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Debbie does a follow up to her Christmas Gang Bang.

He bottoms out in me, his balls pressing against me erotically. He doesn't move, we both just feel for a moment as we continue to stare at each other.

My other hand slides around him and I slowly scrape my nails gently down his back and grab his butt squeezing it. Instantly the calm before the storm is over, he groans "I'm going to fuck you now and we're both going to cum together fast". I bite my lower lip and arch again, and with that, he starts to slide out of me and then slams back into me, making me cry out in bliss. My legs wrap around his hips, as we both start to move frantically, he's pounding me, I'm raising my hips to take him as deep as I can with every thrust. We're moaning ever louder, as we fuck hard and fast needing to cum, enmeshed together for the first time. His head drops and I bring my hands around between us and cup my full, big breasts and pull them out of my bra. He groans as he watches me pull my own nipples, my head tilted back as he slams his powerful cock repeatedly into me.

I feel him kissing my chin and turn my head to kiss him deeply, my tongue plunges into his delicious mouth and we duel with our tongues, while his cock pummels my pussy insistently. We're both losing it fast, kissing, panting, moaning and slamming into each other.

"I'm about to fill you with my cum baby" he gasps against my lips.

I slide my hand between us and rub my clit fast and instantly it's enough to tip me into a fierce orgasm.

"Oh fuck yes" I cry out as my back arches and he plunges balls deep into me and I feel his cum gush as he jerks against me and says "Oh fuuuuck baby" into my ear in an almost pained voice.

We're both sweaty, hot and a mess as he collapses on me, at last letting me enjoy his ripped chest pressed against mine, making me groan in pleasure and renewed lust. My hands trace lightly down his back, across his butt and stroke his butt crack, making him jerk into me again, making me smile lasciviously at him. We kiss deeply, and I moan as I start to feel him harden in me again, my fingers stroke his balls and I feel him arch into me, as I arch to meet him.

I break the kiss and give him a dirty smile "oh babe, are you ready to go again" I whisper grinning up at him.

"What do you think," he says grinning at me and starting to slide his rapidly hardening cock in my cum filled pussy.

"I told you I was all you needed", he says laughing as he kisses me and then starts to kiss down my neck and onto my chest, as I push my DD breasts towards him invitingly.

"Suck them," I say my breathing getting rapid again with ever-increasing passion.

"I want you on top so I can give them the attention they fully deserve baby" he says and with that he pushes up, and without ever pulling out of me, pulls me up into arms, his hand cupping my butt and walks us across the room to a desk chair.

Sitting down with me still impaled on his now hard again cock, he groans and reaches around me to release my bra and throw it on the floor. My breasts fall out into his waiting hands and I move my hands behind me onto his thighs and thrust them out towards him, while he's still buried deep in my pulsating pussy. He leans forward and fastens his lips around a nipple, making me cry out with pleasure at the sensation of his sucking it and tonguing it. His other hand cups the other breast and he starts to tease the nipple as he still suckles the other. The sensations are shooting straight to my clit, which is once again throbbing and needing attention. I slide one hand between us and I know he's watching as I slide it between my swollen wet lips and it connects with my clit, making me moan.

"Oh god J, please don't stop, you're going to make me cum again," I say urgently as my fingers start to really rub my clit and he plays with and sucks my nipples. My pussy is dripping and filled with a young, hard cock that just keeps going and I'm in heaven.

I raise on my feet slightly and start to slide up and down the length of him, re

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