pussy, man," and once John was somewhat composed after cumming, lifted himself off from my body. I felt his cock soften in my mouth, and I swirled my tongue all around the head of his cock.

I felt Daniel's hands along the outside of my thighs, gripping onto them, and pulling me closer to the edge of the bed. The yank pulled my body down, and my head and face along with it, away from John's cock. Daniel reached underneath the small of my back, and with a tug began pulling the bottom of my nightgown off. I lifted my ass up off the bed and Daniel slid it down my legs, tossing it aside onto the floor.

Daniel's hands went back to my legs, and he pulled them up until my calves were on his chest and my feet over his shoulders as he stood before me. I was treated to my first sight of his twitching cock, a solid, hard eight inches. Once he aimed himself inside me and gave his pelvis a good, deep thrust, he began fucking me with his fingers digging into the flesh of my thighs. I was in heaven, moaning deeply.

John once again straddled toward my face, but began teasing me mercilessly while his friend drove and pumped himself into me. John's cock was semi-flaccid and almost ready for more, but rather than letting me suck it again, chose instead to hold himself by the base and began spanking my face with his cock. With every slap against one cheek then the other, the cock was growing more and more hard. It got to the point where my mouth was open, trying desperately to catch his dick, but he made sure to keep me from doing so.

When I couldn't take it any longer, I just grabbed his cock, moaning, "Give it to me," and pulling it in between my lips. I was squirming deliciously, sucking one cock and being fucked by another, with Daniel's hips slapping the soft flesh of my ass with every stroke.

Daniel was about ready to blow, but John said, "No sloppy seconds, dude... cum in her mouth." Daniel assaulted my pussy with a few more hard slams, then pulled out. As soon as he did, John pulled out, too, and I felt compelled to do whatever they wanted. I slid my legs down and flipped over on the bed, steadying myself with my knees and one hand on the mattress and the other hand going for Daniel's shaft. In no time at all, John was pushing his cock into me from behind, forcing my body forward and my mouth around Daniel's cock. They worked as a team in bed even better than they had on the volleyball court!

For the second time in minutes, I was swallowing salty, bitter, creamy cum. Daniel reached down along the sides of my ribcage, grabbing onto both of my tits and mashing them with his fingertips as he came in my mouth. John's hands were gripping tightly on my hips, and slammed his thick cock furiously inside me. I felt like a kid in a candy store with these guys, squealing in delight. John picked up his pace slightly and found a nice, smooth rhythm in fucking me the way I love.

The tingle inside me grew into another wave, but this time there was no stopping myself.

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