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They meet in a hotel for lust.

d "Welcome Nude Ladies! Nude Day Lives!"

Clearly the party hadn't started--no music yet for example--but there were at least twenty women hanging out near the bar, laughing and drinking, and every single one of them was sporting a birthday suit to die for.

"Time to lose those duds," said Julie. She was looking at me, watching would be more accurate, but she was stripping off herself. I stared in awe as she pulled her shirt off over her head in one fluid motion. She hadn't been wearing a bra and her tight young boobs shimmied as her nipples clenched noticeably. I closed my mouth. And then I got nude myself.

I'm not as tall as some guys, and not short. Not chubby, not scrawny, not muscle-bound. I would've said average with nice legs, although I was also sporting a boner the size of a Buick. And suddenly there was a gathering at which I was the center.

More than a few of the girls looked totally pissed off, which sent an unexpected thrill of adrenaline through me, and some of them looked bemused. A few even looked glassy-eyed and inspired.

Even though I could see literally dozens of boobs of every description, and half as many pussies--some shaven, some top-hatted, several with landing-strips and several more all-natural--I couldn't take my eyes off of Julie. As I said, her boobs were incredible, but it was her smooth hips and neatly trimmed bush that had me spellbound. She had trimmed her ink-black bush to about a quarter-inch all over so that her beautiful peach was exposed and her clit glinted naughty in the open room. Yet her mound was clad in warm fur, and I broke into a sweat as I contemplated her wordlessly.

"I think he wants to fuck Julie," someone said. Hard as I was and my eyes so locked, I could hardly deny it. And to my surprise, Julie agreed.

"He sure does," she said. Her eyes agreed, too. Paradoxically, I lost my erection, but I didn't care because I knew that I was going to get laid. Made love to. And probably fucked hard and put away wet as well. "But he's gotta get punished first."

"What for? What'd he do?" someone asked.

"He scratched."

"He can scratch me if he wants." Everyone laughed.

"So what's my punishment," I asked gamely.

"Patience, patience," said Julie. And someone else--one of the girls from the bar I think--called out "First, we've gotta auction off his ass."

I couldn't help it. My boner was back. "Auctioned items have to be examined by the prospective buyers." And I was led over to the kegs.

A pair of handcuffs appeared (I have no idea where they'd been hidden) and in a flash one cuff clicked tight around my manhood between my cock and balls and my belly. The other cuff clicked around the handle on the side of a keg. I was irrevocably bound (ass toward the audience) while several female hands blindfolded me, looped something leather around my neck, and wrists. When they pulled tight, my hands were tight against my throat. I couldn't move more than a few inches in any direction, I couldn't see, and there was no way in hell I could prevent any indignity a soon-to-be-drunken mob of female Nude Day revelers could dream up.

"Your safe word is Rumplestiltskin," Julie whispered into my ear, and I very nearly came. She stepped away laughing gently, and I heard her call over her shoulder as she walked away: "I'll be back in about an hour."

I was not left alone.

Far from it. As the party grew, both in numbers and volume, a constant flow of naked women pursuing cold beer, cheap thrills, and even conversation with the nude prisoner moved around and past me.

Fingers were run through my hair. Breasts were put to my lips. Every inch of me was pinched, slapped, and fondled. Icy beers were poured over my aching balls. Spankings were delivered. And my cock was occasionally swallowed and released before I could react.

More than one girl asked how I'd come to be in such a pickle.

I told the story more than once; each time I did the crowd grew, and each time the ladies grew friskier and more appreciative. But no one would let me come.

One girl's friends lifted her and pressed her pussy

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