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Pat starts his new life as a cumslut.

He was mesmerized by her beauty, and didn't hear her turn off the water, as she opened the shower door, she saw him through the mirror.

He knew he was caught, he immediately started to close the door, but she said wait, he turned toward her and she held the towel in front of her, she then asked him if he liked what he saw. He started to apologize for what he had done, when she again asked, "well, did you like what you saw", and at that moment let the towel drop to the floor. There he stood, his mouth wide open, his eyes staring at her nakedness, he stood there speechless and finally muttered "oh yes", she then asked, "do you want what you see?" Again he was dumfounded, her eyes lowered to his crotch and she see could the bulge in his pants getting bigger. He then looked in her eyes and knew she was serious. He stated, "of course I want you". She looked deep into his eyes and said, "Well then get on your knees and prove it."

He drops to his knees, he grabs her buttocks, she grabs his head and they both pull, his mouth is buried into her pussy, she is shaved, and nothing but tender skin does he have to suck on. She pulls his head tighter and pleads and hollers for him to suck her cunt dry, as he plunges his tongue deep into her vagina, she tilts her head back and moans with ecstasy. He grabs her cheeks and spreads them apart, slowly slips a finger into her anus, working it in and out, shoving it in as far as it will go while working it in a circling motion, she is beside herself, she bites down on her lip and pulls his head even tighter and then begins to grind her pussy into his face all the while he fingers her ass and sucks hard on her cunt, his tongue is working magic inside her.

Her body trembles, she is losing control, she grabs his head, starts pulling his hair, he can hardly breath, she has his face engulfed in her pussy, she screams," eat me baby eat me", her body quivers, and he senses she is almost ready, he immediately grabs her and lifts her off her feet and lays her down on the floor, he grabs her tits and shoves his face deep into her cunt, she says "turn around and put your cock in my mouth and eat my pussy."

She knows she cannot take all of him but she will pleasure him beyond his belief. She slowly takes his swollen head in her mouth and starts sucking and sliding down his shaft, he is eating her pussy furiously as she grinds it into him, he begins stroking up and down into her mouth as she sucks him gently at first then slides her mouth to the end of his cock, letting her tongue work the inside of his shaft. She feels he cannot hold out much longer and she opens her throat to accept all of his cock and he begins to fuck her mouth, precum flowing now, she savors the salty taste and as she does, he bites into her pussy with such a force and jams her ass with his finger she now feels she is ready to fill his mouth with her cum.

Both are now attacking each other, they know the time is here, his tongue now deep in her cunt, working inside of her, pushing hard as far as he can sliding in and out and side-to-side rubbing her clit, rubbing her inner walls, finger is now fucking her ass, she opens her mouth wide as he slams into her throat, she sucks furiously, he winces and moans, he can't hold it any longer and her orgasm is here as they both explode into each other's mouths, her hot cum sliding down his throat as his tongue reaches for more as he tries to drain her dry and at the same time his hot scalding cum fills her mouth as he keeps pumping into her throat and she has no choice but to swallow all of him and she opens her throat and allows his cock just to remain there spurting his juices into her.

He is still hard as he pulls out of her mouth, removing his mouth from her pussy and finger from her ass he spreads her legs and pushes them back as he positions himself between them and grabs his now cum soa

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