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Her plan backfired.

He couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 years old. He had on large, dark sun shades to cover his eyes and where they were looking.

As Bobby and Bryce finished up, Sonia came over with a canteen of water, and some granola, and they passed that around. Bryce looked up and saw Sonia's interest in the new kid and figured with the tent set up, they should all get better acquainted. Bryce and Sonia were both starting to get a little edgy, and figured what better time to start meeting people than right now. "Freedom" could be heard from the stage, and Bryce was ready to get free of these clothes. Knowing Sonia would be a little shy starting off, he knew he was the one to get the ball rolling.

"Hey Sonia, why don't you put our packs in the tent? Very slowly," he whispered to her as she sat right next to him. "Give him a little show. I doubt he'll need more encouragement to break in our tent. Are you up for it?"

With a little flush to her cheeks that might have been half blush, half anticipation, she slowly got to her knees, and pushed the packs inside the opening of the tent right beside them. Bending over to "adjust" them gave Bobby a perfect view of her ass, and a boner that started sticking straight in the air. His pants were getting very tight.

Bobby thought he was being subtle behind his glasses, but the picture of her bare ass underneath the very short skirt, and the white panties underneath stretched across her smooth pink lips had him reaching for his penis beneath his corduroy's before he thought better of it.

Bryce, knowing Bobby could see everything, slowly used one finger to run up and down his wife's wet lips, soaking her panties instantly. When he heard her moan from inside the tent, he asked, "Would you like to take your panties off, so Bobby here can get a better view while he jacks off?"

She quickly turned around in the tent, slid back farther inside, and drew her panties down very slowly. Bobby was watching now with rapt attention, and knowing he had Bryce's permission to look, turned him on even more. Bryce crawled into the tent, turned back and asked, "Aren't you going to join us, Bobby?"

Bobby needed no more prodding. He quickly crawled inside, turned around and fumbled the zipper of the tent closed with one hand, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants with the other. He knew he was acting like a school boy, so after taking his pants and shirt off, he just sat there watching the couple who was agreeing to this unspoken fantasy of his.

Sonia laughed softly at his exuberance, leaned back her head, closed her eyes, and let her hand drift down to her smooth mound. Feather light touches were all that was needed to keep her hot, and the thought of three whole days of fantasy filled sex had her virtually gushing. Knowing young Bobby, and Bryce were both watching her pleasure herself was exhilarating to say the least. Keeping his eyes on Sonia's wet pussy, Bryce slowly lowered his pants over his now bulging dick.

Bobby was absolutely mesmerized by what she was doing. His hand was gliding over his dick, but if he didn't slow down, he was going to come before the party really got started. Bryce reached over, grabbed Bobby's dick, and just held it until the very shocked Bobby finally faced him.

"Nice package, but if you don't slow down, you're going to miss the fireworks at the end. We're just getting started." Bryce pinched the tip of Bobby's penis till it hurt enough to stop him from coming too soon, then let go of it, and resumed the slow up and down strokes of his own dick so that he wouldn't lose momentum.

"Right, right, groovy!" said a still stunned Bobby.

By now Sonia was heating up even more, and she could feel the first of what could be many orgasms start to slowly make its way forward.

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