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Two BBWs fuck a young man (son).

The dildo felt so real at times that I couldn't really tell that it was fake. Grandpa continued to suck on my cock, I still didn't feel like blowing my load yet, maybe I still needed more hot sex like last time. I felt Grandpa's lips pull away from my cock.

"Sorry Son, my cock is just so aching for fucking right now, I'm going to pull this dildo out of you and fuck you okay?" Grandpa said.

"Yeah Grandpa, can you cum in my ass this time?" I said.

"Sure thing babe" Grandpa said getting his cock hard and ready.

He didn't at all take his leather pants off, he still had them on while sliding his cock inside my, I felt his warm cock enter my hole, it felt so good feeling his old meat pound into my ass, I could feel the leather rubbing against my ass cheeks. Grandpa groaned a little bit while his cock lay inside my ass. I didn't want to jerk myself off so I remained on all fours feeling my Grandpa's hungry cock fuck my ass harder and harder. Grandpa started to pick up his speed of fucking my hole, at times I felt his cock head touching my prostate just like the dildo did, but this made me so hot that my cock would leak precum all over his bed sheets. I felt Grandpa's hot black leather slapping against my ass cheeks, this time it made a different sound. I put my head down looking at my stomach, I saw that my abs were flexing from the pleasure, I also saw a string of precum oozing out all over the sheets. Hopefully Grandpa didn't care about his sheets getting all that precum on it.

"Grandpa.....I'm precumming on your sheets....Is that okay?" I said it was like three to four seconds after every second before I said another one. It felt so good I couldn't talk normally.

"Yeah Jake, if you're going to cum just cum all over it, I can wash them. I always do UGH fuck yeah your ass feels so good Jake, I love it when your hole closes up tight while my entire dick is inside you. Oh yeah keep doing it Jake, you'll make me cum faster!" Grandpa said.

I don't know what he meant by my hole tightening up around his cock, I couldn't really feel my hole tighten up but all I could feel was Grandpa's cock inside me throbbing slowly, he was ready to shoot his white cream inside me I wanted to feel the warmth of his seed. I wanted to feel the cum that made my Dad oh yes! Grandpa fucked me faster and faster, the sounds of his leather pounding me got louder and louder. His groaning got louder.

"Jake I'm going to cum any second, get ready! Get ready...yes! Fuck yes! Here it comes baby; here it comes, get ready, UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Grandpa said groaning.

I screamed out in pleasure, his cock was all the way inside me, all went silent, I felt Grandpa's cock throb inside my ass, then I felt little spurts of cum squirt inside me. It felt so fucking hot, my body twitched, my muscles twitched, every part of me twitched. I still stayed on all fours, Grandpa was still hard inside me, and I could feel his cock ooze slowly. I don't know how much cum he shot into me, but I would soon find that out when it leaks out of my hole. I felt Grandpa's cock exit out of me. He was huffing and puffing loud it was such a turn on hearing Grandpa moan out loud. I didn't know what would happen next, but I felt Grandpa's hands spread my cheeks apart, I felt his tongue lick my hole.

He was eating whatever cum leaked out of my ass, I felt his tongue enter my hole, and I could hear the slurping sounds from his mouth on the other side of my body. Each time his tongue licked up my ass I felt my hole tighten up. It felt so amazing! I felt my body fall onto the bed; I couldn't move I was so out of it from being fucked by my Grandpa.

"Jake? Don't tell me you're tired now, we aren't even finished." Grandpa said.

I turned around looking at my Grandpa, he came closer to me on the bed licking my lips and feeding me his cum, we kissed each other, his tongue, his spit went through my lips and entering my mouth.

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