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Snowbound and bound in the snow.

She then made an O of her mouth and took in the top third. Her lips tightened wonderfully. She moved too slowly, so I took a hank of her long hair and moved her skull up and down, establishing the rhythm that was most effective. I also encouraged her to take in more and more, until she was choking and gasping for air. I told her to breath through her nose, and she relaxed. She had turned onto her belly, so that her other hand was free. She used it to cup and weigh my balls. She giggled with pleasure as they constricted. Her giggling changed to groans as her face moved up and down on my shaft. She was loving the power she discovered. I watched with excitement as her hips shifted back and forth unconsciously.

"Look at me and smile if you like doing this," I said. She rolled her pretty blue eyes up at me and gave me a devilish smile. I envied and pitied the Ivy-league men. "Can you take it all the way in?" I challenged. "That really gets a guy's undying devotion. Let's see if you can make it hit the back of your throat."

Gamely, Morgan slowed her sucking and worked my cock in until her lips circled the base of my shaft. A wanton noise escaped her throat. She was now rocking her prominent pubic mound down against the comforter. I could have cum right then, but I wanted more. I drew her face away.

"Is that enough for me to get my man, do you think?" she asked.

I shook my head. "Not the kind you're after. You have a lot more to learn," I said. "Like how the little rise just behind the bottom of the head is the most sensitive place. You flick your tongue back and forth over it until the guy's eyes roll into his skull."

"Let me practice some more," she said with enthusiasm.

"Maybe later," I told her. "But never volunteer to give a guy a blow job. It's the surest way for them to write you off," I continued. "You'll come off as a slut. Let them talk you into it. Guys like to conquer. Make sure this guy you're after thinks you're a virgin and ask him to teach you everything."

"That won't be hard, since I am a virgin. Thanks," she replied, reaching for her pants.

I realized that she had not promised her virginity to me. As far as she was concerned, the teaching session had reached its limit. I wanted to kick myself.

"Wait!" I said with genuine panic in my voice. "There are other incredibly important things I still have to teach you that will definitely make him your slave. Things you can pretend you do naturally."

"Like what?" she bit.

"Take off your bra and panties and let me take one last picture. That's my price for showing you," I said.

Before she could refuse I yanked her up, crushed her to me, and unsnapped her bra. I pulled down the straps, kissed her a few more times, and then whisked away the bra and admired her breasts. They were not the grapefruit size most men prefer but actually quite perfect for her height and weight. What drove me wild, however, was that her areolas were bright pink and puffy, as if they had been sucked for an hour each. Her nipples were small and buried within the plumpness around them. On a greater mission, I resisted the temptation to stop and worship them and rather pushed her down, grabbed her panties from both hips, and yanked them down and off. She cried out in protest, but I reminded her where she was and that she had brought me here. I had used the element of surprise to gain the initial advantage, but it only got me so far. The experience of former years had taught me that Morgan had powerful thighs. I had never been able to pry them open in the past. Her arms crossed defensively over her breasts. I decided on a different strategy.

"If you want to learn the big secrets, you must give me my photo!" I ordered. "These skills could be worth millions of dollars to you. Lie back and put your hands at your sides! No bargaining."

The little golddigger stopped struggling, as I suspected she would.

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