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This is a memory from George.

They charmed Mary right away and their sexy bodies didn't hurt in getting her attention. It felt good to be sought after and she was flattered by the attention from such young boys. They bought her shot after shot and soon she was much drunker than she ever intended to be, with her words slurring a little, and her balance starting to become unsteady. Mary was asked about the geeks she was with and she told them about celebrating her son's birthday with him and his friends. Rob offered to have Steve go over to Jason, make him the life of the party, and attract some attention to the boys to help them get the girls. Mary was grateful for this as she wanted Jason to be shown a great time on his birthday. The only catch was, Mary had to agree to dance with Rob while Steve entertained her son and his friends.

Steve bought them each another shot, but 4 shots came out and Mary was convinced to take the extra one. Rob then led her to the dance floor and she followed, legs a bit wobbly. She saw Steve walk up to the boys at the bar and they seemed to be relieved that someone was engaging them in conversation. He ordered shots and she saw the boys eagerly drinking them down.

Rob held her close into him, gripping and kneading her tight ass in his hands like putty. She knew she shouldn't allow him to touch her like this but she found herself too drunk and feeling too good to stop him. Besides, it had been a while since she was at a club and she knew that dancing had gotten more physical, with the kids grinding and gyrating together like on the rap videos. The song got faster and Rob was moving her faster, before she knew it, he had spun her around so her ass was against his crotch and his left hand was groping her left breast and squeezing it.

"Oh mommy your titty feels soo nice" he said softly into her ear. She knew she should stop this and started to stand up and say no, but her legs were too weak and wobbly and his hands and arms were so strong.

She watched as Jason's friend Peter started looking ghostly pale and ran off to the bathroom from too much alcohol. Rob's hand started snaking under her skirt along her right thigh, his left hand still squeezing her tit. His hand cupped her pussy right over her panties and squeezed hard, sending a jolt of electricity through her body. She immediately felt her body slacken against Rob's body and submit to his roaming hands. Sensing her submission, Rob quickly pulled her panties to the side and started sliding his fingers along her slit, playing with her clit and starting to rub it.

"I knew you were a fucking slut," he said as she gasped aloud. She knew she shouldn't be letting a boy only a year older than her son touch her and talk to her like this, but felt powerless to stop him. His left hand was leaving her tit and reaching under her skirt to join the right hand when she noticed Chris and Peter saying goodbye to Jason and leaving, Peter looking very sick.

Steve was with Jason, keeping him entertained, but she saw Jason's eyes starting to roam the crowd to find his mother, probably thinking it was about time they leave as well. Both of Rob's hands were too much for Mary, he was shoving two fingers roughly in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb and grinding against her ass. She was quickly approaching orgasm. When it hit her eyes shot open as the waves of pleasure shot through her body. She found her eyes locked with Jason's, who had just spotted her from the bar. He couldn't see the lower half of her body and so was blissfully unaware of her current condition. Rob's fingers were fucking her pussy without mercy, playing her like an instrument in the crowded club. As the orgasm ended, Rob pulled her in close as he spoke in her ear.

"Listen to me you horny slut. You are coming with Steve and I tonight."

"But Jason is here with me" she weakly protested.

"He can come to, there is a couch for him to sleep on.

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