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I see the outline of your matching lacy green bra.

But Brenda turned out to be out in the living room and I was standing there watching Linda! Linda saw me and never missed a beat.

It was months before I even found out about that.

Identical. I mean, really identical! I found out because during her visit she walked out of the shower again, right in front of me and there was no missing the tanned arms and face. My jaw dropped and I blushed.

"Relax, Bill. You already know what I look like." She laughed, walking over to the bed and tugging on a pair of panties. Not a trace of bashfulness at all.

"I...uhhh....I didn't?" I managed.

Linda laughed and told me that is was her in the bedroom that time, as she reached for her bra.

"We look exactly alike, so it's no big deal, Bill." She grinned.

I had to go hide for awhile until my dick went back down, I didn't think Brenda would take kindly to me sporting wood at her sister.

Naked Linda was just as difficult to tell from Naked Brenda, same breasts, same nipples, same tangle of pubic hair. They both even had the same mole on their right butt cheek.

So that shouldn't have had that effect on me, but it did.

Linda soon went back to her outfit, I then noticed that Brenda was down in the dumps. She became quieter, far more serious. I took that to mean that she was depressed with Linda being far away from her.

A couple of times she sat bolt upright in our bed, terrified. She would slip out of bed and go into the kitchen and softly cry. Just one time I went in to try and calm her, I quickly found it was best to just let her be.

Sometimes she would suddenly go quiet, not making a sound, I could see her trying to breathe quietly. I didn't understand that, except I could see that she was frightened.

Then one early morning a sound woke me up, she was lying there on her back, her face flushed, her hips thrusting upwards. I recognized the sounds she was making in her sleep, she was in the throes of sexual activity!

When she woke up, she looked at me and blushed, unable to meet my eyes.

So I sat on the edge of the bed and asked her what was up.

"Linda is unhappy, miserable. I can feel it." She said.

"What was going on there, you were...?

Brenda knew instantly what I was asking.

"It a dream, Linda was with..some young man....I'm sorry!"

"Sorry? What for? What do you mean, Linda was with someone?" I asked.

"That was like I was cheating. I couldn't help that."

"You were right here, I don't understand?" I wasn't quite getting what she was telling me.

"Linda is unhappy now, she knows that I....."

"She will be all right, she will come home soon." I told her.

"I hope so. It's almost like a piece of me is over there with her, we should be together." That was another time I saw her cry, for no reason at all that I could understand. She sat quietly, small tears wetting her cheeks.

I held her for a long time, then I asked her if she was really aware of acting like she was having sex in her sleep. She looked at me and flushed.

"It was just a dream, I guess." Was all she would say. But I never saw her do that in her sleep again.

Once she woke me up, talking in her sleep.

"No! I can't, I am sorry." She muttered that quietly. Then she pursed her lips in her sleep, and got a sad look on her face. I sat and watched as she grew quiet, her facial muscles relaxed.

Several times she sat up all night, refusing to go to sleep.

Then one day she was rubbing her right arm, knowing something was wrong I checked. Her entire arm was bright red.

"What is that?" I asked her.

"Linda got burned." Was all she said.

That was the exact moment I finally came to completely believe.

By then I was becoming used to things like that anyway, I realized she appeared to feel everything that Linda felt? That was impossible, of course. Linda was thousands of miles away. But I now knew it was not impossible.

Then after a few months she seemed to perk up and become happy.

"Linda is coming home, Bill!" She told me excitedly one day. I didn't have to ask her by now how she knew.

Linda arrived a couple of weeks later, and

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