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House Jaye races to save the world from the tyrant Mareth.

Anya's tongue flicked Rhianna's piercing, playing with it. She was rewarded with another sigh of enjoyment. Anya lost her patience, giving in to her strong desire to a woman for the first time. She planted her hands on Rhianna's ass, holding on as she licked at her clit, her tongue moving to the woman's lips, loving the scent of arousal. Sven stood behind his wife, his hands caressing her breasts, kissing her neck.

"Why don't you and Anya go over to the bed?"

"I think that's a good idea." She replied taking Anya's hand, leading the woman to the bed. She laid down first, watching her partner climb onto the bed, her head between Rhianna's spread legs. Anya sucked on the woman's clit, moving down, slipping her tongue into the wet pussy. Rhianna closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations. Anya ate out of the warmness, moaning her enjoyment. She had dreamed that giving pleasure to another woman would be this good. She was not disappointed. Chad moved up behind her slipping a finger into her. Anya moaned louder, burying her face between Rhianna's legs. Rhianna's legs tightened around her partner's head involuntarily, holding the mouth there that brought her pleasure. Sven reached over, pinching his wife's nipples, watching the scene intently.

"Come on her face, babe." He coaxed, kissing her deeply.

Anya came up for air, her lips glistening with Rhianna's juices. "I'm going to make you cum, Rhianna....mmm I'm going to make you cum hard."

Anya slipped her finger in, sucking gently on the woman's clit. Rhianna squirmed, Sven still pinching her nipples, kissing her again. She reached down, a hand in Anya's hair, holding the woman's head in place as she reached orgasm, moaning into her husband's mouth. Anya's body shook as Rhianna's reaction gave her an orgasm of her own, her muscles squeezing the three fingers her husband had in her. When it was over, Anya rolled off Rhianna, looking up at her with a smile.

"That was fun." She said dreamily. She turned to Sven. "You want some of this?" Anya looked in his eyes, licking the finger she had just pulled out of Rhianna.

Sven put a hand on the back of her head, pulling her towards him, licking his wife's cum from her face, slipping his tongue into her mouth to get more. They were evenly matching in their love of kissing, slowing down to enjoy the play of open mouths and dancing tongues. She lost interest in what her husband might find out about her apparant attraction to this man and how long it had been going on. She played with his gorgeous long hair, fondled his hard cock, all the while frenching him deeply. The kiss finally ended, she moved on to his neck, sucking it hungrily, eager to be fucked by him. His hand trailed down her spine, between her buttocks.

"I know what you want." She said softly, stroking his dick. "And you can have it."

He looked over at his wife, she had moved on the bed, and he knew what she wanted, also.

"Get back on the bed." He told Anya.

She looked over at his wife also.

Rhianna smiled. "I want to taste you, now."

Anya moaned with anticipation and climbed on top of the woman, her soaking wet pussy hovering just above Rhianna's face. Sven dangled his cock in front of his wife, she sucked it into her mouth briefly, getting it wet for him. He put a hand on Anya's back, pressing his dick against her ass. She moaned lustily, wiggling her backside in a effort to hurry the couple. Rhianna slid a finger into Anya's sweet spot, her muscles contracting with pleasure.

"More! Oh fuck, more Rhianna!" Anya begged.

Rhianna obliged her, adding another finger. In response to Anya's continued pleasure, she made the total three.

"Sven...where are you? Put it in."

He pressed his swollen head slowly into her tight ass.

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