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Is your workday this much fun?

When the lecture finally ended, each student retreated to a separate cubicle, and began practice sessions on individual computers. While Latina waited for her PC to boot-up, she discretely raised the hem of her business skirt, to check how damp her daydreams had made her panties.

Latina could feel a dull, throbbing ache now, deep inside of her pussy, like she really wanted to come. But she breathed a sigh of relief that her panties were still dry, and she could save all that pent-up sexual energy for when her Frank returned from work that night. With both hands, Latina now smoothed down the hem of her skirt again. Throughout the rest of the class, she somehow found the willpower to concentrate on improving her computer skills for her next job.

Latina was glad when the class was finally over, and she drove home. At home, she changed out of her conservative business suit, briefly admiring her naked form in the mirror. Since the layoff, she had spent an hour every morning on her exercise cycle, and she and Frank had power-walked for an hour every evening after dinner. Frank had noticed, and had really shown his appreciation for, how fit she was looking, and that had caused Latina and Frank to jointly burn more than a few calories with their own favorite form of vigorous exercise, every night and every morning, for the last several weeks.

Now Latina slipped on her lacy black camisole. As she admired her figure in the black camisole, Latina's thoughts once more drifted back to the previous night. She remembered Frank kissing and licking her exposed nipples, through the white lace trim, around the peekaboo holes of her purple-satin bra. She fondly recalled him kissing his way down from her 38-C breasts, down the acres of smooth, exposed skin between her breasts and her pussy. She had then wrapped her wispy, wide-open baby-doll over his back and shoulders, so that her lingerie covered them both. She had watched, with a mixture of curiosity and hunger, as his uncovered cock had slowly slid down along the sheet, on his way to planting his mouth over her pussy, and she had wished that it was her flesh, not the bed sheet, feeling the friction of his big, hard shaft sliding down against it now.

But Frank had quickly driven that wish from her mind, when he had planted a soft, loving kiss, right on the tiny purple patch of satin at the front of her panties. He had then snaked his tongue out, to push the fabric deep into her wide-open slit. As the front of her satin panties had disappeared up her snatch, some of her thick, lush carpet of dark, curly hair, above her pussy, had become exposed, and Frank had begun planting ever-so-gentle kisses against the very tips of her long, soft pussy hairs. With his long, thin middle finger, Frank had started seriously and forcefully working the purple satin deeper and deeper into her hungry slit, whose lining had now become VERY slick, with her own natural juices.
As more and more of the edges of her pussy lips had become exposed, Frank had started kissing and licking her pussy, swirling his tongue all the way around her outer lips, before moving steadily further inward, to follow the path of her rapidly-disappearing satin panties.

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