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How A Cuck Gets Started.

She was forced to watch her father's thick cock plunging in and out of her tiny ass. Suddenly she felt his fingers pushing up her thighs inside her panties. With one swift, violent motion, Tom ripped them off of her little cunt, and slapped her ass hard. She yelped and the chair bucked as her little body writhed.

"I want you to watch my favorite little slut show her talents, whore" Tom said kneeling behind his daughters bent over body.

Susie was transfixed, her eyes on the screen as she watched her father's cock pump deep into her ass and heard her own voice begging for more. Suddenly she felt something warm against her already damp little cunt and realized it was her father's tongue tickling her wet slit.

"You ARE truly a little whore aren't you?" Tom chuckled cruelly, "Your father forces his cock into your mouth, makes you watch video tape of him fucking your ass and you're already wet? Whores deserve to be beaten." Tom slapped his daughter's ass again leaving a large red handprint on her upturned cheeks. Over and over again his hand came down smacking her again and again. Susie sobbed in pain when suddenly as he continued to spank her, his tongue darted out to lap at her exposed clit.

Slowly sliding his tongue through her dripping little cunt, Tom's tongue drove up to her tiny little asshole as his hand rained down again and again on her ass cheeks. As he reached her ass, his tongue swirled around it, teasing it, before sliding back down slowly to tickle her clit again.

Through the pain, Susie felt her body giving way again as her father's tongue alternated from her clit to her ass and back. Every once in awhile his tongue would push firmly against her puckered little hole sending a shiver up her spine as she remembered how he had fucked her last time.

"OOOOhhhh Daddy, I'm cummmmiinnngggg," Susie shouted, almost in unison with the video tape. Her body convulsed with every blow and flick of her father's tongue. As wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her body, she understood now why her father liked to have his cock in her mouth so much as she sagged breathlessly against the cuffs that held her wrists and ankles.

Before she could catch her breath, she felt something cool nudging against her hairless cunt. She tried desperately to escape the object, thinking her father was going to try and put his cock in her, but the smooth dildo finally slid in violently, breaking through the resistance and pushing deep into her womb.

"OOOWWWWWWWW, NO DADDY!" she screamed, her petite frame twisting and fighting against the cuffs. "Please!! It hurts!!!!! It hurts."

"Shut up whore, you didn't think I'd let you have a real cock in your cunt for your first time did you? Sluts like you don't deserve real cock.

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