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A successful woman embarks on a FLM and role reversal.

Her lips clung to mine savagely. Our tongues darted and danced with such ferocity that saliva squirted from our mouths like clear drops of come. In contrast, our loins remained perfectly still; her ass cheeks fused to my thighs, my throbbing dick imprisoned against her cervix.

She pulled her mouth from mine and stared at me, her eyes soft but stern.

"Now, don't move."

She kissed me again; this time the probing of her tongue was slower and more sensual. I felt her ass muscles clench as her hips began to churn. Slowly, she rolled her body against mine, grinding her clitoris firmly against my pubic thatch. The walls of her cunt milked and squeezed my cock mercilessly.

"Oh, yeah!" Her breath exuded a sultry perfume. "That's what I'm talking about!"

Her pace began to speed up, with short, staccato bursts first accentuating and then taking over the rhythm of her movements. Her clit flayed my groin like a whip.

I slid my hands underneath her blouse, cupping her breasts through her bra. My thumbs rapidly swiped across her nipples and she moaned into my mouth. Sensation was flooding back to my cock head now and I had to fight the urge to grab her ass and begin thrusting.

Her breathing became ragged and her rhythm faltered as she began to lose control. A sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead. The large muscles in her legs twitched spasmodically as her orgasm approached.

I traced along the edge of her jaw with my tongue. My lips fastened on her earlobe and suckled it.

"Yes!" she cried. "Oh, yes!"

My lips parted. I lathered the underside of her ear and followed it down the soft curve of her neck. I fixed on her lobe again, this time biting with my teeth.

Her moan became a low, husky cry. Her entire body convulsed as she came, her orgasm rolling through her like a huge ocean wave thundering against the shore.

My cock felt enveloped by a velvet fist as her cum drenched my skin and dripped down my balls. I continued to hold myself perfectly still. One move, one gentle thrust on my part would start a chain reaction that would end with my jism flooding the already soaked walls of her pussy. But I knew better than to displease her.

And she hadn't yet given me permission to move.

Her contractions began to dissipate. I cradled her head, her breath purring softly against my neck. Though I bore her entire body weight, I felt nothing, only my growing need for release. Gradually her breathing changed and, after a few minutes, she lifted her face and looked at me. Her eyes were softer and less demanding.

"Good boy," she murmured finally. "Maybe I won't have to switch to cucumbers, after all." She unwound her legs from my hips and hoisted herself off of me. My groan brought a sly smile to her lips.

"Awww, poor baby." Her hand gently cupped my erection. "Hmm, and just feel that heat!" She knelt again and brought her face next to my cock. She pressed it against her cheek. "Is that what I feel like inside? All hot and oveny and you my red hot sausage?"

She rubbed her face on me while at the same time milking my balls with her hand.

"I think I need to cool you off a little." With that, she began to blow softly on my skin. Occasionally, her tongue would run the length of my dick, lapping up her drying juice. "Mmm, I taste good."

Finally, she took my cock in her mouth, her lips sliding over the sensitive corona. Her tongue flicked back and forth across the tiny opening. Her mouth slid forward down my shaft until the knob reached the opening of her throat. She stopped and her eyes looked up, finding mine. In them I saw a level of supplication that hadn't been there before. I smiled at how quickly our roles had become reversed.

"So," I said hoarsely, "still feeling the need to be appreciated, huh?"

She closed her eyes and the suction increased on my cock.

I curled my fingers through her soft, lustrous hair and gripped hard, stopping her. Her eyes opened and she stared at me, confused. My smile became a grin and I shook my head.

"My turn, baby."

I relaxed my grip and stroked her scalp lightl

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