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She is trapped by a convict and her son is watching.

If you hear nothing but the hens, then sweep up and leave.

But if you hear three knocks, just as softly - twice, then once - then turn from the wall and look around. If you see no one, then get to your knees and pretend to sweep up the pile. If you hear the little door sliding open, A'ishah, then push your bare bottom back that way.

There will be a man inside, and he will make you into a woman.'

I thought then that my poor mother was truly mad, but she only smiled and nodded.

I asked who this man was and she said only that she would never tell me and that I did not need to know.

Well I was almost on the floor over that.

'Why would I not need to know?' I asked her and she shushed me and pulled me close. When I had quieted down, she only smiled and said that the one was a slave just as we were and for us not to know each other was the best thing. I spent the whole night thinking of all the male slaves that I knew were there."

She looked at them with a smile as she turned her head to receive some of Zhaeri's appreciative kisses for a few moments.

"I thought only the masters of these slaves were cruel," Yasmikha grumbled, "But see? Their meanness is passed to their workers as well. She stops as though it is nothing and only smiles."

A'ishah chuckled as she leaned back in Zhaeri's arms, "Before I go on," she smiled with her eyes closed dreamily while her hips bucked very slowly from Zhaeri's caresses, "I will want a kiss."

Their mouths fell open.

"But I have been kissing you anywhere that I could reach for all of this time," Zhaeri protested.

"Yes, and I love how you hold me as if I hang in one of your spells," A'ishah sighed. "I have been kissed by you so that I ache to give myself to you. I have been kissed by mighty H__kan only a few times and it was enough to make me wet for him in an instant.

And I have been kissed by wondrous Yasmina some days ago - far too long ago, now that I hold that sweet thought.

But I have not been kissed by beautiful, mysterious Ko__hn even yet and I grow worried that she does not care for me."

For the second time that evening, Ko__hn gasped in surprise. When she looked, A'ishah was writhing slowly in Zhaeri's grasp, her eyes closed for the moment as he squeezed her own breast. When she opened her eyes, she looked sad.

"Don't you like me, Ko__hn?"

Ko__hn was there within the span of a heartbeat and she took A'ishah in her arms, allowing for the way that the girl bucked so slowly. She looked down into those soft brown eyes and she was lost.

She leaned down and kissed A'ishah as softly as she could and then opened her mouth to take as much of the girl's neck into her mouth as she could while her tongue licked that soft skin.

"Higher," A'ishah moaned, "Move higher on your knees for me. I want ... I want to ..." she reached out and down with her hand and slid her palm and fingertips over Ko__hn's thick, furry thatch, "Oh, Ko__hn ... you cannot know how good it feels to me to only touch you."

When A'ishah opened her eyes next, she found herself looking into the moist red eyes that she liked most of all as Ko__hn regarded her for a moment.

Ko__hn took A'ishah's head in her hands gently and she leaned in to kiss her until the Bedouin almost hung limp in Zhaeri's grasp.

When the furred one pulled back, A'ishah smiled at her very happily, "I knew that all of you could kiss me so well. I needed only the last to be sure. I don't care which bed that I sleep in tonight. I am finally happy for the first time in so long. Thank you lovely one. I have truly ached to know your kiss."

"A lovely and touching moment," Yasmikha nodded, "but you won't have many more if you go on teasing us."

She held up her hands in a placating gesture as the others snarled at her to be still. Even so, she laughed at the end, enjoying it as much as they did.

"Well I had to say something," she growled in barely hidden delight, "She keeps me wet only to hear her voice. To see her in your arms like that, Zhaeri - the way that she hangs and moans to us - I am growing an ache of my own."

"Please .

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