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Lisa and Bobby watched, amused, as Stu stretched out along a locker room bench. Doris surveyed the situation. "I believe we've had a bit of deflation, Stuart. First thing is to remedy that situation. Hey, you two get your own bench. There's one over there. Of course, you can watch if you think you might learn something."

Doris straddled Stu, sitting low on his chest and facing his legs. She took the soft, but still enormous, penis in her hands and stroked it until it showed signs of life again. Then she stood on her long legs and skootched her body up toward Stu's head. When she bent over to attend to the growing erection with her mouth she settled down so the thatch of blond hair was in front of Stu's face. "Hey, big guy, if you get any ideas from what you see, I won't mind."

Stu laughed and admired the scene before him for a moment. He reached up with his hands and spread Doris so he could attack the tender pink flesh with his tongue.

"Oh, boy! I like your ideas."

Stu wasn't used to girls taking over half of him in their mouths. "And I like your ideas, too."

She popped him out and stroked. "Tell me. How do you ever stuff all this into a jockstrap?"

From the other bench, Bobby howled, and Lisa snorted as she covered her mouth with a hand to keep from laughing out loud.

Stu blushed. "Well...To tell the truth I have an extra-large size."

"Extra-large, indeed." She swung a leg over him to stand beside him, admiring. "I know I've never had one this big before, and I've seen plenty. Let's check it for fit."

She stepped over him once more, this time facing him. Even with her long legs she had to maneuver so she was in position. She held him straight up and gradually sank onto him until he was fully sheathed. "Mother of God! I've never felt anything like this! I think I'm in love."

Stu's shoulders shook and she cut him a look. "Don't you go and get all soft again. I want all of this. Oh, that feels good."

She pistoned up and down and Stu's eyes grew big. "I've never had anyone take it all before. What a feeling!"

"Hey Lisa. Before you get busy toss me a rubber."

Doris eagerly tore open the package and dismounted briefly to roll it on. "Holy shit! It only rolls out to less than halfway down."

Remounting, she resumed her movement and Stu met her, thrust for thrust. When she felt him begin to tighten she stopped. "Oh no you don't! Not until I'm ready. Here, play with my tits. I like that."

She leaned over and Stu gladly fondled, kneaded, caressed. When she leaned further he took one in his mouth and played with a nipple. "Oh, yeah. That will help."

She began her hip movements, but slower until she felt herself building. When she was about to peak she raised up and pistoned faster, throwing her head back, eyes closed with pleasure. She moaned loudly as she climaxed, vaginal muscles pulsing around Stu. He only lasted a few seconds longer before unleashing a torrent, his pulses fighting her contractions. She collapsed onto his chest, the two of them panting.

"Jeez, Doris. I've never been all inside a girl like that before. What a feeling! That was intense."

"Yeah, it was for me, too. I thought that thing would come right out my throat!"

The room was quiet, with the only sounds their labored breathing. At last Doris turned her head. "What are you two gawking at? Get busy."

Lisa and Bobby looked at each other and laughed. He asked "Is she always like this?"

"Always. And always has new ideas."

Bobby looked Lisa up and down and he began to grow again.

She noticed. "Um, Bobby? There's something you should know. I'm a...I've never..."

Bobby sighed. "Just my luck."

"Don't give up so easily. You live in the house with Richard, right?"

When Bobby nodded she added "And you understand the Rules, right?"

Another nod.

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