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His facial features were harder and fiercer. His long muzzle was tipped with a wet black nose that could pick up even the slightest scent. His hand-like paws were tipped with black razor sharp claws. He was a fearsome sight to behold for sure, but he was normally a sweet natured beast. Back in the old days, the children of his people loved him and he enjoyed spending long hours playing with the little human cubs. But alas, those times were long gone and Guardian was alone his in forest.

Guardian gave a small sigh as he continued to watch the human, as he had done many times over the years. He longed for companionship, but watching over the young male would be the closest he would ever get.

Kyle stripped off his shirt and pants, then his undergarments and tossed them in a pile beside his tent as he walked down to the bank of the lake. The water was cool against his tired feet as he waded into its clear depts. Kyle gave a slow sigh of pleasure before dipping underneath to soak his hair. When he broke the surface again his black hair was a dripping mop on his head that he pushed out of his face. He then rolled over onto his back and floated, his manhood standing hard and proud from the sensations of the water. Kyle looked down his body and at his cock. He could be considered well-endowed with an impressive 9' cock that was almost 4' thick. He stood back on his feet and gripped his shaft in a firm grip and started to stroke it, groaning softly. He was completely unaware of the set of golden eyes that watched him from the cover of the trees.

Guardian's ears perked up when he heard the human groan, and was instantly concerned that he was hurt, but one sniff of the air Guardian's mind was instantly changed. The male was aroused. Guardian had seen humans rutting in his forest before. But this... This was different. This human's pheromones captured Guardian's senses and held them in a vice grip. As Kyle stepped out of the water, still slowly stroking his shaft, Guardian's own sex started to throb. The wolf-beast's pink tip slowly started slipping out of its sheath, precum already glistening on its pointed tip. Kyle then sat on his rolled up sleeping bag and stroked himself in earnest. He licked his lips and let his head fall back as his fist pumped his cock faster and harder. Kyle's eyes were squeezed shut in both concentration and pleasure, and didn't see Guardian step out of the woods and into the clearing, panting and growling softly.

Guardian stepped closer to the male, his mind fogged with the need to mate with this human. Kyle's groans became louder as his body shook slightly as he neared his climax which coaxed Guardian into action. He leaned down and with his long pink tongue he lapped up the pearled precum on the head of Kyle's penis. Kyle jumped in surprise falling backwards off of the sleeping bag and onto the dirt, blowing his load all over the muzzle of the giant wolf creature. Guardian pinned Kyle down by his chest with a massive paw and licked his muzzle and then Kyle's cock clean. Kyle's silver eyes were wide with both fear and wonder of the giant wolf-thing, and also pleasure from the hot tongue that was licking his shaft. Once Guardian cleaned Kyle he looked up into the man's eyes daring him to fight back. Kyle whimpered as moved his muzzle closer to Kyle's face, those sharp long teeth inches from his flesh before the wolf's tongue lashed out and licked the human's chin and throat.

Kyle's pulse was hammering as the wolf continued to lick all over, making him shiver and even moan softly since his skin was already sensitive from his masturbation.

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