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Wife's sister's first time.

A woman had layback on her back, and wrapped her legs around a person's waist, locking her ankles behind his back. Others had gone for drinks, and were merely talking with one another now. Then as I looked over the crowd of people, I saw my wife. She had returned to the group of people now.

She had shed all her clothing now. Her thigh highs were the only thing she had left on when I had last seen her... She talked with a person in the corner of the room, standing on a pallet. I watched as he helped her sit down. Then as he leaned, forward and kissed her. They were talking with each other. It looked much like someone out on a picnic in a park except both were naked as the day they were born!

He reached up and she, looking down at his hand could feel the touch of his warm hand against her nipple. He gently squeezed her right nipple, her arm went around his neck and she allowed him to lay her down on her back, he positioned himself between her spreading thighs. Her gaze shifted down to his hard cock. She watched as he pushed his cock into her. She closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and pulled him down onto her. He began to fuck her!

I watched as his butt pumped his long skinny cock in and out of her swollen cunt's lips... It was a very lustful sight to see. I was frenzied now and my heart was beating so loudly that I thought someone might hear it. This was so real! It all was so sexy! It was all so lustful! It was all so exciting!

Turning away from that sight, I noticed another woman. She was kneeling down in front of a man. She was sucking on his cock for all she was worth. The girl on the bed with her locked ankles was moaning now, there was the smell of sex in the air. Other women sat around in various states of dress or undress and talked with each other and the men around them, giggling and laughing.

My thoughts were rampant. My mind was wandering. I was looking around at all the naked bodies, at all the lustful sights, and at the same time asking myself one question after another. Still all my questions had no one to answer. The woman that stayed close to me, that had not let go yet of my soft cock. She broke into my spell. She asked, "Would you like to go over and set down so I can go down on you?" "I guess so." I found myself saying. I realized that I was so nervous that I was willing to do anything at that point to blend in with the crowd.

I watched as she cupped my testicles, as she licked the length of the shaft of my cock. I closed my eyes as she began to suck on the head of my cock. It felt good, but I was to stress to let go and enjoy what was occurring to me. I took a deep breath; I opened my eyes in time to watch my wife again.

Her hand went to his chest, her lips were moving. She was telling him something, he stopped his movement. She was speaking to him providing directions of some sort, and he sat back on his knees withdrawing his cock from her wet pussy. His cock glistened with the wet sheen of her pussy juice. She stood, his hands took her by her hips, and she took control of him and of the movement, she intended to get from him. Turning him around, holding his fore arms while he held her hips. She laid him down on his back now. His legs out stretched, slightly parted. His gaze directed solely upon the supple nakedness of my wife. He watched as she spread her thighs, straddling his body. She turned her body around over the top of him. He was now looking at the supple cheeks of her tensing ass cheeks.

He reached for his cock, to hold it upright for her to settle down on .

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