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A coercive neighbor forcibly feminizes me.

And you put in all that time in breeding for me. Well, I know you enjoy breeding too."

I couldn't help but to laugh as she sat next to me. "Besides," she whispered softly, "if I hadn't found out, I wouldn't have brought your thank you present here yesterday."

"What present?" I asked but she simply kissed me and walked into the bathroom.

I waited in earnest anticipation, eventually stripping to just my boxers just as the door opened. Mom walked out in a see-through silk nightie, along with red stiletto heels. Her boobs still hung out and her ass jiggled with each step.

"Turned on baby?" she asked.

"I've never been more turned on in my life."

Mom smiled at my response and rubbed my rock solid bulge. "Take your boxers off baby. We have a lot of work to do..."

I consented and she gently rubbed my cock before moving to feel my balls with a slight amount of of pressure. I moaned, holding back a cry but she let go.

"Ready to have some extremely dirty fun honey?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied, eager to see what she would do. She dropped to her knees and began to run her hands over my aching hard on. Her sweet perfume filling my nostrils as I felt the heat emanating from her body.

Her soft began to glide ever so gently over my prick as she kept looking up at me with her gentle and caring eyes. I looked over her body, her tits the size and length of pencil erasers, her shaven and wet pussy and squeezable and gorgeous ass.

She continued to jerk me in a steady rhythm from my base to my balls. With her other hand, she rolled my balls through her fingers and flicked each loaded egg with her thumb.

"I want every drop of seed from these," Mom said resolutely, "is that understood?"

"Understood," I replied as she picked up speed, hammering her fist into my sack. She then arose and rubbed my head against her pussy.

"On your feet Kyle," she ordered, "put your hands on your head and leave them there."

I complied as she walked over, my cock dripping for her as tightly squeezed my cock. Her hand rapidly slid over it over my rigidness. She traced her nails from the underside of my sack to the head, scooping up a generous amount of precum and licking it from her hand.

She kissed me tenderly as she positioned my cock into her pussy. "Holy shit!" I cried as she pulled my face to her boobs, filling my mouth with the warm flesh.

In retaliation for earlier, I slapped her ass hard, making her cry out. In a sudden burst of energy, I pushed her onto the bed.

"Kyle!" Mom said laughing in a shocked tone.

"Spread your legs," I ordered, "right now." I kissed her tenderly and began to fuck her.

"Yes Kyle!" Mom screamed as I began to thrust rapidly, "Give it to me!"

"Oh fuck!" I shouted, ecstatic to finally be fucking Mom again, digging my fingers into her boobs. She raised up to kiss me as my balls slammed into her pussy. As I looked down at her, she began to suck on one of her tits and I was prompted to fuck her faster.

She began to circle her tits and give them hard squeezes as I picked up speed. I reached under to grab her ass and she cried out. "Oh god!" Mom screamed, "I feel it Kyle! Yes!!"

I hammered her even harder, slapping her udders as my balls made loud pounding sounds as they made contact. Mom looked deep into my eyes as we moaned together and rubbed her clit in pace with my furious fucking.

I pulled out to the head and forced myself back in, making her scream loudly as she locked her ankles around my back. "Oh god yes!" Mom yelled, "fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy harder!!!"

She began to cum on my cock and every time I pulled back, she came up with me, making resounding impacts as I made contact again. Her breath began ragged and hurried as I kept up my rhythm.

"God!" I shouted as I dug my nails into the spread, "you're so tight Mom!"

"Open it up Kyle!" she encouraged me, "spread me apart!" Her encouragement was thrilling as I kissed her again, speedily slamming between her legs. I could feel her wetness coating every inch of my cock as I pinched her hard tits.

Her screams had become a long gasp, her mouth open with no

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