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Amber and her Daddy continue their fun.

"I'm fed up listening."

"One last thing... your vagina... there's no hair. You're not underage are you?"

"Don't worry... I'm eleven thousand years old. I just like a smooth runway. Happy?

"I guess so." I've never licked a woman before. I'm just not the adventurous type. Putting ketchup on my sausages is as risky as I want to be. But here I am, committing adultery in a public toilet with some nutter claiming she's got God on speed dial and hangs with the Virgin Mary. I know life can surprise you sometimes, leading you in directions you could never anticipate. But this..? Fuck me.

The most annoying thing about the whole situation..? No one will ever believe me.

At first I merely dabbed her pussy with the tip of my tongue. But Luck then twisted my ears and lifted me closer. Licking her pussy like an affectionate puppy, she tasted like sweet nectar with only a hint of piss. Her legs then buckled beneath her, causing her back to slowly slip down the wooden partition of the cubical.

Luck then completely collapsed on top of me... landing on my face. Despite mild concussion, I remained dedicated to the cause, continuing to kiss the succulent folds of her smooth labia. While I continued to feast on her pussy, she reached back and began wanking me stiff. "Time I ride your cock instead of your face?"

"At least I'll be able to breathe if you do."

"Calling me fat?"

I yelped as she slapped my cock with her ring bearing hand."No!"

Luck crawled backwards, allowing me to breathe properly. Despite the air smelling of stale piss I breathed it in as quickly and deeply as I could. She raised herself on her knees so she could guide my cock into her slit. She then slowly lowered herself onto me. The tip of my cock touched her warm folds, parting them like a purple icebreaker. She then let out a lustful cry as she rammed it home.

Our pelvises slapped and I watched her tits rock under her dress. As if she knew what I wanted, she pulled down her shoulder straps, letting her fulsome baps swing free. Luck possessed a nice pale set of tits, with rosy puffy nips. If she coated them in icing she could sell them in bakery.

Still impaled on my cock, Luck threw herself forward and planted her lips on mine. Entwining her tongue with mine she continued to grind herself into me. "Cum in me."


"No ifs... No buts. Just do it."

I then fired away.

But she had disappeared. I was laying on the wet tiles with my trousers around my ankles. My hairy belly was covered in cum. I rested my hand on my head... it was fucking hurting. Surely that wasn't just a wank? I haven't the imagination. I then glanced at the ticket I spotted earlier. It was still an unclaimed winner. I was still wearing that tacky ring too.

But where did the fucking nutter go?

I pulled up my trousers, then wiped the cum off my belly with bog roll. Confused about what had just happened, I began checking every cubical. But sadly I was alone.

Eventually I got back to the house, to be met at the doorstep by the wife. It never ceases to shock me how big she has got. "I won fifty quid."

"Oh. So Lady Luck didn't fuck you for once?"

"Err... no. Actually, I found the ticket on the floor. But I think my luck is about to change."

"You always say that."

"But I think it will." I proudly showed off my ring. "I got this from some crazy woman... I think she was a bit unstable. But she said it will bring me luck." I then showed her the piss stained ticket. "It must be true, because I found this little beauty."

"Not only do you bet away all our money... you waste it on tacky crap like that."

"But look, it's turned red because you're mad. See it works."


I tapped the encrusted stone that was inset within the band of gold. "Well it was green before, because you were happy... I guess it was because you were stuffing your face with roast beef."

"My mum is a good cook."

"Look. I'll treat you to a meal out tonight."


"At the happy Raja."

Karen smiled at me while resting her hands on my sho

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