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Adventures of a supersoldier from earth and his alien crew.

My fucking whore had done so well she deserved a reward. Grabbing her blonde hair with my left hand, I clutched my unbelievably hard meat with my right and jerked. I am more an oozier than a shooter but my cum took off from my pecker hitting the slut square in the nose. The second blast covered her cheek, then the forehead. I had no control over myself. Ann moaned so loud that it was almost a cry!

*Among the plethora of things that turned my slave on, watching a man cum shared the top of the list. I searched the web for male masturbation videos, edited and blended them into hours of spurting cum. I would tie the cunt to the bed and make her watch the tapes, sometime for over an hour at a time. After that she would fuck anything. I picked up a cop nightstick at a garage sale once; she begged for permission to fuck herself with it.

To briefly change the subject, on ann's last birthday the club's gift to my slave was all the jerking off she could watch.

A member's basement playroom was cleared, the rug rolled up the remaining tile polished, only chairs around the walls with pillows on the floor before each one. In the middle of the room we placed a weight bench.

After dark I rapped a sheet around my naked slave and lead her to the car. Blindfolding her I drove her to our friends. There I used the leash to lead her to the house and stripped her of her sheet outside the back door. She obediently followed me through the door. Inside the members lined the way to the playroom door. As ann heeled to the leash the members reached out and groped the naked birthday girl. She jumped and gasped at the first touch. We all smiled in silence.

Arriving in the playroom I handed my slut over to the two submissive male members. The one that had a Mistress was white; the single member was a dark Hispanic man. Both were buffed and yes had respectable cocks.

Ann stood between the two men, each with a hand on her upper arm, in front of the bench. She heard the noise of feet shuffling as everyone filed in. The Tops took a chair; the slaves knelt on the pillows. I took my place in a large chair facing the foot of the bench. Two slaves stood on each side of me. One was the statuesque, inga; the other was a shorter heavier, big titted, jodi. Jodi's Owner was out of town.

Ramona dressed in one of her more exotic leather outfits, stood before my slave and removed her blindfold. The two slaves sat ann down on the bench. The legs were spread and fixed to a cross bar attached to the bottom legs. The upper part of the bench was raise to a 45-degree angle and her wrists chained to the vertical bars. This left her cunt open her face raised so she could view the show.

To finish off ann's bondage, I handed Ramona a rod. She slowly approached my slut. Inga left my side, she leaned over slut ann and sucked her nipples to hardness.

Ramona placed each end of the rod over the hard nipples and with a deft hand screwed the clamps down tight. The rod pulled her tits toward each other.

Ann watched as inga and jodi knelt in front of me. My cock was already getting hard when each slave touched her lips to opposite sides. I liked the fact that inga had a dislike for male members. Each slave took a cock in her mouth around the room.

Ann and I stared into each other's eyes. She saw the pleasure in my eyes as jodi gobbled my cock and inga danced her tongue over my balls. "Enough!" I said, the slaves knelt back.

I stood, walking over to ann I straddled her body. She stared at my hard cock. I took my rod and started slowly jerking it. I was never real comfortable doing this in front of the group but it was for my slave love.

As I played with my meat I watched her breathing increase, "Like this bitch?'

"Oh yes Sir, yes jerk your cock please!" she said.

I pointed to each side of her; she glanced from side to side. There were the two slave males, each with a collar, each with a hard on.

"They have been abstaining for over a week, now they have been ordered to jerk off on you and keep it up until they have no cum left, Happy Bir

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