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Something they both wanted in high school.

Lori tugged at her new lover to remove his shirt and underwear.

Lori eased Dave to lie back on the bed, she reached down and took his cock in her hand. She moved her blonde locks to the side of her head. She took his cock and guided it into her mouth and started sucking it, sliding her luscious lips up and down over the shaft. My wife paid close attention to his large cock head, sucking it in her mouth and letting it pop out, then she would take as much of his long shaft down her throat as she could and literally fuck his cock with her mouth. When she finally pulled off his dick, some of his pre-cum ran off of her lips and down to her chin. She collapsed onto the bed.

The stranger couldn't take any more. He rolled her over, spread her legs, and positioned his large cock head at the entrance to her pussy. I heard him spit into his palm, and then a finger wanted to massage her tight little asshole. He began to thrust it in and out. This went on for only a few seconds because Lori didn't have none of that.

Lori commented, "Just fuck me."

Lori reached under and slid his tool into her cunt. My own cock was stiff as I watched his tool disappear into her cunt. Dave only made a few fast strokes before he pulled out and moved down to eat her hot pussy. He began licking her cunt lips up and down, and was soon driving Lori wild.

My first inclinations were, what a tease this guy.

Lori's hips arched and she grabbed him by the back of the head pulling him harder into her cunt. She was moaning louder and louder, and I knew she was approaching a climax. Lori flung her hands over her head and grabbed the top of the mattress and continued to arch and buck her hips against his wanton face. Within two minutes she came, moaning with every breath. Only gradually she settled down, her body shuddered from time-to-time in the aftermath.

As Lori sat up, I could tell Lori wanted to be fucked because of her panting, and the juices were running freely over his lips. She pushed Dave back and mounted his extreme hard-on. Lori bent her knees and gave complete access to the new stranger by straddling him.

I got a wonderful glimpse of her frame from the closet door. I was in awe at her creamy-white thighs. I had the perfect rearview as she lowered herself slowly onto his cock, and I almost shot off in my hand as I watched her stuffing herself with another man.

Lori slid up and down the hard cock in what appeared to be in slow motion. Her moans intensified as her strange cock slid all the way in. She leaned forward to kiss him with every stroke. I began to stroke my own cock quickly. I watched that huge pole slide in and out of my wife's wet honey hole. Dave's dick had my wife's pussy stretched to the max. I could see her pussy lips hungrily clinging to his large shaft.

Dave moaned and I could tell that he wasn't going to last long as Lori fucked him. His hips rose to meet her downward thrusts as she fucked him faster. In a minute she was moaning with every breath, she started to come rocking back and forth-on Dave's cock. Dave stiffened and gave a loud hoarse cry, and in a moment I could see his cum running out of Lori's pussy and down to his balls. Then big wet noises were comming from my wife's pussy. That knowledge pleased me and I wanted her. I knew that Lori was going to savor every moment. The muscles of her cunt tightened around his shaft. It wasn't long after that she arched her back and gave a little cry.

Lori stopped cumming and pulled herself off of Dave's cock. His cock fell out of her like a wet rag really rung. She had really milked his cock good. Lori rolled over on her back with her legs spread wide with cum oozing out of her open lips. They laid there for a few minutes before Dave got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Lori fumbled with her fingers and put them in her hole.

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