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Soldier stationed in Korea makes friends.

I'd fucked the two girlfriends up the ass, putting an end to their anal virginity, now I was going to do the same for their boyfriends. Reaching under as I fuck his ass, I can barely get my hand all the way around that wrist-thick cock of his as he sucks on Kurt's tool. The girls watch excitedly, strumming their clits and fondling each other anally, as I can see from all the fingering going on out of sight behind them.

"That is so, so hot", Jasmine says, "now fuck Kurt." She wants her boyfriend fucked and I oblige, pulling out of Eric's ass and having the 2 teen studs trade places, slamming it up Kurt's ass while Eric feeds him his cock. That tight teen ass of Kurt's feels just as good as his buddy' and soon I just let myself cum, groaning loudly as the girls cheer me on and I shoot a huge, huge load deep inside Kurt, one spurt after another after another.

"Now you're going to see just how nasty my whore of a husband can be," my wife tells the teen girls with a lewd smirk, "Watch this. Honey? Lay down on your back, okay? And Eric? Would you squat over my husband, with your ass right above his face? And take hold of his ankles and pull his legs back."

A second later I'm looking up at Eric's smooth, perfect bottom, the exposed hole showing off that appealing 'well-fucked' look, courtesy of my cock work, as he jackknifes my legs. "And Nicole? Would you take this lube and grease up my husband's's asshole some more?" Surprised, but more than willing, the sexy teen girl slaps lube into my crack, working it in with her delicate fingers.

"Good," my wife continues, very much the mistress of ceremonies here, just what I expected her to be, "And Kurt? Will you kneel down there and try to get that big cock of yours up my husband's asshole? He's never taken a cock that big inside, right, babe?"

I'd taken some pretty big ones, real and rubber, in hot little scenes with my wife but Alicia was probably right. These two teen boys were one in a million.

"You know what to do honey, don't you?" my lovely wife says, leaning down and catching my gaze. And I do know what to do, taking hold of Eric's rugged ass cheeks and spreading him wide, then starting to rim the open asshole. As my tongue runs a slow circle around his hot, dilated anus, I feel the amazing sensation of Kurt's massive cock slowly entering my ass as he starts to fuck me in earnest. I'm big, very big, but Kurt's cock is huge! Monstrously huge!

"Oh my God!" Jasmine yelps, "Holy shit! How can he take all that cock up his ass? Me and Nicole, we can only take about three-quarters of what Eric and Kurt have for us in our tight little pussies."

But take it I do, gladly, as everyone watches, stunned at the steely massiveness of the immense penis completely filling and stretching my ass, the sensations so overwhelming, I almost see stars. And then they have something else to watch as my own load of cum, first leaking, then trickling, and finally spilling, pours out of Eric's ass and into my mouth. I slurp away lewdly at the ass-warmed semen as my own ass is plowed with cock, all eleven inches of Kurt's, right down to his balls.

"Can you fuckin' believe it, Nicole? Can you?" an astonished Jasmine says to her girlfriend, the two kneeling down and watching closely as I lap away at the sticky, open hole, "Can you fuckin' believe what you're lookin' at? That has gotta be the freakiest thing I've ever seen."

"The freakiest and the hottest, him eating out the ass he just fucked, lapping up his own fuckin' cum while he takes Kurt's tool up his ass and gets fucked real solid!" Nicole adds as the teens strum their clits feverishly, my wife standing above us all, hands on her hips now, looking down at us, very, very satisfied, almost smugly so, with everything she has orchestrated here tonight.

It's later.

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