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You see, the current cancer treatments tend to ravage the body and make the patient's life a literal living hell, because we are killing healthy cells as well as cancerous ones. However, there is a hospital very close to your home in Springfield, Illinois named St. John's Medical center that is doing clinical trials on this more humane treatment, of terminal cancer patients. If you decide to take this route, I will give you a referral. I am so sorry that I was not able to give you good news, and I wish you the best."

The stunned couple said their goodbyes to the doctors and walked quietly to the parking deck where Cousin Vinnie was waiting for them. When they got into the cab, Jackson said "Vinnie, take us to Holy Cross."

"Right away, Jacks." Vinnie said and drove them to Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral in South Boston.

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled up in front of the massive gothic church on Washington Street and Vinnie found a parking space right out front. Liz had not been to church since she was ten and had never been in a Catholic Church in her life. She didn't say a word and followed her husband inside.

She watched as he dipped his fingers in the small bowl attached to the inner doorway and touched his fingers to his forehead, chest and shoulders before walking into the Sanctuary and kneeling down at the rail in front of a row of candles. She sat in the pew closest to where he was kneeling and watched him pray for nearly a half hour. When he was finished he 'crossed himself' (he would explain this later when they held each other in bed later that night), lit one of the candles and slipped a handful of bills from his pocket into the slot under the candles.

As he stood she noticed a man in long black robes walking toward them. Jackson walked over to him and asked "Father would you hear my confession".

The Priest nodded, and Jackson turned to Liz and said "I'll be back in a little while." The two men went to the side of the Sanctuary where there were a series of doors. They each went into a separate door and for the next thirty minutes she waited, not knowing what was happening. When they finally came out of what she would later find out was a confessional, the two men shook hands and walked over to where she was sitting.

"Darling, this is Father Murphy" Jackson said.

"Hello Mrs. Powell, I'm Joseph Murphy and yes, I'm a Catholic Priest. I can see by your confusion that you have no clue as to why your husband has brought you here." The man in the black robe told her.

"I understand a little about the Church Father, I just didn't know Jackson was Catholic, and I have never been in a Cathedral before." She said.

"Do you mind if I pray for you?" Fr. Murphy asked.

"Father, I will take all of the help I can get. I was scared to death when I first came in here, but now I feel an inner calm. I think I can take whatever happens from here on out." Liz said.

Liz sat silently with her head bowed and listened as her husband and the priest knelt on the marble floor in front of her, both of them holding some beads in their hands, and reciting what she would learn later was a Rosary. After that, the priest stood, placing both of his hands on her head and said "Heavenly father, please take this, your child, Elizabeth, into your fold and protect her from harm. Let your will be done but spare her and those who love her pain and suffering, Amen."

When she finally stood, she felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from her and she felt better than she had been since before the devastating news from her doctor over a month ago.

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