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A Mad Bitch Office Manager is tamed by her secretary.

Heartfelt kisses preceded her departure. Todd and his girlfriends felt sorry for her to return to a sexless existence for three days because they had asked her to call on Tuesday after her husband left for his office.

They made coffee and prepared food with the idea of a breakfast-lunch combination for themselves. They were still lazy and ate slowly and drank coffee and juice until it was early afternoon. It was another hot summer day; the right surrounding to frolic by the pool and to restore their agility. Tomorrow was another long dance night.

After some talk in a dreamy atmosphere, they felt their eyelids getting heavy and they took a nap together. As Todd was the first to wake up he knew his duty. He stumbled a little bit the first yards on the way to the kitchen where he prepared a big plate of sliced fruit they liked so much and a jug of orange juice. Back by the pool the jingling of the glasses together woke the girls and with a cry of joy they thanked Todd for his courtesy. The fruit and the juice were what they needed now. Their spirits revived during the next hour and a dive into the pool made their recuperation complete. They splashed around touching and kissing which brought back that insatiable desire they had unconditionally established for each other.

Todd didn't know that Andromeda and Samantha already conspired together how they could convince Charley and Samantha's future boyfriend or maybe husband that occasional sex dates with Todd were necessary for their healthy condition. Charley already had accepted that Andromeda would never let go of the love she felt for Todd and Samantha would make it clear at the beginning of a committed relationship she would also never let go of the love for Todd either. Ok, it was nothing but a dream at the moment but they wanted this dream to become reality, howsoever. Of course they couldn't tell Todd anything about it to give him probably false hopes.

But here and now Todd was the only man who counted and this man carried a steel rod around blessed with an almost inhuman capability to catapult a woman straight into the universe of blissful sensations. He could blindly find all the pleasure buttons on a woman's body. Andromeda and Samantha often talked together they expected a long line of women in Todd's life to fall irrevocably under his spell. They were confident Todd would make conquests the first weeks he was at Berkeley, University of California.

Todd had great fun when the girls dived underwater and took his monster in their mouths. He had no clue how they could do that without swallowing water or even drowning. The fact was, he loved the fantastic feeling of being deep-throated under water. Ok, he saw in porn flicks it was possible. However, they couldn't move their heads fast enough to make him cum but that was obviously not their goal, these terrible teasers wanted his fluid system to prepare for another of his legendary popshots. Half of his cum would make many other men proud.

Todd was now completely restored and his morning orgasm was hours ago that he felt his balls boiling again. __I need to cum badly, my love," he addressed to Andromeda who kissed him while Samantha worshipped his cock. He tweaked her hard nipples to emphasize his demand. "It's a pleasure for us Todd, but you must know it's almost two days ago I had your cock in my ass. Samantha agreed with me. Make us orgasm using every hole you want but your cumshot is reserved for my ass. This will challenge your stamina because we won't ride you this time. 'The Elephant' is on our menu. As a favor for you we don't think we need much time to climax."

He was happy that was the case.

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