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Ryan's plan is working perfectly. Can he confess to Riley?

I am working on the script now -please send comment if you wish to consider it for your own studio.

I have to thank my dedicated and devoted staff at all levels for their hard work in tuition, thrashing, and fucking. Our genial and much-feared Matron Mrs. Pancks retains all the skill of her right arm and the students are almost always in tears when they leave the surgery. She supervises the weekly pussy shave to ensure that all twats are clean and smooth, videos of which also sell well, although of course it is my job as dean to check the smoothness of the pussies by running my fingers over them.

As you know we took the decision two years ago to go co-educational to keep our product in line with the market. There is increasing demand from many of you for studs in your brothels to service female clients, and even greater demand from the increasing number of all male brothels. Also we have noticed rising (no pun intended) dissatisfaction from many consumers of pornography at the appalling appearance of the men in films and photoshoots - large ugly bald and tattooed - with whom they cannot identify.

This requires a wide range of skills but ISIS is rising (no pun intended) to the challenge. We teach our male students to be entirely bisexual and I am glad to say that they participate vigorously in the spanking and fucking part of the curriculum, and also that the girls are not behindhand (if I may use the word in this context) in spanking their behinds with their (the girls') hands. We also insist on constant male arsefucking and again many of the cadets at Fort Leming are proving invaluable. Our weekly Wanking Contest is also proving popular with many paying spectators as the students lie on mattresses and there is a small prize for the one who is the fastest to jerk himself off three times. Matron particularly enjoys male bottoms as I know to my cost and the boys really dread the weekly cock inspection.

However, enough of me droning on. You want to consider our available graduates. As always we attach pictures of full frontal nudity with pussy clearly displayed, a slightly more close up picture of the bottom, and a close up picture of the cunt lips pulled apart. For the boys a full frontal again with cock erect. Again the bottom, and a close up of the cock.

Cunt of the Year and Cunt most likely to succeed

These two much prized and coveted titles go to Samantha Wilcox ( a very apt name) by unanimous vote. When Samantha arrived we soon realised that we had a major star on her hands. Her cunt at once proved soft responsive, tight and intensely satisfying and she soon became the staff's must fuck. It is also immensely resilient and she is able to take almost any number of cocks and still come back for more. Even when totally unprepared it becomes soft and juicy and entirely fuckable in less than a minute. She comes very quickly and quite spectacularly and thoroughly loves cocks thrusting up her. She has also learnt how to control her muscles so immediately after entry she starts fucking you herself and all you have to do is lie on top her and enjoy the delicious sensations.

Her bottom is also delightful to look at and delightful to spank Her tits are immensely sensitive and after even a few gropes her nipples swell out to quite an alarming size. See photo. Her asshole is also well trained and experienced. She has a diploma in Advanced Socksucking.

She has participated regularly and enthusiastically in our Friday night events and gained golden opinions from our clients. She is entirely dedicated to life as a whore and is keenly looking forward to her career which will be a glittering one.

As you can see from the photo she is in excellent shape without an ounce of fat.

All in all a worthy winner. The brothel that gets her will have a prize indeed. Ring early for this extraordinary opportunity to secure a major asset for your establishment.

Cocksucker of the Year

Here the prize goes to Norma Cunningham who at the Sex Sports Day won the trophy by sucking off ten cadets wi

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