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Once he arrived where he wanted to be, he spread her legs and looked in awe at the treasure he revealed. As if he wanted to study her in detail, he very slowly trailed his index finger over her wet folds, her arousing scent making him more crazy about her. All he wanted to do was plunge right in there and fuck her brains out, but again he remembered his personal goal.

His look went up and locked with her eyes again. Chris didn't want to give her what she clearly wanted, not yet. Ever so slowly he inserted his finger. It wasn't meant to arouse her further, but he wanted to taste her. As he removed his finger and brought it up to his mouth, her scent rolled over him like waves on a beach. Licking his finger clean he moaned.

"Ambrosia of the Gods, that's what you taste like for me," he said huskily. "So addictive, I'd get used to this."

Not wanting to verbally express her feelings she sent him a mental note; you're torturing me here, Chris!

"No fear, my sweet, it's going to be sweet torture, I promise," he said in reply, a wicked, bone melting smile appearing on his face before he lowered it and covered her wet folds with his lips.

He couldn't stop the appreciative growl that emanated from his chest as he started licking up her sweet juices that covered her sex. Wanting to go slow, he "inspected" each little curve in detail. Lick after lick, he was driving her mad with a need that matched his own. Craving more of her sweet juice, he plunged his tongue into her wet core and eagerly lapped up her essence.

Mia started bucking against his lips but Chris wasn't having any of it. He was having the time of his life and he surely wasn't done pleasuring her.

Releasing her for only a few seconds, he lifted her legs over his shoulders. He scooted closer, so she was now resting on her shoulder blades. Gently, but firmly, did he support the rest of her body.

"Now, now, don't be so eager, love. I haven't lost my appetite yet. So lay still so I can have my fill," he chastised her with a light chuckle in his voice.

Lowering his head again, he went straight for her clit, licking it mercilessly. His eyes locked with hers, a silent promise that if she did what he wanted she would get a lot more than she was hoping for. He loved the feel of her round butt cheeks in his hands. Squeezing them every so often he could tell by her gasping breath she loved what he was doing.

Shifting his attention back to her core he eagerly went back to what he was doing before. With gusto he devoured her. He started slow but before long he started picking up the speed at which he was licking and suckling her wet folds. The slight tremble in her legs was another indication she was rapidly nearing her release.

Giving it a little thought, he reluctantly retreated which got a growling response from Mia.

"Shhh, I'm not done yet, just want to support you a little better while I free up my hands," he reassured her. He had been sitting on his knees at first, but now carefully twisted his legs under him so he sat on his butt. Pulling up his legs, he carefully rested her behind on his knees until she was still within his reach. "You ok like this?" he asked and got a nod in return. He gave her a quick wink as he, again, lowered his head.

Now his hands joined in. As he licked her clit, he pried open her slick pussy lips, opening her up completely to his searing gaze. Mesmerized by her sweet scent he started licking her pussy from the bottom to the top, luxuriating in her delicious taste. Time and time again he swept his agile tongue over her clit and inside of her.

Sensing she wanted more he replaced his tongue with two fingers, the thumb of his other hand covering her clit and making tiny circles around it. Chris noticed she was trying hard not to move or buck against his fingers. Little drops of sweat were gracing her beautiful face and she was biting her lip, trying hard not to make a sound.

He admired her strong will, as well as that little stubborn streak that surfaced now.

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