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Hank loses his virginity to his boss.


As Kirk carried her through the bedroom door, he asked "What's that?"

"Put me down and I'll show you."

He lowered her to her feet. She kissed him again, quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head and knelt before him. "I want to see if I can throat fuck you! I've dreamed about it every night since our first time. I come hard just thinking about it."

Seeming intent on making her dream a reality she grabbed his elastic waistband and tugged his lounge pants off. Without waiting for him to finish kicking them aside, she took his thick mushroom head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

"Fat chance of that happening!" he thought to himself "My cock is too long and too thick. Many others have tried and failed."

Li Su was clearly intent on trying and did something he had never seen before. After thoroughly wetting his cock, she released it turned her back to him and lowered her head between his legs. She wrapped her left hand around his cock and began slithering backwards, limbo style. She stopped, raised her head to his balls and started alternately licking them and taking one after the other into her warm mouth.

He looked down on her contorted body and saw that her nipples had become beet red. Her legs had spread as she rocked back showing off the 'Silk Road' pattern of her pubes. Her inner thighs glistened with her cream. His observations were interrupted as she pulled his cock down into the position she wanted and she began to slowly envelop his meat. She began bouncing her torso up and down, taking more of him with each pass. He was sure she'd reach her limit soon.

She paused, took a deep breath and thrust upward and he felt his mushroom head brush against the back of her throat. Without so much as a slight gag she thrust upward and he felt his cock slide into her throat. She began bobbing slowly up and down, not fully releasing his cock from her tight throat which alternately gripped and released him as she swallowed. Kirk looked down in surprise that she had taken him into her throat and saw her hands slide between her legs.

Without missing a beat with her throat, she began first stroking her clit and then plunged two fingers deep in her pussy. She found a perfect rhythm and Kirk thought he'd died and gone to heaven the sensation of her throat gripping his cock was so powerful. She began thrusting her fingers deeper and faster into her slit signaling her oncoming climax. She suddenly stiffened, groaned onto his meat and did something he'd never witnessed before. She started squirting! With each groan, her abdomen tightened and a stream of clear liquid spurted from her loins.

Before he could digest this scene, she jammed her index finger into her mouth and slid it back and forth along the side of his cock. She then did something he didn't expect but felt -- she removed her finger from her mouth, slid it along the crack of his ass and slid it into him. He reacted to this novel sensation by first trying to pull away which caused his already throbbing cock deeper into her throat. She plunged her finger deeper into him and began massaging his prostrate. His balls quickly tightened and he erupted. He came with such force that his knees began to buckle!

Li Su began milking him with her throat before withdrawing and guiding his spurting cock to her lips, then her face before stroking it to deposit his thick hot cream on her shapely tits. Her finger in his ass continued massaging him and his nuts continued to respond with one thick jet of cum after another spewing forth. He'd cum with such force and for so long that his temples throbbed and he felt lightheaded.

Her mission accomplished, Li Su released his cock, straightened her legs and lay back on the floor her face below his still dripping cock. As a drop of his cum splattered against her cheek, she smiled up at him and collected more from her face with a finger and sucked it into her mouth. Smiling up at him as she removed her finger she said, "So much hot and delicious cream and I made you give it to me!"

"Yes and you're going to get

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